Alright like any Hunger Games fan I went and saw the hunger games movie. It was in one word amaaaaaaziiing. It took the Hunger Games to a higher level and the movie was intense and went by quickly.However, the beginning was a little slow paced at District tweleve, until it moved into the Capitol scenes. It was a little weird transition into the arena were everything was fast paced and intense. Their time in the arena seemed very short compared to the scenes in the District and Capitol. I also think they did not stress how much Katniss and Rue became friends and how much they reminded each other of home and safety. At the end of the movie they should have added more scenes about how Katniss was in trouble for her stunt with the berries and with Rue, which would have been a good lead into Catching Fire. The scenes they added were good. The District Eleven uprising scene was a very good add on, and so were the scenes with Gale being jealous and worrying about Katniss, but they should have shown more scenes of Prim and her mom in the process to see how they were feeling about her in the Games.

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