HEY!!!!!!! Yea, I know, I've been quite inactive....... oh well. I have a new games!!!!! The rules are the same, if you don't know the rules, go to my blog and look them up!!!! You are allowed to enter up to 4 tributes. 


Too many people are entering random tributes. THE TRIBUTES MUST BE A VICTORS KID!!!! Either your own victor's kid or a victor from the book. The only special thing about your own victor's kid is that you MUST supply the link to the games your victor won. This is NOT a Victor's game, it is a Victor's children's game.


The only tributes are Victor's kids. The kids can be from your own Victors (must include link that your Victor won) or a Victor from the book!!!


President Lilac Summer walked to the podium. Her brown eyes scanned the crowd before speaking. 

"Hello, Panam!!!" The crowed roared in response. "This year, there will be a twist!!" The crowd gasped. There had never been a twist without the quarter Quell. It was only the 102nd Hunger Games. She took a breath.

"For the revenge of the Hunger Games Victors, and revenge of the 75th Hunger Games rebellion, the only tributes entered shall be the Victor's children. That shall be all."


Note: Victor Parents highlighted in Bold means that that is a Victor from this website's kid. 

  • Jaguar Somber (D2M)
  • Zinnea Somber(D2F)
  • Marcio Redge (D3M)
  • Wi-Fi Cable (D3F)
  • Finn Odair (D4M)
  • Aquafina Odair (D4F)
  • Ryan (D5M)
  • Mystique Darkbloom (D5F)
  • Chandler/Chrissie (D7M)
  • Ranger Saige (D7F)
  • Lutado Fabrik (D8M)
  • Lona Fabrik(D8F)
  • Suzuki Hickey(D11M)
  • Yuki Hickey(D11F)
  • Wodan Mellark(D12M)
  • Katie Mellark (D12F)

 D1M: Reserved




Name: Jaguar Somber 

Gender: Male

District: 2

Age: 18

Victor Parent- Brutus

Personality: Rude, Brutal, Ruthless.

Strengths: Killing, Climbing, Sprinting.

Weaknesses: Tries hard to keep his little sister safe, even though she's 16 years old.

Weapons: Machete, Knives.


Name: Zinnea Somber

Gender: Female

District: 2

Age: 16

Victor Parent- Brutus

Personality: Impolite, Brave, Bitchy.

Strengths: Killing, Climbing, Sprinting.

Weaknesses: Doesn't know a lot about the wilderness due to the fact that she mostly practices with physical skills.

Weapons: Throwing axes, Knives.


Name: Marcio Redge (Son of Beetee)

Districts: 3

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Personality: Marcio used to be loud and very calculating, always trying to be popular and bully. After an accident that almost killed his father, he became extremely secretive and shy. DUring the Games, he will try to be cocky and arrogant, and make the other tributes fear him.

Height: 6'0

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Bow & Arrow, Spear

Strengths: Speed & Agility, Physical Strenght, Stealthy

Weaknesses: Swimming, Close Combat

Fears: Wiccaphobia

Interview Angle: He will act extremely cocky and try to hide his sweet personality. He will be very sly and elusive, trying to reply the questions with just one sentence.

Bloodbath Strategy: He will meet with his closest ally, then he will try to grab the things next to his platform. Then, run away off the bloodbath.

Token: A diamond bracelet.

Alliance: District partner or anyone


Wireline "Wi-fi" Cable

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Weapon: Axe

Personality: Nice, Smart

Token: A broken wire

Backstory: She is the daughter of Wirress


Name: Finn Odair


Victor Parent- Finnick and Annie Odair

Skills: Being Popular, Strong, Making Friends, Swimming, FishingPersonality: Jockish, kind've arrogant, charismatic

Weaknesses (At Least One Please): His sister brings him down sometimes.

Weapon: Double pointed trident (Has 6 points)


Backstory (Optional, but it might give you a slight edge): Finn was always the popular jock back in district 4. He hadn't noticed that his sister had been left out. He actually for once felt bad for her. When she was reaped, he knew that he needed to make it up to her, so he volunteered.

Private Training Sesssion:He walks in and walks over to the pond. He stays in for 3 minutes and then comes up and grabs a trident. He stands at the wall, and all the way on the other side of the room, he throws a trident. It lands directly on the target. He bows, and leaves.

Interview Angle: Be a jock.

Strategy:Stay with his sister and protect her.



Name: Aquafina Odair (Annie and Finnick's daughter)


Victor Parent- Finnick and Annie Odair

Skills: Strong, Great Swimmer

Personality:Sweet, Scared like her mom, Loves Swimming, Sassy

Weaknesses (At Least One Please):Her father

Weapon: Trident


Backstory (Optional, but it might give you a slight edge): (This didn't actually happen) Aquafinea was born with her twin brother Finn, named after Finnick. She never met her father as neither did her brother. Nobody really liked her because she was different, unlike her brother, Mr.Popular. He was nice to her and didn't know she felt left out. Finn volunteered (If I can use him in this games) so he could be with her throughout the games.

Private Training Session: She walks in and says her name with a sweet bow. She then runs really fast to the wall and backflips off the wall. Once she lands perfectly, she'll grab a trident and kill a fish in the pond. She'll take the fish off her trident and throw it into the pond from far away and it lands in the pond. She says her name once more and bows. She waits until they dismiss her, and they do.

Interview Angle: Her sassy little self.

Strategy: Stick with her brother and don't kill him.



Name- Ryan

Age- 15

Victor Parent- Jordan

District 5

Weapon- Axe, Knife, Spear

Personality- Funny and nice and will try to make the capital like him to get sponsors.

Weakness- Fire

Skills- Running, Climbing, Smart

Appearance- Spiky blonde hair and grey eyes, 5'7


Mystique Darkbloom

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Weapon: Axe

Personality: Nice

Token: Necklace with a puzzle

Backstory: She is the daughter of D5 Female in the 75th Hunger Games


D6F- Reserved for Ranger1434


Name: Chandler Fishler ( Since he is Kinda a Cross-dresser His girl name he like too be called is Chrissy)

District: 7(He is my district Four male and he is the Blights son But I changed him too District Seven male)

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 5"9

Personailty: He is a Really nice guy. But there is Somthing Weird about him so Every time on his free time he would go out and dress like a Girl and Try too Flirt with some guys so he is Gay but nobody knows his Secret so he is Very lucky but he is not a cross dresser he just likes to Live a double life but he has about five Different girl friends from Diffrent parts of the district so he is really Fake so he also likes playing with people's minds but overall he is a sweet guy with a big heart but he hates too show it.

Appearance: He is very good looking for a Boy and girl, he has Curly bleached blonde hair which is very short but his hair is curly like the boy from district four from the 74th hunger games,he also has beautifel Icy blue eyes that look like the ocean it's also his best feature since all the boys and girls fall for him because for his eyes fifty percent of the time and he also has thin eyebrows also he is very skinny but when he is dressed as Chrissy he wears a Long curly brown wig that he puts in high pigtails to make it like an Anime look since he thinks that boys think that anime girls are sexy so he wants his hair in anime style pigtails also when he is disguise as Chrissy he wears a lot of makeup like about Twenty pounds each day and Finally Chandler has Slighty Sun kissed skin and he stuffs his Bra with cotton balls and paints it tan because he wants it too look real he only wears a bra since he wants too hold up the cotton balls and he is alittle Muscular.

Weapons: Well he is good with most close combat weapons like a sword trident or an Axe but unlike most people from district Twelve who are good with tridents, he is better using an axe because he has a good arm his arm is so good that he can chop down a tree with one shot since he was training using an axe since he was potty trained but he is not the best with Long combat weapons like thorwing knifes thomahawks and spears because thought he has a good arm it's just that everytime he Uses a thorwing weapon he always misses.

Backstory: Chandler was Not just a Normal Popular Career, who lives in district four he is really rich since his dad owns one of the best career academy's in District four but it all started when he was about six years old, He was watching a old show called Hannah Montana when he was six years old and he was watching it with his Eight year old sister named Mandy after when they watched Hannah Montana he asked his dad if he could live a double life,but his bad is so strict he picked up chandler and Threw him on a wall and beated him up until he learned his lesson since his dad wanted his son to be Manly and the strongest male in District four, but when he was about ten he looked in his sister magazine and he looked at all the good looking guys in the magazine and after an hour he started to became a little gay but he was not that gay and when he came too his dad he asked "Hey dad is it ok if I can paint my nails since i seen a girl on a magazine do it can i do it" But his dad said no and he started too put chandler on steroids because he was sick of him being girly and not like the child he wants Chandler to be ,after that in school and the career academy Chandler started too have a lot of friends and a lot of girls have crushes on chandler but before he took steroids he still had a lot of friends.A few years later he was sick of girls Because he thought they were too clingy and creepy so he decided too run away to his best friends house and that's how Chrissy was made After a week at his best friends house he decided too get a wig and loads of makeup and lots of girl Clothes but his friend never knew his Secert after He goes too his career academy and school he would dress up as her He would put on his Fake boobs that he made then he would put on his makeup and his wig and then after he would go too meet other Guys and try too flirt with them but He Became fake since he had about five girl friends at Diffrent parts of district four and he had one boyfriend.When he was about seventeen when he was naked as himself trying too dress up as one of his disguises Since he has a lot of them but Chrissy was his main one, His boyfriend walked in on him and Chandler life was getting ruined all his friends started too insult him and he was getting beat up alot until one day he sneaked in his ex boyfriends house and stabbed him with a kitchen knife to give him brain damage after when the peacekeepers found out he was forced into the next games.

Strengths: Chandler has a really good arm he can Chop off a tree in a flash so he can maybe behead a person in a flash also Chandler is a master of disguises he has a lot of disguises but his main one is Chrissy his Disguises are good to trick people and Chandler is really good acter.

Weaknesses: Chandler is a major Diva he will fight anyone and if he breaks a nail he would rage like crazy until he cans what he wants also Chandler is Bad at far combat weapons like I said and he is bad with Rope.

Fears: Chandler is scared of people finding out his Secret Because people found out his Secret and it did not end well and he is also scared of bunnies or the smallest animals.

Interview Angle: He will Dress as Chrissy and Talk about his life and he will try and act like a Joker so he can entertain everyone and get Sponsors and he will talk about hoe his District partner is a imposter and try too convince that she is boy so he wouldn't show his secert and make a foul out of people.

Bloodbath strategy: He will run into the cornucopia as fast as he can he will get an axe and the stuff he needs he will Kill anyone in his path except for career tributes unless if they try too if anyone tries too hurt him he will use his axe to chop them up into Pieces.

Game strategy: He will try and stick with his team members and make maybe if he sees any other teams and if he is close to person who is not on his team he will push them too the dinosaurs and use them as bait and he will try and not too make himself into a huge threat.

Token: His makeup and His Chrissy wig.


Name: Ranger Sage

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Weapon: Dagger, Axe

Strengths: Hand-to-hand combat, Agility, climbing, running

Weaknesses: Blood,  Swimming, too loyal

Personality: Kind, spunky, funny

Victor Parent- Johanna

Token: A Bracelet

Will ally with D12, 6, and 3


Name: Lutado Fabrik (son of Cecelia)

Districts: 8

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Personality: Lutado is extremely cold and calculating, a career personality. Even though, he hates all the career tributes and people from those districts. He is ignored by the people from his district and he ignores them.

Height: 6'3

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Dagger, Bow and Arrow

Strengths: Physical Strenght, Speed & Agility

Weaknesses: Rock Climbing, Too confident

Fears: Spiders and webs.

Interview Angle: He will try to act confident and deadly, so he will answer all the questions with few words and emotionless.

Bloodbath Strategy: He is kinda fast and very strong, so he will dominate his area and put his hands on a dagger or a bow and arrow. Then, he will kill all the tributes (mainly careers) who pass in his front. He will run away to a safe area after the bloodbath.

Token: A piece of rope on his pocket.

Alliance: The group which are the anti-careers.  


Name: Lona Fabrik

Age: 16

Victor Parent- Cecelia 

Personality: Outgoing, adventurous, and comical

Skills: Axes and knives;  climbing, hiding, sprinting and hunting and gathering

Weakness: Heart-broken from her mother's death; refuse to kill anyone, unless they're a threat, or a career.

(User may choose to add more information)





D11M -

Name: Suzuki Ryo  Hickey

Districts: 11

Gender: Male

Victor Parent- Seeder

Personality: He is nice but he is mean too people who harm Yuki but mostly he is mean.

Backstory: Suzuki killed a Peacekeeper by Poisoning him because he killed his Mom because she sneezed at a Reaping So Suzuki used too be nice now he is mean and only nice too his sister Yuki Because ever since Suzuki's Mom died ,Suzuki tries too take care of Yuki and Train as much as he can so he can Take care of Yuki and win the games for her because There dad is too busy at his job because he owns a restaurant called the Bloody Koi and there dad could care less and at the career academy he is quiet a Bully tried too mock him but the bully ran home crying so people like Suzuki but there scared of Suzuki because he can break an piece of wood with his too fingers but he has a girlfriend at home her name is Scarlet and he cares for his sister and his girl friend the most.

Height: 5"11

Weapon: Machete and Poisons

Strengths: Cooking, Kung Fu and He is very strong

Weaknesses: Climbing and Hiding

Fears: Seeing Yuki getting a painful death.

Interview Angle: He will talk about his home life and talk about Yuki and he will be funny.

Bloodbath Strategy:  He will try too take over the Area with the Careers but he will Protect Yuki.

Token: a koi fish ring made by Yuki,

Alliance: Basically The Careers. 


Name: Yuki Hickey

Districts: 11

Gender: Girl

Age: 13

Victor Parent- Seeder

Personality: She used too be really mean too girls her age but now she is Quiet and but deadly for a girl her age.

Backstory: She used be a Bully she would try too taunt and beat up girls younger and the same age as her because she was pround of herself but one day she was beating up this girl at the parkl Yuki was winning the fight but the girl called her brother so her brother and his gang beated up yuki They punched her they did bad stuff too her and one boy got a razor and slashed her leg when it was over Yuki told her brother what happen and when Yuki was at the Career acadmey they Were thorwing Spears at her but luckly they missed and starting calling her a coword for telling her brother so she got really mad and stabbed the boy in Lady parts and they were scared of her but one day her mom got killed for sneezing at her first reaping so at the age of Thirteen she poisoned a peacekeeper with her brother and Yuki got the blame and she was forced too be in this years games.

Height: 5"3

Weapon: Thorwing Knifes and poison.

Strengths: Strong for a girl her age and she is good at Running.

Weaknesses: She is too quiet and she is a horrible swimmer

Fears: She is scared of shrap objects.

Interview Angle: She will act funny and she will add cute too trick the captail that she id harmless.

Bloodbath Strategy: She will get a backpack and thorwing knifes and kill anyone whats in her path except for the Careers.

Token: A neckless from Suzuki

Alliance: careers

Apperance: She has a Angelic face also she has black hair and she has nice brown eyes


Name: Wodan Mellark

Districts: 12

Gender: Male

Personality: serious, mature, but kind, if you hurt something he loves he will kill you

Backstory: he was born in the victors village as son of peeta and katniss Mellark. his mom and dad learned him every thing he needed. when the new president said she was gonna start the hunger games again, he took his chance and volunteerd.

Height: 5"10

Weapon: bow and arrow

Strengths: baking, camoflage

weaknesses: his sister, and swimming

Fears: working in the mines.

Interview Angle: just be yourself, like his mom always said

Bloodbath Strategy:  run away

Token: his mothers mockingjay pin

Alliance: he wants one


Name: Katie Mellark

Districts: 12

Gender: Female

Personality: Sweet. Loveable. Cute.

Backstory: She was born in the victors village as Daughter of peeta and katniss Mellark. She was the favourite of Katniss and therefor she has more hunting skills than Camoufage skills. She has almost perfect aim. and she has a relationship with one of the sons of Gale. Which Katniss strongly disapproves.

Height: 5'8

Weapon: bow and arrow

Strengths: Hunting, Fighting

weaknesses: Her brother, Her Boyfriend, and Cooking.

Fears: Being left alone, and that her loved ones get killed

Interview Angle: Make jokes but still be yourself. As her dad always told her

Bloodbath Strategy: Run to the Cornucopia and take one thing, Don't be greedy, after that run away.

Token: Nothing

Alliance: Has one with her brother.



D2- Zinnea Somber

I walk alongside of my brother on the reaping day. Well, wern't we special! We are two of five Victor's kids!!!! Yippie!!!! Ebinora's kids (Kiler, Adiana, and Yohan) were all different ages, on 19, another 15, and the last 10, so only one could be reaped. Adiana. That means, wait..... I AM RID OF JAGUAR FOREVER!!!!! Possibly. There's still a possibilty he could make it out alive..... I sigh and push myself past the crowd of people. 

"MOVE IT!" I shriek at them and the jump a bit and move quickly out of the way. A few girls glare at me behind their false lashes and lipstick, angry that they couldn't voulenteer this year. Jaugar followed closely and sighed. Smiling confidently, I strut towards the area that we'd be reaped in and sat down in the middle of the three seats provided for us. Mishandle Bombe walked up onto the platform, his deep crimson hair and wild golden eyes glittering with excitement.

"Hello District 2!!!!" He says in the high-pitched voice I wanted to shove a knive down. "This year's tributes are...." I glare at him feroceously. 

"Just get the reapings over with. NOW!!!!" I scream at him. He jumps again and shakes. Wimp. 

"Zinnea Somber."

Hey, would you look at that. This might be good after all. I can insure my weakling brother's death.

D3-  Marcio Redge

The light slanted into my bedroom window up above my head, making the bright light-and my alram clock added of course- wake me up. I wearily squint and glance around, confused as to why my alarm went off so early, then I remembered.... today was the reaping day. I toss the covers off of my body and streach. A pair of footsteps sounds along the hallways and I freeze for a moment. Wireline, of Wi-Fi as I have affectionatly nick-named her, walks down the hall rubbing her sleepy eyes. 

I guess I should explain: when Beetee and Wiress went into the 75th annual hunger Games, I was around 5 and Wi-Fi was barely a month old. When Wiress died, Beetee, my father, became so guilty and decided to raise Wi-Fi as his own, making her sort of like an adopted sister to me. "Mornin Marcio," Wi-fi says with a sleepy smile. "Whaz fur breakfast?" (Side note: She's not stupid, just really tired ^_^) 

I smile back at her. "I don't know. Let's ask dad."

Walking downstairs, we find breakfast already made, and a note. It wasn't very uncommon for us to find one, since my dad was so busy. Wi-fi and I scarfed down the pancakes he had put on a platter and began to get ready for the reaping. I walk out in a grey tux that has multiple silver straks that catch the light like sparks. It was my favorite one. Wi-fi is already at the door, dressed in a similar gown. I walk her to the square and shoot dirty and mean looks at the other students. Wireline and I get checked in and we get ready for the reaping. Grayson Tech stands up and pretty much all I can notice are his piercing yellow eyes. Did I mention he has grey skin? 

"Welcome, to the 102nd annual Hunger Games. Or as we in the Capitol have called it: The Revenge Games. *insert laugh* Our female tribute is..... Wireline Cable!" I feel all of the breath being sucked out of me. Wi-fi?! No! 

"And our young gentleman is...."

"I VOULENTEER!!" I run up to the stand. "Marcio Redge."

Wi-fi and I shake hands, I can see she's about to crack, and then we get ready to prepare for the Games, where my own dad will try to prevent me from dying. 

D4- Aquafina Odair

Finn jokes around with his friends as I watch the tide move in towards the sand. I was still petrified about the announcement, that two victor's kids will be entered in the games. There were three other kids, from the past years that have been born from the victors, two boys and one other girl. Airlia, Matthew and Jason. They were the sons and daughter of another victor who'd had won thirteen years ago, back when the games where deployed again. Sighing, I stand back up to go back to our house. Aunt Shamrock and Uncle Arlen (from my dad's side of the fam) would be waiting for me.

"Later guys!" Finn calls to his friends. He jogs up to meet with me, the unknown Odair. Finn was probably the most known guy in District 4, but when someone mentions me, they get a blank stare and say "Who?" 

Finn and I looked eactly alike, being twins and all, but our personalities were much different. My brother shoved his hands into this shorts pockets, makeing the akwardness of siblings grow larger. We walk into our beach house in the Victor's village, only to be greeted by our mother, Annie. Her dark hair was pinned up and she froze at the sight of Finn, but relaxed when she realized it was only her son. When we used to keep in touch with the Mellark family, Katniss told Finn how much he resembles our dad, so I assume that's why our mother did that. 

I get dressed in a long, flowy green dress and stride back out the door. Finn is dressed in a tux that's blue and Annie waits for me in a white greek like dress. She kisses my cheek and stands in the crowd as Finn and I take our places next to Airlia, Matt and Jason. Airlia hugs me and I smile in reassurance. 

Our escourt, Mimi Sea, walks onstage. Compared with the other Capitol people, she's normal. Yes, quite a few piercings, but normal skin, eye, and hair colors. 

"Hello, District 4!" She smiles at the crowd. "Your lucky female tribute is!!!!!!"

A hush falls over the crowd, but then I hear my mother scream..... It's me. I walk dignified to the stand, holding my head high with out shedding a tear. I see Finn, his eyes wide, and shocked, and I silently beg him not to voulenteer, to give our mother one last shred of hope. Yet I know that'll never happen. Finn walks to the stand. 

"I'm Finn Odair," he says, flashing a smile. 

We ae pushed into the Justice Hall, where Finn pulls me aside and hugs me, tears streaming down his cheeks. "I will not let anything bad happen to you. I swear."

D5- Ryan

D6- F

D7- Chandler Fishler

D8- Lona Fabrik

D9- M

D10- F

D11- Suzuki Hickey

D12- Katie Mellark

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