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  • I was born on March 25
  • My occupation is Being a Zombie :3
  • I am I am a girl, gosh, can't you see me!?!?!?!
  • Brynn1999

    The Illusion Games

    May 2, 2013 by Brynn1999

    Hey... This is another Hunger Games, sadly because my last ones failed.. (AGAIN!) People didn't sign up and stuff, but now, I'm going to do a new one, with the same stuff, but a new rule... Magic can be involved with this. But there's one catch, if your tribute thinks up something, it's added to the arena. For the rest of the Games. So good luck, enter, and May the Odds be EVER in your tribute's favor :)

    ~ Brynn1999

    Sadly, there are rules :(

    1.) Please ask before you spam, I do not mind it, but out of courtesy and respect, please ask first.

    2.) Haha :) Don't get mad at me JUST because I killed your tribute in the worst possible fashion. Or anything including your tribute. Only Constructive critisizm. 

    3.) No ratting on other players!! If I see …

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  • Brynn1999

    Ok, hey peoples!!! First off, yeah, I know I'm doing another Games, but no one's joining :( so Imma do thing while I wait for entries!!! Second, this is a tribute to Nate777. He did something similar to this a while back... and never finished :( Sooooooo, Imma do it!! Sorta. So, good luck to me!

    Yes, sadly, there are rules.

    1.) You must be paired up with either another user*, friend*, or a charachter from the Hunger Games (Can be made up charrie, or one from the series.)

    2.) If there are more than one person for EVERY SINGLE TRIB, then there will a first come, first serve baisis. 

    3.) I am allowing 12 pairs to come (hahaha) and will be accepting more later on *hinthintwinkwinkcoughcough* so keep up to date with this! 

    4.) You must be a member o…

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  • Brynn1999

    The Revenge Games

    December 28, 2012 by Brynn1999

    HEY!!!!!!! Yea, I know, I've been quite inactive....... oh well. I have a new games!!!!! The rules are the same, if you don't know the rules, go to my blog and look them up!!!! You are allowed to enter up to 4 tributes. 

    Too many people are entering random tributes. THE TRIBUTES MUST BE A VICTORS KID!!!! Either your own victor's kid or a victor from the book. The only special thing about your own victor's kid is that you MUST supply the link to the games your victor won. This is NOT a Victor's game, it is a Victor's children's game.

    The only tributes are Victor's kids. The kids can be from your own Victors (must include link that your Victor won) or a Victor from the book!!!

    President Lilac Summer walked to the podium. Her brown eyes scanned …

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  • Brynn1999

    101st Hunger Games

    August 20, 2012 by Brynn1999

    Yes, yes, this is my next games. After the 100th Hunger Games (Nicknamed the Skie Games because the tributes were transported arially) The rules are sadly still the same, and I am proud to accept that if two tributes are either from the same District or anything special, we might allow 2 victors, otherwise, good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.








    Weaknesses (At Least One Please):



    Backstory (Optional, but it might give you a slight edge):

    Private Training Sesssion:

    Interview Angle:






    Games Won (Yes, they must have won a Games On this Wiki):








    Chariot (Actual):

    Chariot (Female…

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  • Brynn1999

    1st Hunger Games

    August 2, 2012 by Brynn1999

    Okay I have been in some games and I wanna try making one myself. Btw this is not a quater quell. This game will have training sessions. FIRST TIME EVER DISTRICT 13 IN THE HUNGER GAMES

    Hello! I am Brynn1999. This USED to be Whatever_It_Takes blog but they don't want to finish it so I WILL!!!!!!!!!

    • Three tributes per user
    • Don't hate me if I kill your tribute
    • Ask me before you spam

    District Gender Name Age Weapons
    1 Male



    18 Spear/sword
    1 Female




    Bow and ar-

    rows, knives

    2 Male Navy Wonders 16 Spear
    2 Female

    Aletta Sifonios

    13 Strength
    3 Male Preston Emery 17 Wires
    3 Female Marilyn Curran 15 Axes
    4 Male Carter Cane 18 Trident/Net
    4 Female Seraphina Sage 16 Numchucks
    5 Male Caleb Nucula 15 Axe
    5 Female Alexa Grace 14 Spear
    6 Male Seth Barb…

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