• 4 tributes per user
  • stay active!
  • dont get mad if your tribute dies
  • reservations last for 2 days!
  • You can submit a bloodbath stategy but I will mostly come up with it.
  • Please excuse my bad grammer skills
  • Have fun!!!!!!










The arena will be a large jungle. There are manny tall trees that are easy to climb but can turn on you at any time. There are several mutts witch include pumas, large wolf mutts, deer with razer sharp fangs, snakes,  candy-floss colored pink birds with skewer-like beaks, giant acid spraying lizards, fluffy golden squirrels, and piranahs. The arena also has many tist like quick sqand and and tornadoes. Also at night large monkeys and other beast come out.


G District Name Age Height Weapon Skills Weaknesses
F 1 C.C. Jackson 15 5'7 Knives,Daggers Not Stated by User Not Stated by User
M 1

Spartan Apolloman

15 6'2  axe, sword mostly fearless buff, bold spiders and snakes
F 2 Athena 13 4'9 She is great with basically anything She is small, fast, strong, and is a kun-fu master. Water
M 2 Lee Kagene 16 6'4 Knife Is strong with knives, great with shelter building and snares. Is super intelegent. is bad at camouflage. Bad at manipulating. Anti-Social
F 3  Luna Tick    18 5'8 Sickle, fists, and kunaii  Luna can kill easily, and can handle any weapon with ace. She is claustrophobic. She also does not know how to act around people
M 3

Dennis Rystentia

15 5'10 Knife, long-ranged weaponry. Not Stated by User Not Stated by User
F 4 Moltra Flare 16 5'7 Battle Axe, Mace  Unlike guys, girls would like nothing more than to stick a knife into Moltra's back, they hate her because of jealousy of her prettiness. But usually that doesn't bother her because guys will let themselves die for her.  She sucks at swimming and long-ranged weapons
M 4 Inter National 17 6'1" Maxe,Spear

He absolutely hates swimming and climbing, which he is super bad at. He is very merciful and if a tribute he has nothing against cries for mercy he will let him/her go.

 Inter is insanely good at close combat fighting, he has almost no equals, he is also a fast runner but gets tired quickly. He Is very nice to his fellow tributes which helps him gain others trust. Girls fall in love with him easily.
F 5 Isabelle Dion 13 5'0 Blowgun Intelligent, Fast, Accurat Unable to swim, easily scared.
M 5 Caeser Sharpclaw 14 5'7" Teeth, Claws Not Stated by user Not Stated by user
F 6 Eliza Ham 17 5'5 Drill, Warhammer, Axe, Saw, Hand to Hand Great Swimmer, Survivalist, Great at Close Range Combat Depressed
M 6 Allahu Akbar 16 Knife, Mace Very evasive, Sneaky Very negative, Not good with Long Range fighting Very negative, Not good with Long Range fighting
F 7 Tamara Kaindel 16 Battle Axe Fast runner, good at sneak attacks. Bad with people (so interveiws and getting allies) and also is very quick to making descisions, which usually end badly.
M 7 Caliban Rweed 17 6'3 Sword and dagger Unstated by user Drugs
F 8 Gale Freeman 8 5'7 Crossbow,Bow & Arrows Gale is very solitary, not used to being with people. Some people consider her to not be human. Gale also is bad at socializing with people and may end up hurting them.  Knows all about nature. 

She also can swim and hunt and find food and she can climb trees and run fast. Basically all nature skills she is good at. Gale can also tame wolves.

M 8  Clover Field 18 6'3 Spear Strong  Headstrong
F 9 Cheyanne Violanta 12 4'11 Bow and arrow, Spear Unstated by user Unstated
M 9 Apio Atsu. 17 6'0 Throwing Knives Fast, Strong, Good at Climbing Not very Smart, knows nothing about plants, and is careless
F 10 Dakota Hood 15 5'0 Throwing Stars Fast,Strong Climbing, Spiders, Most Bugs
M 10 Florian Kelly 14 5'6 mace, warhammer or khopesh. Intelligant,identifying plants and is quite strong Florian is a very bad swimmer, isn't very stealthy, is keeping his feelings held in too long
F 11 Timberly Cortlain 17 5'3 Primary weapon is 'Machete'but she can also handle a Katana. Quick, good eye sight Weak, clumsy,Snakes
M 11 Hemsway Jr. Shirelale 15 5'8 Whip Is very manipulative in terms of girls, doesn't get sick easily Not use to low amount of food, is slow,Fear of Being Poisoned
F 12

Sophie Carmwell

14 5'0 Knife Good at ducking quickly to avoid objects, jumps high

refuses to kill, easily manipulated

M 12 Jayson Flores 18 5'9 poison, knife Unstated by user Unstated by user

Training Sessions

I am so sorry guys but I had about 10 training sessions done and they all just disappeared. o I have decided to just go ahead and start the bloodbath instead of rewriting the sessions all over again. But I promise to do training sessions my nest games.

Training Scores

1-C.C. Jackson- 9

1-Spartan Apolloman- 10

2-Athena- 11

2-Lee Kagene-10

3-Luna Tick- 9

3-Dennis Rystentia- 7

4-Moltra Flare 10

4-Inter National- 10

5-Isabelle Dion- 10

5-Caeser Sharpclaw- 4

6-Eliza Ham- 7

6-Allahu Akbar - 6

7-Tamara Kaindel- 9

7-Caliban Rweed- 8

8-Gale Freeman- 8

8-Clover Feild- 9

9-Cheyanne Violanta- 5

9-Apio Atsu- 7

10-Dakota Hood- 9

10-Florian Kelly- 9

11-Timberly Cortlain- 8

11-Hemsway Jr. Shirelale- 10

12-Sophie Carmwell- 7

12-Jayson Flores- 8

Cornucopia Bloodbath

Pedestal order:  10 male, 4 male, 5 male, 10 female, 9 male, 8 female, 4 female, 3 male, 1 female, 12 female, 2 male, 6 female, 2 female, 1 male, 9 female, 11 male, 8 male, 5 female, 11 female, 6 male, 7 female, 3 female, 7 male, 12 male.

Supplies Number of Supplies  Where it is found.


-with supplies in it.-I will not name all the supplies because each backpack is diffrent.

30+ All over the field and inside the cornicopia. There are some sitting on or around piles of crates. They are also placed around and tawards the front side of the cornicopia.
Hiking Bags 5 In the cornicopia or outside of it by crates.
Duffle Bag 3 In the cornicopia or in the field
Water Canteens-Empty 15 Inside backpacks and on the ground.
Sleeping Bags 15 In the field or in the cornicopia.
Blankets 9 Inside Backpacks.
Shelter kits. 3 In the cornicopia floor.
Spool of wire 1 Hidden in a pile of crates in the cornicopia.
Poison kit 2 Indise the cornicopia sitting with crates.
Camoflauge Kit 1 In the field.
Crossbow 1 On a crate outside the cornicopia
Axes/ Throwing axes 18 Can be found on crates or in crates in the field and cornicopia. 
Small axes 15 Sitting on crated or on the wepons rack. Also in backpack.
Swords 7 Two of them sitting aganst a crate. One crate in the cornicopia ,one  crate in the field. The other five are on the wepons rack.
Spears 12 On a spear rack with can be found in the cornicopia. There are 3 racks with 4 spears on each of them.
Knives 30+ Can be found in a pack of knives or backpacks that lay outside the cornicopia.
Pack of knives. 3 There are 5 knives of diffrent sizes in each pack.
Serrated knife 3 Lying on crates inside the cornicopia.
Fome Baton 5 Lying against crates.
Metal Baton 4 Found lying against crates.
Sickles 6

Found on crates and wepon racks.

Machete 1 In the cornicopia.
Belt od throwing star 1 On the feild

The tributes rose up the tubes into the arena. The sun poored down on the tributes blinding some of them for a few seconds.  They looked around to see a lage tropical jungle. The cornicopia was surrounded by a field, the pedestals made a semicircle  around the parameter of the one side of the feild. with supplies scatterd all over it. There are several piles of crates surrounded by supplies in the feld and in the Cornicopia. The Isabelle looked at the cornicopia. She looked at all the backpacks surrounding it, looking for the best one. 47,46,45,44,43,42............. The wind blew weakly from the south, lightly blowing the female tributes loose hair that wasnt in a braid, ponitale, or pigtails. 10,9,8,7......the tributes looked at eachother. 5,4....the tributes got ready to run. 3,2,1, GONG! All the tributes jumped off there plates and ran into the field. The Sophie(12) tried grabbed a pack knives close to her plate. She looked right to see Lee(2). She tried to stand up but he tackled her to the ground. She tried to crawl away but he grabbed her foot and  pulled her back. She kicked him in the chest and started running tawards the jungle. Lee(2) started unfolding the the pack of knives. He stood up with a knife and spotted Sophie(12) running away.When she was about to reach the jungle he threw his knife at her, hitting her in the back.BOOM! Athena(2) was the first person to arrive at the cornucopia. She reached down to grabb a large black backpack and hear footsteps comming up behinde her. She rammed her eldbow backword and hit Caeser(5) in the callarbone. The district 4 male and female arrived at the cornicopia. Moltra(4) found a large axe and her partner found a spear off the spear rack. When Moltra turned around she saw Eliza(6) standing only a few feet away. Before she could react Eliza lunged at her knocking her to the ground. Inter(4)  tried to rush in and help his cute partner but he was rammed into a pile of crates by Dennis(3). Eliza(6) grabbed a small container of salt and threw it into Moltra(4) eyes. Moltra screamed and threw Eliza over a pile of crates. Moltra grunted and stod up looking for Eliza, who was crawling around, out of veiw, behinde a pile of crates.  " Where are you you little b-  " Moltra(4) was cut off when Eliza snuck up behinde her and grabbed her hair. She dragged her on the ground for several feet until Moltra kicked her hard in the leg. This made Eliza let go for a split second before she started kicking the Moltra over and over again.  In the feild, C.C(1) had gotten hold of a large knife. She saw J.R(11) looking thre a pile of supplies, caught offgaurd. She used this oppertunity to run up behinde him and cut off one of his fingers. He screamed in pain and spun around, knocking the dagger away. Cheyanne(9) and Dakota(10) had allied and were collecting supplies in the feild. They each had a backpack and two knives. Cheyanne(9) aslo had a spear and Dakota(10) had a belt of throwing stars. The both ran into the western section of the jungle. C.C(1) had relised her mistake only seconds before J.R's(11) fist slammed into the side of her scull.  The force of the blow knocked her off her feet and for a second she thought she was flying. But then she heard the loud Thud! of her head hitting the ground right before everything went black.  Isabelle(5) runs into the cornucopia and grabs a black serrated sword. She turns around and sees Caliban(7) running at her with a dagger in hand. Isabelle(5) swings her sword and slashes his throat with one clean swing. BOOM! Gale(8) runs up to the side of the cornucopia and grabs a yellow backpack and a water bottle. That's when she sees crossbow and a quiver of 24 arows.  She sprints as fast as she can and ends up sliding to the bow like a baseball player. She snatches the bow and quiver, then turns around and starts running towards the jungle. Inter(4) sees her running away and tries to throw a spear at her head but she ducks just in time. Inter(4) turned his attention back to the bloody body of Dennis(3) laying at his feet. '" You shouldn't have messed with me kid "he said to the body. Inter(4) rose his spear over his head,smiling, and plunged it into Dennis's(3) stomach. BOOM! Moltra(4) has Eliza(6) pinned against the cornucopia wall. She starts hitting Eliza(6) in the pack of the head over and over again. Eliza(6) comes up and slaps Moltra across the face. Moltra elbows her in the neck and starts kneeing her in the face. Meanwhile, Caeser(5) watches the girls take turns hitting each other over and over again from a nearby crate. Clover(8) tackles Apio(9) to the ground and kicks him hard in the stomach. Apio(9) tries to hit back but is pinned down and punched 3 times. Just when Apio(9) is almost done trying he hears Clover(8) gasp. He looks up to see the tip of a knife poking out of Clovers chest. BOOM! Lee(2) stands over him and pulls his knife out of his most recent victum. "Hey Kid, You got a lot of fight in you... welcome to the careers."  He says to Apio with a wide smile. Cheyanne C.C(1) opens her eyes. Her head is pounding and everything is a blur. For a second she thinks she is hevan, but why would she be able to feel the pain of her brain throbbing if she was in heaven. For almost a whole minite CC.(1) thought about this. The sound of battles raging around her brings her back to reality for a few seconds. In those few seconds she saw many things. She saw Eliza(6) being overpowered by Moltra(4). She saw Moltra(4) ram an axe into Eliza's back and watched Eliza's mouth open and let out a loud scream before she fell to the ground. BOOM! She watched Luna(3) slip by Lee(2), grabbing a sickle off the weapons rack and a large black backpack. She wanted to call out to Lee(2) but her it was like her voice wouldnt work. She watched her district partner,Spartan, fight over a purple backpack with Allahu(6). Spartan(1) knocked Allahu(6) to the ground and climbed on top og him. He shoved the backpack over Allahu's face and started smuthering him with it. After about a minuite of struggling Allahu's body went limp. BOOM! Yet again, everything went black for C.C(1). Even with a missing finger Jr.(11) had gtten a sharp ended whip and two backpacks and was now heading into the jungle.Florian(10) had managed to grab a khopesh and a large orange duffle bag was ready to leave the cornucopia. Tamara(7) ran out from behinde the cornucopia with a Battle axe and sliced his stomach open. When Florian reache out to grabb her she sliced off his arm and then slashed his troat. BOOM! She grabbed the khopesh and ran towards the jungle with a sleepingbag, a backpack, and her two weapons.

The first thing C.C(1) heard was the sound of her fellow careers talking.

"Do you think she is dead" she heard Moltra(4) ask.

"I don't think so, I didn't hear a cannon." replies a voice C.C(1) thought belonged to Inter(4).

C.C slowly opened her eyes and regretted it instantly. The brightness of the sun made her think her eyes would melt out of her head.

She made out 5 figures standing in a circle around her. Spartan(1),Lee(2),Apio(9),Moltra(4) and Inter(4). Suddenly 4 sets of hands grab her and pull her to her feet. And that's when things start to get weird. Everything is brighter, everything blurs together, every single sound blares into C.C's ears like a thousand amplifiers are going off. C.C knows that the other careers are talking but there voices are all morphing together to create a sound so awful C.C cant even describe it. In what feels like 2 seconds C.C goes from standing in the middle of the field to sitting on a pile of supplies inside the cornucopia.

The next 5 minutes go by in small parts instead of whole. She sees Ceaser(5) emerge from behind the weapons rack and ask if he can join there alliance. Inter(4), apparently the leader of the group, accepts his offer and tells him to go get a a weapon off the weapons rack. Only when Caesers back is turned dose C.C notice the small dagger( identical to an average nail filer, but sharper) laying atop of a crate close by. Before she even new what she was doing C.C(1) grabs the dagger and stabs Caeser in the lower back with it three times. Before she can get in a fourth stab, Caeser(5) turns around and scratches her across the face with his claws. C.C tries to stab him in the eye but Caeser grabs her wrist. He slams her into the cornucopia wall and C.C(1) tries to do her best to fight back. Right when he was about to overpower her she looked at Lee(2) and screamed for help. Lee rushed in and rammed Caeser to the ground. Before Caeser could get back up C.C(1) was on top of him. She started stabbing him everywhere she could think of- his neck,legs,arms,chest,stomach,groin, and even the head. She started screaming at him as the stabbing continued. "DONT" Stab,Stab,Stab"EVER" stab, stab,stab, stab, stab," TOUCH ME"(a cannon went off in the distance but C.C(1) couldn't hear it over the bounding of her hart in her head) Stab," AGAIN."Stab,Stab,Stab Stab,Stab,Stab Stab,Stab,Stab Stab,Stab,Stab. Lee(2) grabbed C.C but the arms and lifted her off of Caesers unrecognizable body. But C.C continued to stab the air screaming "No,no,no,no,no." Then, everything got blurry again. C.C(1) dropped the dagger and collapsed to the ground. The last thing she was before blacking out was Caesers blood- He was covered in it, she was covered in it, even the cornucopia walls and ceiling were covered in it. 

Day 1

Cheyanne(9) and Dakota(10) had been running for almost a mile through the jungle when they came to a large pool of water, with a 30 foot high water fall.  Dakota tried to keep on running but Cheyanne stopped her. " Stop!Stop! I cant go on. like this"  she said gasping for air.


Dakota was unhappy they had to stop but could tell Cheyanne needed the rest, that spear she had been carrying the whole way was heavier than it looked.(Plus it was taller than Cheyanne herself.)Dakota had been wondering the whole time why Cheyanne had chosen a bigger weapon instead of a small one like a throwing star.They both sat on nearby rocks and opened up their backpacks. In Cheyannes backpack was a small 4 inch knife , a spile,an empty water canteen, a can of uncooked vegetable soup, and foldable cooking pan.Cheyanne was disappointed with almost everything in her bag except for the dagger, but her and dakota had already had two knives strapped to the sides. She looked over at Dakota,Who has the bigger bag of the two.    She had a rope,matches, strips of rabbit meat , two small packs that unraveled into a large hammocks, a flare gun, a watch,  and a spool of wire. When Dakota saw how sad Cheyanne was with her bag she tried to cheer her up.  "Hey, you got some great supplies kid."  she said nudging Cheyenne with her elbow. When Cheyanne didn't look convinced Dakota added. "We're going to be able to have a nice dinner tonight because you chose this backpack." Cheyanne ignored Dakota and walked up the the edge of the water with her canteen. Right before she was about to stick her hand in the water when a  large piranha jumped out of the water. Cheyanne let out a scream and jumped backwards. Then the water started moving, no it wasn't the water moving it was hundreds of piranhas springing up from the water. All Dakota and Cheyenne could do was stare at the the water and the hundreds of flesh-eating fish jumping through the air.

Luna(3) had been staying at the edge of the jungle watching the careers. She had been looking for a weakness in the alliance she could use when she striked. And that weakness was C.C(1). Luna had see C.C been brutally trucked by Jr.(11) during the bloodbath and new that was the cause of her craziness. While she was watching the careers going through the leftover  supplies she decided to look through her own backpack Which contained= Flashlight,Waterproof Matches, 12 Hour Emergency Bright Stick, A hunting knife, Compass, Sleeping Bag, Binoculars, and a spool of wire.  Thats when Lee(2) spotted her. Luna(3) gathered her supplies and piled it back into her backpack as Lee yelled out to his fellow careers.

Lee(2) and Inter(4) dashed into the jungle after Luna(3). Inter spotted her about 20 feet in front of him and was going to throw his spear at her but Lee stopped him. " You only have one spear,"  he said.  "Don't risk losing it on her."  Lee continued after Luna but Inter stayed behind.

Luna(3) legs were burning  so much she wanted to scream, but she knew Lee(2) wasn't far behind her. Thats when a knife lodged itself into the tree beside her. Another knife flew over her head, another one brushed her arm leaving a small scratch. Luna looked behind her to see where Lee(2) was but he was somewhere out of view She stopped and looked around her. She had two options: she could keep running or climb up the giant tree that was a few feet in front of her. In the end, she decided to climb up the tree and hope Lee passed her. Lee(2) actually ended up passing her and running in the complete wrong direction. Instead of climbing down Luna would just sit high up in the branches, where she could she the entire arena, a bunch of endless jungle.

Timberly(11) had been walking around in the jungle for 3 hours now, thinking. All she could think about was all the blood and death she witnessed at the bloodbath.  She saw Eliza(6) get get an axe lodged into her back.  She saw Clover(8) get stabbed in the back by Lee(2).  She saw  Allahu(6) get smothered to death by Spartan(1). Her thoughts were interrupted Timberly spotted black smoke rising from the jungle about a quarter mile away. Timberly's first thought was a forest fire. She quickly dismissed the thought because there wasn't enough smoke for a forest fire. She came to the conclusion that it was a tribute who had started a small fire and that tribute probably had supplies. And since the only supplies Timberly had was a machete, she decided to go to the smoke and try to make an alliance with whoever started it. She jogged for the next 10 minutes before she was close enough to see where the fire was coming from.  She made out a female tribute sitting by the fire, who she recognized as Tamara(7). Behind Tamara was a amazing fort made of only branches and giant leaves, covered by a camo tarp. The fort could at least fit 4 people and had a domed shape to it like  a iglu.  Even though Timberly(11) had seen Tamara kill someone during the bloodbath she decided to approach her.

When she reached Tamara she was cooking a rabbit over the fire. Timberly felt like throwing up when she saw a piece of the rabbit's flesh fall of of its black bones and land in the fire, but she kept her cool.  "Hi, my name is-," Tamara(7) finished her sentence for her.

"Your Timberly Cortain from district 11," Tamara said. " And you wanted to know if you could make an alliance with me.’’  Timberly nodded shyly. " Ok then, you can join my alliance. But you have to be tough, no slacking. And you have to deal with it if I end up killing someone in front of you." Timberly nodded in agreement and Tamara(7) invited her to sit down and eat some rabbit. Timberly was reluctant to eat the rabbit at first but in the end it turned out to be really good.

Jr.(11) had found shelter in the roots of a tree with the bottom hollowed out, so the roots acted as a ceiling.  When Jr. crawled under the tree he found that there was actually a lot of room for moving around. Jr. even had enough room to lay down or sit up. After getting comfortable he rolled up his whip and decided to look through his backpacks. In his first backpack he found a sleeping bag, night vision goggles, a rope, a  scythe broken up into 3 parts and some beef jerky. In the next backpack the first thing Jr. saw was a first aid kit. He ripped it open and took out a bottle of anti-infectant liquid and some bandages . He held up his hand that had his newly missing finger, he hadn’t looked at it since C.C(1) had cut if off during the bloodbath, his entire hand was purple and swollen. Jr. poured half the bottle of the anti infection liquid onto his finger and had screamed through clenched teeth. Jr. was going to have a hard time during theses games.

Isabelle(5), had stopped moving to set up a camp.  Her camp was under a grant bush with giant palmtree leaves.  She planned on sleeping under it.  There was a very small space for Isabelle to lay under that would conceal her perfectly.    She then goes in after it.  She knows she will be able to see the fallen from here.  Isabelle had checked her bag she received from the cornucopia  and found the sleeping bag, a water bottle, a spear head, and some deer meat.  Isabelle planned on using the spear head as a knife of sorts,in addition to the sword she had already.  Isabelle takes out her sleeping bag and lays it onto the damp ground under the bush.She snuggles into the sleeping bag and waits for nightfall.

Gale(8) is in the eastern side of the forest. She was so ecstatic about getting a crossbow and escaping the bloodbath without any harm, that she hadn’t even looked inside her backpack yet. The backpack contained: a lighter, some lighter fluid, a bag of various fruits, a gas mask, some night vision goggles, and a first aid-kit. Gale was a little confused what the gas mask was for, but she would find that out soon. Now all she had to do was find somewhere to fill up her water bottle.

It was almost dark and the careers were getting ready for their first night hunt. They were arguing over who should have to stay back and watch C.C(1). Inter(4) and Moltra(4) voted that Apio(9) to stay behind because he wasn’t  a real career. Lee(2) and Spartan(1)  voted that Inter should stay behind so he used the I am the leader of the group card. After about 5 minutes of arguing, they decided lay CC(1) down at the back of the cornucopia and cover her with supplies, hiding her from view. The careers all gathered there weapons: Moltra an axe, Inter a spear, Spartan an axe,  and Lee and Apio there throwing knifes. They also all grabbed flashlights/spotlights.

Jayson(12) had started a fire  and was laying up against a log. He had started the fire to try and attract Sophie(12) ( He dosen’t know about her death yet). But what he didn’t know was that his fire was really attracting the careers.

The careers, because of Apio’s(9) good sight, had spotted a small fire about 250 meters away. Using the trees and bushes and shadows for cover, the careers slowly closed in on Jayson(12).

Jayson(12) was about to fall asleep when he heard a twig snap closeby. He rolled onto his knees and looked towards the direction where the sound originated from. All he could see was darkness. He heard bushes rattle behind him and spun around.  "Who’s there!"  he screamed. Only silent darkness. All of the sudden, a small rock slammed into his stomach. Jayson screamed in pain and doubled over, grabbing his stomach.  Now bushes were shaking and rattling all around him and racks were flying at him from all directions.  "Sophie, is this your idea of a joke?"  Now he could make out a small figure emerging from behind a tree.  "Awww, he thinks its his dead little girlfriend."  Jayson heard several snickers and laughs coming from all around him.  Moltra(4) stept into the firelight with a large axe.  Jayson turned around to run away but Apio(9) and Lee(2) grabbed him and throw him to the ground. Jayson reached into the fire pit and pulled out a burning stick. Jayson(12) spun in a circle, swinging the stick at his attackers yelling  "Stay Back!Stay Back or I swear-"  he was grabbed from behind and lifted off the ground. He dropped the burning stick a few second before he was slammed to the ground and punched in the face. Spartan(1) kicked Jayson in the stomach and went and stood by Moltra(4) and Inter(4). Jayson spit out blood and started crying, his attackers laughed at this.

"Can I kill him, please."  Moltra said, grabbing Inter’s arm.

" No, let him kill him." Inter said, pointing at Apio(9).

"Me?" Apio asked uncertainly.                         

"Yes you dumbass."

Apio(9) started to pull out a knife but Moltra(4) stopped him. She threw Apio a shovel that they had found in the cornucopia. Apio slowly approached a begging Jayson(12) and slammed the shovel against his spin. Jayson cried out and continued begging but Apio zoned his cries out and slapped Jayson across the face with the shovel. He slammed the shovel into his skull 4 times before a cannon went off.BOOM! The anthem plays and the pictures of the dead tributes show up: Dennis Rystentia(3),Caeser Sharpclaw(5),Eliza Ham(6),Allahu Akbar(6), Caliban Rweed(7),Clover Feild(8),Florian Kelly(10), Sophie Carmwell(12), and Jayson Flores. The careers all cheered and bragged about their kills before running off back to the cornucopia.

Cheyanne(9) and Dakota(10) were both laying in their individual hammocks with the weapons in hand. Cheyanne had managed to fall asleep but Dakota was wide awake. She kept checking the time on the watch she had gotten from one of her backpacks. The watch could glow with the press of a button but the moonlight shone so bright you could see the time on the watch by just looking at it. It was 1:00pm,then, 1:30, 1;45,1:55, at 2:00 a series of loud cannons went off. Waking up every living thing in the arena.  "What was that."  Cheyanne asked. Thats when the screeching started. After a few seconds there was movement in the trees. Cheyanne looked into the darkness and saw something so bizarre she screamed, wrapping herself up in the hammock. A wave of thousand of bats flew from the trees.Dakota and Cheyanne felt the bats slam into and rattle the hammocks but they were made of thick fabric that the bats couldn’t penetrate.

Isabelle(5) was laying under her bush,asleep, when the bats attacked. The came out of nowhere and swarmed her like moths to a flame. Isabelle instantly started swinging her sword threw the air, slashing some bats in half and missing others completely. But the bats kept coming crawling in her hair, scratching and biting her legs and arms. Just when Isabelle was about to stop trying she saw a hollow log laying only 10 feet away. Isabelle ran and dove inside the log,  she could barely fit in. But because she could barely fit in it herself that meant that no bats could fit in with her. And that was good, until the bats started ripping threw the wood of the log.  Thats when Isabelle started to really panic. This is the end! she thought to herself.  All of the sudden there was a bright flash of light and the bats scattered. Isabelle slowly sat up and looked threw the large hole in the log that  the bats had made. Threw that hole she saw Athena(2) standing a few feet away with a flare gun. Isabelle knew she should have said something but let Athena turn around and leave without saying a word.

Tamara(7) and Timberly(11) were both awake in the shelter when the bats attacked. Tamara grabbed all the supplies and was running away seconds before the bats even reached them. Timberly however, was not so lucky. Before she could get five feet away from the shelter she got tangled in a bunch of vines hanging down from a nearby tree. The bats swarmed her, biting into her neck,face,arms,sides, and chest. She yelled for Tamara to help her,  "Help! Help! Help me please! There killing me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Before Tamara could even react to Timberly’s pleas for help her cannon sounded. BOOM! Tamara turned around and ran into the darkness, her eyes watering(she was secretly going to miss Timberly).

Luna(3) was laying in her tree when she saw the bats flying straight towards her. She looked around for places to hide. When she couldn't find one noticed all the leafy vine hanging around her. She started collecting all the vines and wrapped them around her like a blanket. The bats flew directly by her, ignoring her completely. When the last of the bats were gone Luna did not uncover herself. She laid awake for the rest of the night, not moving a muscle.

Day 2

Lee(2) and Moltra(4) rose bright and early for the first day of tribute hunting.  They practice with throwing knives and axes while the others sleep.  Moltra gets tired easily and eats almost 3 whole bananas.  Lee smirks, "You're not going to want to eat all that, it won't feel god in your stomach."  Moltra shrugs and picks up a few throwing axes.  "Lee, are you as excited as I am today?"  Lee nods.  Moltra babbles on about how she plans on killing tributes she will find and Lee tunes her out as he practices throwing knives.

Tamara(7) was still freaked out about last night. She had managed to get back to her shelter and fall asleep at about 3:00 am but every time she closed her eyes she saw Timberly(11) getting eaten alive by little bats. She had dreams about the Capitol citizens watching with joy as the bats bit into Timberly's neck. She even had dreams that she was in Timberly's place and Timberly just stood there and watched like she did. Tamara had been blaming herself for Timberly's death. "I should have made sure she was out of the shelter before I left." "I should have ran back and helped her instead of just standing there." These thoughts had raced threw Tamara's mind all morning.

Cheynne(9) was overwhelmed with joy that her and Dakota(10)  had survived the night,as was Dakota(10). She had been holding the pack that contained the hammock that saved her life close to her chest. Dakota had suggested that the scout for a new camp site but Cheyenne convinced her to stay right where they were. For breakfast, they ate a few strips of rabbit meat from Dakota's backpack.(For dinner the night before they had eaten some of Cheyanne's uncooked vegetables.)

A little bit after the pair had finished there rabbit strips a twig snapped close by. In one swift motion, Dakota grabbed one of her throwing stars and threw it in the direction the sound originated from. After a few seconds Tamara(7) walked out from the shadow of some large bushes, holding the throwing star in her hand inches away from her face. She had caught it in mid air. "Allies?" She said simply. After a few seconds Dakota responded with uncertainty,"Sure."

A series of loud cannons went off identical to the ones that signaled the bat attack.  She looked at her watch, it was 9:00 am. She looked at Cheyanne(9) and yelled "RUN!!!!!!"

Isabelle(5) was very tired after her near death experience last night with the bats. She was really thankful for Athena(2) saving her from the bats and was upset with herself for not forming an alliance with a skilled career. Her goal for today was to find Athena(2) and make an alliance. When the series of cannons went off Isabelle froze. The she heard it, the sound of trees being knocked Down in the distance. She saw that the trees about  300 meters away started shaking and rattling.  When she figured out what was happening she screamed and ran in the other direction, leaving all her supplies. The arena was being flooded by a giant tital wave.

Cheynne(9) was overwhelmed with joy that her and Dakota(10)  had survived the night,as was Dakota(10). She had been holding the pack that contained the hammock that saved her life close to her chest. Dakota had suggested that the scout for a new camp site but Cheyenne convinced her to stay right where they were. For breakfast, they ate a few strips of rabbit meat from Dakota's backpack.(For dinner the night before they had eaten some of Cheyanne's uncooked vegetables.)

A little bit after the pair had finished there rabbit strips a twig snapped close by. In one swift motion, Dakota grabbed one of her throwing stars and threw it in the direction the sound originated from. After a few seconds Tamara(7) walked out from the shadow of some large bushes, holding the throwing star in her hand inches away from her face. She had caught it in mid air. "Allies?" She said simply. After a few seconds Dakota responded with uncertainty,"Sure."

A series of loud cannons went off identical to the ones that signaled the bat attack.  She looked at her watch, it was 9:00 am. She looked at Cheyanne(9) and yelled "RUN!!!!!!"

Isabelle(5) was very tired after her near death experience last night with the bats. She was really thankful for Athena(2) saving her from the bats and was upset with herself for not forming an alliance with a skilled career. Her goal for today was to find Athena(2) and make an alliance. When the series of cannons went off Isabelle froze. The she heard it, the sound of trees being knocked Down in the distance. She saw that the trees about  300 meters away started shaking and rattling.  When she figured out what was happening she screamed and ran in the other direction, leaving all her supplies. The arena was being flooded by a giant tital wave.

Gale(8) had seen the wave coming towards her and climbed up the biggest tree she could find. She had managed to climb up the tree and use the trees leafy vines to secure herself on high up branch. She saw Jr.(11) run by her tree a few seconds before the wave hit. Even though she was so high up that the wave itself couldn't get to her, when the wave hit it was the most terrible thing Gale had experienced in a long time. The whole tree started shaking violently back and forth, bending side to side like a twig instead of a tree.  Gale whole body was shaking so hard she thought her actual brain was moving back and forth in her skull. The shaking got so intense Gale passed out.

Luna(3) was asleep in her tree when she heard the screams. She looked up,her sickle ready. In the distance she saw several figures emerge from the jungle. There were 5 of the figures, not including the one that was lying asleep in the others arms. As they got closer, Luna realized that they were the careers. They were running from something, but Luna didn’t know what.Luckily,  the alliance passed strait under Luna’s tree  without noticing her. When she saw the wave her first thought was to climb down from her tree and run. But the wave was to close. Her second thought was to climb higher up in the tree. But of she did that and the tree fell she would fall farther to the ground. Before she could come up with a third option the wave hit the tree.  The water was flowing 10 feet below her. For a second Luna relaxed but then  the pressure of the water made the tree slightly lean. Luna rolled off of the branch she was on and fell about 3 feet, then stopped. She was hanging in mid air 7 feet above the water. She was tangled in a group of vines hanging from other tree branches, like a fly in a spider web. It wasn't very comfortable but it was better than the water.

Isabelle(5) had been running for almost a mile now and was tiring out. Instead of a full on sprint she was now almost jogging. She looked behind her to see how far away the wave was, only for a few seconds, and it happened. She tripped on a small rock and went flying down a small hill. The second she hit the ground she heard a loud Snap!. Pain shot up her left leg so intense it felt like someone was sawing it off. She looked down at her leg and saw a heap of bone and blood in its place. When she tried to move the pain moved from her leg to her whole body. A large shadow washed over Isabelle(no pun intended) A gasp escaped her throat only seconds before water filled her throat. When the wave hit her the impact was so intense it popped her bone back into her leg. When Isabelle screamed only water filled her chest. Isabelle looked up and saw the surface of the water 12 above her. She ignored the pain in her leg and started slowly swimming up.  She was 10 feet away from the surface, 8 feet away from the surface, 7  feet away from the surface, 6  feet away from the surface, 5  feet away from the surface, 4  feet away from the surface. A large group of 30+ piranhas swarmed Isabelle. They bit into her all over her body and started dragging her away from the surface. Within 30 seconds Isabelle was dead. BOOM!

Narrator: After Isabelle’s(5) death the wave evaporated onto the sky without a trace.

The careers had retreated back to the cornucopia.

Cheyanne(9) and Dakota(10)  had gathered their supplies from there old campsite and went to Tamara’s(7).

Jr.(11) had managed to escape the wave unharmed and was back staying in the roots of a tree.

Gale(8) had woken up, climbed down from her tree, and was now scouting for higher ground and other tributes she could kill.

Luna(3) was still tangled in vines, hanging 17 feet above the jungle floor.

The capitol:" If you haven't figured it out yet every day at 9:00 am and 2:00 am a diaster will occur. For the disaster to end a tribute must be killed. Thank you, and have a happy HUnger Games."

The careers were all tired and hungry. For the last half-hour they had been tearing the cornucopia apart looking for food and water. Inter(4) finally found a big black duffle bag full of  ziplock bags that contained 5 steaks and 5 full water bottles. They all stuffed their faces into the steaks and chugged the watters.  All of the sudden Moltra(4) looked at Lee(2) and yelled " DUCK!"  Moltra grabbed her axe and threw it over Lee’s head. Lee heard it make contact with something and spun around to see Moltra’s axe lodged into C.C’s(1) chest. C.C was in mid attack with a knife raised over her head. BOOM! Lee(2) looked over at Moltra with a new respect." Thanks."  she nodded and went to retrieve her axe from C.C’s chest.

Cheyannes(9) sat outside of Tamara’s(7) shelter on watch while Tamara and Dakota slept. It was still light out and only 4:30 in the afternoon but the alliance had decided to go ahead and get sleep during the day so they could be prepared for any new disaster to happen that night. Cheyanne thought watch duty was going to be boring but it actually gave her a lot of time to think. She thought about her chances of winning the games vrs. Dakota and Tamara’s. She was 99% positive that she would lose these games. But if she was going to lose she wanted Dakota to win for sure. Dakota had been so nice to her, taking her in and treating her like an equal. For a second, Cheyanne considered leaving Dakota for Dakota’s benefit but a large deer appeared 10 yards away, distracting her from her thoughts. Cheyane reached for her spear, hand shaking. She grabbed the spears cold metal shaft and pointed the tip of it in the deers direction. The deer looked straight at her. It opened its mouth and in the place of teeth were large tusk like fangs. She launched the spear at the mutt, lodging it into its upper chest. The mutt collapsed to the ground with a loud cry. Cheyanne had killed it. She rushed into the shelter and shook Tamara and Dakota awake. She told them about the deer and to her surprise Dakota gave her a big,warm hug. Tamara used Cheyanne’s dagger to gut the deer and take out its insides, which they cooked over a fire. And in that moment the games didn't matter, the death didn't matter, and the victor didn't matter. All that mattered to the alliance is that they were together.

Gale(8) was walking threw the jungle very sluggishly. Since she had gotten down from the tree she had felt like she had just ridden the worst roller coaster in the world. Her head hurt and she had thrown up 3 times, therefore she had decided to find shelter with the conclusion a nap would help make her feel better. There was a tree nearby with 2 leafy bushes at the foot of it. There was a small gap between the bushes that Gale could easily slide into. Gale slid into the gap and tried to take a nap but couldn’t because she was to hungry. Thats when she remembered the bag of vegetables in her backpack. She ended up eating more that she intended (almost half the bag) and as she ate she thought about what would happen if she was one of the final 2. She didn't want to kill but would of she had to. She came to the conclusion that she would try and kill someone tonight to get it over with.

As these thoughts went through her head the Anthem played, the dead were:C.C Jackson(1),Isabelle Dion(5), and Timberly Cortain.

Luna(3) was still hanging from a branch, tangled in vines. She had spent the last however many hours struggling against the veins, which seemed to make them tighten. She finally used her teeth the tear away the vine holding her left wrist. When She tried to use her left arm to free her right arm a new vine sprouted from another one and rapped a around her left arm so tight it made Luna scream.

Iner(4) was walking threw the jungle with other(what he called them at least) weak careers. He knew that he should be the leader but everybody wanted the annoying little watabe from 2.  Inter even though the name lee was stupid. He was also upset that he had only one kill, and in his opinion it wasn't even a good kill. When he heard the scream of Luna(3) close by he was the first to react, cheering and hooting as he ran towards her. When they found her she was hanging from a branch 17 feet above them. Bright smiles crossed all of the careers face and they all brought out their weapons.

Because Luna(3) was so high up she couldn’t hear the the voices below her very clearly. But she could tell 2 males were arguing and a female voice was trying to break it up.  The 2 males were Inter(4) and Lee(2) and the female voice was Moltra(4). Thats when  luna realized that they were arguing over who should kill her.

"I only have gotten to kill one tribute these games. Youve killed like 5. " Inter yelled at Lee(2).

"Yeah, that because I actually have skill asshole, " responded Lee(2).  "You don't even deserve a 10 as a training score you deserve a 3 at the most.

"Oh thats just- " Lee(2) cut Inter(4) off.

"You know i've been wondering how you got that 10, I think you slept with the head gamemaker."

"The head gamemakers a guy. "

"I know, " Lee replied with a smirk.

Inter lunged at Lee and punched him in the nose. When he went in for another punch Moltra(4) stepped into his path, so Inter struck her face.  "Don't you touch her!!!!!!! " Lee screamed as he tackled Inter to the ground. A series of cannons went off as Apio(9) and Spartan(1) jumped in.

IMPORTANT: the next disaster is fear fog. If the tributes consume the fog it will be like there worst fear is coming true. The tributes will probably feel like they are dying and will be in pain but NO physical harm will actually be happening to them. It is all an illusion. For entense is someone's fear was drowning they would be at the bottom of and ocean and fell there lungs burst, but in real life they would be unharmed.

Luna(3) tore her eyes away from the career massacre below her when the cannons went off. For a second she saw nothing. But when she squinted her eyes she could see rapidly moving fog heading towards them. The fog was paper white( like in the 75th hunger games. Within less than 30 seconds the fog was only 10 feet away from them. The careers had now noticed the   fog and were running for their lives. Spartan(1) ran to the left, Inter(4) ran to the left, and Lee(2) and Moltra(4) also ran to the left after Spartan(1). Apio(9), however,  was not so lucky. He tried to run straight forward and was consumed by the fog. For a few seconds all was silent and then Apoio started yelling "Im sorry dad. No, non, no thats hurts dad! Let go of me please!"

Lee(2) and Moltra(4) were running away when they heard. They both  stopped running and turned there heads in the direction of the screams. "Should we go back?" asled Moltra.

"No, its to risky." Said Lee. He turned around and a wave of fog washed over him. He looked back to where Moltra was only a few seconds ago but she was gone. Suddenly he was standing in the middle of a field surrounded by those he loved. He saw his mother and father, all of his friends, his siblings, and he even saw Moltra.   "What the hell is- " everyone around him slowly faded away, like ghost, until there was nothing left. Lee was alone. His worst fear was coming true.

Cheyanne(9) was living the worst nightmare of her life.  Millions of spiders were crawling all over her of all different colors(yellow,blue, black, gray, green, purple, red,). They went into her ears, nose and mouth. The picked and bit at her arms and face. They were even ripping off her fingernails with there tiny pincers. Cheyanne screamed and screamed but more spiders filled her mouth, silencing her. She tried to slap the spiders away but the second she did more spiders filled the dead ones place. Cheyanne tried to grab onto a tree for support but it was made of spiders. She tried to run but for some reason was moving backwards. She looked down and discovered the ground was moving, no, the ground was also made of spiders. And they were carrying Cheyanne the opposite way she wanted to go. Her worst fear was coming true.

Gale(8) had seen the fog coming and was scrambling through her supplies, looking for her gas mask. When she found it the fog was 10 ten feet away. She shoved the mask onto her head, even though it was too small, and waited for the fog to reach her. When it did she expected it to burn her, or melt her, or freeze her. But it did nothing. Gale  smiled through her mask and headed through the forest with her crossbow. It was time for her to kill some tributes.

Dakota(10) was unaffected by the fog, seeing she had no fears( She had faced every one of her fears at age 12.) She had been roaming through the jungle looking for her alliance members. But, with the fog she could only see 5 feet in all directions. Suddenly an arrow flew out of the fog and lodged itself into Dakota’s chest. She collapsed to the ground with a single cry of pain. A dark figure stepped over her and placed something cold against her throat.  "Just close your eyes and think of something happy," said Gale(8). For a moment, Dakota felt the pain of the knife running across her throat. But that pain was quickly replaced by warmth and joy. Dakota was free. BOOM!

Jr.(11) was asleep when the fog got to him. By the time he had fully woken up  the fog was flooding his shelter. One second her was struggling to get away from the fog the next his was sitting on the floor of the jungle. I was no longer nighttime but mid day. A silver parachute landed beside Jr. that contained a large yellow fruit. For some reason Jr couldn't resist taking a bite out of the fruit. At first the fruit was delicious and sweet. But then the fruit turned sour and tart.  Suddenly, Jr. whole body started shaking uncontrollably, foam seeping from his mouth. He had been poisoned.

Summary of the rest of the night:

Gale(8) found Apio(9) in a ball and crying and shot him in the temple. BOOM!

Gale(8) found Moltra(4) and shot her in the back.BOOM!

Tamara(7) and Cheyanne(9) have found each other and are back at their shelter.

Luna(3) is still stuck in the tree but has a plan.

Jr. had abandoned his shelter and is on the move.

Spartan(1), Lee(2), and Inter(4) have regrouped at the cornucopia.

Athena(2) is searching for allies and hopes to find Tamara(7) and Cheyanne(9).

Day 3

Luckily, the fog did not reach Luna(3) because she was to so high up.  She had been thinking all night of a way go get out of the vines. She finally came up with a way, but it was going to be hard. Luna reached up and grabbed the branch above her. She started swinging her legs back and forth, adding more power with every swing. She legs and her arms bothe ached and burned but not as bad as Luna’s stomach. If she did not eat anything she would be dead within hours.

On her 10th swing she swung her legs up and did a backflip onto the branch above her, like gymnast do on bars, except her bar was a branch.  When Luna landed on the branch her ankles shook so bad she almost fell out of the tree. But, she regained her balance and grabbed her supplies and weapons. Within 2 minutes she was back to the ground and crying with joy. She unzipped her backpack put only then realized she had no food. Suddenly, Luna heard the BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!  Of a parachute. The parachute landed a few feet away from her and she dashed for it, ripping it open. Inside was a bag of beef jerky and under that was a container of medicine. Luna stuffed her face with the jerky and applied the medicine to the deep cuts the vines had made on her wrist and arms.

Athena(2) had been walking threw the jungle all morning looking for Tamara(7) and Cheyanne(9). At about 7:am she stumbled upon their shelter. Tamara(7) ran out of the shelter with an axe and threw it at Athena’s head. Athena caught the axe in mid air. She spotted a large  candy-floss colored pink birds with a skewer-like beak flying straight towards Tamara. She threw Tamara’s axe at the mutt, slicing off one of its wings. Tamara(7) Cheyanne(9)  both agreed to make an alliance with Athena because of her skills with weapons. Athena explains her plan to attack the careers the next day and her other alliance members agree with the plan.  The three of them start a fire and cook the candy-floss colored pink birds, which taste like cotton cady.

The careers were all still asleep in the cornucopia when the series of cannons went off, marking the next disaster. Lee(2) was the only one awoken by them and shook a nearby Spartan(1) awake. Spartan ran to the back of the cornucopia and woke up Inter(4). The three of them walked out to the middle of the field and waited. Like they were being played in fast motion large gray clouds came in from the east and covered the entire sky. A large funnel cloud formed in the eastern side of the forest and turned into a giant tornado at least 300 meters long. The careers all smiled, thinking that they were safe. All of the sudden thunder boomed overhead.  Giant lightning bolts struck the ground all over the field, sending dirt and grass flying through the ground. Spartan(1) turned to run back to the cornucopia but Lee grabbed his arm.  "That thing is made of pure medal," he yelled over the thunder." If you even get near that thing you'll be fried." Spartan nodded in agreement. Lee looked back were Inter was just standing but he had already ran into the jungle. Lee was about to yell his name but lightning struck the ground 20 feet away, blowing him and Spartan backwards. They both hit the ground with bone breaking force. But, they both got ran as fast as they could towards the western side of the jungle. When Lee reached the jungle he looked back and saw Spartan limping 100 meters away. He started to run back for him but before he could a huge lightning bolt struck Spartan and blew him to peices. BOOM!

Tamara(7) and her allies were hunting for food when the tornado hit.  She was about to throw her axe at a deer mutt when it was suddenly lifted off the ground. It flew over her head and was sucked into a giant tornado only a few hundred meters away."RUN!" she yelled, the wind blowing her hair all around her face.Her and her alliance tried to run away from the tornado but it was to big. So, Tamara quickly unraveled a big rope from her backpack and tied it so there were 4 loops, one significantly bigger than the other. She tied the big loop around a nearby tree, the second loop around her waist, the third loop around Cheyanne(9) and the fourth loop around Athena(2). The power of the wind lifted them all off the ground, making all the girls scream. Tamara was almost positive that the tree would not hold since  all the ones around it were being ripped to shreds. But the tree wasn't the issue, it was the rope. Since Athena was so small her loop was not tight enough to hold her. Tamara grabbed her hand as she fell out of her loop. She tried to hold on but her hand was slipping out of Tamara’s grasp. She could see that Tamara was in pain and made a split second decision. "Let go!" she told Tamara. Tamara tried to object but Athena had already let go and flew into the funnel cloud. BOOM! Tamara and Cheyanne dropped back to the ground with a Thud! Cheyanne put her face in her hands and started crying. "I dont think I can do this any more!" she whimpered to herself. Tamara wrapped her arms around the district 9 female and started repeating the same phrase as she ran her fingers threw her hair. "Its going to be okay. Its going to be okay.

After the lightning storm, Lee(2) ventured farther into the jungle looking for water. He ended up finding a small salt-water stream hidden behind a group of large boulders. He pulled out a water canteen and filled it with water. He was about to take sip when he decided to purify it. He started a small fire made of twigs and leaves and started boiling the water. When he was in mid boil, a large orange monkey jumped down from a nearby branch. It hissed and growled as Lee reached for one of his knives. He slowly unsheathed the knife and pointed the tip at the monkey. Thats when he spotted the other monkey, sitting on a bolder only 5 feet away.  "Holy shi- " he was cut off by the first monkey’s scream as it flung itself in his direction. The mutt landed on top of Lee and clawed at his face, but he caught its wrist. Lee pushed his feet the mutts stomach and flung the monkey over his shoulders, making it tumble off the bolder and land a few feet below. When the second monkey lunged it got a knife to the eye, making it screech with pain and bare its sharp fangs. The monkey struck out blindly at the tribute, badly scratching his arm. Lee roared in pain and used another knife to stab the monkey's chest 7 times before kicking its lifeless body aside. Lee gathered his supplies, at least what was left of it, and slid into a large hole under one of the boulders, which turned out to be a cave.

Gale(8) had somehow magically slept threw the mornings disaster, the tornado had not reached her and she was too far away from the cornucopia for the thunder to wake her. Now, it was late afternoon and she was walking threw the jungle with her crossbow loaded.  She tried to add up all the cannons she heard today and figure out the number of tributes left. She came to the conclusion that there were 7 tributes left. And she planned to kill every last one of them. When she had killed  3 tributes the previous night she had felt an overwhelming rush of adrenalin and power, she loved it. Suddenly she heard a rustling sound coming from above her. Without looking, she pointed her crossbow at the sky and fired. She heard a loud Thud! and after a few seconds a small bird fell from above and landed at her feet.

Inter(4) had found his way back to the cornucopia and was thinking of what the next disaster would be. He thought of every possible disaster he knew of: large earthquake,a hurricane,thousands of snakes coming from the ground, a forest/jungle fire, oil spills, shark attacks , ect. He was completely paranoid. It was already dark in the arena and since he couldn't tell what time it was every minute felt like an hour. Thats when the anthem played. Followed by Caesar Flickerman's voice.

Fallen Anthem: Spartan Apolloman(1), Athena(2), Moltra Flare(4), Apio Atsu(9) andDakota Hood(10).

Caesar Flickerman: "Attention tributes. Tonight there will be no disaster, nor will there be one tomorrow morning. Instead of a disaster there will be a feast tomorrow morning at 9:00 o’clock. I expect all of you to attend this feast, for your lives depend on it. You can either come willingly or we can force you to come. Thank You, And Have A Happy Hunger Games!!!!!

Jr.(11) was suffering. During the tornado earlier that day he had lost basically all of his supplies except for his whip. He had lost both of his backpacks, which meant he had lost all of his food, protection, and worst of all his medicine. The tip of the stump where his finger use be had turned green and slimy with infection. Also, instead of being chocolaty brown his entire hand was now dark purple. Not to mention it had gone entirely numb. His other hand was ice cold and his face was burning up. Jr. hoped to find some medicine at the feast tomorrow, if he lasted that long.

Day 4

Lee(2) hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before. He had spent all of his time sharpening his knives and thinking about the feast and all the tributes he planned to kill. At about 8:30 am he decided to abandon his campsite and head for the cornucopia. After about 15 minutes he reached the cornucopia and spotted Inter(4) lying asleep near a pile of crates. Lee unsheathed one of his many knives and slowly approached his former ally with a wide smile. When he was a few feet away Inter suddenly opened his eyes. Lee quietly put the knife back and his sheath and held up his hands, turning his face serious. " I just want to be allies during the feast." he said quickly, as Inter(4) reached for his spear.  "Ok, but when the feast is over I will be trying to kill you," responded Inter.

"Fine by me," Lee said with a shrug.

"I think we have to leave the cornucopia before the feast starts."

"You're probably right."

The two careers both gathered their weapons and ran into the jungle. A series of cannons went off and a large silver table rose up in front of the cornucopia. On it sat 7 black bags, each with a white number on the front: 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, and 11. Inter and Lee both ran back to the cornucopia, grabbed the assigned bags and opened them. In Lee’s(2) bag was a large bag of different kinds of food and some medicine for his arm.  Before Inter could open his bag an arrow flew out of the of nowhere and went threw his hand.

Tamara(7) and Cheyanne(9) decided run to the tale of the cornucopia and attack the careers from behind. Tamara signaled Cheyanne to go around the side of the cornucopia while she climbed on to of it. She walked very lightly across the top of the cornucopia’s roof and peeked over the edge. Below her she could see Lee(2) and Inter(4) arguing about Inter’s hand, which had a hole in it. Lee was trying to observe Inter’s hand but he wouldn't let him. Tamara saw that both of them had set down their weapons and were off guard. Tamara rose her axe over her head and jumped to the ground. She swung her weapon a Lee’s head but he ducked. He grabbed a knife and stabbed her in the leg. The next minute was full of dodging, ducking, jabbing, and swinging. Inter(4) tried to jump into the fight but Cheyanne(9) stepped into his path.  She had an awl in her hand which she stabbed into Inters left eye. He screamed and threw her over a pile of crates. He grabbed a spear off a nearby rack and plunged it into her neck. BOOM! "NO!!" Tamara screamed. Lee grabbed her wrist and stuck his knife into her stomach.  He smiled as she gasped for air and collapsed to the ground. He rolled her onto her back and climbed on top of her, still smiling. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small, yet sharp, knife. He placed it against her cheek and started talking in a light gentle voice. Telling her about how he was going to slowly chop her up  into little bits and feed them to mutts. He talked about how on the victory tour he was going to find her family and so the same. How he would torture them and make them scream.  Tamara tried to speak but Lee squeezed her throat. "Lets get started." He jammed the tip of the knife into her cheek and started gracefully moving it around her face, like a pencil on paper. He cut off her ears, nose, and mouth until there was nothing left but her bright blue eyes, frozen with fear. BOOM!  

Gale(8) was sitting at the edge of the jungle sniping down tributes. She had already shot Inter(4) in the hand and was now looking for more victims. Jr.(11) jogged out of the jungle 300 meters away. Gale loaded her crossbow and aimed for his throat. She fired her arrow with perfect aim but Jr. saw it coming and ducked at the last moment.

After dodging Gale’s(8) attack, Jr.(11) ran to the silver table and grabbed the pack with the number 11 on it. He also grabbed the 7 and 9 pack, seeing that Tamara and Cheyanne were already dead. He turned back around and started to run but hit something solid and warm. It was Inter(4). He pulled out his whip and tried to strike Inter but he punched him in the jaw. Inter used his spear to skewer Jr.’s thigh, making blood pour all over him.  A wide smile spread across Inter’s face a he rose his weapon to finish his victim off. Suddenly the spear slipped from his hand and landed beside Jr.. At first Jr. thought it was all part of some game, then he saw the blood pouring from his mouth. BOOM! Luna(3) pulled her sickle out of Inter’s back and disappeared behind the cornucopia.

Gale(8) saw her chance and ran for the silver table. Then she reached the table and reached for the bag with her district's number on it a leather whip coiled around her wrist. She tried to use her other hand to pry the whip off of her but she was brutally yanked to the ground by her attacker. She tried to reach for her crossbow (which had landed a few feet away)  but Lee(2) ran out of the cornucopia and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her away from her weapon. She thrashed around and kicked backwards blindly. She felt her foot connect with Lee’s face, forcing him to release her. She pushed herself up onto her knees and crawled towards her weapon. She spun around onto her back and saw Lee(2) approaching her with a knife, blood dripping down his face. She fired her crossbow at his head, but since he was moving towards her it went into his chest. BOOM! Close Enough! she thought to herself as she stood up and brushed off her pants. She loaded another arrow and approached Jr.(11), who was pinned to the ground by the spear sticking out of his thigh. She grabbed the shaft of the spear and ripped it out of his leg. He grunted with pain and spit up blood.  "Just put me out of my misery!!" he demanded. Only then did Gale(8) realize that Jr.’s skin tone had a dark purplish tint to it. His eyes also had no color to them and he was basically drowning in sweat. She grabbed a dagger off a nearby crate and placed it against his throat, "Im sorry," she said as she slit his throat. In the last few seconds of his life Jr. mouthed a silent Thank You! to his killer. BOOM!

Gale(8) grabbed her bag off the silver table and started to run into the jungle. She had gone a little over 100 meters when she realized it. She and one other tribute where the only ones left. But who was it? Her question was answered when she saw the flash of a yellow district 3 jacket on top of the cornucopia. She loaded and fired an arrow at Luna(3) but missed. She fired another arrow at her but she rolled out of way. She fired a third arrow which struck Luna in the shoulder, making her scream with pain. She jumped down from the cornucopia and when she was in mid-jump an arrow flew into her shin.  She ripped the arrow out of her leg with gritted and limped into the cornucopia.

Gale fired a fifth arrow at Luna but it hit the cornucopia and bounced off with a loud Clang! She reached behind her and grasped for another arrow but only caught air. "Dammit!!!" she screamed, releasing her quiver was empty. She sprinted to the cornucopia and grabbed a long, 10 inch curved knife. She slowly walked into the cornucopia and frantically looked around for Luna. When she couldn’t find her she turned around to look in the field, only to be rammed to the ground from behind. She jumped back up her feet and was instantly punched in the face. Luna grabbed her by the hair, punched her in the face again, and slammed her face into her knee. Gale suddenly shoved her head into Luna’s stomach  and rammed her against the cornucopia wall. She grabbed her by the wrist and pinned her against the wall. She started punching her in the face and stomach over and over again, shattering her left eye socket and cracking her rib. Gale threw her to the ground and kicked her one more time for good measure. She climbed on top of her and rose her knife over her head. She plunged her dagger downward, aiming for Luna’s heart, but Luna reached up and grabbed her wrist stopping the knife only inches away from her heart.  She used all of her strength to grab the knife from Gale's hand, turn it around, and plunge it into her stomach. She pushed Gale’s limp body off of her and limped out into the field, smiling. She closed her one good eye and waited for the hovercraft to come and carry her away. After about 30 seconds she thought about how it was taking a long time for the hovercraft to arrive. To long. Then Luna remembered, she didn’t hear Gale’s cannon.

Luna turned around to see a smiling Gale holding a long, black sword, her insides basically hanging out of her gaping stomach wound.. She reached for her own weapon but it wasn’t there any more. "Have a Happy Happy, Hunger Games." said Gale, raising her sword. In 2 quick seconds Luna’s head went from being attached to the rest of her body to rolling across the ground. BOOM!

The last thing Gale heard before blacking out was Caesar Flickerman's voice saying "Congratulations To Gale Freeman From District 8, The Victor of The 61st Hunger Games!!!!!"


Gale Freeman Victor!

Name: Gale Freeman



Eye Color: Greyish BlueHair Color: ArburnNumber of Tributes she killed: 6 After the games she became addicted to wine. She also has started her own brand of clothing and owns over 17 clothing stores across the capitol. She also has mentored 5 tributes since her own games, and that is only because the capitol forced her to. She ended up marrying a wealthy man named Robert Hughes and plans to have many children.   

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