hey this is a challenge for users. there will be Five chalenges. Each harder as we move on. Each challenge will eliminate a user. the users name will be crossed out when eliminated. if you are interested please comment and say you want to be appart of this. ill add your name to the chart below

NEW RULE!!!: after only one person is left ,except for the fourth task, The next task will be posted, but until everyones score is posted and someone is eliminated you must not post your entry

EVERDEEN Task4: 9 1/2 Task5:10
NECTERINE411 Task4:9 Task5:7 1/2
PREZZIESNOW eliminated: Task three 5
MOON BEAM eliminated: Task One
NATE777 eliminated: Task two
SKYANDBRAY Dropped out task four

Task one

Easy one. First your have to make the best, most intemidating tribute you can think of. must be from D7 D9 D2 or D1. Say if it is on you profile or post it here. I will judge on a score from 1 to ten. one being terribly not intimidating and ten being i would probly not even talk to the trib... User with the lowest score will be eliminated!

Task two

You must make th full interview with your tribute. Your interview must have at least one back and forth type of conversation with Flickerman the scale will be 1-10. 1 being you put the nation to sleep and ten being keep going

Task three

A little challeging but I think you can do it. You must find a song that matches a scene in The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, or Mocking Jay. It can be either the chorus,... a verse... or the entire song. In your comment you must list the song, what part that was listed above and the scene. I will have songs in mind, I won't tell you, You can find a song that might be what a character is thinking. it can also be an instrumental for a scene. I will post scores as you enter you thing

Task four

you must create the most sad/ intense death. Your tribute died but how? the more detail the better. no posts till i eliminate someone from task three

Final task

two part task! since Sky dropped out. you have to do task four and you have to make a parady of a song for the hunger games. Just the chorus though!


and the winner is... Everdeen! she had excelent entries and so did Necterine411 they both did great and well everdeen just had a tiddly bit better entry on task 4! great job everdeen!

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