Yes, Yes, the title is true, in real life also! This is gamemaker Brynn the 1999th, welcoming you to my 1st annual Movie Games! I will do my best, but if all prevails, this games will come to life! I will personally direct it unless if a description fits me, then I will be starring in my own games!


In order to be cast in these games, you must submit your resigme. (I will also accept Profile resigmes/Resigmes on your profile) Here is what must be on it:

(example form)

Name: Brynn Shade

Username: Brynn1999

District: 2

Age: 13

Skills: Hand-to-hand combat, spears, plants, climbing

Weaknesses: Trusting too easily

Strategy: Ally with Careers

History: District 2 Career, voulenteered for younger friend/wanted 2 voulenteer

Personality: Ruthless, trustwrthy, quiet

Appearence: Wavy caramel colored hair, tan skin, blue/grey/green eyes,

Token: A bracelet from her boyfried


  • Katelynn (D1)
  • Ruby (D3)
  • Krystal (D4)
  • Eli (D4)
  • Lauren (11)
  • Jacob (D11)

District One

Male: Arran Harthorn (16) Submitted by: Mysims

Female: Katelynn Huxley (14) Submitted By:SkyTimeGirl

District Two

Male: West Evander (14)

Female: Laura Malony (15) Submitted by:mbakdewi

District Three

Male: Sparky Wire (17)

Female: Ruby McCormac (14) Submitted by: TheOneandOnlyDistrict3

District Four

Male: Eli D'Angelo (15) Submitted by:CallamD97

Female: Krystal Clearwater (14)Submitted By:Hungersisters1108

District Five

Male: Fish Jones (12)

Female: Nucla Jones (15)

District Six

Male: Thread John (13)

Female: Rainy Tervan (17) Submitted By:Rainfacestar

District Seven (Submitted by: StarFighter10)

Male: Vince Avietr (16)

Female: Falta Kivery (17)

District Eight (Both are submitted by Kwanito44)

Male: Colt {Bryar} Ryans (17)

Female: Katie Ryans (15)

District Nine

Male: Willow Clove (18)

Female: Kopesh Taylors (17)

District Ten ( AshtonMoioLover)

Male: Jason Johnson (17)

Female: Karmin Johnson (16)

District Eleven

Male: Jacob Thresh (16) Submitted By:Hungersisters1108

Female: Lauren Hill (12) Submitted by: Rue_district11

District Twelve

Male: Grayson Smith (15)

Female: Blythe Smith (15)




Dried Meat

Dried Fruit



Burn Cream


High-tek Medication


Cough Syrup


Throwing Knives (set of 12)


Spears (2)



Bow and Arrow


Careers: Arran, Katlynn, West, Laura, Krystal, Eli, Blythe

Day 1 (Yeah, I'm Skipping A LOT!)

Arran Harthorn

My heart is pounding due to the excitement. What will the arena be like? Who cares. I did get that 9 in training. I just want to get into the arena! My tube closes and I curse loudly as my hair is messed up (again). I rise up into the arena and am immediately blinded. Wow..... The arena's a......................

A pretty pink castle? So cheesy. Anyways, while I'm disgusted, the crop of tributes don't look that bad. We have a lot of siblings in this year. The Pair from 10, 12, 8, and 5.... Huh. Well, their dreams of surviving just got crushed. Katlynn, West, Laura, Eli, Blythe (from 12, yes, the little backstabbing sister), Krystal and I are all of the Careers. I don't know how all of the allies and stuff is going to work, but still. The lush green fields are calling my name and suddenly, they're gone. They're replaced by a dark forest, obvious that it's night. A cover-up, clever.

All of the other tributes are looking scared. Blythe, who happens to be standing near me, is grinning frightfully. Maybe I underestimated her.

The gong rings out and despite my leg wound, I'm at the Cornucopia within seconds. I am facing a tribute, and I can't see their face. Maybe, this is the end.

Grayson Smith

That son of a..... he stole my sister! I hack at his face with my sword that I had just gotten. Arran dodges my blows with a nearby package and grabs a spear. He thrusts at me and I dodge, but am immediately intercepted by my sister, Blythe. She snarls at me, then widens her electric blue eyes.

"Grayson? What the? Arran! No!" That was the last of Blythe that I heard of before a pain enters my skull and I black out.

Rainy Tervan

I don't know what happened to Thread. We had become allies in the training hall, and i feel kinda bad for him. He's only thirteen and I can only feel like something bad is going to happen to him... I look for him, but immediately stumble over a dead body next to a pack. Who? Arran? Yes, the confident Career who even won me over with his interview. How? A few yards away was another body, with a spear smack dab through the middle of his skull. I could just barely make out the form of Grayson. I shrieked and stumbled over the body, running towards the woods. Taking a small split second I turn back around and retrieve the small pack next to Arran's body. Oh, god, god, god.. why did we deserve this? I think, running into the woods.

Kopesh Taylors

Wow, what a turnout! I am thouroughly impressed at the Gamemakers! I grab a machete and hack at some girl's throat. Lauren, from 11, I think, awww, poor, girl, oh well, gotta survive. I run into the woods and wait for the bloodbath to get over.

Bloodbath aftermath

Grayson-Speared in head by Arran

Arran-Stabbed in chest by Blythe

Lauren-Slit throat by Kopesh

Colt- Broken neck by Eli

Thread-Stabbed in Stomach by West

Jason-Decapatated by Katlynn

Careers are fine, resting at the Cornucopia

Tributes are scattered about, trying to either find allies or make allies

Alliance Chart is up, You may request alliances

Sponsers Open Today

Day 2

West Evander

Well, Arran, my idol is gone. It's all because of that Blythe girl from Twelve, truthfully, I never trusted her. Katlynn, Laura, Krystal, Eli, Blythe and I sit around the cornucopia. Suddenly, Eli gets up. "Katlynn, Krystal and I are going to go hunt. West, can you, Laura and Blythe stand guard?" I nod at him and arm Laura and Blythe with swords and spears, just in case if we come across another tribute. "Be careful," I say. It was still night and extremely dark, I could just barely make out Eli's face though the roaring fire that Krystal and I had built. Eli, Krystal and Katlynn leave, armed with knives, night-vision goggles, bows, and Katlynn had a pistol, really rare for the Games, but it only has a few rounds of bullets. A few hours later, a tribute tramples through the underbrush. Kopesh from 10 has a knife and I realize it too late. She had thrown it. Fast as ligtning, I run to Blythe, who Kopesh was targetting. It hits Blythe in the neck, killing her instantly. BOOM! I feel sympathy, but only for a split second, as Kopesh whips another knife out, fast as lightning, and throws it at Laura. Suddenly, I hear a gunshot ring out, and Kopesh spits out a mouth full of blood, before dropping to the ground with a huge BOOM! Katlynn blew the smoke off of her gun. And I look at the dying form of Laura Malony.

Ruby McCormac

Amazingly, I'm still alive. I never would have thought that I would make it this far. BOOM! Wow, that's been three cannons within five minutes. No doubt that the Careers found an alliance and had killed them. I walk through the dark forest of dispair and run into a boy, the 12-year-old from five, and accidentaly push him into a stream full of sharp rocks. BOOM! My GOD!!!! Did I just Kill him??!?!?!?!?! I kneel down and check for a pulse.... I did. Oh, well, nothing I can do anymore.....

Day 2 Aftermath

Blythe- Knifed by Kopesh

Kopesh- Shot in the head by Katlynn

Laura- Knifed by Kopesh

Fish- Accidentally pushed and broke her skull by Ruby

The Careers are fine, mourning the losses of Laura and Blythe

Tributes are still finding allies, some may need supplies

Sponsers are up, so are alliance Charts :)

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