The Victors Games

This year all the victors from the past will be thrown back into the arena so the Capitol can decide who the real victor is.


  • Only 4 Tributes per User.
  • No cursing.
  • Don't say bad things about me if your character gets killed.    
  • Tributes have to be in ther 20s-80s     








Year they won there first games/ Sometime under the 75th Hunger Games

How the won threr first games

DO NOT ! summit a bloodbath statagey I have it all planed out.


The area is the biggest its ever been. Set as and Alaskan theme. It has an array of tall moutains,forest and lakes. Its large bolders will sometimes shift and crush tributes.                               


The Arena


Name: District Age Gender Height Wepon Date of First Games How they won
Gloss Ritcherson 1 27 Male 6'2 Throwing Knives,


Skilled with knives.



1 27 Female                        5'4 Throwing Knives 64th Skilled with knives.
Trinity Streeder 1 23 Female 5'5 Spear 49th Se won his games by leading the careers and killing the District 2 Male at the end.
Brutus Gunn 2 Male 6'5 Spears 48th
Enobaria Golding 2 30 Female 6'2 Strenghth,Sword,Teeth 62nd Career Tribute. Used brutality, hand to hand combat, and her own teeth to rip another tributes' throats out.

Abigal Fanning

Beetee Latire 3 53 Male Wire,Mind 35th Beetee won using electric traps to fry six tributes (possibly the entire career pack)
Wiress Plummer 3 Female 38th Eletric traps.
Eric Carlson 3 54 Male Blowgun 39th
Mags Cohen 4 Female Fishing Hooks 9th Used fishhooks and ate non-poisones nuts.
Finnick Odiar 4 Male 5'7 Skinning Knife 65th Career tribute. Received a lot of sponsors and was given the gift of a trident in the arena. He would use nets to catch other tributes and finish them off later with his trident.
Ron Stafford 4 55 Male 35th He killed 2 in the bloodbath and killed all the rest using  a skinning knife.
James Logan 5 Male Bow,Spear,Sword 42nd Killed several people in the bloodbath. Cought his tributes in nets and killed them with spears and swords.
Ivette Li-Sanchez 5 33 Female Knives,Axes 57th Killed several tributes with axes and knives.
Amelia Stafford 5 24
5'5 Sword, Throwing Axes 54th She won her games by being skilled with all weapons and being very combat worthy. She
Megan Hayes 6 Female 5'6 Axe 27th Camoflauge
Niki Willow 6 21 Female 5'9 Throwing Axe 72nd Won her games by shoving the District 7 Male off a cliff.
Justin Hix 6 Male 5'7 Knife 66th Comoflauge
Blight Jordan 7 Male Knife,Axe,Spear 43rd Killed sevral tributes with his wepons.
Thesil Jacobs 7 24 Male Throwing Axes
Johanna Mason 7 Female 71st Acted weak to divert attention. When a handful of players were left, she revealed herself as a savage killer.
Woof Casino 8 Male 17th Hid for the hole games.
Cecelia Sanchez. 8 Feamle 58th Throwing Knives.
Marina Green 9 33 Female 51st Killed several in the bloodbath. Then tracked and killed the other tributes with a knife.
Daniel Bernhardt 9 31 Male 53rd Brutal strength,sword,knife, and spear skills.
Laurel Jackson 9 35
Jackson Spidell 10 59th Skilled fighter with sword.
Tiffany Waxler 10 68th
Seeder Howell 11 33rd Survived without food the longest.
Chaff Mitchell 11 45th Killed several in the bloodbath. Then won in a brutal manner.
Tiara More 11


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