Hello and welcome to the 94th annual Hunger Games. All 13 districts will get to compete and as will the Capitol. As always there will be a victor. You can only have 3 tributes you get $800 for each tribute and you can only use $800 on every tribute you can not double it up on only one of your tributes. I will reserve spots for 2 Days.

Here is the tribute template.

Sample Tribute Template:




Weapon of choice:




Tributes and Tribute Gallery

Tribute District Gender Age User
Nixon Broy Captiol Male 17 66mc
Iris Arcus Capitol Female 17 Wesolini
Sean Dansin D1 Male 18 Rainbow Shifter
Brooke Xena D1 Female 16 HKTLovesGlimmer
Axel Benore D2 Male 18 KatnissEverdeenFan
Matilda Mir D2 Female 18 Rainbow Shifter
Frick Rembell D3 Male 14 SuperTomato
Rae Prestow D3 Female 14 66mc
Jag Aqua D4 Male 15 Theman77
Sirena Conch D4 Female 17 KatnissEverdeenFan
Aiden Shaw D5 Male 17 KnightxAC3
Owen Malt D5 Female 13 Hello im cat lady
Dryv Carner D6 Male 15 TBWTPT
Swift Mage D6 Female 12 TBWTPT
Jake Turner D7 Male 17 HKTLovesGlimmer
Rose Greyser D7 Female 16 Wesolini
Rex Darell D8 Male 13 SuperTomato
Mackenzie Zita D8 Female 18 User:District4 Tribute
Eli Dawn D9 Male 18 Theman77
Igraine Avena D9 Female 15 Wesolini
Wintolli Landcaster D10 Male 16 SuperTomato
Sarah Renswick D10 Female 17 Justafox
Mike Turnell D11 Male 13 KnightxAC3
Melissa Goodlove D11 Female 16 Justafox
Pyro Vuldren D12 Male 12 TBWTPT
Kalita Grenslev D12 Female 16 KatnissEverdeenFan
Drake Mordan D13 Male 15 Theman77
Lillian Scythe D13 Female 18 Hello im cat lady
  • Male Capitol Nixon Broy
  • Female Capitol Iris Acrus
  • Male D1 Sean Dansin
  • Female D1 Brooke Xena
  • Male D2 Axel Benore
  • Female D2 Matilda Mir
  • Male D3 Frick Rembell
  • Female D3 Rae Prestow
  • Male D4 Jag Aqua
  • Female D4 Sirena Conch
  • Male D5 Aiden Shaw
  • Female D5 Owen Malt
  • Male D6 Dryv Carner
  • Female D6 Swift Mage
  • Male D7 Jake Turner
  • Female D7 Rose Greyser
  • Male D8 Rex Darell
  • Female D8 Mackenzie Zita
  • Male D9 Eli Dawn
  • Female D9 Igraine Avena
  • Male D10 Wintolli Landcaster
  • Female D10 Sarah Renswick
  • Male D11 Mike Turnell
  • Female D11 Melissa Goodlove
  • Male D12 Pyro Vuldren
  • Femalem D12 Kalita Grenslev
  • Male D13 Drake Mordan
  • Female D13 Lillian Scythe

Costume Parade

Capitol: Nixon Broy

I walk into the dining room and see Iris my district partner. We chat for a little bit about what we think the arena might look like. Then we hear Nixon and Iris please come down for the costume parade. I wonder what we will be wearing. Perhaps some festive items. Like headress and sparkly pants. I see Peltora my stylist. "Hello deary" she says. She pulls out a massive gleaming sparkly pant and jacket suit. "Is this what I am wearing?" I ask. "YEs it is sweety isn't it lovely?" "I guess" I put it on and look in the mirror. I don't look that bad. It glistens in a elegant and faboulous way. Peltora then sets a crown with the capitol seal on the top. "Oh my gosh you look lovely darling." I turn around and hug Peltora. "Knock them dead sweety." I walk out and Marcester pushes Iris out. Her rainbow hair is in ponytails out the side and is wearing a dress made out of the same fabric as my suit. She is wearing high heels and a queen crown with the Capiotl seal. We walk down the hall and see a few of the tributes talking with their stylists. "We will be there in a sec." Yells Peltora. We step in and everyone stops.

District 1: Brooke Xena

I am still getting ready for the parade. "Here take these shoes and this dress and these gloves." Says my stylist Hector. "The shoes are made of emeralds and diamonds and rubies oh my. The dress is beautiful with shimmering diamonds and rubies . The rubies make a lovely heart right in the middle of the dress and the diamonds which are blue and make a rim for the heart. But the gloves are silk and beautiful. They feel so soft and despite the minerals the outfit is very light. "It's amazing." I say. I walk out and see Sean in pants that look like my dress and on his chest he has many minerals. They must be glued on because he has an irretated look on his face. We walk down the hall with our stylists and we see the District 2 tributes and many others. The Capitol tributes look nice. But I think we will make a good impression.

District 2: Axel Benore

As I board the elevator with Matilda we talk about the arena. "So what do you think it will look like?" I ask "Not sure I hope it is easy to run in." She replies. I walk into the room where my stylist Fuseetel sits and waits. "Hey sweety how ya doin'?" She asks. "Good." I replie. She hands me a pile of clothes and helps me put them on. chestplate has a giant 2 incrested in the middle. I am wearing chain link pants and combat boots. The helmet has a red and blue striped feather down the back and it looks like a tail. I walk out into the hall and see Matilda wearing the same as me only the pants end in a skirt for her. We walk down very ready to begin. I see Brooke and Sean from 1 and Nixon and Iris from the Capitol. I wonder who will be next.

District 3: Rae Prestow

Today I woke up to the hum of electricity in my dream. It sounded lovely and reminded me of home. But when I went into the stylist room she is still preparing my costume. "Oh doll im not ready for ya." Says Finley my stylist. I walk out into the hall and Frick is there as well. "Not ready?" I ask in a chuckle. "Nope." He replies. We sit and talk for about 10 minutes before I am called back in. I have a odd outfit. My shoes have lightning bolts on the sides and there is a lightning bolt on the front to. My dress is metallic and glowing. "Um this is really silly looking." I say well looking in the mirror. Finley chuckles and says "Doll you could never look silly." We walk out the door and see Frick is ready as well. His outfit is just like mine only instead of the bolts on his shoes they are attached to a head piece. We walk down the hall and see the pair from District 1, 2, the Capitol, 4, 6, and 11.

District 4: Jag Aqua

We are alread down at the chariots when I hear. "Oh honey you look fetching." My stylist Brana explains. I look down and I am in light blue swim trunks with a fish hook coming from my rear. "Um Brana what is the hook for?" I ask "Oh you will see Jag just go wait talk to Sirena. I am walking over before I decide to get a glass of water. When I return Sirena is waiting for me in a light blue dress. She has a fishermans hat on and has a fishing pole. "Oh now I get why I have the hook in my butt." "Excuse me!" Sirena yells out. "Long story short but I will just show you." I turn around and she laughs. "I guess I am the catch of the day." We both laugh and head down to the costumes parade chariots. I only see Districts 1, 2, 3, 6, 11, and the Capitol.

District 5: Owen Malt

The parade is just about to start. I am wearing a high tech outift that flickers with lights in diffrent parts every once in awhile. We hear the count down and then District 1 goes out. We hear the crowd cheering and screaming. District 2 then 3 then 4 go and we hear more cheering. "Your up!" Says the parade manager. We pass billuions of people who cheer and oh an aw at are costumes. I look behind us and District 6 and 7 are smiling. Distirct 8 and 9 kinda look grumpy and District 10 are giggling and flirting with the crowd. When the chariots come to a hault we are lookigns traight up at President Orpheus. "HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE 94TH HUNGER GAMES!" After a very long speech the chariots start againa nd we enter a building. Tomorrow is training and I hope I do good. 

Training Day 1

District 6: Dryv Carner

I wake up at mid night because I can't sleep. Damn why must I be in the games. My mind is so fuzzy right now I can't think straight without being worried what might happen in the arena. I decide to head into the living room and watch some old Hunger Games. I watch the 92nd Hunger Games were 33 people one. Broedy Maslow from 1, Clarisse Steel from 2, and Sakira Moens rom 7. Then I watched last years were the boy from 12 one Kale Hakim. By the time I am done watching them everyone is up and about. Swift and I walk down to the training center after our breakfast and when we get downt here I notcie we are the last ones. After a huge speech about no harming anyone and all that stuff, we can go and work with weapons and other skills.

District 7: Rose Greyser

Finally that woman is done her speech. It took long enough. I walk over to the fire starting station. I can not start it right away so I add some kindling and twigs to it. Still nothing. The instructor comes over to me and show me how to do it. I start from scratch and still can not do it. I decide to go to the knot tying station and when I look back I see the boy from 3 start a fire in a second. "Wow how come I can't do that?" I asked myself under my breath.Luckily I tied a knot super fast. The instructor told me I was really fast and that I should try something else that I am not good at. Like fire starting I say to myself.

District 8: Rex Darell

As I am walking towards the rope course I see the boy from one slice of a dummies head. Then the girl from 2 throws a knife into a dummies head. "Yikes they look tough" I hear from behind me. It is the boy from 13. He has long black hair and elfish ears. "Ya I would say so." I replie. I quickly scurry away and work on my bow skills I miss a couple of times but then i hit the target in the stomach. "YES!" I scream. But the careers look at me and laugh knowing they can do better.

District 9: Eli Dawn

I jump onto the rope climb and start climbing like a monkey. But I sadly make the mistake of looking down when I am at the highest point and fall off. I land on my wrist and here a piercing snap. "OWWWW!!!!" I scream in pain. A gamemaker comes over to me and announces that I have broken my arm. I mumble to myself Wow thanks for making me the easy target. I am taken to the hospital part of the building and when I get there I choke back a sob.

District 10: Sarah Renswick

Well at least now I know I want die first, the careers will probably attack Eli first. I wish they didn't have to pick off the weak. I walk over to the fire starting section and get the fire blazing hot about 2 minutes after I start. It isn't a big sucess and if I did start a fire the smoke will attract someone that will come kill me. So really there is no point in even having a fire station. I am so lost in focus that I set my hand right on a hot coal. My skin starts to blister as I scream out in pain. The best I can do at the moment is try to not show that it is a weakness and hope that I can get it checked out later.

District 11: Mike Turnell

I have been to ever station except the gautlet. I walk up gingerly and start jumping from pedistal to pedistal. I am just about to reach the middle point when a gamemaker swips at my leg. It sends me tumbling over and I smack my head off the floor. It is not bleeding but I do feel a slight groggy. I stand up and try to shake it off so the careers don't notice my weakness. I grab a couple throwing knifes and throw them at the target. As I was dizzy for most of it I didn't see where they hit. When my vision clear I see 3 knifes wedged into the wall behind the dummies and one in the dummie stomach.

District 12:Kalita Grenslev

I am scared and worried. I have seen Sarah from 10 and Eli from 9 both get injured, and just a minute ago Mike smashed his head against the floor. I slowly walk up to the rope climb and as I get to the top I slowly start to climb down. When I am half way there I jump off and land on my feet. It wasn't even a bad impact, infact it felt fine. I know if I can find a good high up place to hide that I will be safe.

District 13:Drake Mordan

The gamemakers have sent everyone back upstairs. I am worried for tomorrow as it is private sessions. I hope I can show them I am a threat but still be in the middle of the pack so that I am not targeted. We watch the days training on tv and see that 3 people got injured. Mike, Sarah, and Eli. I wonder if they will still be in the games. Well it would be kinda stupid not to have them in the games. Besides it means easy picking for some of us. I tiredly stand up and walk back to my room, as I fall asleep I dream of winning.

Training Scores

Tribute District Score Odds
Nixon Broy Captiol 7 13-1
Iris Arcus Capitol 6 20-1
Sean Dansin D1 9 7-1
Brooke Xena D1 10 6-1
Axel Benore D2 11 3-1
Matilda Mir D2 10 6-1
Frick Rembell D3 5 27-1
Rae Prestow D3 7 16-1
Jag Aqua D4 8 13-1
Sirena Conch D4 11 4-1
Aiden Shaw D5 6 24-1
Owen Malt D5 7 20-1
Dryv Carner D6 8 19-1
Swift Mage D6 7 21-1
Jake Turner D7 5 30-1
Rose Greyser D7 8 17-1
Rex Darell D8 7 21-1
Mackenzie Zita D8 6 24-1
Eli Dawn D9 5 26-1
Igraine Avena D9 7 19-1
Wintolli Landcaster D10 9 16-1
Sarah Renswick D10 8 20-1
Mike Turnell D11 6 25-1
Melissa Goodlove D11 7 19-1
Pyro Vuldren D12 10 9-1
Kalita Grenslev D12 9 11-1
Drake Mordan D13 7 23-1
Lillian Scythe D13 7 25-1

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