so, i really don't know how to make a games, but imma try! =). so it'll hopefully be up soon, so yeah. dont "reserve" anything please. and if this fails, oh well

So in my games, i guess it'll be a quell. so only half the tributes. so six girls and six guys

this ISN'T a user games

DISTRICT1 Puhnk Pink 14 dead


Karo Mellis 16 dead
DISTRICT3 Issabella Electrode 18 daed
DISTRICT4 Payton Ocean 14 dead
DISTRICT5 Rose Jones 16 alive
DISTRICT6 Heath 16 dead
DISTRICT7 Olivia Stronghold 12 dead
DISTRICT8 Stanly Fox 15 dead
DISTRICT9 Monica Fisher 12 alive
DISTRICT10 Tyson Venson 15 alive
DISTRICT11 Detora Brandy 17 dead
DISTRICT12 Titun Siege 18 alive

So after the last four are put up. this is how MY GAME will work. each will get an interview... ill ask three questios on her(thhis page) and if you have a tribute. you answer what your tribute would say). the we go the the games. each gets a small POV at the begging. and then ill give you ____ options. you answer what your tribute would do. and if it doesn't lead to something violent. then thats good!


Question ONE: What do you plan to do in the Games?

Questin Two: How confedent do you feel?

Question three: how's your stay in the capitol, what emotions have you faced?

If you don't answer. its fine you just have to make a decision in the GAMES section.... so if you don't you're dead. sorry =(

The Beginning of the games

You are just coming out of the tube that raised you into the very green and hot arena


Puhnks POV: The tube ISN'T pink!!!! I I hope there is some pink things... OH wait... I think... YES a pink weapon!!!!! i am so excited "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" everyone started looking at me " PINK!!!!!" and the countdown starts

Karo's POV

Izzy's POV

Paytons POV

Rose's POV: i see a weapon.... and i want it!

Heath"s POV

Olivia's POV

Stanly's POV

Monica's POV: I look around and see the Mountains and the trees. I also Hear the booming voice " TEN, NINE EIGHT...."

Tyson's POV: I stay as calm as i can while the count down starts. I try to look like i will kill, but i wont, only if i must "Five....Four...Three... Two.... One..."

Detora's POV

Titun's POVAs i nervuselylook at all of the tributes. each one staring in the cornucopia, except one, Puhnk, i think... "SEVEN SIX......"

THE GAMES day one

"...ONE" the booming voice ends and the gong sounds you....

1)Run toward the Cornucopia, hoping to get the weapon you eye balled

2) run as far away as you can. trying to stay away fron the blood bath going on

3) stand on you plate trying to figure out if you should fight, or run

4)Find someone to ally with another tribute

5) forfit and die

If you chose ONE

this i only if you chose one.

someone is trying to get to the weapon youre trying to get. you...

1) punch them, hoping to knock them out

2) reach for it before they do

3) dive for it hoping not to get stabbed in the back

if you chose TWO

as youre running you find a path and it splits into two paths, you....

1) take the right path, lucky guess?

2) take the left path lucky guess?

3) don't take the path but don't turn around, just run a dif way


Heath: I saw a path but it split to two paths, i took the right. I was walking and not looking around and i saw a mutt, or animal, but then it came after me.... and now this is my goodbye

Monica: I run toward the Cornucopia and i see someone going for my weapon, i tap them on the back they turn around and punch him, i think i knocked him out just enough for me to get it and run

Detoria: i find a path. and it seems as if it splits two ways but leads together again. i go the right path. but a squirrle like creature pops out of the trees, i try to stab it with a stick i picked up, but before i release, everything goes black, visions flashing through my mind and i hear my selve say i love you all at h- and i have no thought no more

Tyson: I heard someone say i love you, and look down the right side of the path and a cannon goes off. i sa=tart running and i end up taking the left path. as i am running i notice my suroundings. i stop to process everything so far. I have not died.

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