So for one. who saw the hunger games movie at lease 3 times? I did! and second I am counting down to November 22, 2013 for catching fire. I know nothing is caps bc i don't feel like it, so anyways I have some news about Finnick, you probly already know this! So Robert Pattinson was supposed to play the fisher from D4 but no! and I heard this and was like THANK GOD! I mean i like twilight but that would be such a bad contridiction! so anyway. I can't wait to here who will be playing Johanna, she is my favorite.

The News

So the News I have for you is thatafter the Movie came out, alot of people started reading it, which is good right? well I will update this every once and a while! BYE!

Idea Time

so I noticed alot of the older users like me aven't been on and so I was thinking... What If we got some new people on here? like "advertising" on FB or Twitter, or what ever social network your on. so if your in please try! thanks!

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