Ok, U no the deal, :) Tributes!!!! U may submit Up 2 two Districts! I accept profile tribbies and such, but I would like your Tribs name, age, district, backup district, skills, weakness, strategy, backstory, personality, appearence, and token.

Welcome, Welcome....

Welcome, welcome, to the 4th annual Quarter Quell. This Quarter Quell will have different arenas based on the tribute's fears, so 24 of the tributes will fight at the Cornucopia Arena where it is a HUGE cornucop... you know what, I'll just tell you when the tributes are sent in.

~GM B1999~


Ok, so, I'll accept tributes from our page, but if you need to reserve, there is a 4 day RSVP period.

District Female Age



Place Male Age






17 9 9th



17 8 7th



16 11 2nd



17 10 12th



18 7 18th



12 5 23rd



16 9 23rd.



17 10 6th



14 7 13th



16 8 14th



16 3 4th



16 8 5th



15 7 VICTOR!!



15 6 24th



18 5 19th



16 5 17th



16 9 16th



17 7 11th



14 8 3rd



15 9 21st
D11 Dorthema Havoc 18 8 10th



13 4 20th



18 6 8th



12 7 15th
  • Cassandra (D1)
  • Achillies (D1)
  • Thalia (D2)
  • Troy (D2)
  • Issabella (D3)
  • Calculum (D3)
  • Airlia (D4)
  • Arlen (D4)
  • Demi (D5)
  • Navy (D5)
  • Madison (D6)
  • Olive (D6)
  • Honey (D7)
  • Brad (D7)
  • Marina (D8)
  • Ivan (D8)
  • Allie (D9)
  • Mickey (D9)
  • Twist (D10)
  • Gunner (D10)
  • Dorthema (D11)
  • Archie (D11)
  • Lexi (D12)
  • Chaiss (D12)


Yes, Yes, I'll do the Reapings, but I will write these and the Chariots. If you want me to write anything else, then you will write the others :)

D1-Achillies Edwards

Yay! The Reapings are here again!!! I can't wait! Because if I don't voulenteer, I'll be a disgrace to my family and will be required to voulenteer next year! I walk into the town square with my best suit, made of diamonds naturally, and wait in the 17 year old section. God, this was exciting!!!! Suddenly, the escourt, Topaz Diamond, walks onstage and immediately to the girl's reaping bowl. "Crys-" Topaz started. "I voulenteer!" A pretty girl lunged forward to take Crystal's place. "I am Cassandra Iris, and I will bring honor to District One." Her smile was drunk with confidence and I couldn't help but admire that. Topaz smiles back and does a little hop to the boy's reaping bowl. "Glo-" "I VOULENTEER!!!!" I scream louder than I had ever screamed before. People turn to look at me as I walk up to the stand, then I wave at some of the 16 year-old girls, who are madly in love with me and they scream in protest. "Achillies, just call me Achillies." Cassandra and I shake hands and immediately, I know that we are enemys, because only one can come out alive, and that was going to be me, and I know that she was thinking the same thing.

D2 - Thalia Combe

I wake up feeling good, then again, today was the reapings. I smile and put on my best dress. My father walks up to me and smiles. "What will we do today?" I roll my eyes. "Duh, voulenteer." I say with a grin. My dad nods and gives me a huge hug. "Make me proud." He says, tears in his eyes. I nod back and we walk to the square with his arm over my shoulder. I smile a him and walk to the 16 year old section, proud and confident. Our Escourt, Mishandle Bombe, walks up to the stand and starts to read off the Dark Days scroll of ancient. Angry cries of eligable kids scream out to Mishandle and he gives a frusturated sigh and just walks over to the female's reaping bowl, like always, he is inturrupeted by Voulenteers. I sigh, really, why does he choose? Why can't someone just walk up to the.... oh, yeah. I laugh at myself and run up to the stand. "I'm your voulenteer." I say with a smile. Mishandle just nods and walks up to the stand and says with a bored tone. "Now who is our boy tribute?" He knows better than to reap one because someone would just immediately voulenteer in their place. One boy jumped up and down, catching Mister Bombe's attention. He gave the boy a hand on stage. "What's your name?" Bombe asks.

"Troy Ventura," He answers with a gigantic grin. He looks at me and shakes my hand in an alliance. We smile at eachother. Maybe this would work out after all. And maybe I have a 1/1 odds of winning these Games.

D3 - Calculum Infinity

I am nervous. This is my first time in the reapings, being that I'm 12, and I am terrified that the unthinkable will happen. I wait in the square fiddling with a piece of wire that kept me busy while I waited for our escourt. She came up, I really don't remeber her name, and began her speech. I fiddle even more, but am struck back to reality as the words "I Voulenteer" ring out from the eighteen-year-old section. I look behind me in shock to look at Issabella Electrode, the most Career like girl in District Three. She was being stared at by everyone. I was so busy wondering why she voulenteered that I missed.... my name. I was going to die. And that true thought was the only one ringing in my head.

D4- Airlia Romaine

There's something about District Four that I really love, then again, it could just be my best friend Arlen. He and I have been friends for three years now, and I like him more than usual now. I think he knows, but I am not positive yet. I stand in the town square, waiting for the reapings. Aqua, our escourt, walks onstage and smiles kindly at us. I know that she doesn't mean any harm, but still, that smile was CRREEEPPPYYYY!!!! My friend Arlen looks at me, a smile on his face. We both have closer friends, but we understand eachother better because of our musical ranks. I seem like his complementary side at first (I'm the best flutest, ok soprano, he's the best singer, ok percussionist) but we actually have a lot of differences that keep us talking. Aqua's speech was long gone, "I will reap the boys first because I know that they get tired of waiting." Aqua states, plucking a boy's slip... no, my brother's slip. How could this have happened?!?! He's only 12! Arlen knew this and immediately voulenteered. Why?! Why must the two people I love the most in this universe go to the Hunger Games?!?! Well, I miss the girl's name, but people are looking at me. Wait, I was reaped?!?!?! I cry inside as I walk up to the stage, the only thing visible was Arlen's shocked sea like eyes. He knew what I knew as we shook hands, one of us was coming out alive, and if one of us died, the other wouldn't survive either.

D5- Navy Wonders

I have a bad feeling about these games...Maybe I'll be reaped... Or maybe I'll have my best friend reaped.. Either way I was dead. Barely anyone won in District Five, but that didn't mean that it was impossible. I wait for my chance to escape. Our Escourt is done with her speech, so I guess I missed it. Nothing really that I missed anyways. The girl's name is called and I don't recognize the name, but I recognize the face, that's the girl that my brother, Chase, has this huge crush on! I shake my head, and frown. Well, she won't be coming back. I miss the boy's name, but he's staring at me with his red eyes, and so is everyone else. I walk up, regrets filling my empty head. Chase was only 11, and would kill to be in my position right now. If only he knew that he would never come back.

D6 - Madison Madson

I hate the Hunger Games. I can't even use a decent weapon! Except poison... I wait for the reapings to begin, the boring, deathly reapings. The escourt comes up and plucks a name. Wait, what?!?! Was that my name?!?!?! I walk up to the stand and immediately, before the boy is announced, Olive voulenteered. I know that he didn't voulenteer for me, but I still have feelings for him. We shake hands and he scowls at me. I know that if he got the chance, he'd kill me.

D7- Brad Pier

My arm stump was bothering me. I mean, it's a stump, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have nerves. I give a slight growl of frustration, then catch my 7 year old sister, Melanie, I catch her smile. Grinning back, she laughs and runs to Jake, who is somewhere in the crowd. The lucky dog wasn't reaped, and now lives a happy life as a ripped lumberjack, all of the girls falling all over him. I sigh and turn back to the reaping bowls. My name was in there, and I don't know what my odds were. Pine Forest walks to the stand and immediately goes to the girl's reaping bowl. He doesn't bother with going through the scriptures of the dark days, beacuse practically everyone in District Seven knew about it. "Maple Checkford!" A shriek was heard from the twelve year olds, and a fifteen year old, Honey her sister, was fighting the Peacekeepers from taking her. "No! NO! Take me instead!!!" That was a voulenteer... Honey walks up without a glance to the audience, and I know that she's willing herself not to cry. "Brad Pier." I open my mouth in shock and try to swallow down my fate. I was going to die, and that was the only thought in my head as I walked to the stand without a single voulenteer.

D8 - Marina Doscher

I know that if I got reaped, that I wouldn't be able to survive.... that I wouldn't see anyone again. Yet Ivan and I are going to die, because we both know that we are going to the hands of a Career no doubt... but I am sentenced to die, a horrible death, and I know, for a fact, that I won't make it out of that horrible arena.

D9- Micky Mcalister

Allie stood next to me as we waited for the train. We were heading to the Capitol. Not that I'm complaining, I want to be here, but I can't help but feel sorry for Allie... the baulling sob story standing next to me. I pat her shoulder then akwardly turn away. I don't exactly know her, but I have a feeling that I now know the true fate...I was going to die instead of live.

D10- Kopesh Taylors

Here I am again, Stupid Hunger Games. I wait in the square, where most likely I'll be sent to my death, but I only have one year to go untill I can have a farm of my own! I think of my lamb, Bo Peep, her fluffy softness, and the beautiful amber eyes on her face. Cassie Coll, our escourt, walks onstage in a ridiculous cowboy outfit. I mean, she could at least have some respect for our district! She take a slip and I'm begging it to not be me, but it's not me. It's my best friend Twist. She walks up, and I'm begging for a voulenteer. None. But yet when the boy is reaped... a voulenteer. Gunner walks up. Everyone knew he'd voulenteer. A natural career if I'd ever seen one. I look at my sister, and find shock and anger. Because she was smiling, as if she was savoring the thought about my best friend's death and the pain that I would feel for the months to come.

D11- Archie Revence

My first year... I remeber stories about other 13-year-olds winning the games, but they were either extremely smart, or extremely dangerous... and I was neither. I sigh and wait, the wind blowing through the stage and shops. Our escourt, Peach, walks up and reaps the girl, Cherree, a girl that is silent and strong, one that refuses to show any sort of emotion. But suddenly, a voulenteer. Dorthema Havoc walks to the stand, confident and strong. We all knew why she voulenteered. Her sister needed medication for a rare disease, one that was barely heard of. Peach nods at Dorthema, then I sigh, oh well, maybe I can win, maybe I can come home. I look at Dorthema, and if I win, I'll pay for most of her sister's treatment, but I doubt that either of us will come back alive.

D12- Lexi Hart

District Twelve. Oh how I love District Twelve. I sit in the reaping square and wait for the names to be called. Maybe Effie won't pull my name out of the reaping bowl. Maybe I'll live to see 19. I doubt it. I have one of the worst cases. I am with about five other eighteen year olds waiting to see if we'll live. Effie Trinket walks onstage and plucks a name from the ladie's reaping bowl. And It's.........

Me. I will die. The boy, I don't recognize him. But the bloodlust in his eyes tells me that he'll kill me personally.

The Arena(s)

Ok, so the Quarter Quell twist is that there are seperate arenas.... Every 4 tributes that die, I will gas them (knock them out, not kill them :P) And transport them to a new arena. The folks at home and watching this program will know the arena's before the tributes arrive, so they know the horrors and such waiting.

1st Arena: Cornucopia arena. Once 4 tribs die, their shirts (the remaining tribs shirts) will smoke and give off the gas, there will not be a cornucopia after this arena until the final 8, but it will be empty until the feast begins.

  • Airlia In Mermaid form
  • Allie in Mermaid form
  • Demi in Mermaid form
  • Issabella in Mermaid form
  • Marina in Mermaid form
  • The mermaid that Kills Troy Ventura (D2)
  • Monkey Mutt Example

2nd Arena: The Jungle. Seperated into 6 sections where there are specific horrors (Like the 75th arena, but all of the horrors are going on at once :D Some are good, but most are bad)

3rd Arena: You're under water!!!!!

4th Arena: Peter Pan Island!!!!!!!!! Yippe!!!! The mermaids will kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!! :}

5th Arena: Just a field. Nothing special about that.... except the giant snakes that are 5 feet high :)

6th Arena: Final Battle..... I will decide something goo
Final Arena

Final Battle Arena :)

odddd :)


The final battle is revealed. This is your Arena:

Death Chart

Yes, has been moved due to problems. Will be back down there on August 6th.

Place Tribute (District) How They Died Killer
24th Brad Pier (D7) Mine explosion Unknown, Maybe Issabella Electrode (D3)
23rd Calculum Infinity (D3) Slit throat Troy Ventura (D2)
22nd Airlia Romaine (D4) Knife to the skull Achillies Edwards (D1)
21st Gunner Pann (D10) Pushed off of the cliff Thalia Combe (D2)
20th Archie Revence (D11) Mauled Monkey Mutt

Marina Doscher (D8)

Knife to the skull Issabella Electrode (D3)
18th Issabella Electrode (D3) Knife to the Heart Thalia Combe (D2)
17th Ivan Ried (D8) Venom Tracker Jackers
16th Allie Whittle (D9) Bitten in half Shark Mutt (JAWS)
15th Chaiss Hunter (D12) Spear to the Head Navy Wonders (D5)
14th Navy Wonders (D5) Knife to the heart Chaiss Hunter (D12)
13th Demi Cambell (D5) Knife to the stomach, elecocued, drownding herself Chaiss Hunter (D12), Electric Eels
12th Troy Ventura (D2) Mauled Mermaids
11th Mickey Mcalister (D9) Burned Career Pack (D1, 2 Female, 4 Male)
10th Dorthema Havoc (D11) Slit Throat Lexi Hart (D12)
9th Cassandra Iris (D1) Poisoned Honey Checkford (D7)/Nightlock
8th Achillies Edwards (D1) Speared Unknown
7th Lexi Hart (D12) Stabbed Arlen Odair (D4)
6th Arlen Odair (D4) Poisoned Knife to the Arm Twist (D10)
5th Olive Odessey (D6) Poisoned Madison Madson (D6)
4th Madison Madson (D6) Mauled Werewolf Mutts
3rd Twist (D10) Mauled Winged Mutt
2nd Thalia Combe (D2) Bloodloss Werewolf Mutt
Victor!! Honey Checkford (D7)

Day One/ BloodBath/1st Arena :)

Brad Pier (D7)

Nothing can stop me.... I feel invincible... If only my arm stump didn't mark me as vulerable. My Interview went pretty well, so I should at least get a few sponsers. I am lifted up to the arena, but there is no arena. Other tributes, as well as myself, look around, but we are on a rock island, surrounded by air. I look over the edge, then wobble as a rock hits my head. Stupid arm stump. I would have been able to keep my balance if I had my full... BOOM!!!!!

Calculm Infinity (D3)

Holy Crap!!! That boy next to me just fell down onto the mines... My eyes widen in fear as I realize the true fate of things... I was going to die....3....2....1......GONG!!!! I run, faster than I could, and I make it to the cornucopia, but the boy from 2 is standing above me. The last thing I see is the glint of his sword before I shut my eyes. BOOM!!!!!!

Airlia Romain (D4)

Man, I feel good! Arlen, Achillies, Troy, Thalia, Issabella, Cassandra and I are really strong, but who knows what will happen? Tributes are desperately trying to avoid death, more specifically, Achillies and Troy. Where is Arlen though? I know he wouldn't want to miss out on the fun. Troy is now looking all around...wait, Achillies is gone.... I whirl around. Achillies isn't one that I trust. I feel pain in my back, and whirl back and find another knife lodge into my skull. I black out... BOOM!!!! But not before I saw the devilish smile I saw on Achillie's face.

Gunner Pann (D10)

OHMYGOD!!!!!! HEELLLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!! Thalia and Arlen are chasing me around the Cornucopia with tridents, knives, and swords!!!!! HHEEEELLLPPP!!!!!!!! I reach the edge and skid to a stop, but Thalia runs into me on accident. I am falling........ BOOM!!!!!!

Day One (Cont.)/Arena 2

Archie Revence (D11)

I wake up in a jungle. It's night, but night is just falling. I sit up and immediately I become woozy... god, what even happened? Suddenly, the anthem comes on and the tributes that
  • Brad Pier (24th)
  • Calculum Infinity (23rd)
  • Airlia Romaine (22nd)
  • Gunner Pann (21st)
died are shown.

Wow.... The other three I am not surprised about, but Airlia Romaine? A career? Wow.....I shake my head and try to get some sleep, but I didn't want to wake up to the horrors ahead.

Day 2/ Arena 2

Archie Revence (D11) Cont.

I wake up, but I am not alone. Above me, crunching on the body of a dead squirrel is a monkey... Oh Dear God. That was my last thought before he turned his red eyes on me and pounced. BOOM!!!!!!

Marina Doscher (D8)

Run, run, RUN!!!! Those thoughts are screaming in my head as I run through the jungle. The Careers are gaining on me. No! I have to get away! I chuck one of the swords that I grabbed at the Cornucopia at a girl, and she is hit in the stomach, but at the same time as I chucked the sword, a glinting silver knife of hers entered my throat. BOOM!!!!!

Issabella Electrode

(Sorry for the profane language, it will be Italicied, so it's okay....i hope >.<)

That damn GIRL!!!!!Ugh!!!!! She threw her sword at me at the last possible second!!! Damn HER!!!! I try to stand but the pain of the lodged sword in my stomach hurts soooo much!!!!!!! Arlen is down next to me and he takes the sword out gently. "OUCH!!!!!" I whimper. Everyone looks at me. "I'll be fine." I say, but everyone knows that I won't. Thalia crouches down next to me as takes my hand. "Issabella," She says."This is a mercy kill." WHAT?!?!?!?! That was my last bewilderment as she stabs me in the heart. BOOM!!!!!!!

Ivan Ried (D8)

I look up at the sky, it's beginning to darken, but the anthem hasn't come on yet. Maybe I'll live to see another day! I tick off the cannons that had shot today. One, early in the morning, and two just a few hours ago. Three total. I curl up in a tree and wait, but there's no anthem. Oh, well, I'll be awake when it blasts out. I fall asleep, victim to the hum of a tracker jacker's lullaby. Never to wake up again. BOOM!!!!!!
  • Archie Revence (20th)
  • Marina Doscher (19th)
  • Issabella Electrode (18th)
  • Ivan Ried (17th)

Day 3/ Arena 3

Allie Whittle (D9)

When I wake up, I am underwater. What the hell? I realize that I am in a diver's suit and have all of the needed supplies to survive underwater. They even took the care to put the 5 knives I got from the Cornucopia in a pouch with a belt. I smile at the thoughtful Gamemakers, then drop it as I think to myself. What else did the Gamemakers think of? I swim away from the open waters, but stop and think for a moment. Did I just hear something? I whirl around and out of the corner of my eye I see a dark shape swimming through the waters behind me... what was that? Dun-da.....Dun-da....Dun-da...Dun-da, Dun-da,Dun-da, Dun-da, Dun-da.... DUN!!!!!!! CHOMP..... BOOM!!!!!

Chaiss Hunter (D12)

I wonder who that was. Right now I am sitting on a coral bed and watching the fish go by. No tribute has come across me so therefore I haven't made a kill yet. I swim and change my position, taking a huge gulp of air from the oxygen tank while I'm swimming. I see a few people swimming in the distance, and I think that it's the pair from 5... I never would have thought that they would have allied with eachother. Suddenly, I think that they see me. They Swim towards me and I take the throwing knives I recived and swim fast up to them. I nail Demi in the stomach, and Navy in the heart. Navy coughs up a bit of blood and tosses a spear at my head. Unfortunately, he doesn't miss. BOOM!!!!!

Navy Wonders (D5)

I am dying. Demi knows this, and I can sense that she is dying too. She pulls me to the surface and we take the mouth pieces out and gasp the good, fresh air in. "Demi," I say. "I don't have much time, and I doubt that you do either. But I need to tell you-" "Shhhh," Demi puts her finger to my lips and trys to stop me.

"No!" I scream. "You need to know this! My brother, Chase has had the biggest crush on you for a long time, but I feel like I had betrayed him.." Demi smiles. "Don't you think that I know that? But it's not Chase I fell for. It's his brother." I look at her, shocked. The last thing I feel is her soft lips on mine. BOOM!!!

Demi Campbell (D5)

Navy is gone, and I can't last much more of this. I will die. I swim for a while, then decide, if I'm going to die, might as well be now. I take off the oxygen tank and swim deeper, drownding myself with every head-bursting moment. I can't take living without Navy. I let out a watery scream as I see electric eels swimming around me. BOOM!!!!!!

Day 3/ Arena 4

Troy Ventura (D2)

Mermaids... that's what I hear. I open my eyes and Arlen, Thalia, Cassandra and Achilles are around me. Seems like I was the last one awake. "Don't go near the water." Thalia says. "Arlen says that the mermaids will drownd you in an instant." I nod, but I just can't help the feeling of dreaded curiosity. Arlen and Cassandra look at eachother, and smirk. Something was going on here that I didn't like. "Cassandra, Thalia and I are going hunting." Arlen announces. "Achilles, you and Troy can-"

"Excuse me?" Achillies says. "Since when in God's Damn name, did you become the leader of the pack?" Arlen falters for a momet. "Well," he muses. "I am a victor's son. Two victor's kids. I should know better than all of you about surviving." Achilles sneers, but doesn't object.

Mermaid tht Kills Troy

Troy's Dream Girl ;)

Achillies started pacing. "You know what," He says, breaking the scilence between us. "I'm going after them." He storms off without letting me tell him that they'd only been gone about ten minutes. I sigh and my eyes waver to the lake. Something spashes and curiousity gets the better of me. I walk over to the lake and see the most beautiful girl in the world. She looks up at me from the water and smiles angelically.

"Uh, Hi," I say stupidly. She giggles and I can feel the heat rise to my face.

"You're cute!" She says and she laughs even more when I can't talk because of the flustery feeling I have inside of me. "Come into the water. I won't bite." I nod, in a trance by here beauty as she rings the water out of her wet, curly, light brown hair. She takes a rose and pins her bangs behind her her, then turns to me. "Does this look okay?" Um, no. It looks perfect, I want to say.

Suddenly, she's leaning towards me, then she stops and looks at me sweetly. "Do you want to go for a swim?" I can't say no to her. She goes out into the water and pulls me under the wake, her hand in mine. Then I see the tail. I am about ready to let go and swim for shore, but she presses her watery lips to mine, faintly tasting of warm chocolate. I am mesmerized, but quickly wake up from this dream, to the nightmare that was going on when I hear a click! She chained me to a rock. The mermaid backs away, then smiles, with sharp, daggerlike teeth. She let's out a scream, then about five seconds later, more mermaids join us. Beautiful mermaids, but something chilled my blood when I saw these ones. That brown hair, purple eyes? Blonde bangs....Airlia! And next to her was....Issabella!! They smiled, but I knew they were dead. They were just soulless demons now. I let out a scream of defiance as my dream girl takes a bite of my throat. BOOM!!!!!!!

Mickey Mcalister (D9)

Twilight was just beginning to set in. Five deaths total today, but I notice a pattern goi
  • Allie Whittle (16th)
  • Chaiss Hunter (15th)
  • Navy Wonders (14th)
  • Demi Campbell (13th)
  • Troy Ventura (12th)
ng on between arenas. Every four tributes that dies, they'll transport us to a new arena by gassing us! Huh, I think we have some wheel's turning in there Gamemakers! Good for you! The anthem starts and I look up from my rock.

Only one Career today, so that's not exactly good, but not bad. I wonder who killed him. Oh well, I can dream about that tonight. I climb up into a tree and fall asleep.

Day 4/ Arena 4

Mickey Mcalister (D9) Cont.

I wake up and immediately feel good. Until I see four Careers beneath me. I wairlily smile and wave. The girls, from one and two, wave back, but the smile on their face is not friendly, it's cruel.

"Hey!" I say. "Nice weather, huh?"

"Sure," A tall boy with dark hair, District One replys. "But first, why don't you come down here?" The girls snicker and I know that it couldn't be a good omen.

"Nah, too hot down there. But it's cooler up here! Why don't you come up and cool off?"

The same boy motions to the darker haired girl and she smiles, throwing something to the base of the tree...

which is covered in dry leaves and twigs. It was a match. That's what the girl threw. The Careers were going to smoke me out. I frantically look for something to grab, something that won't kill me. Nothing. The flames reach higher and higher, until I am almost engulfed in flames. My pants catch on fire and I start climbing. I look down. Mistake. The branch I grab while I was looking down was a dead one. I slip and fall into the flames.


Dorthema Havoc (D11)

I smell smoke and I am gone. Running through the trees, I need to stay alive. Is this some Gamemakers torture? Or did a tribute leave a fire going and it engulfed them and the brush around them? Or maybe the Careers set it off on purpouse. The deadly possibilites are endless. I continue to run until I reach a lake. I am not the only tribute with that idea. The girl from 12, Lexi, looks at me and raises her knife. I dive into the water, where she can't see me. Then, someone is pulling me out of the water. It was Lexi, angry and scared for her life.

"Was it you?" She screamed, her knife up to my throat. "Was it you?" I try to answer.

"What? The fire?" I ask, avoiding the sharp point.

"Yes," She rolls her eyes. "What else am I talking about?"

"I don't know, your district partner," I may as well talk if it keeps me alive. "He died yesterday."

Lexi sneers, "That little boy? Oh, he hated me with a passion, and he was bound to kill me before I did him in. Do you know who killed him?"

"No, but it was probably the District 5 pair, they died real close to when he was killed, and I saw the careers just swimming around at that time." I mull. "Allies?"

Lexi fixes her grey eyes on me and begins to release her knife, then thinks better. "No," she says, "Because I want to come out alive." She quickly cuts my neck, and I see a hint of compassion in her eyes. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cassandra Iris (D1)

A cannon just went off, I wonder who that was. Achillies is putting out the fire now, and I can't help but stare at the billowing smoke. Thalia is sitting next to me, not saying anything, just fingering a knife of hers. Arlen is pacing, and muttering to himself. No matter what, I feel as if we were doomed. There's only four of us left and we're already close to breaking off. I doubt that I could survive without someone else there, but I could try.

"I'm going to go tribute hunting," I find myself saying. "Alone."

Everyone else stares at me.

"Cass," Thalia says. "I don't think that's a good idea. You could become knocked out, seriously injured, or..." She didn't finish, but I know what she was going to say...die. I shrug and stand up.

"I'll take my chances," Grabbing a sword I leave without a further remark.


The forest was dark and I swear I saw a face on one or two of them, the trees. Running, I listen for another pair of footsteps, or maybe even a branch or two breaking. And I do. A girl, from 7, was sitting around on a rock, drinking a water from her backpack, or maybe she got it from a stream. Before she could do anything, I had my sword against her neck.

"Name," I say bluntly.

"Ho-Honey Checkford...District...S-Seven," Her weak voice was pathetic to me. I strapped her to a tree with some twine so that she couldn't ge loose.

"Do you have anythng to eat in this backpack?" I ask, I haden't eaten since I left; which was this morning.

She nodded. "Some fruits and berries, front pocket...None of them are poisonous...I hope. I was about to eat them but you can have some...." I narrow my crystal blue eyes and pluck a fruit that looks like an apple.

"NO!" Honey screams. "Don't eat that! That's a Wolfeshayde! They're the most deadly fruit ever!"

I roll my eyes and get some berries, almost similar to blueberries. She opens her mouth again, but out of pure ignorance, I stuff them in my mouth before she can say anything.

Honey stares at me."That was Nightlock."


Anouncement from the Capitol

Early on the 5th Day, two people will go to battle. The audiance has already voted, so stay tuned for the battle. After the battle, the remaining tributes will be kept safe. Then early on the sixth day the feast shall commence. This is something that you do not want your tribute to miss, but it is not manditory. Good Luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

~GM B1999~

Day 4/ Arena 5

Lexi Hart (D12)

I cleaned my knife off from this morning, when I killed Demitria. Why did I kill her anyways? I forget. When the Capitol moved us after that last cannon, I woke up next to a stream, in a wheat field. How am I going to survive? I hear a slight slither and turn around. A long, big, thing was moving behind me. What is it? I slowly back away as I stare into the eyes of a 20 foot high rattlesnake. It hisses and I sprint for cover, but what am I thinking of, this is a field. An endless field. There will be no shelter. Just as I watched the light fade from Demtiria's eyes, this beast chasing me will see the light fade from my own.


Well, obviously, I have made it out alive. Apparently I was the first one awake, too early to bother, because I ended up tripping over sleeping Arlen. He didn't wake up and I didn't bother to kill him cause of the killer beast behind me. Maybe I got lucky and the snake ate him. Then again, I'd love to see his face once more because I took a sharpie I got in my backpack and drew ALL OVER HIS FACE!!!!!! Lol, but as I hear another rustle, I turn around to find...psh....Arlen!!!

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" I burst out laughing at his face. The word "Loser is written on his forehead and he has a moustache and glasses, and lipstick on.... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Arlen growls and plunges his knife in my heart. Good thing that I was laughing so hard, because I didn't feel a thing.


Achillies Edwards (D1)

I wake up next to Thalia, but we do not see Arlen. Thalia is hugging her knees, and I swear I see a tear fall down her cheek, which I have never thought I'd have seen before. Her blue eyes turn to me.

"A cannon went off while you were asleep," She says. "And Arlen's missing. Maybe-" She shudders. I know what she was going to say, but she and I never really liked Arlen anyways... something else was bothering her.

"Thalia," I whisper. "What else is bothering you." She stays silent.


Hours pass by, and suddenly, the anthem blasts into the arena.

  • Mickey Mcalister (11th)
  • Dorthema Havoc (10th)
  • Cassandra Iris (9th)
  • Lexi Hart (8th)

Cassandra...she died for us, instead of us thinking that she killed someone else.

Thalia sniffles, I knew that she and Cassandra were close, because they were the only girls in the alliance, the only ones that really even talked. The two were also close to Airlia, and I think that it is best if I don't tell them who killed her... I didn't mean to, and I didn't know that it was her until that night, when her face shone through the night sky. I sigh. Now it's just Thalia, Arlen and I...

Day 5/Arena 5

Achillies Edwards (D1) Cont.

When I open my eyes, I am in my stylists room. Where I was right before I went into these games. Did I just win? Did I pass out and Thalia kill all of the other tributes in order for me to win? She must have died of blood-loss... if she died.

"Get ready," Taylor walks into the room with fresh aqua streaks in her hair.

"Why?" I ask, sitting up. My head hurts and I feel like I just put on at least 40 pounds. I look down and see knives, swords, and weapons for batte. I look back up at Taylor.

His face is grim when he says this: "For battle."


Well fed and battle ready, my tube sends me upwards towards my battle arena. I quickly wonder who I'll face off to. Thalia is an option, but I wouldn't dare kill her. She's sweet and kind, and we've grown quite fond of eachother during these Games; killing tributes side by side. I tick off the remaining tributes: There's myself, Thalia, Arlen, the pair from Six, that girl from 7, and the girl from Ten. Seven left, six after I win this battle.

Lights blind me as I hear the screams and shouts from the audience. Joy, this was going to be a live performence. It seems that this battle will be held in a colloseum; explains the roman-like battle suits. My opponent stood on the other side, holding a sword. Their helmet sheilded their appearence from me, so I couldn't tell who it was, and it was probably the same for them. A gong sounded out and we were pushed to the center. I raised my sword in challenge to my opposer and we began. Locked in a furious hand-to-hand combat, we are evenly matched. I growl lowly, so that my opponent dodn't hear me, but obviously they did recognize me.

"Achillies?" A girl whispered as I slashed my sword across her stomach, missing by a couple centimeters. I pause. How did this other tribute know me? I watch them take off their helmet... See the curly brown hair come out and their ice blue eyes stare at me.

I stare at my opponent,"Thalia?"

Thalia Combe (D2)

My opponent was Achillies? No, no, no, no, no! This cannot be happening. I am supposed to be killing my ally? No, no, no! Achillies takes off his helmet, and stares at me, then widens his eyes.

"THALIA! NO!!!!" He launches himself at me and pushes me out of the way, allowing himself to be speared in the stomach.

"Achillies!" I scream. He looks over at me, pulls out the spear and coughs up a mouthfull of blood. Picking myself up, I run to his side and begin to cry.

"Thalia, don't," Achillies whispers, and wipes away my tears with his calloused hand. "Don't cry over me. All of those times that we spent, hunting tributes, hunting for food, and just messing around, I realized how much we are alike. And the more I realized that, the more I started to love you. Thalia I-I-I-I..." He choked back words.

"I love you," I say, and hug him. His cannon sounds. I lean back to look at his battered body and take a long look at his face. Sadly, ruefully, I kiss his cheek and stand up. I won, untruthfully, but I was still alive. I was carried back to my room, and I cry, remembering the tear on Achillie's cheek when he proclaimed his love for me. I realized what the reality was. I was either going to die for Achillies, or I was going to win in his name.


Nothing much happened. Arlen was still trying to wash the sharpie off of his face in the river from Lexi Hart (D12). Honey is near the Cornucopia, ready for the Feast. Madison and Olive are a mere five feet away, but don't realize it as they settle dow

Achillies (7th)

n to sleep. Thalia is sleeping in her room, getting ready to be transported back a couple of hours before the feast, and Twist is on the outskirts of the Cornucopia, opposite of Honey. The Feast is tomorrow.

Day 6/Arena 5/ The Feast

Arlen Odair (D4)

Damn that District 12 girl. Thanks to her, I can't get this freaking Sharpie off of my face! It must have been permident......I sigh and look at what was on my face that is now streaming black water through my tanned hands. The sun was just barely coming up when I started setting out for the Cornucopia, the feast was this morning. Only Achillies died yeaterday, so that left Thalia and I for sure, the District 7 girl, and the pair from 6. I am sure I'm forgetting someone, but I don't remember them... I arrive at the Cornucopia just as the table is set, hidden by the tall weeds.

A girl runs out of the cornucopia and grabs a backpack and an axe. Her blonde hair is up in a ponytail and her blue eyes are looking for any threats. I decide that now's my chance. I run into the Cornucopia and grab a silver trident and a backpack with a net around it, obviously left out for me. I turn around and duck quickly as a girl from ten-yes, the one I forgot to mention- threw a knife at my forehead. I get back up and chuck my trident at her, barely grazing her stomach. Charging me, she fully tackles me and tries unsucessfully to bash my head in with her knife. I push her off and charge her with my trident, unfortunately, I didn't get too far before I was cut by her knife on my arm. I wince in pain, then drop as an unbearable shoot of fire races to my heart. Poison. I writhe on the ground as my heart tries to fight against the poison. I'd die no matter what.


Madison Madson (D6)

I wake up with someone over me. Olive. My hand reaches for my knife, but I can't find it.

"Please," Olive sneers above me. "You think I'm stupid enough to not disarm you? I'm smarter than you think."

I struggle to upseat him, but it's no use. He's a surprising good 30 pounds heavier than I am. A thought suddenly comes to mind. He's smart, but smarter than I am?

"Can I have three things before you kill me?" I ask... "To make my last hours more...enjoyable, or even more painful?" He seems to consider this, and narrows his eyes on me.

"I'll comprimise for two. Only two," He says. "But you're going to still be under survelence." I nod. Three was just an extra item.

"Thank you!" I say as he helps me up, still holding onto my arm. "I want to have somtihing to eat first off...I stored a few berries in my backpack before I fell asleep." Olive nods and grabs my backpack. I take out some berries I found in the woods, but only two. Pretending to chew and swallow, I store them quickly under my tounge.

"And my last...can I have a kiss?" He looks at me incredentously, but repulsively obliges. He leans forward and as his lips touch mine, I spit the berries to the back of his throat, where he is forced to swallow them.

"You bitch!!!! Now I am going to make your death the....The-the-the-th...." He stutters and grasps his throat. "What did you do to me?" He falls to the ground as his heart battles the poison.

"Nighty-night," I whisper reluctantly in his ear. Olive's brown eyes widen in dismay as he realizes that I tricked him, then became dull as his movements got slower.


I had just defeated my love, and my biggest threat.

Day 6/ Arena 6

(I'll Be doing all four girl's POV's from now on, save the suspense of my little pattern ;])

Honey Checkford (D7)

I can't believe I made it out alive. It's also really surprising that I got everything I needed. I woke up today in the middle of the woods, but that's not what scared me...this was the final four. I was either going to die a horrible death by mutts and possibly another tribute, or I was going to come out a Victor. I sit on a rock and open my backpack. Due to the other fighters, I wasn't really able to check out my newfound supplies. Unzipping the black bag, I pull out my first Item, a pack of dried beef. I end up with A wire coil, a water bottle filled with water, a bottle of mysterious liquid, another pack of dried berries, first aid supplies, and a thin coat. I smile at my supplies and look up. No one yet, as Twilight consumes the day.

Thalia Combe (D2)

I wander the woods as Night falls. I am the last Career ribute left, and I want to win. For Troy, for Achillies, for Cassandra, for Arlen, and for Airlia. I was going to win. I climb a tree and strap myself down for the night. I refuse to go down without a fight. People who were out for me were going to have a rough time taking me down.

Twist (D10)

AWWWWYYYYYEEEEAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am alive and ready to party!!!!!!!!!! I sit next to the lake and start aI ire, and quickly smoke out my rabbit. Juicy :P I settle down for the night, and get ready for my home celebration.

Madison Madson (D6)

I have no supplies, no weapons, and am on the run. Something, or someone, was chasing me. I couldn't tell who it was, but it seemed very human-like. I continue to run and I see a large lake, but next to that lake was Olive. I do a doulble-take. OLIVE!?!?!?!?! How? I killed him!!!! I back up and fall...into a pit. I look up, its a good 20 feet hig, and a miricale that I didn't break my back. A scuffiling sound comes from behind me as night fell, and a full moon came out from the clouds. I look behind me and see Troy Ventura from 2 and Achillies fr
  • Arlen Odair (6th)
  • Olive Odessey (5th)
  • Madison Madson (4th)
om 1.....but they died too. Their perfect features see me and turn to me. Yet as the full moon shone on them, they changed. Their bodies became covered in hair and their mouthes and noses lengthened. Their beady blue eyes became red and they growled. Werewolves. Good call gamemakers, I think as the tribute mutts sink their teeth into my flesh.


Day 7/ Arena 6

Nothing much happens today.

Thalia is up in her tree, eating some beef. Twist is still at the lake, planning her homecoming party. Honey is sparing some of her stuff and knows that the Capitol and Gamemakers want to end this thing soon. They wait for the finale tomorrow.

Day 8/ Arena 6/ The Finale


I am celebrating. My homecoming party will be the best ever!!!! I can just see my best friend Kopesh cheering me on!!! She will be soooooo happy!!!!!! I smile at the thought of my best friend and start to snuff out my new fire. Today was the finale. I could just feel it. That's what I thought. Until I screamed at the top of my lungs when Arlen Odair came out of the woods.


All three of us are running next to eachother. We can't find or reach a safe place, because all of us want to live, and we're being chased by some muttations. All of the tributes are alive again. Night falls and I think to myself, it's only 10 a.m. What the heck?!?! Honey and I reach the bank of a river, where we are cornered between the rapids on either side, and the Hybrids in front of us. The full moon shines out and slowly, they change. Twist is up in a nearby tree, where a hybrid with wings swoops down and carries her up, up, up until we can only hear her screams and watch their shadows as the mutt rips out her throat. As I am distracted, a mutt jumps out at me and bites my chest.



Twist's cannon shoots out and her body is dropped at me feet as the mutts run home. I scream at the top of my lungs, but am inturrupted as Thalia lets out a low moan. Oh my god. I turn around and scream again as my feet touch the pool of blood coming from my fellow tribute.

3rd Person

Honey runs to Thalia's side and there are tears in her blue eyes, making them deeper.

"I wish I knew you," Honey whispers.

"Ha," Thalia says weakly. "If we wern't from different Districts, then, yeah, maybe. I have a feeling that we'd have been best friends."

Honey smiles. "You seem a lot like myself."

"True, we aren't that different you know," Thalia smiles. Her face is pale. "We're both strong. But you are stronger. Don't forget that. Remember me...Honey..."





Victory Tour

District 12

District 11

District 10

District 9

District 8

District 6

District 5

District 4

District 3

District 2

District 1


Announcement from the Capitol

The 101st Hunger Games will still be held next year, and we wait for our tributes. Good Luck, and may the odds be ever in YOUR favor.

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