Since my last games kinda got canned (meh bad xP) I have contemplated on coming back and making a new type of games. It took me awhile to think about an idea, but I finally thought of one. Welcome to The Pokemon Games!


All users may have up to two tributes. How this will work is, the user must pick 1 of the 17 types that there tribute will be in. The tributes will battle just like a normal hunger games, except at the cornucopia, instead of weapons, their will be pokeballs marked with specific types. These pokemon are used for this specific reason and as soon as the tribute dies from a pokemon, that tributes pokemon will return to the cornucopia where a tribute from that same type district, may come and select that pokemon.


Type District Male User Female User
Normal Jondrette Thena, 17 TBWTPT
Fire Vulcan Olympus, 14 Geek Dolls Mgurf, 17 Shifteh
Fighting Fernando Llan, 17 Shifteh Jaylee Katrina, 15 Unicorn
Water Reserved (1 Days) Hybrid Reserved (1 Days) EHK
Flying Laura Avelasky, 13 Vini
Grass Piper Makingson, 17 Oli
Poison Ebony Black, 16 Geek
Electric Statica Wire, 16 Emily
Psychic WIllow DeLarkins, 18 Hello
Rock Ares Jones, 16 Oli
Ice Peter McNeere, 14 Gruffy Clarissa Hunter, 16 Mistake
Bug Catherine Wilkes, 14 That!
Dragon Reserved (1 Days) Hybrid Kata Pulse, 13 Hello
Ghost Samara Lavender, 14 EHK
Dark Lillith Spade, 17 Unicorn
Steel Thei Mettallico, 16 Vini Metallix Gleam, 16 TBWTPT

Tribute Gallery

Training Scores

Type District Male Tribute Score Female Tribute Score
Normal --- ---
Fire Vulcan Olympus Dolls Mgurf
Fighting Fernando Llan Jaylee Katrina
Water --- ---
Flying --- Laura Avelasky
Grass --- Piper Makingson
Poison --- Ebony Black
Electric --- Statica Wire
Ground --- ---
Psychic --- ---
Rock Ares Jones ---
Ice Peter McNeere Clarissa Hunter
Bug --- Catherine Wilkes
Dragon --- Kata Pulse
Ghost --- Samara Lavender
Dark --- Lillith Spade
Steel Thei Mettalico ---

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