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Hunger games characters by hez g-d4w806h


You also need to provide a picture if possible but it is ok if you cant.

And if you can please provide a lunaii. Examples:


 The arena is a giant mash surrounded by forest. The cornucopia is set in the middle of the marsh, from thee the marsh stretches for 2 miles in all directions before ypu reach the forest. The arena is filled with thick mudd and shallow pools of water that can slow tributes down emensly when running. On top of that, poison ivy and bushes with toxic berries riddle the area, along with poisonous snakes and frogs which add a whole new level of danger to the area. The water may be fresh, but various viruses and bacteria that has been modified by the gamemakers pollute the water and any drunken will mean certain death unless the drinker has strong medicines. Any tribute wanting to survive in the marsh will most likely need some sort of medicine, water purification methods and hopefully an antidote.

 The forest is a basic forest wit climbable trees.   



District Name Age Weapon Strength Weakness          
1 Forta Trae 16 Knife Climbing, balancing on moving objects, weaponry Long Range
Avatar (5) png
1 Dominus Vasiliu 18 Brass Knuckles Good At Everything,  use all weapons, a great leader, and knows everything From First Aid To Survival Skills Extremely Arrogant
2 Harpy Diadem 18 Sickle, Bow and Arrow She's good at fighting, killing, climbing, swimming, running, and survival Untrustworthy, Will kill allies
Rodeo Baldios
2 Rodeo Baldios 16 Fights Unarmed, Whip or sword if needed Mental Strength, Phsycially strong Gullible
Nicca Corcoran
3 Nicca Corcoran 18 Sword,Traps Extremely intelligent,Decent at camouflage 

Terrible climber, dosnt think highly of herself, not strong

D3 Male - Asa Muttan.png
3 Asa Muttan 15 Sais,Traps Fighting Threat, Swimming, Climbing Brawn over Brains, Not good at following directions

Emilia Sadira Oswald

15 Tritent,Blowgun,Bow and Arrow Amazing Swimmer,Agile, Good Reflexes Bad at tree climbing,ADHD
Dion lunaii
4 Dion Chamorin 17 Sword

Weaponry, strength, planning schemes

Arguments, contradicting himself, remorse
Avatar (2)6
5 Hope Timer 14 Whip,Nails Manipulative,isn't fazed much by pain, She can recognize plants and animals easily. It's hard for her to make alliances because of her ability to break people apart,  is bad at anything but her whip, a bad swimmer. ,mostly rely's on looks, not brains or brawn.
5 Niqolas Julienne 16 Daggers Camouflage master,persuasive, cunning and intelligent Terrible climber, isn't the best trap-maker
6 Morina Patrickson 14 Blowgun Good at solving problems, Incredible aim Her anxeity disorder, very bad at hand-to-hand combat
Lunaii thing
6 Jayson Skeenes 15 Spear
7 Mathilde “Matty” Pouliot 18 Axe,Sword,Spear Strong,swimming and climbing, stamina plant identification, gets lost easily,
Rautaki Hood
7 Rautaki Hood  Bow and Arrow and Rope to make traps Sneaky, Observant, Good with Rope and Hits target %90 of the Time with Bow and arrow Bad Communication skills, Quiet and has a really bad Stammer
Caitlin Rubio
8 Caitlin Rubio 17 Machete,Mace Her fighting tactics are ruthless and dirty Bad swimmer,Bad at long-ranged
Terrwyn lunaii
9   Terrwyn Cymri 18 Cenntinial Sword Sociopathic Behavior,Crafty and Intelegent, Behavior,Cant identify plants
Avatar district 9
9 Ethan Fallows 14 Sword Strong,Fast, Munipulitive  Climbing,plant Identification, Long-ranged weapons
10 Felicity Caspian 17 Knife Felicity is good surviving and finding shelter. She is a good swimmer and is a excellent hunter Not much plant knowlege,not strong,overestimates her allies
District 13 Avian
10  Avian Dorias 13 Crossbow, Scythe  Is a really good runner and is very smart He has a hard time swimming + plants and berries
Luna Wood
11 Luna Woodland 12 Bow and Arrow Stealth,accuracy and luck       heavy objects,anger management and putting power into weapons
11 Stych Kelley 18 Poison,Spear Ubstated by user Unstated by user
12 Tilia Alder 16 Axe Astonishing speed,very seductive, and is a master of manipulation. Very Stubborn, Bad at hand-to-hand combat 
Freddie Rolovo
12 Freddie Peck 12 Awl or whip

Accuracy and Aim

Anger managment

Training Sessions

Forta Trae- District 1

Forta walked into the training center with her arms crossed. "Forta Trae, District 1." She walked over to the weapons rack unsure of what to get because there were so many short-ranged weapons. In the end, she grabs a long sword. She walked over to the survival area a positions herself for combat. 4 dummies sprang up around her and she begins. She slices of the first dummies arm and stabs it through to head. She slices the second dummy in half and the thirds head off. She turns around and finishes the fourth dummy with a stab to the chest. She wipes the sweat off of her forehead and leaves the room, smiling.

Dominus Vasiliu- District 1

Dominus walked into the training room with an arrogant smile. "You know who I am," he said with a smirk. He walked over to the weapons rack and grabbed some brass knuckles. "Um, I need something to punch," he yelled up to the gamemakers. After a few seconds 4 trainers walked in wearing foam armor and carrying foam batons." Now were talking," said Dominus, raising his fist.  The trainers formed a square around him and raised the weapons. After a few seconds one of the trainers, let's call him trainer 1, charged Dominous. Trainer 1 swung his baton at Dominus head, he ducked and uppercutted trainer 1 in the stomach. He then kicked trainer 1 in the head, making fly backwards. Trainer 2 ran at Dominus  and jumped onto his back. Dominus grabbed trainer 2’s arm and flipped him over his shoulder and slammed him to the ground. Trainer 3 ran a Dominus swing his baton blindly. Dominus grabbed trainer 3’s wrist, head butted him, and punched out both his kneecaps. Dominus looked up at trainer 4 and smiled. Trainer 4 dropped his baton and started running for the exit. Dominus picked up a 30 pound ball and threw it in trainer 4’s direction. It hit him in the small of the back, making him collapse. Dominus walked out of the training room like nothing happened.

Harpy Diadem- District 2

Harpy walks into the training center with a smile on her face. She waves to the gamemakers and grabs sickle. She walked back to the center of the room and gets in a fighting stance. She starts swinging the sickle threw the air left and right, sideways, above her head, and at the ground.She knew every single way to fight with a sickle.  After about 5 minutes she puts back the sickle and grabs a bow and 3 arrows. She walked over to the target rang and 3 targets spring up in front of her. She aimed at the first targets chest, the arrow hit its shoulder. She brushed it off. She aimed at the second target and this time hit the target right in the chest. Her third arrow hit the last target in the stomach. She put the bow back on the weapons rack and left the room smiling.

Rodeo Baldios- District 2

Rodeo walked into the training center and bowed to the gamemakers."Rodeo Baldios, District 2" He walked over to the weapons rack and grabbed a sword. Then he walked over to the disc shooting area. A large machine sat 15 feet in front of her a made a loud hum, that looked like one of those things that shoots out tennis balls. Rodeo didn't know much about the machine except that it was a new instalment to the training center. All of the sudden the machine started shooting  disc that resembled hockey pucks. He jumped from side to side dodging them a quick speed. After a minute,Rodeo started slashing the disc with his sword instead of dodging them. Pieces of disc flew all over the room as Rodeo continued to viciously slash at them. When he was done she returned the sword to the rack, bowed and left the room.Rodeo walked into the training center and bowed to the gamemakers.

Nicca Corcoran- District 3

Nicca walked into the center of the training center."Nicca Corcoran,District 3." She said quietly. The gamemakers all laughed at her, thinking she was weak. With anger she grabbed a wire and went into a area that looked like forest. She wrapped some of the wire around the trunk of a tree and did the same to the tree parallel with it.  She put one end of the wire into a small bowl of water, causing a small spark and nearly electrocuting herself. She looked at the gamemakers who were still laughing. She grabbed a large dummy from the sword fighting arena and set it a few feet away from the wire. She smile and  poked the dummy with her index finger, making the dummy fall over onto the wire. The was a loud Bang! followed a bright blue light so bright the gamemakers had to shield there eyes.The gamemakers eyes were all full of shock. Half of the dummy was black and smoking. Elec walked out of the room with pride.

Asa Muttan- District 3

Asa walked into the room nervously. "Asa Muttan, District 3."  Asa walked over to the weapons rack and grabbed a pair of sais. He picked up a dummy and placed it in front of a tree in the survival area. He then hid behind the tree and crouched down. After a few second he lunged out from behind the tree and shoved the sais into the dummies neck, nearly sliceing off its head He left the room with a slight smile

Emilia Oswald- District 4

Emilia Oswald walked into the training center with a smile on her face. "Emilia Oswald, District 4." She quickly walked over the the weapons rack and grabbed a bow and 1 arrow. She walked over to the target range and pulled back the string. She aimed, took a deep breath, and fired. The arrow stuck into the the target in the chest. A kill shot. Emilia walked back to the weapons rack and grabbed 2 tridents and a blowgun and went back to the range. She threw one of the tridents into a target's leg then one in its head. She then shot three darts into a dummy's head,chest, and arm. She put back the weapons and left the room with a smile.

Dion Chamorin- District 4

Hope Timber- District 5

Hope walked into the center of the training center."Hope Timber, District 5." She bowed and walked nervously over to the shiny silver bow sitting on the weapons rack a few feet away. As she walked over to it she passed by a long golden whip. She reached out for it but then, with a frown, drew her hand back. During the past 2 days of training her mentor had recommended a specific trainer for her. She and the trainer had spent the entire 2 days working with a bow insted of a whip. A bow and arrow is one of the best weapons you can have in the arena, her mentor had said. She grabbed the bow and 5 arrows and walked to the long ranged weapons center.  5 human shaped targets appeared 30 meters in front of her. Hope fired an arrow at one of them's stomach and hit it right one point. She fired at the other 4 targets, aiming for the exact same spot and hit 3 of them, hitting the 4th in the groin. She walked over to the plant station and the simulation started. She identified 38 out of 43 plants in 35 seconds. She walked back into the center of the room."Thank you" she said with a bowe. The left the room quickly. On her way out she heard the head gamemaker say "I like her." A small smile appeared on her face for the first time in a while.

James Dant-District 5    

James walked into the room nervously. "James Dant, District 5."  James walked over to the weapons rack and grabbed two knives. He picked up a dummy and placed it in front of a tree in the survival area. He then hit behind the tree and crouched down. After a few second he lunged out from behind the tree and shoved the knives into the dummies neck. He left the room with a slight smile.

Training Scores

D Name Training Score
1 Forta Trae 9
1 Dominus Vasiliu 10

Harpy Diadem

2 Rodeo Baldios 10

Nicca Corcoran


Asa Muttan

4 Emilia Oswald 10
4 Dion Chamorin

Hope Time

5 Niqolas Julienne 8
6 Morina Patrickson
6 Jayson Skeenes

Matty Pouliot-

7 Rautaki Hood
8 Caitlin Rubio
8 District 8 male
9 Terrwyn Cymri

Ethan Fallows

10 Felicity Caspian-
10 Avian Dorias
11 Luna Woodland
11 Stych Kelley
12 Tilia Alder
12 Freddie Peck

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