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1st Celebrity Hunger Games

Hi! I'm really new on this wiki! But i'm a huge fan of the Hunger Games Saga! Anyway,welcome to the 1st Celebrity Annual Games!


After being invited to a reality-show,24 celebrities discovers that the reality-show is actually a trap.The reality-show's producer is a lunatic psycho named Jake Snake.He forces the celebrities to fight against each other to the death,in a big arena.The police tries to stop Snake's evil plan,but he say that if anyone tries to stop him,he will push a button that makes all the remaining celebrities die in a big explosion.So,the celebrities have two options: Trie to defeat Jake Snake and his evil game,or trie to kill the other celebrities to win this sick game!


So,if you wanna join the Celebrity Hunger Games,add a coment and tell what celebritie you wanna be.You must choose a real celebrity,so you can't create your own celebrity.There are 24 celebritys to choose.There must be 12 males and 12 females.

1 Female- Avril Lavigne (Oblivion1001)

1 Male-

2 Female-Isabele Fuhrman (Catnipkatniss)

2 Male-Vinnie Jones (CallamD97)

3 Female-

3 Male-Ashton Moio (AshtonMoioLover)

4 Female-Sasha Pietrese (AshtonMoioLover)

4 Male-Ed Sheeran (CallamD97)

5 Female-

5 Male-

6 Female-Kara Petersen (AshtonMoioLover)

6 Male-

7 Female-

7 Male-

8 Female-Chloe Mortez (AshtonMoioLover)

8 Male-

9 Female-

9 Male-

10 Female-

10 Male-

11 Female-

11 Male

12 Female

12 Male-

Still choosing the District: Jessie J (Mysims)

So,add a comment and tell me what celebrity you wanna be!


Until now,there aren't any deaths.The contestants and also non-contestants can vote for who he/she want to die.The people with most votes will die in the day.

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