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Yes, yes, this is my next games. After the 100th Hunger Games (Nicknamed the Skie Games because the tributes were transported arially) The rules are sadly still the same, and I am proud to accept that if two tributes are either from the same District or anything special, we might allow 2 victors, otherwise, good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.


Tribute Forms








Weaknesses (At Least One Please):



Backstory (Optional, but it might give you a slight edge):

Private Training Sesssion:

Interview Angle:



Mentor Forms




Games Won (Yes, they must have won a Games On this Wiki):




Stylist Form





Chariot (Actual):

Chariot (Female and Male):

Interview (M&F):

Gamemaker Form





Tributes And Mentors!!!

District Name Age Gender Weapon Of Choice Skills Weakneses Training Score (TBD by GM) Placing


(Lunaii Form)

1 Sapphire Lockhearst 16 Female Throwing Knives Charm, Speed Rude, selfish, threatens to kill people in their sleep when she doesn't get what she wants


1 Lion Scrapes 18 Male Mace Plants Daydreams too much 16th


2 Strawberrie Lavone 14 Female Bow/Arrows Rationing food, sense of direction Slow, not too strong


2 Zacharious Thorne 17 Male Sword Strong, Fast, Bred for Battle Grows too attached to things 17th


3 Edith Presko 14 Female Throwing Axes, Bow Climbing Swimming Blood, Careers, Running, Snaring, Blades


3 Buxsus Redcoat 15 Male Knives, wires, traps Intellegant, fast, stealthy User Needs to Include 20th


4 Amber Glow 14 Female Hammer, Bow/Arrows, Sword plants, speed, charm Boys who like her


4 Thomas Quince 15 Male Trident and Net/Spear Climbing, Jumping Afraid of lightning and doesn't like bugs 22nd


5 Detria Glace 14 Female Throwing Knives Intellegence, Stealth, Spying Hates when people look at her, Brute strength/hand 2 hand combat USER NEEDS TO DESCRIBE OR PROVIDE A LUNAII
5 Carter Crow 15 Male Spear/Mace/Bow-Arrows Strong, Athletic, Parkour, Stealthy, Hand-to-Hand Not too tall


6 Bergwind Ballantynn 17 Female Club Stealthy, Inellegent, Strong Too Loyal


6 Brann Clatch 16 Male Swords Smart, Strength Bad swimmer, tiny bit afraid of the dark 18th


7 Iberis Honeyman 15 Female Trident Swimming, running, climbing Trusts too much 19th


7 Lumex Albane 16 Male Tomahawks Tall, athletic, good at running, strong climbing 15th


8 Vibia Yule 18 Female Whip Confidence, Strength, Fast Reflexes Arrogant 21st


8 Drake Larson 16 Male Bow/Arrows, Throwing Knives, Swords Strong, worked in the textiles buisness all of his life and lifted stuff, Expirenced with weapons, Magical at archery, intelligent, has an iron will to win. He is Mute


9 Patricia Johnson 16 Female Bow/ Arrows Plants, Fast, Charm Climbing


9 Dave Taple 15 Male Knife Running, Lying Patricia


10 Lia Mainwaring 17 Female Bow/Arrows Sprinting, plants, climbing hand-to-hand combat, killing innocent kids 24th USER NEEDS TO DESCRIBE OR PROVIDE A LUNAII
10 Raven Mockingjay 16 Male Sythe,Throwing Knifes Swimming, Running, Hunting Left arm, Hand-to-Hand combat


11 Blue Thompson 12 Female Slingshot Hiding, stealth, plants Small, Not very Fast


11 Cress Thompson 18 Male Sickle/Sword Strong, Fast Gets tired too easily 23rd


12 Eileen Shade 16 Female Knives (Throwing & Combat) Traps Plants Climbing swimming, Socially akward, trust strength USER NEEDS TO DESCRIBE OR PROVIDE A LUNAII


Aventus Locke 14 Male Spear/Machete/Mace Fast, Athletic, Smart, Good at making friends Short for his age


District Name(Gender) Age Advice
1 Robbie Harris (M) 48
4 Arlen Odair 24 Stay wary of your opponents and do everything to keep yourself alive.
5 Elle Redmond (F) 31 Don't die. Be strong, and back down from a fight. Kill as much as possible.
7 Honey Checkford (F) 16 During training, go to all the survival stations & learn as much as possible. Practice with your choice of weapon & do your best. During the games, get the nearest item & run. Ally with someone worthy.
11 Trey Hawthorne (M) 31 Ally and stay alive
12 Twilight Night (M) 18 Fight and conqure, don't forget your loved ones (Twilight lost his fiancee Eclipse in his Games)


Job User
Head GM Brynn1999
Co-Head GM
Head Training GM
Co-Head Training GM
Head PT GM
Co-Head PT GM
Head Arena GM Everdeen3000
Co-Head Arena GM

Head Mutts GM

Co-Head Mutts GM


District Name Age Chariot Chariot Outfits Interview Outfits


D1, Sapphire Lockhearst

I brush my silky, golden hair, with a pure gold brush with sterling silver bristles. I am rich! I sigh and admire mself in the mirror. Deep, deep, deeeepppppp down in my heart, I know (for a fact) that every girl wants to be me, every boy wants me, and that every parent wishes that I was their child. Getting up gracefully I head to my walk-in closet and try to decide which dress I was to wear on this fabulous reaping day..... Deciding on a jewl encrusted jewl necklace and a shimmering real gold and silver dimond dress, I slip into my ruby encrusted dimond pumps and do my hair. Curls bounce around my face as I walk wobbily to the town square, where I recive many dirty looks from girls and guys alike. Our Escourt, I really can't even remember his name, walks to the stage with bright gold hair. His speech is droned out with the whispers around me, I can feel all of their eyes burn into me, their eyes burning with bright green fire. I was one of the few District One children born with Blue eyes. The escourt pulls out a slip, calling out a girl's name, Annette King. A boy in front of me, not bad looking, gasps. Oh, yeah, I dated him a few years ago....ummmm, Blaize King, her brother. I smile sweetly, "I voulenteer!" I say, my voice dripping with honey. The escourt helps me up to the stage and asks me my name, which I reply nicely and he comments on what a lovely name to match such a gorgeous person. Giggling, I gesture to the boy's reaping bowl. "Colt Gold!" Another boy voulenteers, Lion Scrapes. I think he dated my best friends once.....Or that was Colt. Either way, he's going down.

D2, Zacharius Thorne

I wake up as the sound of metal weights comes crashing down on my sleep. Is Griffin already at it this morning? Doesn't he know that today is... Oh, yea, the reaping. It's always been Griffin's dream to impress someone by voulenteering and getting swooned over because of his abs or rock hard muscles. I on the other hand am drop dead gorgeous according to some people. Sitting up, I throw the covers off my body and strech my back, feeling relaxed and less tense for today. My father comes in, a smile on his face. People say that I looked like him when he was younger, and less worn down. A grey tux is in his hand as he puts it on my doorknob with a wink.

D3, Edith Presko

D4, Thomas Quince

D5, Detria Glace

D6, Brann Clatch

D7, Iberis Honeyman

D8, Drake Larson

D9, Patricia Johnson

D10, Raven Mockingjay

D11, Blue Thompson

D12, Aventus Locke

Arena Preperations

Ok, ssooooooo, we need to know what our tributes are up against!!!

180px-Pod Arena

The Arena (All Credit goes to Everdeen7000)


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? --------------------------------------> ? ? THE CLOTHES:

That depends on the Arena... WHICH IS NOW FINISHED!!!!!!

Shirt: A White T-shirt with their District # on the Back and front (Like a Basketball or Football jersey)

Pants: Black skinny jeans for the girls and Black (regular) pants for the guys

Shoes: Sturdy running boots, knee high for the girls, thigh high for the boys

Jacket: A black sweatshirt with their district # on the back

Hat!!!: A Black Beanie (no D#)


Ok, so, here's the deal: I AM GOING TO DO SPONSERING!!! Every user will be able to sponser, but they only get $500 per tribute. You will only get the money if you ask. Seriously. When the Games begin, I'll have the prices and items up for sale.

(District) Tribute User/Sponser Money Left
(D1F) Sapphire Lockhearst
(D1M) Lion Scrapes
(D2F) Strawberry Lavone
(D2M) Zacharius Thorne
(D3F) Edith Presko $500
(D3M) Buxus Redcoat
(D4F) Amber Glow $500
(D4M) Thomas Quince
(D5F) Detria Glace
(D5M) Carter Crow
(D6F) Bergwind Ballantynn
(D6M) Brann Clatch
(D7F) Ibris Honeyman
(D7M) Lumex Albane
(D8F) Vibia Yule
(D8M) Drake Larson
(D9F) Patricia Johnson $500
(D9M) Dave Taple $500
(D10F) Lia Mainwaring
(D10M) Raven Mockingjay $500
(D11F) Blue Thompson $500
(D11M) Cress Thompson $500
(D12F) Eileen Shade
(D12M) Aventus Locke

Games: Day 1

Carter Crow; D5M

I can't tell you about these games anymore than these words: I am prepared. Probably the only kid from District 5 that would be willing to fight in these games and survive happily. The girl from 10 and the boy from 4 are next to me, tensing for the bloodbath. Everyone is drawn to that golden cornucopia, shimmering and glowing in the midday sun, overflowing with goods that would swell your hear and water your mouth if you were a drill sargent. Even I was ready for it and ready to fight. Going against my mentor Elle at that, too. The clock ticked off the seconds. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4 I guess I'm having second thoughts. GONG!!!!!!!!

Patricia Johnson; D9F

Racing against the green turf I am positioned to go to the woods, but my feet and mind have a different idea. Cornucopia...Yippie. A knife whizzes by my head a couple seconds after I'm off my plate. looks like Sapphire, the girl from 1, already has what she needs. The girl from 10 (Lia, I think) drops dead behind me... That was too close. Grabbing a backpack, I look around for Dave, the only person here I think I can trust. I see him pulling at a knife from the dead body of a boy. Cress, I think. Oh well, only one comes out, right? Grabbing his han d (I think I see him turn pink around the ears) I pull him towards the forest, listening the sounds of battle behind me.

Brann Clatch; D6M

Battle is raging around me...where was I anyways? I can't remember. Thomas and Vibia are fighting and both are wounded badly. Suddenly, Vibia thrusts something through his stomach. He dies and a battle cry is heard behind Vibia. Lion Scrapes pushes his sword through her neck and she's gone. No matter what. Buxus is writhing on the ground. I see the vial in his hand, and I'm assuming that he thought it was water. Poison. Ibris charges me, and I roll out of the way before she can impale me with her trident. I grab the nearest weapon and chuck it at her. She's down before the trident enters my skull.

Amber Glow; D4F

I sneak up behind Zacharius. HE REJECTED ME!!!!! Uggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I take my knife and shove it through his back. There...that should teach him to accept when a pretty girl wants to kiss you!!!!!!!!!!! I look around me, Sapphire, Strawberry, Lion and I are left. Wow, maybe I shouldn't have killed Zacharius...oh well :)

Detria Glace; D5F

I am alive!!!!!! ALIVE!!!!!!!!!! I smile as I wait in the trees. The Careers were done killing, and they were stocking up. Three girls and one boy was left, so I'm assuming that the other two boys were killed. Still, that's good for us. Us, as in the other tribute, mainly: moi. The sun starts setting and I see the boy signal the two girls to follow him. They were going tribute hunting, one of the favorite passtimes of the Career Pack. Awesome, now I get my pick from the cornucopia!

Edith Presko; D3F

I wander through the woods, happy with my pickings. A backpack and one throwing axe, more than I had hoped for. I suddenly hear people.

"Oh, come ON Lion!!!!" A girl whines. "We should have left someone to guard the supplies!!!" The four walk on the path next to me and I duck behind a tree.

"Sapph," Lion (the only male voice there was) replies sweetly. "It'll be fine!"

"You remember the stories from the 75th!!!!!!" Sapphire pouts. "That Katniss girl blew up the supplies!!!!!"

I peek out just enough to watch them advance. I see Lion, the only guy (Hmmmm, the others must have gotten killed.....) roll his eyes. "The only one who could reactivate the mines was that District 3 boy, and he was poisoned. I watched him die." dead?!?!

"True," another voice chimes in, sweet as honey. "And that girl from 3 couldn't activate them or kill us if she tried."

They laugh. Oh, I'll show them.

Lion Scrapes; D1M

We find no one on our road to kills. We had only killed eight people at the Cornucopia, which really pissed me off. I mean, come on!!!! I've heard of Games where they killed twenty people at the bloodbath!!!!!! Whatever, more days to suffer for them, unless if we can hunt them down. Sapphire walks ahead and I hear her scream.

"Sapphire!" I shout and follow her. She's standing next to the edge of the forest, pointing at something. A girl in the Cornucopia. I growl and run at the girl...The district 3 girl....That's the last thing I remember seeing before the grenade hits my chest. BOOM!!!!!!



24th: Lia Mainwaring (D10F)

23rd: Cress Thompson (D11M)

22nd: Thomas Quince (D4M)

21st: Vibia Yule (D8F)

20th: Buxus Redcoat (D3M)

29th: Ibris Honeyman (D7F)

18th: Brann Clatch (D6M)

17th: Zacharius Thorne (D2M)

16th: Lion Scrapes (D1M)

Games; Day 2

Carter Crow; D5M

I am ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a HUGE accomplishment! A few years ago, the males were picked off, except last year, with Navy....I looked up to him in school.....and he died because of that puny 12 year old. Oh well. I wander the woods with a piece of beef jerkey in my mouth, nibbling on it as I look for a place to make camp. Last night, all of the males from the Careers had died, and I thought that this was a miracle. No other strong males to compete with?!?! (Except those boys from 10 and 8...) I finger one of the knives I gained from my backpack as I ate the rest of my jerkey strip. Not that I really needed a weapon. I was trained to be the best in parkour. No one can touch *mentally gestures to body* this.

? ===Sapphire Lockhearst; D1F=== Well, Lion did die last night, leaving me in charge of Strawberry and Amber. Amber wasn't so different from me I discover that night. We had decided to play truth or dare after the moon came out, and we revealed our lives. Amber and I were so alike, that I became jealous of her. Yeah, I know. The famous Sapphire Lockhearst was jealous of a puny fishergirl. The three of us walked through the woods, hunting for tributes. Amber lagged behind a little, whispering something to young Starwberry, who was fingering an arrow from her sheath. Out of the corner of my perfect eye, I watch her frown and shake her head at Amber, who then whispered something else in her ear. Strawberry straightened up for a second, then smiled at Amber. They were plotting against me, I know it.

Eileen Shade; D12F

I walk through the woods, careful to not wake anything, or anyone around me from awareness..... god, I'm soooo nervous........How will I get back home undefinenitly?!?! Who knows who'll win this hell of a game. I continue to walk along the path as the sun rose higher and higher yet. God, I am lucky, I hadn't met another tribute since the bloodbath, so I guess I can call this a token of luck. I haven't checked my backpack yet, so I should probably do that... Scaling a tree, I find the sturdiest branch I could sit on and began to unzip my pack. A pack of fruit, some knives, an empty water bottle, some matches, and a heat reflecting jacket. Oh, that jacket will he lp, it was freezing last night! I smile and stay up in my tree, nibbling on my fruit and cutting a peach into rations.

Drake Larson; D8M

I am probably the first mute to even be in these games.... I think to myself. Treading into the woods, I take an arrow from the sheath, the second bow of the games. I can assure you, that girl from Two has the other one. A branch cracks and I look up. The good thing about not talking is that you can hear everything going on around you. I peek inbetween branches and see the boy from 7 just wacking a beech tree with a tomahawke. He really was quite loud. I raise my bow and notch an arrow and point it at him. He stiffens at the slight noise and I release an arrow. I lands in his skull and he drops to his knees. Blood gurgles in his mouth and he drops face first into the dirt. BOOM!!!!!!! He was my first kill.

15th: Lumex Albane 

Final Results 

Ok, so, Im making a new games. Here is the original!!!!

VICTOR: (D3F) Edith Presko (D11F) Blue Thompson (D1F) Sapphire Lockhearst (D9F) Patricia Johnson (D5M) Carter Crow (D12M) Aventus Locke (D12F) Eileen Shade (D6F) Bergwind Ballantynn (D4F) Amber Glow (D9M) Dave Taple (D10M) Raven Mockingjay (D8M) Drake Larson (D2F) Strawberry Lavone (D5F) Detria Glace

(GOES UP.... 14th to Victor)

Congrats Edith!!!!!!!

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