Hello, and welcome to The Chance Games. These are a very special kind of games, if your tribute dies. THEY CAN COME BACK! There will be the main arena, then everytime a tribute dies, they go into the dead arena, which if they kill a tribute in the dead arena, they return to the main arena, and have a chance to win. In these games you will have 2 chances for victory, or maybe if you keep dying, you may have multiple chances.


  1. I will not do "on my profiles" but if you give me a link,  I will take it
  2. Only 3 tributes per user
  3. From time to time, I may comment a chance for the readers to make a dramatic twist
  4. Reserved spots will last 2 days
  5. Please upload lunaiis for your tributes

The Tributes

District Tribute User Tribute User
D0 Males
D0 Females Eclipse Icefall (16) Jabber
D1 Males
D1 Females Astoria Lovelace (16) Axed
D2 Males Furry Anderson (17) Teen
D2 Females Metallix Gleam (16) TBWTPT
D3 Males
D3 Females Nyoka Spade (16) Axed
D4 Males Draco Light (15) Jabber
D4 Females Isis Glow (15) Jabber
D5 Males
D5 Females
D6 Males
D6 Females
D7 Males Kai Shadows (15) Axed
D7 Females
D8 Males
D8 Females
D9 Males
D9 Females
D10 Males
D10 Females Amaryllis Blackberry (16) D1
D11 Males
D11 Females
D12 Males Volcanic Activity (17) D1
D12 Females
D13 Males
D13 Females Willow Firethorn (17) D1
D14 Males Scorpi Rex (18) TBWTPT
D14 Females Ophid Crane (12) TBWTPT
C Males
C Females Jadna Moranne (17) Vini

Tribute Gallery

Lunaii Gallery

  • Eclipse Icefall, District 0
  • Astoria Lovelace, District 1
  • Furry Anderson, District 2
  • Nyoka Spade, District 3
  • Draco Light, District 4
  • Isis Glow, District 4
  • Kai Shadows, District 7
  • Amaryllis Blackberry, District 10
  • Volcanic Activity, District 12
  • Willow Firethorn, District 13
  • Jadne Moranne, Capitol

As the games go on, I will take the photo away of the tributes who are killed and do not have any chance of returning


Training Scores

Final Preparations

THE GAMES (Normal Arena)!!!!!!!

THE GAMES (Dead Arena)!!!!!!!!


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