Omg so if you're going to the Hunger Games movie... are you as excited as me/???? i mean i wanna see it, but i don't because i dont want it to suck! but i can't wait for it! i and my friends who are twins are leaving school early on the 23rd to go see it! what are you doing????

Are you even gunna see it? do you like die every time someone who hasn't read the books asked you what it's about???? do you freak out when you see trailers on tv??? if you do then you may be intitled to HGobsesion. " Hi, I have HGobsession, and i would like to tell you that the only cure, is to stay obsessed and go see the movie. Do not see the movie if you have recently got addicted to a new series, barely like the books, or do not like the actrs. Symptoms of HG obsession may enclude: freakin out over trailers. crying in the middle of some sad scenes in the BOOK, only looking up Hunger Games related videos, Re-Reading the series over and over. Dieing because it isn't March 23rd, or everything above"

That is my commercial for HGobsession awarness! what's yours???

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