So yeah most of my recent games are going poorly, but here we go cx...


Hello and welcome to the 250th annual Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!!! Now as I am not willing to go to far into details about the twists and turns of these games, I shall give you a hint. Once you are gone, you may not be done.


  • I will not do "on my profiles" but if you give me a link,  I will take it
  • Only 3 tributes per user
  • From time to time, I may comment a chance for the readers to make a dramatic twist
  • Reserved spots will last 2 days
  • Please upload lunaiis for your tributes


District Tribute User Tribute User
D0 Males
D0 Females
D1 Males
D1 Females
D2 Males
D2 Females
D3 Males
D3 Females
D4 Males
D4 Females
D5 Males
D5 Females
D6 Males
D6 Females
D7 Males
D7 Females
D8 Males
D8 Females
D9 Males
D9 Females
D10 Males
D10 Females
D11 Males
D11 Females
D12 Males
D12 Females
D13 Males
D13 Females
D14 Males
D14 Females
C Males
C Females

Tribute Gallery

Twists I May Use

  1. Redemption twist (if you die, you come back as a semi alive person, if you get killed you are officially dead, but if you kill the person who killed you, you will come back to life and that person will be dead permanently.)

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