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  • BubblestheLlama

    So for one. who saw the hunger games movie at lease 3 times? I did! and second I am counting down to November 22, 2013 for catching fire. I know nothing is caps bc i don't feel like it, so anyways I have some news about Finnick, you probly already know this! So Robert Pattinson was supposed to play the fisher from D4 but no! and I heard this and was like THANK GOD! I mean i like twilight but that would be such a bad contridiction! so anyway. I can't wait to here who will be playing Johanna, she is my favorite.

    So the News I have for you is thatafter the Movie came out, alot of people started reading it, which is good right? well I will update this every once and a while! BYE!

    so I noticed alot of the older users like me aven't been on and so…

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  • BubblestheLlama

    hi guys. i might not comment or anything but i will be here for your games and for my own! Sorry if you dont see me because ill most likely comment on the little stuff. but message me about your games and stuff okay? ill be here

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  • BubblestheLlama

    People! you can still visit the wiki, and maybe make a comment or two, you don't hav to be onhere 24/7 like you used to be. You really aren't leaving you say you are but you will still get back on and look around. and by leaving, what do you even mean? I mean you still have a profile, you still visit, you may not make blogs no more, or make few comments. you are still here. and you don't have to announce that you are leaving because you can just not visit this wiki anymore. I am not trying to be mean I guess I wanted people to know that I really think it is ridiculous when people post blogs about it. That is my opinion, so If you want to disagree go ahead, you have the freedom of speech so do I and yup :) so comment below or don't

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  • BubblestheLlama

    Are you even gunna see it? do you like die every time someone who hasn't read the books asked you what it's about???? do you freak out when you see trailers on tv??? if you do then you may be intitled to HGobsesion. " Hi, I have HGobsession, and i would like to tell you that the only cure, is to stay obsessed and go see the movie. Do not see the movie if you have recently got addicted to a new series, barely like the books, or do not like the actrs. Symptoms of HG obsession may enclude: freakin out over trailers. crying in the middle of some sad scenes in the BOOK, only looking up Hunger Games related videos, Re-Reading the series over and over. Dieing because it isn't March 23rd, or everything above"

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  • BubblestheLlama

    so this is like when you hear a song and thing you make a parody about the hunger games for it. thats when you write it and post t on the comments and it ends up here! like Everdeens set fire to the rain: The beggining up to the cave i think

    I was scared, I was.

    when you were reaped then rose to claim it

    It wasn’t fair and I was so worried

    and so I took your place, and I said it (I volunteer)

    I tried, to stay strong

    so I could make you feel at ease

    you cried in my arms

    I was afraid you wouldn’t eat

    but now I'm on the train

    and I have to try have to try

    stay alive for you

    And come back again, back again

    win these games we play

    oh I have to win, try to win.

    Ah they set fire to my cape!

    And oh my gosh you should see my face!

    I’m afraid to get fried

    It’s a fric…

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