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MoviePopcorn123; eliminated : task one
Anon 8

Task one

task one!. like season one.... you must make a tribute. but this time it won't be terrifing it will be sad. meaning like when rue was called up, no one thought it was fair.... Anyway you must create there history, family, and district. anything else will just make it better! you have till friday!

Task two

well this is a sumery check. you have to pick ONE chapter from any book. IF you lack of detail your score goes down. If you have some fake facts your score goes down. Good luck!

Task three

Task four

Final task

OK. since we r skipping three and four... migh as well make this a bit more challenging! ok like season one. you must create a parody. the catch: you have to do either of these songs The Game, Jurrasic 5... Has to be about the games. OR You're Not Sorry. In peeta's veiw. PART TWO: you have to write the begining of book one in Peetas eyes. yes i like peeta, but i wanna see your version compared to mine

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