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  • Bystander100

    Twenty-five years after the rebellion, President Paylor reinstilled the Hunger Games and places the tributes in a virtual arena, rather than real one. In the end, all of the contestants survive.

    In the past two games, there has been a total of 9 victors.

    Name :

    District :

    Age :

    Appearance :

    Personality :

    Private Training Session :

    Weapon :

    Allies :

    Background :

    Strengths :

    Weaknesses :

    Name :

    District :

    Age :

    Chariot Costumes (Both Male and Female) :

    Interview Outfit (Both Male and Female) :

    1. The Games, Reaping, and Interviews will be in one page and there will be private training sessions and reapings unlike my first two games.
    2. Do not get into fights with other tributes.
    3. Do not complain if you die.
    4. If you do not submit all the information for tributes/stylist,…

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  • Bystander100

    Time for the games to begin!

    Congratulations to the three victors!

    1. Eden Melair
    2. Nicholas Davenport
    3. Waverly Mare

    1. You can change your alliance anytime you want. Just post in the comments.
    2. Do not get upset if your tribute die.
    3. You sponsor yourself. If you have a mentor, then your mentor sponsors you. Participants from my previous games are familiar with this concept.
    4. Try not to fight with other participants.
    5. There can be two or more victors.

    You can send a gift one per day to a tribute of your choice. If you have a mentor, this option isn't avaliable.

    Underlined items mean they are unavaliable for the day.

    1. Meat
    2. Chicken
    3. Beef
    4. Crackers
    5. Beef Strips
    6. Apples
    7. Mint Leaves
    8. Bread

    1. Water

    1. Spile
    2. Tent
    3. Backpack
    4. Iodine
    5. Sleeping Bag
    6. Coat/Jacket
    7. Umbrella
    8. Sheet of Plastic
    9. Water Canteen
    10. Water B…

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  • Bystander100

    I decided to go ahead and skip the Chariot Rides and head straight for training.

    Tell me what your tribute will be doing during the private training session. Refer to the bottom of part one for more information. If your score is bolded, it is a favorable one.


    Deadline is Saturday, June 9th at 12 pm Eastern, 9 am Western.

    Tribute District Training Score Odds
    Edward Dawson 1 10 5-1
    Shimmer Stenson 1 9 6-1
    Nicholas Davenport 2 10 6-1
    Katrina Piper 2 10 4-1
    Joseph Anderson 3 7 15-1
    Kaliya Fiana 3 7 22-1
    Waverly Mare 4 11 2-1
    Eden Melair 4 9 8-1
    Roger Ryans 5 6 25-1
    Carolyn Curtis 5 5 32-1
    Reggie Miller 6 9 12-1
    Tamora Summers 6 8 9-1
    Icarus Thompson 7 9 10-1
    Lija Moulder 7 11 4-1
    Martin Evan 8 7 17-1
    Tora Carmichael 8 8 14-1 …

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  • Bystander100

    My first games were a partial success.. I might as well make another one.

    Part Two is up.

    1. No stupid sounding names.
    2. Check the district openings.
    3. Ally preference and weapon.
    4. Age.
    5. Personality and Physical appearance.
    6. Gender.
    7. Mentors are included. I recommend District 10(highly) and District 3 for good mentors.

    1. No stupid sounding names.
    2. If you were my previous stylist, you can ask me to be one again.
    3. Personality.
    4. District
    5. Name
    6. Outfit for both interview and chariot rides.

    District : 2, 5, 8, 11, 12

    Male, Female.

    Name District Age Weapon Ally Created by Mentor
    Edward Dawson 1 18 Spear Careers Wikia Contributor (H) None.
    Shimmer Stenson 1 16 Throwing Knives Careers AshtonMoioLover…

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  • Bystander100

    I'm really excited! Time to begin my first games! Here are some basic rules.

    1. You can direct your tribute to do something certain. Like to attend the feast, infiltrate Careers or hide. If you don't, I will just do with them as I please.
    2. If you want to break an alliance, tell me how. Kill the other or shake hands and walk away.
    3. To form an alliance, tell me.
    4. If you want a certain supply, send a request. One gift per day. You will need to rely on your allies also.
    5. If there is something bolded in the paragraphs, read it!
    6. If you complain, I have a lovely guillotine and basket waiting for you.

    I did everybody a favor and only killed 3 in the opening bloodbath.

    Also, I'm sorry if I killed off your tribute. The games wouldn't be the same if I killed them o…

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