Hi, I'm Bubble, and I am making my first Games! I hope you'll all enjoy it :)

District Boy User Girl User
0 Faust Woods

Clove1001 Cahe Wolfe Clove1001
1 Ryan Hilford Iluvgale Sparkle Rose Iluvgale
2 Levi Stone Necterine411 Annamaria de Caprio Necterine411
3 Crick Storm Rueflower Liliana Jones Rueflower
4 Herflex Nome QuinnQuinn Armnia QuinnQuinn
5 Kevin Potter ~ilovepeeta~ Puhnk Pink ~ilovepeeta~
6 River Rhodes Wolverine Sutton Yates Wolverine
7 Titus Abernathy Clove1999 Tierra Mason

8 Lance Frost

Bubble0 Belle Vera Bubble0
9 Aden Stalk Everdeen Demetra Roselle Everdeen
10 Cypress Hawk Clove1001 Forest Bringer Clove1001
11 Titanic deLeon Annathena Britannic deLeon Annathena
12 Austin Mellark Nate777 Azura Mellark Nate777

The Games

River Rhodes:

The gong goes off and all the tributes go running to the center to retrieve the stuff at the Cornucopia. The weapons and other stuff you need to survive with are all piled at the mouth of the horn. Everywhere I look, tributes are fighting. I twist and take out the girl from 11. She collapses, and I'm able to see something: someone is killing Sutton. It's that boy from District 5, Kevin Potter, I think. He slices at her and manages to cut her in th eneck really badly. Without thinking, I throw my knife and it sinks deep into his skull. The last thing I see is Puhnk Pink, the other tribute from 5, jump on top of me and her sword slices down. Then all I see is black.

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