6Hello and welcome to the 92nd annual Hunger Games. For the first time ever all 13 districts will get to compete as always there will be a victor but there might be a little surprise in the end. You can only have 2 tributes you get $800 for each tribute and you can only use $1000 on every tribute you can not double it up on only one of your tributes.

Here is the tribute template.

Sample Tribute Template:




Weapon of choice:




The Tributes


Male: Broedy Maslow ~ 16 (Brocky292)

Female: Rosalind Shimmer ~ 17 (ShimmeringFire)


Male: Trafton Porter ~ 18 (VarinEgo)

Female: Clarisse Steel ~ 15 (MR.Clove14)


Male: Dexter Fin ~ 16 (HKTLovesGlimmer)

Female: Amber Spark ~ 14


Male: Axel Bolu ~ 13 (Beckonhearts)

Female: Raina Andrews ~16 (Brocky292)


Male: Alex Donaque ~ 13 (Mysims)

Female: Kelsey Parker ~ 16 (Asfbn)


Male: Brann Clatch ~ 16 (Robin040197)

Female: Cindy Kayyer ~ 14 (Ms.finnickodair)


Male: Callam Rhodes ~ 17 (CallamD97)

Female: Sakira Moens ~ 17 (Beckonhearts)


Male: Ezekiel Anderson ~ 17 (Asfbn)

Female: Vinesian Lilly ~ 18 (FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne)


Male: Kevin Quince ~ 12 (Robin040197)

Female: Melissa Jones ~ 16 (The hungarian games)


Male: Clint Radcliffe ~ 18 (HKTLovesGlimmer)

Female: Miner Hithming ~ 18 (Tiaraaaa)


Male: Lott Bredo ~ 18 (AsherMizzou)

Female: Sophia Morning ~ 12 (Tiaraaaa)


Male: Phoenix Junder ~ 18 (FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne)

Female: Demetria Locastic ~ 13 (AW3SOM3 S4MU3L)


Male: Kaiem Marx ~ 17 (KatnissEverdeenFan)

Female: Saraia Devlyn ~ 12 (66mc)

Tribute Gallery


Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Crossbow: $200

Cut Cream: $150

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Painkiller: $75

Paint(for camouflage): $75

Poison: $75

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Rope: $25

Sai: $150

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $50

Yin-Yang Swords: $175

Username Money
Brocky292 $925
ShimmeringFire $1000
VarinEgo $975
MR.Clove14 $1000
HKTLovesGlimmer $1000
Beckonhearts $750
Mysims $1000
Asfbn $1000
Robin040197 $1000
Ms.finnickodair $1000
CallamD97 $1000
FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne $1000
The hungarian games $1000
Tiaraaaa $1000
AsherMizzou $1000
AW3SOM3 S4MU3L $1000




Costume Parade

Tributes District Costume

Broedy Maslow

Rosalind Shimmer

District 1

Broedy- King crown with pearls, rubys and emeralds. Only place covered is private area in a very thin flowing fabric. It is only see through if you look at it directly not from the side. Every where else is not covered in clothing.

Rosalind- Queen crown with pearls, rubys and emeralds. Only place covered is private areas in a very thin flowing fabric. It is only see through if you look at it directly not from the side. Every where else is not covered in clothing.

Trafton Porter

Clarisee Steel

District 2

Trafton- Full battle armor with chest plate and head peace, with chain-link and mace.

Clarisse-Full battle armor with chest plate and head peace, with chain-link that ends in a skirt and a sword.

Dexter Fin

Amber Spark

District 3

Dexter-Gear hat hat with gears wrapped and painted on him.

Amber-Gear hat hat with gears wrapped and painted on her.

Axel Bolu

Raina Andrews

District 4

Axel-Rainbow fish scales stuck to him and bathing suit bottoms.

Raina-Mermaid tail with rainbow scales and seashells on her breasts.

Alex Donaque

Kelsey Parker

District 5

Alex-Painted with flurescent yellow paint and light bulb hat.

Kelsey-Painted flurescent yellow paint and light bulb hat.

Brann Clatch

Cindy Kayyer

District 6

Brann-Helecopter pripellers on head and pilot outfit.

Cindy-Helecopter pripellers on head and flight attendent outfit.

Callam Rhodes

Sakira Moens

District 7

Callam-Cherry blossom tree with pink leaves and shiny bark that lights up.

Sakira-Cherry blossom tree with pink leaves and shiny bark that lights up.

Ezekiel Anderson

Vinesian Lilly

District 8

Ezekiel-Weaved pants with multiple colours and shades and painted chest of floor tiles.

Vinesian-Weaved dress with multiple colours and shades.

Kevin Quince

Melissa Jones

District 9

Kevin-Farmer outfit with wheat in his mouth and a huge blade that cuts grain.

Melissa-Farmer outfit with wheat in her mouth and a huge blaid that cuts grain.

Clint Radcliffe

Miner Hithming

District 10

Clint-Cow bell around neck and painted like cow print.

Miner-Cow bell around neck and painted like cow print.

Lott Bredo

Sophia Morning

District 11

Lott-Cotton wrapped around private area and around head like a headband.

Sophia-Cotton wrapped around private areas and around head like a headband.

Phoenix Junder

Demetria Locastic

Kaiem Marx

Saraia Devlyn

District 12

District 13

Phoenix-Flames surronding private area but not see through.

Demetria-Flames surrounding Private areas but not see through.

Kaiem-Melted graphite poured all over him and a shimmering vale that is full of nuclear power that lights up.

Saraia-Melted graphite poured all over her and a shimmering vale that is full of neclear power that lights up.


Amber's POV

As I wake up I her a knock on my door. It is my escort Mindi Lindergrads telling me to hurry up for breakfeast. I quickly throw on a teal shirt and a pair of jeans, as I walk down the hall to the dinning room I see Mindi eating a piece of toast and I look around but don't see my district partner Dexter. He is probably still getting dressed. As I wait for him a poor a bowl of cereal and start eating.

Saraia's POV

I eat quickly because I know I will need to get ready for training soon, as I eat I see Kaiem coming down the hallway. He looks like he is about to faint when he sees all the food since we only get three meals a day in district 13. He sits beside me and grabs some bacon. "So did you like the costumes last night?" I ask. "I guess it was a bit hot with all the melted graphite though." "Ya it was" I agree.

Kevin's POV

Melissa and I are basically pushed into the elavator by are escort Annie-Lou Beth. As we go past each floor I count in my head 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Before I know it we are in the training room. The only tributes in the training room are all six careers, Broedy(1), Rosalind(1), Trafton(2), Clarisse(2), Axel(4) and Raina(4). Then there is Melissa and I.

Cindy's POV

Everyone is in the training room by the time Brann and I get there. It is kinda awkward as nobody is speaking to one another except the careers who are standing in the corner. I hear them laughing at the male from 5 when he tries to impress his district partner.

Broedy's POV

When all the training instructers walk in everyone goes to a station I am the only one who walks over to the bow and arrow station even though it is probably one of the most liked weapons in the room. They are probably all holding back because they don't want to show their skills till their private sessions. Meanwhile I am not scared at all. I pick up the bow and pull and arrow from the quiver. I pull it back and watch it leave my grasp. All I see is an arrow right in the eye socket of the dummy.

Clarisse's POV

When Broedy(1) hits the dummy everyone of the gamemakers look at him. So I walk over to the throwing knifes grab a had full and chuck them at the dummies. One after another boom, boom, boom right in the middle of the target. I turn away and throw my last knife which hits the dummy in the middle of the target again. I walk awayt with a giant smirk on my face.

Sakira's POV

Everyone this year look so fit and they are all so skilled it is hard to tell where I stand. But I know I can do one thing better then some of them. So I walk over to a silver mace with gold spikes and I throw it at a dummy. I look up where I threw it and I missed. The careers start laughing except Broedy and Axel which shows me some careers aren't as ruthless as the rest. I walk over grab the mace and throw it again. This time when I look up I see it wedged in the head of one of the dummies. I bet that shut the careers up. Then I smile at them and go to the fire making station.

Trafton's POV

As we all sit down for lunch Broedy(1), Rosalind(1), Clarisse(2), Axel(4), and Raina(4) and I all sit at the biggest table in the room. Everyone looks at us wanted to join us at the table but we just look sat them then turn are heads away. "So what is are plan?" Axel asks. We all laugh at him and then Rosalind says "We are careers we are ruthless and strong we kill as much people as we can at the cornucopia" I look around and see everyone is looking at us and they are probably thinking what we are saying all I do is wave sarcastily.

Tributes Training Score Odds
Broedy Maslow 11 3-1
Rosalind Shimmer 8 7-1
Trafton Porter 11 3-1
Clarisse Steel 11 3-1
Dexter Fin 5 30-1
Amber Spark 6 27-1

Axel Bolu

7 11-1
Raina Andrews 8 9-1
Alex Donaque 6 23-1
Kelsey Parker 10 14-1
Brann Clatch 9 18-1
Cindy Kayyer 5 27-1
Callam Rhodes 9 14-1
Sakira Moens 11 4-1
Ezekiel Anderson 7 31-1
Vinesian Lilly 10 12-1
Kevin Quince 9 17-1
Melissa Jones 7 25-1
Clint Radcliffe 10 16-1
Miner Hithming 10 15-1
Lott Bredo 9 19-1
Sophia Morning 5 29-1
Phoenix Judder 10 13-1
Demtria Locastic 5 30-1
Kaiem Marx 11 15-1

Saraia Devlyn

7 23-1


Careers: Broedy, Rosalind, Trafton, Clarisse, Axel, Raina, Sakira.

Alliance #2: Lott, Sophia, Phoenix, Demetria, Kaiem.

Alliance #3 Kevin, Melissa, Clint, Miner.

The Games Begin

Axel's POV

Raina and I just ate breakfeast I am glad I have her here with me cause if not I would be lost, she has seen a bit more games on tv then I have. As I head back to my room I notice I huge crowd outside. I wish I could join them but yet I am getting sent out in the arena to kill other kids my age. At least I am in the careers pack. So I have a bit of a chance to win. Raina follow me and says "Don't worry as long as i'm here I won't let them touch you." "Thanks Raina" I replie. Raina and I sometimes spent the afternoons together because are fathers worked together on a fishing boat so are mothers would always go into town together to get coffee which left Raina at my house watching me. But that was when I was 9.

Sophia's POV

As Lott and I head down the elavator to get to the arena I start to get worked up and scared I cling on to Lott's arm which he does not really mind. He sits beside me and says "Don't worry we will be an alliance I will keep you safe." "Do you really meen it Lott?" I ask. But before he can answer we are sent into are own room with the tubes that will take us up into the arena. I see my stylist Isiac Moniberg. We hug and then he helps me into my jacket. "Good luck" He says. I mouth the words "thank you." I here someone talking and then I hear "10 seconds till departure." I know that is the signal to get into the arena.

Blue=Water Mutts=Sharks

Cream=Sand Mutts=Giant worms

Yellow=Wheat field Mutts=Tracker jackers

Yellow dot=Cornucopia

Light green=Jungle Mutts=Gigantic tigers

Red=Volcano Mutts=Lava bombs

Teal=Icy mountain Mutts=Mammoth

Orange=Dessert Mutts=Falcon

Dark Green=Swamp Mutts=Crocs

Raina's POV

As we rise up from the tubes we here somebody counting down from 60 seconds 59, 58, 57, 56, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50. I look around but I can not find Axel. I then spy his glasses he is staniding right beside Broedy. Broedy is one of the only careers in my alliance I actually trust. Besides Axel, then I see Trafton on the other side of Axel. I try to tell him to run to me when the gons sounds but I am not sure if it worked we will just have to see.

Kelsey's POV

35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30. We are so close to begginging that I am not focused and I am panicking I will need to get to some weapon and a backpack. I look for someone who might want to be in my alliance I don't see anyone. I am so worried I will die first what if I do, what if my little sister sees me die. That will be the worst thing ever.

Kaiem's POV

12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. GGGGOOONNNGGG! Everyone runs to get to the cornucopia I look over to it and all the careers are there. Demtria(12) is the first one to get there and Broedy(1) walks up behind her with an axe and slashes her in the back of the neck BOOM! Then Trafton(2) snaps Kevin(5)'s leg and then spears him in the heart BOOM! It is complete chaos I look to my left and a dagger comes flying at me, I duck and find it wedged in the side of the cornucopia I try pulling it out but before I can I see another dagger coming at me from Raina(4)'s direction. It hits me right in my arm. I can't pull it out I fear for my life. Then I see Phoenix running towards Raina, he pushes her to the side and keeps running towards me. When he finally gets here he says "Ready" "Ready for what?" I ask. Before he answers he pulls the dagger out of my wrist and we run into the jungle.

Rosalind's POV

I see Dexter running for a bow but I quickly grab a sword and throw it at him. It hits him in his head BOOM! I look over at Axel(4) and I see Ezekiel(8) running towards him but Axel doesn't see him I yell "TURN AROUND" He does and with one swoop to the head with a mace Ezekiel is dead BOOM! It is only use careers and Cindy, Kelsey, Callam, and Alex left. Clarisse throws a knife and it hits Cindy in the forehead BOOM! Then everyone else runs away leaving us careers left. I glance over at Broedy and Axel surronding Raina. "Guys come here" Broedy says. we all see that Raina's foot is serverly twisted. "Here Axel care my bow and quiver. I will carry Raina" Broedy hands his things to Axel and picks up Raina then we all run into the jungle.

Bloodbath Deaths

Tribute District Killer District
26th Demetria 12 Broedy 1
25th Kevin 9 Trafton 2
24th Dexter 3 Rosalind 1
23rd Ezekiel 8 Axel 4
22nd Cindy 5 Clarisse 2

The Rest of Day 1

Vinesian's POV

As I make my way out of the jungle I see a huge volcano then the ground starts shaking I know an eruption is coming. I run as fast as possible and then I finally reach a mountain covered in ice. It is very hard to get up but I finally make it high enough and when I look back the lava starts gushing from the volcano I see Amber(3) running to the mountain I am on. She just makes it but Miner(10) is not so lucky the lava smacks into her and she looks up at me. I see her skin on her face melting BOOM! I finally stand up cause the smoke is to much to stand when I turn around I hear a noise that soound like an elephant. A hugee mammoth runs up the hill with blood on it's tusks. It must be a new breed of mutts from the capitol. It charges at me and throws me of the mountain with it's tusk I look at my stomach and there is a gash from the tusk. He starts charging at me again this time he throws me right into the ocean.

Broedy's POV

The career pack and I start walking down a path in the jungle. My arms feel like they are going to fall of because I have been caring Raina(4) all this way. I set her down and we all sit down. "I will go catch some food" I say. I walk down a diffrent path and see Alex(5) and Clint(10) fighting, Clint stabs Alex in the thigh and Alex kicks Clint in the gut. I pull and arrow out of my quiver and let it go. It passes a few trees and lands in Alex's neck BOOM!. Clint looks at me and starts running towards me I grab another arrow from my quiver and am about to let it go when an axe goes flying passed me and burrows itself in Clint's chest BOOM! I look behind me and Axel(4) is standing there in amazment when he sees Clint is dead. I look back and her a roar then 5 gigantic tigers start bounding towards Axel and I."RUN!" yell. We run to the rest of are alliance and as we get to them we grab all are weapons and I pick up Raina. We run from the tigers and see Sakira she starts running with us when she sees the tigers. When we finally get out of the jungle the tigers stop and run the other way. It is now night time. We watch to see the fallen tributes.

Tribute District Killer District
21st Miner 10 Lava
20th Alex 5 Broedy 1
19th Clint 10 Axel 4

Fallen Tributes From Day One


-Demetria, Kevin, Dexter, Ezekiel, Cindy, Miner, Alex and Clint died.

-17 tributes are left

-Raina has a serverly twisted ancle

Day 2

Melissa's POV

Now that everyone is dead from my alliance my new plan is try to lay low and not be seen. I reach a swampy area there is one little pool of clean water I wash my clothes and fill my canteen. When I am screwing on the cap I see something swimming towards me at first I thought it was a fish but then I saw the tail. I know it is a mutt but I don't know what kind. I run the other way but then a huge croc jumps on the path in front of me. I turn around and run the other way. I see about 5 of them behind me. BOOM! I look behind me and see Saraia(13) with out a head. I get scared and keep running. I reach the ocean and dive in. It is so refreshing but when I see a fin surronding me a start swimming back to shore. I get to the beach and look for the fin. I spot it swimming towards the beach. It gets closer and closer. It should have stopped getting so close I never thought it would stop. It is just about to get on shore before a croc jumps and bites it's fin. I run the other way and don't look back.

Callam's POV

I reach the top of an icy mountain and notice a footprint that is much to big to be human, I then hear something charging up the hill. It is a mammoth, it stabs me in my stomach and throws me to the side of the mountain I am about to fall when Kelsey grabs my hand. She sees my injury and says "Don't worry the salt water from the ocean helps." I see she has the same injury as I do and before she pulls me up another mammoth plows us over the hill and we fall onto a ledge. I look over at Kelsey and I see she is coughing up blood. I fear for the worst and then it stops. BOOM! I didn't even notice that Brann(6) got pushed of the same mountain as Kelsey and I only he got pushed on to an ice spike. Blood drips down it. Then I relize the mammoth is looking at us.

Amber's POV

I count on my fingers how many people have died 8 from yesturday and so far 2 from today. So 10 down which makes 10 tributes dead. I might actually win this. If only I had a weapon. I see some sort of blade at the base of the volcano that had erupted yesturday. I run to grab it but also notice that Kaiem is running for it to. He tackles me and knees me in my stomach. So since he did that to me a knee him in his privates. He yells in agony and then I grab the blade and stab him in the chest. But before he dies he throws it at me. It hits me square in the heart. BOOM! BOOM!

Clarisse's POV

As we head down to the beach back to the cornucopia we feel the ground shaking. Then a huge worm shoots up from the ground with teeth like razor blades. We run to the cornucopia and climb up it. FIrst Sakira(7) which I really did not want her in the alliance. Then Trafton(2), then me, then Rosalind(1), Broedy(1) then help Axel(4) and Raina(4) up. He is just about to climb up when the ground shakes below him. Another worm pops up right below him and sends him flying into the air, he lands on the cornucopia with a huge bang. But somehow he stands up.

Sakira's POV

After all the worms are gone it is around sundown everyone is wide awake . We eat a few bananas and then the fallen tributes show up. We see Saraia(13), Brann(6), Amber(3), and Kaiem(13). "What do you think they died from" I ask. "Could have been anything a sword or mutts or another tribute." says Rosalind(1). They all go to bed and I am left to take watch. The night is quite and dark because there is no stars. Which means there will be a storm tomorrow or it will storm tonight. I get cold so I grab a blanket from my pack and wrap it around me. I then keep watching, in the corner of my eye I see a tree shaking. It is Vinesian(8) I hesitate to grab a crossbow and when I see she has a blowgun I grab it and an arrow lands right in her calf. She falls out of the tree and hobbles into the jungle.

Fallen Tributes From Day Two

Tribute District Killer District
18th Saraia 13 Mutt
17th Brann 6 Mutt
16th Amber 3 Kaiem 13
15th Kaiem 13 Amber


Raina's POV

As I wake up I notice Sakira(7) is about to pass out. I tell her to go to bed and she does. I sit down where she was and then Broedy(1) wakes up and sits beside me. "What do you think we should do tomorrow?" I ask. "Well surviving sounds good to me" he replies. We stare into the distance and I feel his hand grab mine. I look at him and he looks at me. His baby blue eyes look so adorable under the dark sky light. He then leans in and kisses me on the lips. I hesitate to pull away because I don't won't the other careers to wake up and see us. But I decide not to. The kiss lasts at least a minute before we pull away. We lie down beside each other and count the stars. I snuggle in to his arm and I then doze off.

Day 3

Lott's POV

Phoenix(12), Sophia(11) and I have found I really cold cave but it is good for shelter. At least we got a few blankets from the bloodbath. After Kaiem(13) died trying to find us some weapons we have made up a plan to only go outside the cave for food and water. Well Sophia is sleeping Phoenix and I keep watch. Phoenix looks at Sophia and notices she is shaking. "We need to get her out of here" he tells me. So I pick her up and we head to the ocean. The water is warm and might cool her down. I set her in the water and pour some over her head. Her eyes flicker open and she has a look of panick on her face. She points behind me and I look to see what she is pointing at. It is a fin. It is maybe 10 metres away from us I try to pick up Sophia but the sand has hardened around her ancles and want let go. "Run" she says. But I also can not move. Phoenix runs in and the shark is now circling him. It grabs his leg and he stabs it in the eye. But it tightens it's grip and pulls him under. BOOM! The shark then diseapears and Sophia and I can move we head for the wheat field for pretection.

Melissa's POV

I am heading for the wheat field for hiding when I see Lott(11) and Sophia(11) also running for it. I keep running hoping to join them in an alliance. When I bump into them Lott grabs his Sai out of his backpack and he says "Can we trust you?" "Yes" I replie We head farther into the field and start to here a buzzing. But we do not see where it is coming from. We keep running farther into the field. We here the buzzing again. When I happen to glance over at a piece of wheat I notice a tracker jacker nest has surrounded it. We pass it very carefully hardly making any sound. We are almost in the middle of the wheat field when Vinesian pops out of the wheat field and slits my neck with a dagger BOOM!

Kelsey's POV

So far Callam(7) and I have heard 2 cannon fires which means 12 tributes are still alive. We hear someone climbing up the mountain, wait it's not someone it is something. it is the same mutt who stabbed Callam and I with it's tusk it is back for us. Neither of us have weapons and we fear for are lives. The mutt jumps onto the small ledge we were on and it starts to crack. We cling on to the the side of the mountain. When the ledge breaks the mammoth mutt falls on the same ice spike as Brann did and It gets stabbed in the eye which i am guessing also hit it's brain. We then climb back up to the top of the mountain and we here more mammoth noises coming from are right. We slide down the mountain and end up in a dessert. The sun is blinding and the air is hot and sticky.

Axel's POV

All the careers and I have now woken up as we are just about to jump of the cornucopia when a huge wave come towards us. We each grab one weapon cause we know we will not be able to swim with an arm full I grab an axe, Broedy(1) grabs his bow and quiver, Rosalind(1) grabs her crossbow, Trafton(2) grabs his sword, Clarisse(2) grabs her throwing knifes, Raina(4) grabs her trident and Sakira(7) grabs her mace. We start swimming. It takes awhile but we all reach the beach. "Wait where is Rosalind?" Trafton asks. We see her waving and then a fin starts cirling her. it then pulls her under. We see blood suround her BOOM! One of us has now been killed somebody we needed. We all feel a bit of sadness boil up inside us. But we know we need to keep moving cause if not there could be another flood. "So what does that mean?" I ask. "There is no more cornucopia" says Broedy as he walks by me.

Sophia's POV

After Vinesian(8) killed Melissa(9) Lott(11) punches her in the gut and we head the other way. We reach the icy mountains and watch to see if Vinesian is following us she is not then we see a wave coming and it floods the whole wheat field as it is submerged, we wonder if Vinesian died. But we did not hear a cannon. Vinesian then appears beside us all washed up and soaked. She appears to have been bit by something. Maybe a mutt. Then I see a shark tooth in her leg. We leave her on the beach and walk the other way. I glance back at the wheat field but there is nothing there it has completly submerged. It is dark by the time we get to the swamp. We stay close to the edge of the icy mountain because we have no clue what mutts live in the swamp. I then doze off before I can see who all died.

Fallen Tributes From Day Three

Tribute District Killer District
14th Phoenix 12 Mutt
13th Melissa 9 Vinesian 8
12th Rosalind 1 Mutt

Day 4

Trafton's POV

The careers and I decide to split up to cover more ground. Clarisse(2) and I will stay close to the icy mountains, Broedy(1) and Axel(4) will go search the swamp and Sakira(7) and Raina(4) will head to the dessert. Once everyone leaves Clarisse and I head down the side of the mountain. We see foot steps heading to the dessert but it looks like the left leg has been dragged. We follow them into the dessert and see Vinesian(8) hiding behind a cactus. Clarisse throws a knife but it gets wedged in the cactus. Vinesian tries to run but I throw my sword as far as possible. It hits Vinesian right in the small of her back BOOM! We run to her to see if she has any weapons. We turn her over and learn it is Raina. "Who cares she was died weight" says Clarisse. "Ya I guess she was" I say. But I can't help but feel bad. Knowing I killed one of my allies and maybe even cut off three other allies in Sakira, Broedy, and Axel. We run away and I make sure I grab my sword.

Sakira's POV

When Raina(4) and I got seperated by a huge sand storm I tripped and fell into a deep hole that is to deep to climb up. I yell out "HELP!! HELP!!" no answer. I struggle to climb and then I see my mace. I grab it and wedge it at the top of the hole. I pull myselft out and call Raina. No answer I run to where I last so her. There is one of Clarisse(2)'s throwing knifes wedged in a cactus. I look on the otherside and see a puddle of bloodin the sand. I then look on the cactus and see a piece of Raina's shirt. I grab Clarisse's knife and head for the icy mountain. But before I get there something taps my shoulder. I turn around and I instently know it is a mutt. It has calws the size of my finger and teeth the size of a smildons. There are 3 of them. They all jump on me and claw me. One goes to bite me but before it can I grab it's arm and throw it on the ground. I then hit it with my mace. The other two jump of and run. They must have been scared when I killed their friend. I turn around and see it was not me they are scared of it is a mammoth mutt.

Vinesian's POV

I heard to people running behind me so I turned a corner and hide until they passed. I then climbed a little bit up the mountain and found a nice cozy cave. It is very cold though but lucky me some other tribute left two blankets in the cave. I put some ice on my wounds from the shark mutt. It is very soothing but it still stings. I am lucky the shark just nipped me. Sadly one of his teeth got stuck in my leg which caused it it hurt even more. It is very cold and dark. I wish I had something warm to eat. I have no other choice but to fall asleep.

Lott's POV

I hear someone running around the corner so I grab Sophia(11) and set her in this little burrow. It looks like it was made by a fox. She is able to fit in it but I can not. I set her down gently trying not to wake her. I then climb up a tree. I see Axel(4) come around the corner. There is a spear wedged in the tree. I pull it out and throw it at him. It lands at his feet but does not hit him. He looks up at me and throws his axe he misses and it bounces of the big branch beside me and lands in the ground. But the impact on the tree knocks me out. I fall to the ground and my breath is taken away. Axel walks over to me grabs his axe and then says something. But the impact when I hit was so powerful it messed up my hearing. He then walks away and I feel something breathing on my forehead. I look up and see a croc the size of the tree I fell out of. I stagger to my feet and struggle to get in the burrow Sophia is in. I am very squashed but it is better then getting my head chomped off by a croc.

Fallen Tributes From Day Four

Tribute District Killer District
11th Raina 4 Trafton 2

Day 5

Broedy's POV

Last night when I saw Raina(4)'s picture in the sky I was so mad I almost pushed Axel(4) into a swamp filled with croc mutts. Who ever killed Raina will pay. Axel and I make are way back to the icy mountains and find Clarisse(2) and Trafton(2) we work out are next plan. Then Axel says "Hey where is Sakira(7)?" We loook down the mountain towards the dessert and find Sakira is being pinned down by a mammoth. I shoot an arrow and it lands right in its neck. All of us yell out "UP HERE COME AND GET US!" It works the mammoth charges up the hill and plows into all of us. It pushes us all over the edge. Luckily Trafton grabbed the edge. I grab Trafton's legs well I am falling to my death. Axel grabs mine and Clarisse grabs Axel's. "Trafton don't let go" says Clarisse. Then somebody grabs his hand and pulls us all up. It is Sakira, When Trafton and I get up Sakira tells Trafton to get Axel and Clarisse. She then pulls me to the side andwhispers "We need to get out of this alliance Clarisse and Trafton are the ones who killed Raina." I am to mad to speak.

Callam's POV

Kelsey(5) and I have walked so far into the dessert. We need water before we dehydrate. Then out of the corner of my eye I see water. I run and jump into it. I splish and splash. I drink a little gulp of water. Then Kelsey says "Um Callam what are you doing?" "Come in the waters great." I say. "Callam there is no water." I then relze I am just in a small hole with a ton of sand. I then spit out the water from my mouth. It is also sand. "Wait whats that?" Kelsey says and points to something. It is an oasis. It most be real because we both see it. We run in and jump into the water. It is so refreshing. We fill up are canteens at least five times each because we keep drinkingit all. There are lucious palm trees and a little grass. I climb up a palm tree and cut off a cocunut. I then smash it against a rock and we each have some. The taste is blan but I am in no condition to turn down any food.

Clarisse's POV

When Trafton(2) finally pulls Axel(4) and I up. I see Sakira(7) talking to Broedy(1) maybe she knows we killed Raina(4). Broedy then turns around and pulls an arrow out of his quiver. He pulls it back and aims it at me. "Guys stop" Trafton says. He then jumps in front of me. "What is going on?" asks Axel. "Clarisse and Trafton killed Raina that is what is going on" says Sakira. Broedy then lets the arrow go and it hits Trafton in the thigh. Broedy, Sakira and Axel then run down the other side of the hill towards the jungle. I lean down to where Trafton is lieing. "Are you okay?" I ask. Just then we both hear a beeping. I medium sized crate drops in front of Traton and I. He grams the tag and it says "Use With Causion" he opens the crate andfinds a huge mace with gold spikes and a silver chan and ball. "Lets get em' " he says. We charge down the mountain after are old alliance.

Vinesian's POV

I wake up shaking from a very cold sleep. Luckily nobody found me. I hear some people running down the mountain. "Do you think their coming after us" says a girl. "Maybe just keep running" says a boy. I peek outside and see three other tributes running dow. I thought there was only two. Then I see the two tributes from 2 charging down the hill after them. I decide to get out of my cave to climb up the mountain. When I do I see the swamp completly flooded and there is nothing in site. I know Lott(11) and Sophia(11) headed there but I do not hear a cannon to simbilize their deaths. I make my way to the dessert and climb down into a little hole. I then watch to see who died today, but there was no deaths today that must be why they flooded the swamp to draw us closer.

Day 6

Sophia's POV

I wake up to find I am soaking wet and so is Lott(11) my district partner. "What happened?" I asked. "The swamp flooded" he says in return. I look at where it used to be and he is right. It is completly gone. "Where should we go?" I ask. "The dessert that is where Vinesian(8) was heading when we ran from her." When we finally get there we see an oasis far away. We walk there and see that somebody has been here. The Lott sees someone running, it is Callam(7) and Kelsey(5). Lott tells me to give him my blowgun and one dart, so I do. Heputs the dart in the blowgun and watches it fly. It lands in Callam's neck BOOM! He must have hit a vein cause blood gushed out right at impact. He tries to hit Kelsey but she has already fleed. We decide to stay at the oasis as it is are best chance of survival. We sit in the water for a little while and then Lott tells me to get out so nobody hears us splashing in the water. We already know that Kelsey will be at for revenge for us killing Callam.

Sakira's POV

We must keep running down the hill because now Clarisse(2) and Trafton(2) are also running after us. When Broedy(1) shot Trafton in the thight with an arrow that drew the line between are alliance. But thats okay because I never really trusted trafton and I didn't like Clarisse. She was really the only one who id not like me joining their alliance. We reach the jungle and I remember what happened last time I was in here. The gigantic tigers almost killed all of us. We reach the middle and can not decide where to go there are 2 paths. One leads to where the conucopia used to be and the other we have no clue where it leads. We then hear a roar and know the tigers are coming. "Wait here" says Broedy. Then Clarisse and Trafton run in. trafton throws his mace and it lodges it self in the tree beside my head. "You missed" I say. This makes him even madder and then Clarisse throws a knife at Axel(4) and it hits him in his stomach. She runs and tackles him. He throws her off of him and then Broedy and I join in. We hear a second roar and then a scream. Since we are the only ones in the jungle we look back and see Trafton is missing an arm. I second tiger jumps over Broedy, Axel, Clarisse and myself and takes Traftons other arm. The 4 of us all back up as we can no longer do anything. Then the two tigers join in on the Trafton feast. BOOM!

Kelsey's POV

As I am running from Lott(11) and Sophia(11) I bump into Vinesian(8). We decide to stick together. We reach this little path made of gravol and decide to follow it. I take lead and then Vinesian taps my shoulder. "Sorry but I have to do this" she says. Before I respond she stabs me in my stomach where the mammoth's tusk hit me. We wrestle for a little while before I punch her in the face. She falls of me and then I stand up. She runs at me but I side step and she gets a mouth full of gravol and sand. She stands up with he lip and chin all cut up and bloody. She knees me in the jaw. Then I kick her on the side of her face. We are both at the breaking point and then I grab a big rock and smack her over the side of the face with it. She falls to the ground and kicks the rock out of my hands and it goes flying mid air. She is unable to get up and then the rock samshes into her ribs. By the looks of it it looks like 4 cracked she starts coughing up blood and I then figure out that one of the cracked ribs probably punctured a lung or something. BOOM!

Clarisse's POV

When I saw Trafton killed I knew I had to run because I was all by myself at this point. Well Broedy(1) and Sakira(7) are still in shock I run down the path. It turns out it leads to the dessert and that is the last place I want to be in. So I head to the volcano. It is not shaking which means there will not be an eruption today. I keep walking and find a piece of wheat wash up on to shore. Which means the conucopia, the wheat field, and the swamp have all been flooded. It is only a matter of time before another spot is flooded. It will either be the dessert or the jungle because if they flood the volcano or the icy mountains then the tributes on the dessert and jungle will not be able to kill each other. I decide to climb a tree close to the vlocano. It was not burned down in the first eruption. So it will probably get missed if there is another one. When I am finally at the top I see a huge fire ball coming out of the volcano. Wait not one but two. No tons are coming out one lands on a branch in th tree and it is spreaading fast. I jump down and dodge a few more fire balls I get to the dessert and everything stops. I then sit and watch the fallen tribute Callam, Trafton and Vinesian.

Fallen Tributes From Day Six

Tribute District Killer District
10th Callam 7 Lott 11
9th Trafton 2 Mutts
8th Vinesian 8 Kelsey


Day 7

Axel's POV

My stomach is in pain Broedy(1) picks me up and we find I huge tree with a big enough trunk for all of us to sit in it. Sakira(7) and Broedy then lie me down and tell me to stay put. They jump down from the tree trunk and run into the jungle. I hear a beeping and then a box that fits in my two hands falls beside me. I open it up and it says "Apply to the wound." It is neosporin and cut cream. I rub it on and it stings at first but then becomes soothing and the pain is gone. Broedy and Sakira then come back with fire wood. After about forty minutes of having the fire we have not heard or seen any tigers. The fire most repel them. We roast some raw meat that we got at the cornucopia. I kept it in my backpack and luckily it has not went bad. Since I am the only one with a bad injury Sakira and Broedy give me the last piece. Then we all hear a beeping and a box falls in to Broedy's lap. He opens it up and it is soup. There are three bowls. He hands both Sakira and I one and we all sip are soup.

Lott's POV

Once Sophia(11) and I wake up we realize we are standing knee deep water. Not again the dessert is flooding just like the swamp did. I know that we need to leave quickly before the shark mutts are able to swim in. We reach the icy mountain and watch as everything floods. We see someone swimming towards us. It is Kelsey(5) I wanted to be an alliance with her before but could never find her. She looks beat up. Her ancle is all swollen. I grab some ice and give it to her "Here put this on your ancle" I say. "Thanks" she says as she grabs the ice. Then I feel water rushing on to the icy mountains. It makes it even more slippery. We slip and slide trying to get to the volcano. But it also starts flooding. BOOM! We look over and see Klsey impaled by a ice spike. "She must have slipped" says Sophia. everything is flooding except the jungle. "What is going on?" she asks. "Isn't it obvious, it's the finale." Just then a box comes and lands in front of me I open it up and it is a sword.

Broedy's POV

All of us wonder who died. Sakira(7) prays it was Clarisse(2) since she would be the hardest to kill. I think it is either Lott(11) or Sophia(11) and Axel(4) thinks it is Kelsey(4). We hear running so I tell Sakira to take Axel somewhere safe. She does and I follow the foot steps. It is Clarisse, she is running to Lott and Sophia. They do not see her or me. I hide behind a tree and watch what happens. Clarisse tip toes behind Sophia and slits her neck. BOOM! Her and Lott fight awhile. Lott cuts Clarisse's arm with his sword. Clarisse in return stabs Lott with a knife she then throws a knife at him and it goes right through his hand. It also gets wedged in the tree behind Lott. She moves in front of him and starts cutting him gently. I pull an arrow out of my quiver and load it. I pull it back and let it go. Clarisse steps back and admires her work she has made a 2 on his chest the arrow is half way there and Clarisse sees it. She ducks and it hits Lott. I run to pull it out of him because he was not my target. When I get there Clarisse is gone. I pull out my arrow and the throwing knife. He falls to the ground and I tell him one last word "Sorry." BOOM! When I return it is night time and Sakira and Axel are safe in a tree. I climb up to join them. We then watch the fallen tributes.

Fallen Tributes From Day Seven

Tribute District Killer District
7th Kelsey 5
6th Sophia 11 Clarisse 2
5th Lott 11 Broedy/Clarisse 1/2

Day 8

Sakira's POV

When morning comes we instently go look for Clarisse(2). Broedy(1) says we should split up so we do. As I am walking down the path I hear a beep-beep-beep. Then a box lands on the ground. I open it and an axe jumps out. I pick it up. The blade is gold and the handle is silver. I then throw it at a tree to test it out. It goes so deep I thought it almost would cut down the tree. I hear a ruffle in the bushes then a tiger leaps out of it and runs right past me. I run after it. It leads me to a tree that has fell down. Then the tree catches on fire. The gamemakers must be trying to get us closer. The heat linds me and so does the smoke. I run away from the fire. I feel a searing pain on my arm. It is burnt and bubbly. I run back to find Breody and Axel(4)

Clarisse's POV

I have set up a few snares and am feeling like I can win this. I her a tiger coming towards me and I run. I climb up a tree. But the tiger climb up it to. He is on the same branch as me and I jump landing on my feet. The tiger jumps down to. I can not get him of my tail. I keep running and thenthe tiger runs into one of my snares. He is dangling from his paws. I then slit his neck and pull him down. I cut it up and start a fire. I then cook the meat and eat it. It tastes like chicken or turkey. I then hear a scream and run towards it.

Broedy's POV

Axel(4) ran into a snare and I am climbing up the tree to cut it down when five tigers run towards him. Before I can cut it I have to make sure the tigers don't get him. When I tiger cuts the rope and Axel's glasses fall off. He can not find them so he can not fight off the tigers. I pull arrows from my quiver and shoot one tiger then another. When there is only one left I do not see it. It then jumps on top of Axel and starts biting him and I shoot an arrow at him. It falls of dead. I climb down to see Axel dieing. I say my goodbyes and he says one thing to me "Win this for me." BOOM!

Fallen Tributes From Day Eight

Tribute District Killer District
4th Axel 4 Mutt

Day 9 Final Day

Clarisse's POV

When I heard the cannon I was hoping it was either Broedy(1) or Sakira(7) since they are the harder ones to kill. But when I saw it was Axel(4) I knew this would be a fight to the death. I run into Sakira and she trips me. I fall on the ground and throw one of my knifes at her. It hits her in the thigh and I kick her feet out from under her. "BROEDY HELP!" she screams. "I'M COMING!" I hear. Before he gets here I will attempt to kill Sakira. "He want get here in time" I say as I punch Sakira in the stomach. "Yes he will" she says. Just then Broedy comes running in and picks me up off Sakira. He then drops me on the ground and helps Sakira up. I pick up a knife and it hits him in the back of the calf. He collapses to the ground and Sakira pulls out the knife. She runs at me and tackles me. We fight until I am about to cut her neck. But Broedy pulls the knife out of my hand and pushes me off of Sakira.

Broedy's POV

I can not find my bow if I could I would finish this. I push Clarisse(2) against a tree and grab her knife from my pocket. "This is your knife right?" I ask her. Before she says anything I stab her in the stomach. She kicks my in my grooin and I fall to the ground in agony. Sakira(&) then trips her and stabs her in the back. Clairsse tosses he off. Sakira picks up her axe and it just misses Clarisse's neck. We all look up in the sky when we hear a booming voice. "Congrats to the three remaining tibutes you have now won the 92nd annual hunger games." We all look at each other and then a ladder comes down. We all grab on and freeze. I try to wiggle my fingers but am not able to. The hovercraft is big when we reach the top they knock us all out. When I finallly come to all my cuts and burns and injuries are gone. I am now crowned as a victor.

Sakira's POV

When I am all cleaned up from my prep team. My stylist hands me my dress. It is a silk gown that is a light blue with ripples of dark blue at the bottom. My hair is curled and bouncy. I then walk out and see Caesar Flickerman. Breody(1) and Clarisse(2) are already on the couch. As I sit beside Broedy. I see that his long blonde hair has now been cut just like the district 2 male from the 74th hunger games my mom said he had short blonde hair. Broedy is also wearing I nice white tux. With a dark blue shirt underneath. Clarisse is wearing I bright pink knee length dress with a bow on the back. Her hair is also curled just like mine. Caeser asks me how many times did I think I was going to die. I said that one time with the sand devils and the mammoth mutts. He then asks Broedy if it was hard killing some of the tributes. He said it was hard killing some but others it was just survival. He keeps on asking questions we answer. At the end of the interview he stands up and says "Give a big hand to the three victors Broedy Maslow, Clarisse Steel, and Sakira Moens." We are all escorted back to are districts and I never see the them again.

92nd Annual hunger Games Victors

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