Okay first off, this is to no one. it's my opinion for pretty much every wiki that i visit or dont. People say that they are leaving the wiki. Either because of an incedent that happened. they have something better to do, or something else. But what bug"s me is how they say I am leaving beacuse of a comment I made and got band for it, or something like that.

People! you can still visit the wiki, and maybe make a comment or two, you don't hav to be onhere 24/7 like you used to be. You really aren't leaving you say you are but you will still get back on and look around. and by leaving, what do you even mean? I mean you still have a profile, you still visit, you may not make blogs no more, or make few comments. you are still here. and you don't have to announce that you are leaving because you can just not visit this wiki anymore. I am not trying to be mean I guess I wanted people to know that I really think it is ridiculous when people post blogs about it. That is my opinion, so If you want to disagree go ahead, you have the freedom of speech so do I and yup :) so comment below or don't

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