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    The 80th Hunger Games

    December 20, 2011 by Bubble0

    Hi, I'm Bubble, and I am making my first Games! I hope you'll all enjoy it :)

    District Boy User Girl User
    0 Faust WoodsClove1001 Cahe Wolfe Clove1001
    1 Ryan Hilford Iluvgale Sparkle Rose Iluvgale
    2 Levi Stone Necterine411 Annamaria de Caprio Necterine411
    3 Crick Storm Rueflower Liliana Jones Rueflower
    4 Herflex Nome QuinnQuinn Armnia QuinnQuinn
    5 Kevin Potter ~ilovepeeta~ Puhnk Pink ~ilovepeeta~
    6 River Rhodes Wolverine Sutton Yates Wolverine
    7 Titus Abernathy Clove1999 Tierra MasonClove1999
    8 Lance FrostBubble0 Belle Vera Bubble0
    9 Aden Stalk Everdeen Demetra Roselle Everdeen
    10 Cypress Hawk Clove1001 Forest Bringer Clove1001
    11 Titanic deLeon Annathena Britannic deLeon Annathena
    12 Austin Mellark Nate777 Azura Mellark Nate777

    River Rhodes:

    The gong goes off and all the tribut…

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