Ok, hey peoples!!! First off, yeah, I know I'm doing another Games, but no one's joining :( so Imma do thing while I wait for entries!!! Second, this is a tribute to Nate777. He did something similar to this a while back... and never finished :( Sooooooo, Imma do it!! Sorta. So, good luck to me!


Yes, sadly, there are rules.

1.) You must be paired up with either another user*, friend*, or a charachter from the Hunger Games (Can be made up charrie, or one from the series.)

2.) If there are more than one person for EVERY SINGLE TRIB, then there will a first come, first serve baisis. 

3.) I am allowing 12 pairs to come (hahaha) and will be accepting more later on *hinthintwinkwinkcoughcough* so keep up to date with this! 

4.) You must be a member on this wiki. Sorry. 

5.) Please post the following info:

Name (yours)

Name (Date's)

Pair No. (District No. I guess...)

Outfit (Yours)

Outfit (Date's)

Picture/Lunaii (Your's)

Picture/Lunaii (Date's)

Personality (Your's)

Personality (Date's)

Background (Your's)

Background (Date's)

Or you can do a post for you, then your date... to make it soooo much simpler.... whoops....

6.) I will NOT be going onto profiles. At all. No excuses. 

7.) You will not mentally kill me if you or your date dies ^_^

8.) Most importaintly......

Remember that I am an evil gamemaker, and if you diss me or say bad stuff on this post about other people, other contestants, or anything, I will find you, kill you in my games in the most horrible way imaginable, and have you blocked ^_^ (but I know none of you will ever do that!)

  • User must completely accept your request, if they do not wish to do this, you may not enter them against their will!!! Thanks, have a nice day ^_^


District/Pair Number Name Gender Personality Background Picture
1 Female
1 Male
2 Katsura Makara Female Energetic and creative. Social, a bit pesky and can be mischevious and lives life wildly.

Was born in Australia and soon moved to New Zealand, loves partying, dancing, writing and camping. Lives with two little sisters, an older brother, and has two older sisters back in Australia.



2 Male
3 Female
3 Male
4 Elizabeth "Liza" Rainy Female

Liza is very... kind yet... passive agressive. She will love you (love you Ryan XD) and yet, you can annoy her... easily.

Born and raised being friends with Ryan and several people. Ryan and her have always been friends even if he can sometimes find her to be a pet of his. She heard about this party and asked (*coughcoughforcedcoughcough*) Ryan to go with her, and he gave in. She didn't have to get a scythe so that is good XD


4 Charlie Pika Male Very weak minded, hates to make others disappointed, but will do anything anyone tells him to do. Secretly hated Liza all his life, and I mean hated. The only reason he was friends with her was cause he was forced to by his parents. He treated her like a pet, cause he hated his pets, and then forced him to go to a party with the threat that she would kill his dolphin.


5 Female
5 Male
6 Female
6 Male
7 Female
7 Male
8 Female
8 Male
9 Female
9 Male
10 Female
10 Male
11 Female
11 Male
12 Female
12 Male
Host (I might include myself a date, what the heck!) Brynn1999 Female Bubbly, fun, good crazy, sweet, deadly Raised on a farm, met all of these people above and invited them all to a partay!!!
Jessica Proper, D-12

Me! (I do look like this, haha)


Will be posted later, when everyone is accepted!!!

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