Hello and welcome to the 93rd annual Hunger Games. All 13 districts will get to compete as always there will be a victor. You can only have 2 tributes you get $800 for each tribute and you can only use $800 on every tribute you can not double it up on only one of your tributes.

Here is the tribute template.  

Sample Tribute Template:




Weapon of choice:




The Tributes


Male: Elliot Maslow ~ 12 (Brocky292)

Female:Kyessa Larken ~ 18 (Beckonhearts)


Male: Malek Rath ~ 17 (EvilhariboMadness)

Female: Jenna Maroon ~ 18 (Brocky292)


Male: Tibarious Harley ~ 18 (Beckonhearts)

Female: Hartey Flowerbolts ~ 18 (AsherMizzou)


Male: Blake Seas ~ 18 (AW3SOM3 S4MU3L)

Female: Titania Losh ~ 15 (EvilhariboMadness)


Male: Rock Norman ~ 15 (Hungergameslover2121)

Female: Zappa Electron ~ 16 (Hungergameslover2121)


Male: Jakson Travelis ~ 17 (AW3SOM3 S4MU3L)

Female: Kelly Sam ~ 13 (Dedejacob)


Male: Lumex Albane ~ 16 (Captainsv)

Female: Storie Thompson ~ 13 (Dedejacob)


Male: Harry Styles ~ 18 (Lauren_1D)

Female: Lauren Gibwin ~ 14 (Lauren_1D)


Male: Patrick Sweden ~ 12 (VinisiusDeAssis1999)

Female: Alissia Milner ~ 16 (66mc)


Male: Scar Denford ~ 14 (Thevideogamer)

Female: Icy Hawker ~ 17 (Calopy)


Male: Jake Monkor ~ 17 (AW3SOM3 S4MU3L)

Female: Cherry Fantius ~ 14 (AW3SOM3 S4MU3L)


Male: Kale Hakim ~ 16 (KatnissEverdeenFan)

Female: Ebony Grenslev ~ 16 (KatnissEverdeenFan)


Male: Battleaxe Mason ~ 15 (The One With The Pikachu Tattoo )

Female: Quinlecia Beau ~ 13 (The One With The Picachu Tattoo)

Tribute Gallery


D1 Elliot Maslow

I wake up and am worried, it is my first reaping. I walk down the hall and then down the stairs. I see my older brother Broedy sitting at the kitchen table with two plates of bacon and eggs. One for him and one for me. When he won last years games we moved into the victors village. We only have each other since my dad and mom died. Carter are older brother left us to live with his friend. So Broedy is all I have. Since he already won the hunger games he has no chance of being reaped but I on the other hand could very well be reaped. When i'm done my breakfast Broedy picks me up and carries me upstairs. He sets me done on his bed and pulls out a nice light blue shirt and some beige pants. "This is what I wore when I was in my first reapings" he says. He walks out and I put the clothes on. We walk down to the finger pricking station. Broedy leans down and whispers "good luck" I walk over get my finger pricked and walk over to the other twelve year old boys. Then are escort walks up on stage and says " Hello and welcome to the 93rd Annual Hunger Games" We watch a video about how the hunger games began. She then says " As always girls first." She puts her hand in the bowl and pulls out one piece of paper. "Kyessa Larken." The girl walks up and stands very stongly. "Ok well lets go to the boys now." She walks over and puts her hand in the bowl. She swishes the names around a little and grabs one, walks over to the mic and unfolds the paper. "Elliot Maslow" I am in shock I walk up to the stage and try to find Broedy. I see him he shakes his head as if saying you can do this. We are then rushed to the train station and off to the Capitol.

D2 Jenna Maroon

It is reaping day, I quickly have a shower and get dressed. My mom and dad are waiting for me in the kitchen. Standing proud and strong they hand me a bow and my mom helps me put it in my hair. "My little girl, your all grown up" my dad says. "Daddy I will always be your little girl" I replie. Then my older brother walks down stairs and says " Yes but dad please excuse that she has to go kill people if she volunteers." I punch him and walk over to the dinner table. I gobble down my breakfast and kiss my parents goodbye. As I walk down the road I see many twelve year olds kissing their parents and crying. I how ever am ready to go. I get my finger pricked and walk over to the girls section. Our escort walks up on stage and surprisinly skips everything including the video. Maybe she forgot. She sticks her hand in the girls bowl and I yell out "I VOLUNTEER!!" I walk up on the stage and the escort says "Hello and what might your name be" Jenna, Jenna Maroon." I say. She then walks over to the boys ball and somebody yells out "I VOLUNTEER!!" The guy walks up on stage and I notice it is Malek Rath. I don't really know him but we do go to school together. I only remember him because I walked into him once in the hallway and dropped all my books and my water bottle broke and splashed on both of us. I push the thought aside and smile and wave at my friends. I am then pushed by a guard inside the justice building.

D3 Tibarious Harley

As I wake up I realize it is reaping day. I am nervous, but somewhat confident my name will not be reaped. I get dressed and walk downstairs, which is somewhat hard for me since I am partly blind. I also choose not to speak. The last time I spoke was when I fell down a well when I was 5. Since then I have not said a word. I am greeted by my father and younger brothers well my mom lays a plate of steaming eggs on the table. I eat it all up and kiss them all good bye. I walk over to the boys after my finger got pricked. The day is very quiet no humming of machines no nothing. Then are escort breaks the silence. We watch the same video we watch every year and then she walks over to the girls bowl. "Hartey Flowerbolts" she says. The girl walks up she has blonde hair. But I do not recognize her. I have never seen her in the factory I work in. She then walks over to the boys bowl. "Tibarious Harley" Oh no, how could this happen. I walk up on stage and then the escort says " Have anything to say?" I shake my head and we are rushed into the train station I catch a glimpse of my family. My mom blows me a kiss and I catch it. They are then out of vision and all I see in the lights of the tunnel.

D4 Titania Losh

I wake up with my little brother jumping on my bed. "What are you doing?" I say as I giggle. I stand up and jump with him. my parents walk in and my mom lays out my clothes. Oh ya its repaing day. I am probably the only one in my district that doesn't want to be reaped. Districts 1, 2 and 4 are career districts. I however do not want to be a career let alone be in the career pack. Sure I will have very strong enemies but it is just another tirbute as far as my parents are conserned I will be able to take down anyone. I start walking down the road and pause when I see my friend Lisa we walk down to the finger pricking stationa nd then to the girls side. It is just starting when we get there. The escort just finished mouthing the words to the video we watch every year. She then walks over to the girls bowl and I grab Lisa's hand we are standing together when she pulls out the name " Titania Losh" I'm shocked I walk up and the escort then goes to the boys. "I VOLUNTEER" The boy walks up and I see it is Blake Seas. He mst have volunteered because it is his last year to have the chance to enter the games. We shake hands and I see the power in his eyes. I can trust him, I hope. But the truth is I really can't trust anyone at this point.

D5 Rock Norman

It is early morning around 7:00 I cant sleep because of the reapings today. I decide to take a shower. When I stand out of the shower, I wrap a towel around myself and clear the mirror from all the fog. I brush my teeth. By the time I get dreesed it is 8:30 I might as well go to the repaing before it is to packed. I walk to the finger pricking station and it looks like they just set up. I am second one there. A girl named Zappa is already there. She lives the closest to the justice building so she did not have to walk far. Twenty minutes pass and every child is here. The escort walks out on stage and we watch the stupid video we watch evry year. It is basically just telling you how the games got started. I always look away from the screen at this point. But when the video gets cut short everyone looks like they are puzzled about what just happened. "Well that is strange" implies the escort. She walks over to the girls bowl and pulls out a name. "Zappa Electron." That is odd the first person at the reaping is reaped. Zappa looks confident but with a side of fear. The escort walks over to the boys bowl now, and grabs a piece of paper. "Rock Norman." What how did this happen. I walk up on stage and realize thatt the two people that were here first got reaped. I am fierious. We are pushed into the justice building. My parents rush in and we exchange goodbyes.

D6 Kelly Sam

It is just about to become 8:00 I jump out of bed and walk down the hall. When I am walking downstairs I roll my ankle and fall all the way to the bottom "OOOWWW!" I yell. My mom is there she runsover and checks to see if it is all right. "Just a sprain you should be fine" she says. I stand up in pain and hubble over to the tv. My mom brings over some cereal and I eat well I watch a show about some sort of annoying animal that makes a lot of noice. The clock strikes 8:30 and I kiss my parents good bye. I look through a window and see a little girl probaly twelve crying in her fathers lap. Her dad looks at me and I feel sad that that little girl might have to go in the arena. When I get my finger pricked I stand beside my friend. The escort walks out and puts her hand straight into the girls bowl. She must be in a bad mood. She walks over tot hte mic and reads the paper. "Kelly Sam" Oh no it can't be me there must be a mistake. I wobble up onto the stage in pain from my ankle. I look into the crowd and see the little girl still in tears. That was me last year. The escort whizzes past me and then and dips her hand into the boys bowl. "Jakson Travelis" I don't know him he looks older then me but I don't know since this is really the first time I have evr seen him. We are rushed to the train station and off top the Capitol.

D7 Lumex Albane

I wake up to the sound of axes hitting trees. Why so early it is only 6:00 I run downthe hall and into the kitchen. I notice through my window that it is my dad. Cutting down a tree. "What are you doing dad?" I ask "Nothing I am just nervous." "Nervous why?" "Did you forget it is reaping day." Oh no I forgot I run back into my room and put on a nice shirt and a some pants. I run back into the kitchen. Zoom past the food my dad layed out for me and run to the finger pricking station. They are just about to pack up so I get my fingerpircked and run to the justice building. The escort looks up at the clock it is 7:30 now and she knows to start. We watch a boring video we watch every year and then she her hand into the girls bowl. "Storie Thompson" The girl walks up on stage. She looks to be about 13 or 14. THe escort walkes over to the boys bowl. "Lumex Albane" I am not to stunned because I knew I had a good chance of being reaped since not a lot of kids live in 7. I walk up on stage very nervous. But with a side of ease. At least I know I there is a chance I can win after all I am pretty fast and strong. "Well come on you to shake hands" Encourages the escort. I lean over since I am much taller then Storie and we shake hands. I see a tear running down her face and I mouth the words "It will be okay."

D8 Lauren Gibwin

"Lauren no don't leave me alone." I wake up, oh it was just a dream. I guess since im up I might as well take a shower. I scrub myself clean and wrap a towel around myself. When im all dry I put on a nice dress and walk dowstairs. "Good morning" my mother says. " Hello mom may I have some strawberries please?" She hands me a bowl of strawberries and I pop one in my mouth. "Are you ready for today?" My mother asks. "Whats today?" "The reapings did you forget?" Oops I must have forgotten, I feel so silly forgetting. I eat some more strawberries and then wash my hands free of all the juice. When finished I walk outside and see my friend Lucy. As we walk to the justice building. She slips and scraps her knee. "Are you okay?" I ask "Ya im fine."We continue walking and I like behind us and see Luke and Johnny walking towards us. "Oh no run" I say and we sprint to the finger pricking station. IT takes a few seconds and we move on. Johnny and Luke are these to annoying kids in are class. The escort walks over to the bowl sticks her hand in and reads out the girls paper. "Lauren Gibwin" I dont realize its me because I was tying my shoe. "Lauren Gibwin" Wait it's me, I walk up on stage and wait for this dream to be over. "Harry Styles" I know him, in fact I like him. He is cute and I think he lieks me back. We shake hands and head off to the Capitol.

D9 Patrick Sweden

I wake early morning and can not sleep. It is reaping day so I get my little sister and the rest of the family up. When they are done stairs I hand them each a plate with pancakes ont hem. When finished I wipe my face clean from all the syrup and then wash the dishes. In my family everyone has a day they cook and clean the dishes. Sadly I am today. When finished I walk upstairs and put something nice on. I walk back downstairs and out the door. I headed for the justice building since the reapings are today. They prick my finger and for some reason it doesn't stop bleeding. They must have hit a vein. I continue walking until I see my friends. I walk over to them and my finger is still bleeding. The escort comes out and draws the girls name. "Alyssa Milner" She walks up on stage, she has very short brown hair. I have never seen her before. By the time I figure out things about her the escort has already drawing the boys name. "Patrick Sweden" she repeats. I walk up on stage andshake Alyssa's hand. When i remove it she has blood all over her. " I will explain alter" I whisper.

D10 Icy Hawker

I wake up at 7:00 a.m. and eat my breakfast. When finished I wash up and get dressed for the reapings. When I am about half way there my best friend Lulu Beatry joins me. "So did you see the news last night?" she asks. "No what was it?" "They released what mutts might be in the arena, the said Tracker Jackers, Huge gigantic tigers, Croc Rockers which are like crocs that can push anything down and have like metal helmets so it never effects them." I think about that for a little while. What if im reaped and encounter one of those beasts. When im finished thinking about it we have got are fingers pricked and have gathered into our age group. The escort walks out on stage and we watch a boring video. I look over at the escort and she is mouthing every single word. So lame. When the video is done for the first time in a couple years the Mayor speaks. He doesn't say much but he doe give a speech to whom does get reaped, the best of luck. The escort finally dips her hand in the girls bowl. "Icy Hawker" she says. I realize it is me and walk up the stairs. My eyes are now watering and I can feel a tear run down my cheek. I stand beside the escort and she walks over to the girls bowl. "Scar Denford" The boy walks up and he looks younger then me. He looks emo as well. His hair is very black and straight. But I push that thought aside well I shake his hand. "I got your back" he says. As we walk into the justice building I look back and see Lulu crying.

D11 Jake Monkor

"Jake wake up time for work." As I wake I see my dad. When I am fully awake and can see images perfectly we walk outside into the wheat field and start cutting down the stalks that are fully grown. Not many of them are but we chop down the ones that are. It is a perfect day to be cutting. I can here the mockingjays singing loudly. One flys right past my head and sings a sweet tune. It is so fun working with my dad. It is one of the only times we have alone in a house of 3 girls. But we manage by being the only muscle in the family as well. I then remember it is repaing day and rush upstairs to get some nicer clothes on. My 2 younger sister who are 4 and 7 give me a kiss and run upstairs I kiss my mom and then hug my older sister who is 19. I walk to the finger pricking station and then walk to my age group. The escort walks out. I foget her name but then she says it. Sadly it is just a bunch od gibberish that i do not understand. She dips her hand into the girls bowl. "Cherry Fantius" She has long blonde hair. I have seen her before but where. Then after all I hear is "Jake Monkor" That's me I have been reaped. I walk up on stage and Cherry says " Hello again."

D12 Kale Hakim

I wake up to the sound of my 3 younger brother Owen, Ben, and Sebastian jumping up and down the stairs. I have a shower and wrap a towel around my waste. Since the bathroom is right outside the kitchen I am forced to eat before going upstairs to change. All 6 of my siblings sit down at the table. I am part of a combined family. Sebastion and Ben are my real siblings but Owen, Beth, and Terry are from my step mothers side. Then after marriage they had another son named Henry he is still onyl 12 months. When I am finished I rush upstairs to put some clothes on. I pull of my towel and put boxers and khakis on. It is reapingday so I am trying to look nice. I have I really good chance of being reaped because my name is in 10 times. I walk down to the justice building and get my finger pricked. The escort has already started talking and is putting her hand in the girls bowl. "Ebony Grenslev" She is in my class. We are somewhat close friends. She walks up on stage strongly but kinda scared. The escort puts her hand in the boys bowl now and pulls out a piece of paper. "Kale Hakim" I figured it was me so in a way I am not shocked. I walk up on stage and shake hands with Ebony. We are then rushed off to the train station. We are hugged by are families and rushed to the Capitol

D13 Quinlecia Beau

As I wake in the middle of the night screaming my head off. I try and remember why I am screaming. I recall a dream of me being in the Hunger Games running towards the cornucopia. Then out of no where a blade hit my neck. I guess thats I good reason to be screaming. I try and go back to sleep and I do. When I wake again it is 8:30 I get a dress on and walk down the hall. When I get to the plaza I get my finger pricked. It is only my second year in the reaping bowl so the shock of being pricked with a a sharp object still kinda hurts. I walk over and stand with my age group. I look over and see all the boys lined up. I then look in front of me and see all the first time girls in the reaping bowl. One turns around and I see the look of terror on her face. I remember that was me last year. That was the first time District 13 was ever in the Hunger Games. I dont even notice that the escort had here hand in the bowl until she reads the girls name. "Quinlecia Beau" Thats my. So many thoughts rush into my mind. I walk up on stage and the escort zooms passed me and dips her hand into the boys bowl. "Battleaxe Mason" Hhhhmmm I dont think I know him. I mean I have probably seen him just can't remember that moment. We shake hands and are then rushed to the Capitol.    


D2 Malek Rath

I wake up in my Capitol bedroom and walk outside to eat. The dining hall is so big, much bigger then my old dining room in District 2. When I reach the table. i sit down beside Jenna. "So do you remember me?" she asks. "Yes, yes I do you spilled water on me." I replie. As we finish eating we are herded down to the training centre. I finish a piece of toast I had in my hand and grab a sword. I see the other careers and stand near them. I look down and see Elliot and Kyessa from 1, Jenna from my district and Blake and Titania from 4. All together we look like a strong career pack. We get a long boring speech about no fighting. After I go to the dummies and slice of the heads. I look to my left and see Elliot with a bow. He looks awkward holding it since he is so tiny. But despite his size the arrow lands right in the middle. Then the dummy blows up. I walk over to him and say "How did that happen?" "They louded the arrows with tnt so apon impact the explode." Great another harsh way to die. "Good thing we are allies." I say in a laughing tone. "Yay" he says. We then catch a glimpse of a throwing knife hit a dumby right in the center of the target. "Don't worry that was Jenna." He says At first sight I did not know it was her. many of the girls have blonde hair. Titania seems kinda distant to the other careers though she then walked over to the District 5 and 6 tributes and starts talking. I dont like this. But I am then focused on Kyessa slicing of the heads of the dummies I did not cut off. I figure these games are gonna be won by a career.

D5 Zappa Electron

At this very moment I feel confident I have an ok chance. It seem like Titania wants to be an alliance with Rock, and the to District 6 tributes. At first I did not vote for the idea but then she threw her spear and it hit in the middle of the target so I decided yes. Rock and I go to the fire building station together and talk strategy. "So if we get the chance we run for it?" I say "Yes it is our best chance for survival. The careers will find us easy if we are in a group." He says. By the time we are done talking Blake comes and joins us. "Hello, can we help you?" I ask. "No just passing by." he says with a smirk on his face. He walks away and Rock and I look at each other with scared exprssions on our faces. When we finish building the fires we go back to our alliance. Jakson and Kelly from 6 seem to eb nice enough and smart enough not to go against an alliance. But for Rock and I it might be the best chance to live. I walk away from everyone and pick up a very long piece of wire. I rap it around on of the dummies and hit a button that came with it. The wire flows with electricity and then the dummy blows up. I look behind me and see my alliance say "WOW!"

D7 Storie Thompson

I walk over to the axe throwing station and pick up a small axe. I throw it at the target and miss by a long shot. So I walk over to the spear station and pick one up. It lands in the cirlce outside the middle. Dang so close. I look to the careers and most of them are laughing except Elliot and Kyessa. I feel like if any careers would break the career alliance it would be those to. They just seem a lot more kind and caring. Unlike Malek, Jenna and Blake. I already know Titania is not a career despite coming from 4. She has allianed with District 5 and 6. But despite this I am kinda scared that the careers who will stay true to the alliance, will most likely come after the ones they find intimdating. I push that thought aside and run to grab my spear. When I retrieve it, Ireturn to the throwing point. I throw it again and this time it is right in the middle of the target. But the careers are still laughing. Either they think it's funny I only got it once and they could get it a million times, or they are just laughing at someone else. I see what they are laughing at Scar Denford from 10 fell climbing the bars. I rush over to see if he is hurt, but he pushes em out of the way and walks back to the beginning.

D11 Cherry Fantius

I wish I had never been reaped. But now that im here im not just gonna give up. I grab 3 axes. I set 2 on the ground as I take my postition. I slice a dummy in the chest and it's top half slides off the bottom. I grab the second axe and throw it square in between a dummies eyes. I imagine im in the games and I hear the boom of a cannon. I pick up the last axe and cut the whole left side of a dummies face off. I then chop of the neck. The careers look kinda surprised but I know they still feel like their better then me. But I also feel like I have the potential to be better then them. I grab the axe from the dummies face and. Throw it at another dummy. Hits it right in the gut and I snicker a little. I do feel like I can win. I know I can win. It only will become true if I try my best. I keep slicing dummies in half . Until my wrist starts to hurt. By the time Im done a buzzer goes of, meaning individual training will now begin

Training Scores

Tribute District Training Score Odds
Elliot Maslow 1 11 8-1
Kyessa Larken 1 11 7-1
Malek Rath 2 11 5-1
Jenna Maroon 2 10 11-1
Tibarious Harley 3 8 18-1
Hartey Flowerbolts 3 7 21-1
Blake Seas 4 10 9-1
Titania Losh 4 10 10-1
Rock Norman 5 9 14-1
Zappa Electron 5 6 27-1
Jakson Travelis 6 9 12-1
Kelly Sam 6 7 17-1
Lumex Albane 7 6 21-1
Storie Thompson 7 8 15-1
Harry Styles 8 9 14-1
Lauren Gibwin 8 10 10-1
Patrick Sweden 9 9 23-1
Allissia Milner 9 8 25-1
Scar Denford 10 6 33-1
Icy Hawker 10 7 17-1
Jake Monkor 11 8 15-1
Cherry Fantius 11 10 9-1
Kale Hakim 12 10 9-1
Ebony Grenslev 12 8 14-1
Battleaxe Mason 13 9 12-1
Quinlecia Beau 13 7 23-1


The Arena


Hg arena

93rd Hunger Games Arena


Day 1 Cornucopia

D3 Hartey Flowerbolts

I rise early morning because I must go see my District partner Tibarious. The worst part is he never speaks. Which could be a disadvantage for him. As the we walk down the hall I ask "So how are you doing?" He shakes his head in replie to ok. We finally get onto the hovercraft and we are zoomed to the arena. I get a tracker stuck into my arm and it kinda hurts. We are pushed into seperate rooms and I see my stylist. We say our goodbyes as I step into the tube. As I rise from the tube I look over and see Malek Rath from 2 to my left and Rock Norman from 5 to my right. I know what to do run right for the woods. As the clock starts I brace myself for what ever happens. 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 51. It keeps ticking down and down as the humming of the water and birds flows in sincranization. I look straight forward and see Jenna, Ebony, and Kale. All ready to run to the conucopia.

D1 Elliot Maslow

18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9 The clock ticks and ticks until it strikes 1. A huge gong sounds and I run to the cornucopia. Jenna is already there and has a few knifes ready. I grab my bow and arrow and a quiver. Jenna throws a knife at Scar Denford from 10 and it hits him right in the throat. BOOM! I see Patrick Sweden from 9 and shoot an arrow at him. It hits him in his thigh but he starts charging towards me. I get tackled and he is pinning me to the ground. I look up and see my District partner Kyessa with a huge golden sword. She slices Patricks neck and it flies off and hits the ground beside me. BOOM! Malek from 2 stabs Kelly from 6 multiple times. BOOM! I run from the District 12 male Kale and see Hartey. Before she can jab me with her knife. I grab an arrow from my quiver and stick it in her eye. BOOM!

D4 Blake Seas

I run passed the boy from 11 I think his name was Jake by accident. So I walk up behind him and throw my trident right into the small of his back. BOOM! Cherry from 11 runs passed me but before leaving jabs a small knife into my side. The pain fills my body so I run to the water near the cornucopia. I dive in and the water is very refreshing. Everyone has left the cornucopia except Myself, Malek and Jenna from 2 , and Elliot and Kyessa from 1. "Elliot walks over to me and asks if im ok. I say no and he pulls the knife out. It hurts more then when it got stuck in but then he pulls cut cream out of his backpack. "Thanks" I say. "Dont worry I have tons plus I help out my friends." We run to the other careers then into the woods to track down tributes.

Cornucopia Deaths

Tribute District Killer District
Scar Denford 10 Jenna Maroon 2
Patrick Sweden 9 Kyessa Larken 1
Kelly Sam 6 Malek Rath 2
Hartey Flowerbolts 3 Elliot Maslow 1
Jake Monkor 11 Blake Seas 4

Rest of Day 1

D11 Cherry Fantius

I heard 5 cannons fire. I was positive the knife I jabbed into Blake would either kill him or at least slow him down. The only reason I stabbed him was because he killed my district partner Jake. I see the girl from 10 and throw my axe. It brushes her hair and she charges towards me. Before she reaches me I see a knife hit her in the throat. BOOM! I see Allissia from 9 and walk up behind her before I slit her neck with my axe Jakson from 6 stabs her in the skull with his sword by dropping it from over head. BOOM! I look up and I know he wants to ally. "You could have killed me!" I say in a laughing tone. "Sorry-" Before he finishes an arrow comes whizzing by me and hits Jakson in the eye socket. BOOM! I look over to my right and see the careers running towards me. I run towards a cave and crawl into it. They run past the cave and when tey are out of site I feel soemthing wet hitting my head. I look up thinking it is water but it ends up beaing a 8 foot bear. "HHEELLPP!!!!!!" Is all I could say.

D12 Ebony Grenslev

I survived the cornucopia managing to grab a backpack. I run until my legs give. "Don't stop you will die in a second." I look up and see Kale my district partner sitting in a tree. "Kale I finally found you." I run and embrass him. We look through my bag together and find some bread, cheese and two full water canteens. "You ready?" I ask. "Ya lets go." he replies. We run down a trail and hear a very loud scream. We walk past a cave and see Cherry about to get eaten by a huge bear. Kale and I grab her and we run of done a path through the forest. When we finally stop running it is night time. We look up into the sky to see the fallen tributes.

Fallen Tributes From Day 1

Tribute District Killer District
Scar Denford 10 Jenna Maroon 2
Patrick Sweden 9 Kyessa Larken 1
Kelly Sam 6 Malek Rath 2
Hartey Flowerbolts 3 Broedy Maslow 1
Jake Monkor 11 Blake Seas 4
Icy Hawker 10 Jenna Maroon 2
Allissia Milner 9 Jakson Travelis 6
Jakson Travelis 6 Elliot Maslow 1


Day 2 Arena

D13 Battleaxe Mason

I am running until I can not run anymore. I look behind me and I dont see anything. I look in front of me and my district partner Quinlecia steps out from behind a tree. I see she has got a canteen and some wild berries that look like strawberries. We sit down and eat till are stomachs are content. As I stand up and crack my neck. I hear a sharp scream. BOOM! I look behind me and see Quinlecia with blood coming from her neck. I see Lumex Albane from 7 standing above him. I stab him and stab him until his stomach looks like a bloody mess. BOOM! My only ally is gone. Deceased. What now. I walk until I see a large cliff with water below. This water looks like no water I have ever seen before. Shimmering with florescent colours. I look away to fight the urge to jump in as I have no clue what is waiting below.

D1 Kyessa Larken

 The careers and I are running into some sort of tunnel. As we see a flash down the tunnel Malek and Jenna run towards it. I hear a huge scream and Elliot and I look at each other. It sounded like Jenna. BOOM! We see Malek running back towards us. Elliot and I charge out of the cave and run the oppisite way as Malek as his expression on his face looked sort of psycho. We find a smaller cave and set down are sleeping bags. It is very small but we both fit. I set down are food supply and hand Elliot a plastic bag full of dried fruit. As I am eating a small piece of bread Elliot says "Do you think we can survive?" To be honest I don't know but I can't tell a 12 year old that. "Y-yes we can." I say in a shaking voice. When I finish that sentence I rock comes flying from the top of the cave. All of a sudden Elliot is on his feet bow ready to shoot. Lauren Gibwin comes out and Elliot lowers his bow. "Please please can be be an alliance?" she asks in a worried tone. "Yes we can" Elliot replies. We split up our food and hand her some.

D8 Harry Styles

I'm running as fast as I can. Why am I running again? Oh yes Malek Rath from 2 is right behind me. I see a cliff and below water. I dive in and sink to the bottom. I see an underwater cave as I swim up to it a torch flickers in the distance. I sit down and lie my sleeping bag on the ground. Tonight will eb the first night since being reaped I will sleep I hope. I creak coems from deep inside the cave. "Hello?" I say loudly. No replie as I look back towards the water a shadow seems to be swimming towards me. Malek emerges from the water with a blood thirsty expression on his face. Battleaxe Mason from 13 grabs me from behind and pulls me down into a little cave. Malek runs rght past us. "Why did you save me?" I ask. "I need someone to ally with" he explains what happened to his district partner Quinlecia. When I am not paying attention I fell a sharp blade go into my back. Battleaxe has a knife in his leg and is pulling himself away from someone must likely Malek BOOM!

D7 Storie Thompson

As I climb up a very tall tree to cut of some branches I wonder why am I doing this. Then I remember it is because I am in the Hunger Games and I need protection. Once I have enough leaves I climb down the tree and dig a big hole. It is big enough but not to big that the leaves will sink right in. I here rustling in the bush and grab my axe I got at the cornucopia. Something is not right a huge hoard of animals from bunnies to squirrels just ran past at once. Then I see what they are running from. A bear the size of a tree cutting machine back home rampages right into my vision. It picks me up at the stomach with its giant fangs. No use in trying to escape. I feel the fangs puncture my stomach. Soon it will hit a orgin. I cough up blood as the bear seems to drink what drips from my stomach. My vision does not go blurry until I am thrown against a cliff wall. But I have not slipped into the abyss. I fear the worst is yet to come as I am not dead. I crawl out of the cave well the bear is not looking to see the dead tributes.

Fallen Tributes From Day 2

Tribute District Killer District
Quinlecia Beau 13 Lumex Albane 7
Lumex Albane 7 Battleaxe Mason 13
Jenna Maroon 2 Malek Rath 2
Harry Styles 8 Malek Rath 2

Day 3 Arena

D4 Rock Norman

Zappa and I have stayed with Titania from 4 since the begging of the games. "Where should we go?" asks Zappa Titania darts of towards the left, I see why she did when a arrow goes right through Zappa's neck BOOM! I look to the right and see Kale and Ebony from 12 and Cherry from 11. I run and hear Cherry behind me. I turn around and trip her with a stick I found on the ground. Cherry rolls out of the way before I can stab her. An axe finds its way into my leg. I wince in pain but kick it out of Cherry's hand. I feel myself giving into death but I know I can survive. I grab the stick and jab it into Cherry's eye. She screams loudly for Kale and Ebony but they must have ran away becuase no one comes. I kick Cherry in the throat but she grabs her axe and hits me in the gut. I give up and fade into the darkness. BOOM!

D12 Kale Hakim

Ebony and I finally find Cherry. Her eye is bloody but it is not completly un visible. I see that she got cut under her eye lid. "You okay?" I ask. "No it really hurts." "Here have some cut cream." Ebony gives her a tube of cut cream. She applies it gingerly and makes a soothing noise. She sits up and grabs a her axe. Poor Rock he was only trying to save himself. I think but I know its a game of numbers if I stay with Ebony and Cherry I have a chance. "Lets head out." I say. Before Cherry stands up a spear goes right into the small of her back BOOM! It was Titania. Rock and Zappa most have been her allies. "So you cam back." I say. She laughs and charges at me with Cherry's axe. I trip her and Ebony grabs her bow. She sends an arrow right into her throat. BOOM!

D2 Malek Rath

I abondend the careers. They slowed me down. I find a squirrel and stab it. I start a fire. I dont care if it attracts people, I will just kill whoever comes to get me. I hear rustling in the bushes and Blake steps out. "Where are the others?" he asks. "They are hunting" I say. I am lieing to him to gain his trust when he is not looking I will slit his neck like cold turkey. We talk for a little and pack up my supplies. I start walking and Blake taps my shoulder. He must know I am lieing because he kicks me in the stomach. I stab his foot and the blade goes right through his foot. He staggers backwards and kicks me in the face with his other foot. "Your strong" I say in a laughing tone. He jabs a sword into my back and I fall to the ground. I run and hide behind a tree. He must have thrown his trident cause the tree I hide behind was very thin and it goes right into my spine. BOOM!

Fallen Tributes From Day 3

Tribute District Killer District
Zappa Electron 5 Kale Hakim 12
Rock Norman 5 Cherry Fantius 11
Cherry Fantius 11 Titania Losh 4
Titania Losh 4 Ebony Grenslev 12
Malek Rath 2 Blake Seas 4

Day 4 Arena

D3 Tibarious Harley

I have Been hiding in the conrucopia the hole time so far. When the careers left I finally was able to rade the untaken items. I got a few apples and a knife. I hear a rustle acrossed the river around the cornucopia. I see someone burst out but I do not see who it is. It's Storie from 7 with a huge bear running after her.I start running away but Storie runs right passed me and cuts open my stomach. She did this to stop me from running so the bear would not chase her. I look up and see the bear hovering around me. Im doomed. I let loose when final scream. BOOM!

D8 Lauren Gibwin

I have seeked shelter with Kyessa and Elliot from 1. Elliot is very young and very scared. Kyessa however is trying to comfort him. Sometimes it works other times he starts to cry. I remember his brother from the last Hunger Games. His name was Broedy Maslow and he won along with two girls named Sakira Moens from 7 and Clarisse Steel from 2. He looks a lot like Broedy. I then think about how Harry died. i liked him A LOT. Why did he have to die. Stupid Malek. But at least he died last night. I finish some fruit and step outsde. I look back in and see Elliot sleeping in his sleeping bag. The slight hum of the hummingbirds and the music from the mockingjays mix together to make a beautiful noise. I see a flock of them fly past me. Then a rustle from the bush begins and out pops Blake from 4. I jab my sword into his rib cage. BOOM! Kyessa walks out and sees Blake on the ground.

D13 Battleaxe Mason

I hav survived two of my allies deaths. I thought I never would but I did. I made it this far. I step into a small cave and see the boy from 1 Elliot Maslow sleeping. I am tempted to kill him. I should kill him. But I hear a two girls outside. The girl from 1 Kyessa walks inside. I hide behind a rock as she walks past me I cut her leg. She yelps and kciks me in the gut. She is lying on the ground. I stab her four times in the heart. BOOM! I look at my hands they are all bloody. I have killed two tributes I think. I lost count. So many have died. I look up when I here rustling and Elliot has his bow and arrow fixed right to my temple.

D7 Storie Thompson

I survived the bear attack. but my side is in bad condition. It hurts to walk and even breath. I have only heard 3 cannons today. Which isn't to bad. I have a good shot in winning. I have tried to take it slow today. I really felt bad about Tibarious from 3 but I had to do what I could to survive. I walk into a sandy area. But I realize it is not sand. It is quick sand. "HHEELLPP" I manage to scream out before it gets up to my neck. I grab a stick and hold on. I hold my breath as I go under trying to pull myself out but it doesn't work. BOOM!

Fallen Tributes From Day 4

Tribute District Killer District
Tibarious Harley 3 Mutt ---
Blake Seas 4 Lauren Gibwin 8
Kyessa Larken 1 Battleaxe Mason 13
Storie Thompson 7 Quick Sand ---

Day 5 Arena

D1 Elliot Maslow

"HOW DARE YOU KILL KYESSA!" I yell at Battleaxe. Then out of no where Battleaxe gets a axe to the side of the head. BOOM! I see Kale and Ebony running into the cave. I run and find Lauren "RUN!" I yell. We head off to the other side of the cave. Ebony walks out and Lauren slits her neck BOOM! I am running away when Kale steps in front of me. "Sorry buddy I have to do this." "HHEELLPP LAUREN HELP!" I yell out "COMING" I hear. But it is to late I already have a axe in my chest. BOOM!

D12 Kale Hakim

I felt so bad killing Elliot he was only 12. but in this game I have to win. I cant let my family down. I run past Ebony's corpse. I choke back a sob. I find Lauren and stab her leg. She turns around and hits me in the thigh with here axe. "OW" we yell in sinc. I push her against the tree and stab her in the stomach once. Before she can hit me in the side of the head with her axe I slit her throat. BOOM! Congrats Kale Hakim the 93rd Hunger Games! I hear and when I huge claw comes down to pick me up I smile and start to cry.

Fallen Tributes From Day 5

Tribute District Killer District
Battleaxe Mason 13 Kale Hakim 12
Ebony Grenslev 12 Lauren Gibwin 8
Elliot Maslow 1 Kale Hakim 12
Lauren Gibwin 8 Kale Hakim 12

Winner of The 93rd Hunger Games

Congrats to KatnissEverdeenFan for winning my second games

Kale Hakim

Kale Hakim

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