Hey... This is another Hunger Games, sadly because my last ones failed.. (AGAIN!) People didn't sign up and stuff, but now, I'm going to do a new one, with the same stuff, but a new rule... Magic can be involved with this. But there's one catch, if your tribute thinks up something, it's added to the arena. For the rest of the Games. So good luck, enter, and May the Odds be EVER in your tribute's favor :)

~ Brynn1999

General Rules

Sadly, there are rules :(

1.) Please ask before you spam, I do not mind it, but out of courtesy and respect, please ask first.

2.) Haha :) Don't get mad at me JUST because I killed your tribute in the worst possible fashion. Or anything including your tribute. Only Constructive critisizm. 

3.) No ratting on other players!! If I see this in my lovely comment box, your tribute(s) is/are the next to die :)

4.) Have fun! I want you to have fun with these games, but take them seriously.

5.) If I haven't updated in a while and you want me to update, MESSAGE ME!!!! I want to please you with my writing!!

6.) Thanks for joining!!

(If you have read all of these rules, please put "buttercup sprinkles" at the bottom of your form!!)

Tribute Form

I do not really care if you follow these, these are just the requirements!!!




Magical Power (nothing is restricted... unless it is crude! And limited to one):







Appearence (Either really detailed, real life pic, or Lunaii please!!):




District Name Gender Age Power Fear Weapon Alliance
1 Temperance Frost F 17 Need Still Need still Snake Charming (can use a sword) Careers
1 Alric Gould M 18 Mind Reading Not being  good enough  Sword Mini-Careers

Jeanette Winsley

F 13 Can reverse any attack Dark Mace, Throwing Mace Careers
2 Justis Crown M 16 Telekinisis Spiders (kudos) Spear/Kopesh Mini-Careers
3 Alexa Malfunz F 12  Can turn into a animal of her choice.  (And if she dies she returns to a cute little girl which makes whoever killed her really really sad no matter what) Something hunting her and eating her, like a bear.  Awl No one
3 Wire Elec M 13 Able to blow up small items Others thinking he is weak Hooksword/Kopesh Mini-Careers
4 Indigo Cartwritght F 14 can breathe underwater etc, can stay underwater for long periods of time, up to an hour  getting an asthmatic attack in the middle of the games, falling from a tree or cliff or rock or cave or branch trident, net Sydney (D11F), Reyna (D12F), Aurora (D10F)
4 Minnow Hydro M 15 : Can make people get small open cuts in seconds.

Of seeing his allies die. Its okay if he doesnt see the actual thing, but if he sees it he might go insane.

Hookswords and Sickles.

5 Jessica Maik F 15 Levitation Seeing her best friend, Matte Shoof, die. Bugs. Spiders. And natural disasters. Having someone hate her. (earthquakes, floods etc) Axe Mattie Shoof (D12M)
5 Generation Tody M 17 Half wolf (May be limited) panic attacks/losing his family Kopeshes Mini-Careers
6 Kaytie Trace F 17 Can heat up very fast, may turn to lava her brother dying Knife Xander (D6M)
6 Xander Trace M 17 Lava control his sister dying Spear Kaytie (D6F)
7 Alexa Kennedy F 15 Mind-Reading hurting others (allies) Dagger/knives Lace (D8F)

 Felix Balinks

M 16 Invisibility


Throwing knives Mini-careers.
8 Lace Crossford F 15 Hurting people with her mind Batophobia Knives/Shuriken Alexa (D7F)
8 Felix Crane M 18 Shapeshifting Demons Club/Crossbow Mini-Careers
9 Kayla Wess F 15 can make her skin into differant materials: gold, steal, diamond: wood, copper, and rubber Thunder Bow/slingshot/axe Rodrick (D9M)
9 Rodrick Michel M 14 Shrinking/Growing Being crushed/ claustrophibic Long sword or Dagger Kayla (D9F)
10 Aurora Mendoza F 15 Teleportation Death and Lizards Bow

Sydney (D11F), Reyna (D12F), Indigo (D4F)

10 Eagle Jensten M 14 Flying Swimming, crashing Bow+Arrow, Blowgun Careers
11 Sydney Jane F 13 X-Ray Vision Darkness Shards of glass, or knives Reyna (D12F), Aurora (D10F), Indigo (D4F)
11 Dread Anthantho M 17 Demon Powers (will be limited) Being judged to harshly Scythe/Kopesh Mini-Careers
12 Reyna Alvarez F 13 Will not require food or drink for small periods of time (ex. 36 hrs.) Watching her allies die Axe/Dagger

Sydney (D11F), Indigo (D4F) Aurora (D10F)

12 Mattie Shoof M 16 Hypnosis Earthquakes, lava, watching Jessica die Knives Jessica Maik (D5F)



Alric (D1M); Justis (D2M); Wire (D3M); Minnow (D4M); Generation (D5M); Felix (D7M); Felix (D8M); Dread (D11M)

Careers (Surprisingly the Smallest...)

Temperence (D1F); Jeanette (D2F); Eagle (D10M)

Alliance 1

Mattie (D12M); Jessica (D5F)

Alliance 2

Indigo (D4F); Aurora (D10F); Sydney (D11F); Reyna (D12F)

Alliance 3

Kayla (D9F); Michael (D9M)

Alliance 4

Alexa (D7F); Lace (D8F)

Alliance 5

Xander (D6M); Kaytie (D6F)


Alexa (D3F)

Arena + Clothes!

<a target="_blank" href="">Illusion Games</a> by <a target="_blank" href="">jessi-proper</a> featuring <a target="_blank" href="">lace-up boots</a>

Day 1

Felix Banks; D7M

I sit and wait with my designer Faith as she puts a brown leather jacket across my shoulders. I was wearing a white beater and black pants with some lace-up brown boots. The beanie that was mine sat on the counter next to me. Suddenly, a Capitol worker walked into the room and came to me, pulling out my arm. 

"What is that?" I nodded at the two instruments in her hands.

She smiles mischeviously at me. "Tracker. And... something special."

She injects both into my left arm and I feel a slight tension from the tracker, and an even worse pain from the other substance. The other substance, I can't explain it, it felt so liquidy in my veins, almost like it was enfusing in my body. Becoming ma part of me. 

The Capitol worker left and Faith smiled softly at me. "Boy, I know you can do it." As she gave me one final hug, I stroked the ivy tattoos on her shoulder and gave her a farewell wave before the countdown began. I walked into my tube and prepared for the horrors I was sure that would come.

Reyna Alvarez; D12F

The bright light of the arena stunned me fore a second as my canister opened to reveal my new home. As my eyes adjusted, I couldn't help but worry about how I would make it through the week. Or even the day. Others, like Aulric Gould from 1 or Justis from 2 could easily kill me within seconds. Tactics rush through my mind as I form a plan to get me out of this arena alive. A backpack lay in front of me, looking full. 


I could do this.

Or maybe not.

Justis Crown; D2M


The seconds seemed to slow down for me as I waited for the gong to ring out. Aulric was directly on the other side of the cornucopuia from me. I remember him telling me on that last day of training to go in and get a sword and leave. I was supposed to protect him, but how could I do that... The chips.... I think I figured out what they were. Caesar had asked us all what we would have as a superpower......

3.... 2.........

Brynn Woodlock; Head Gamemaker

Hahahaha, I feel so evil. I am the first gamemaker to even do this :) superpowers! I can't even believe that Sarah Rose (Our president) would let me do this! Then again, she always loved a good, humorus show.

The gong sounds and I watch the tributes run across the arena, a Roman colleseum. The boy from 9, Michael I think, runs up, and immediately shrinks down size to the size of a mouse, where Alric immediately read his mind and as soon as Michael becomes normal sized, Alric stabs him in the stomach. You could tell that he didn't want to do it, by the look on his face, but he did it anyways. The Trace twins from 6 run together to the cornucopia, but Wire Elec from 3 blows the knifes up next to them, killing them both instantly. Eagle Jensten shots up into the air, but Justis spots him and forces a spear into his stomach, making him drop to the ground on the cornucopia with a sickening crack.Wire blows up another crate, sending shrapenel into his own ally, Generation Tody from 5's chest. Wire runs over to Generation and starts crying, but Alexis from his district puts a knife in Wire's back. As Wire dies, Generation pulls a dart out of his pocket and throws it at Alexis' head.

The bloodbath dies down and I nod at all the rest of my fellow gamemakers for them to continue their new jobs. This will be a very interesting game.....

Jessica Maik; D5F

"Mattie!" I scream his name as I run into the forresty part of our new arena. The axe in my hand grew wet as the rising climate made me sweat. "MATTIE!" My vision was starting to run wild as I spun around. Could it bee that he's dead?! Gone and already dead? No, I refuse to believe it. Mattie, my best friend, couldnt already be gone. He and I, we were supposed to make it, to the end.... 

I sit on a log, one that couldnt be more than a few hundred yards away from the Colleseum. Dang, Head Gamemaker Woodlock was getting better and more ideas... The genius couldnt have been worse. I mean, superpowers?! Last year, in the Sky Games, she transported tributes every 4 deaths. Doesnt mean she wont do that this year... I need to be on my guard at all times.

The call of birds fills my ears as I sit and wait; if Mattie was still alive, then he should be able to find me. I hope. The green of the forrest doesn't exactly home to me, but maybe if I could get some wires... maybe i could create some sort of electrical device to keep some sort of heat rock, or something.... I can imagine that it would get pretty cold here in the night.... Sighing, I levitate myself, and raise myself up to the lowest branch to the oak above me, and continusly raise myself after I reach a steady footplace. The top of the trees was streaching off forever, but I could see the whole arena. In the middle, of course, the Colleseum. Then to the East, a large mountain, the North a beach had rolling waves, crashing on the shore. Then to the West, what almost looks like a desert. 

From this height, I could also get a good sight of the Cornucopia. From what it looks like, the fighting was done. Only two moving figures still hung around the mouth. I couldn't tell how many dead, so I'll have to wait for the cannons to ring out....

Alric Gould; D1M

Justis paces around the beach as he thinks. Personally, I could read his mind, but thats just privacy invasion to me. Minnow fingers his hooksword, something he gained in his bloodbath battle, and the Felix's talk about something. I find it funny that the two look virtually the same with their dark hair and light eyes, have the same name, and yet they're from different districts. 

Dread walks up beind me, and plops a backpack in front of me. I glance up at him, and I notice that he has several other backpacks. He didn't strike me as an 11 citizen, with his light hair and eyes. He seemed more or less to fit right in with my District. If only he voulenteered, then he would fit in perfectly. Arrogant and rough, but a natural born fighter. 

"I found these at the Cornucopia." He said gruffly. "The girl from your district and the girl from 2 left the Cornucopia a few minutes ago. Left everything unguarded and open. I packed them all up for everyone. Food, water, medicine. The whole package. Bu-"

Boom! A cannon goes off, and I wait until all the cannons have rung out through the arena. I only count 7.



Heya! Ok, so I am EXTREMELY sorry. I've had writers block :( then Catching Fire is coming out :D I've got double feature tickets for IMAX. maybe I'll get a few ideas while I'm out... ONCE AGAIN I AM SOOOO SORRY!

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