Alright, you can be at least two of two of the avaliable sections: Tributes and Stylists. We need more players, so please apply! :)

Reapings and Stylists applications will be closed on Monday, May 14th. I'll just do it myself.

Reapings are closed. Part Two will be up shortly. The designs/tributes are made by other people not on the wiki if there by Wikia Contributor.

ALSO! There will be a twist since this is the fourth Quarter Quell.

Part Two will be up on Sunday, Part Three probably Monday or Tuesday.

Chariot Ride Costume :

Interview Outfit


Tribute District Age Gender Created by:
Sapphire Hyland 1 18 F Madrigalmagic
Ares West 1 17 M NerdDFTBA
Eva Stone 2 16 F Wikia Contributor
Blake Mercer 2 14 M MvP victor
Adele Gray 3 14 F Wikia Contributor
Platinum Meridious 3 15 M Imortallyrandom
Krystal Clearwater 4 14 F Hungersisters1108
Beck Karagatan 4 17 M LittleRedCrazyWood
Ellery Emerson 5 15 F District3Tribute
Kevin Ross 5 16 M Wikia Contributor #5
Lynnette Handsows 6 16 F TheHungerGamesGirl
Andrew Lopez 6 17 M Wikia Contributor #4
Zara Lancaster 7 17 F NerdDFTBA
Atlas Dunnin 7 16 M Tothedoom
Mariel Noriel 8 13 F DaughterofRue
Jeramy Al 8 14 M Italicos
Miya Rye 9 14 F OrangeGreenConverse
Jacob Thresh 9 16 M Hungersisters1108
Priscilla Vireo 10 16 F Cloveismywife
Tristan James 10 13 M FHT
Ciaria Ella 11 14 F Katniss 9
Sliuls Hanwell 11 17 M 50thGamesFTW
Drina Vox 12 16 F Nommyzombies
Marcus Daniel 12 17 M Wikia Contributor #3


Saphire Hyland : 18 year old with flowing blond hair, blue eyes and 5'7. She is good with a sword, ruthless and fast. She is also overconfident and cannot find food herself.

Sliuls Hanwell : 17 year old and 5'11.

Miya Rye : Miya has been working in the grain fields since she could hold a sickle. She is the youngest of five children, all of which are too old to volunteer for her. She is also a vegetarian, though meat is hard to come by in District 9. She doesn't want to kil anyone, so she spends most of her time running and hiding from the other tributes. When she is confronted, she is very skilled, but will always stop at leaving her opponent unconscious and then fleeing again. She also hates the boy tribute from District 9, for unspecifed reasons.

Platinum Meridous : 5'7 Black Hair and Green Eyes. Also extremely good at making traps that have anything to do with wires or electricity. Quick minded and gullible.

Ellery Emerson : Ellery can be a tad skittish or paranoid at times. However, she is very capable at defending herself. She can be sweet as a button one moment, but if she is threatened, you better haul ass in the other direction, because she will destroy you.

Blake Mercer : he Has long Brown hair and blue eyes. about 5'6 in heigth. average weight. fast runner. Most of the time blake is quiet. blake is calm and not effected by pressure. He is also very likable. He plans things out instead of just rushing in. He is very skilled in swords and best at throwing knives.

Adele Gray : She is quite shy, but very stealthy. She never really likes being around people, so you could say she is kind of a loner. She doesn't really mind though because she gets so shy around people. Too shy and doesn't really talk much. She lives with her older brother and mom. Her dad died in a lab explosion. She doesn't have many friends, only the few that actually had the heart to reach out to her.

Eva Stone : Eva is a tough and brutal person. She has trouble making friends. She is a mean and sadistic person. She has trouble getting people to like her, so she is worried about getting sponsors and making alliances. Eva lives with her sister and mom. (her dad died)

Krystal Clearwater : Gets attached to people very quickly. Bubbly and bright making her very likeable. She lived with her two brothers and father after their mother died in a boat accident.

Jacob Thresh : Non-social, silent and strong like the original Thresh.

Tristan James : He is a stealth master and can really throw his spear. Also can identify plants and is fast. Not very strong and bad in hand to hand combat.

Zara Lancaster : Long black hair, teal eyes, tan and 6'1. fairly talented with a wide variety of weapons, but mostly is incredible at knife throwing. She knows a good deal of medicine and is very fast and a good swimmer. She can also identify many edible items and is good at camoflague, and as well she is very smart, too cocky and is not very adaptable. ruthless and mean but will pretend to be charming to the capitol

Ares West : Black hair, green eyes, tan, 6'1 and muscular. fairly talented with a wide variety of weapons, but is mainly talented with spears. he knows a good deal of medicine and is very fast and a good swimmer. he can also identify many edible items and is good at camoflague, and as well he is very smart. ruthless and mean but will pretend to be charming to the capitol

Atlas Dunnin : Hates the weak and loves the Careers. 5'11 with black spiky hair and scar down his cheek.

Lynnette Handsows : A nice and rebellious girl. Long blond hair witha braid.

Beck Karagatan : Beck is quite cocky, somewhat arrogant. Good addition to the Careers, but likes thinking he's the leader, which might cause some fights. He looks good, with ocean blue eyes and black hair. He has pale skin, is an excellent swimmer too. And is good with a trident/spear. Grew up in D4 with his twin brother he's protective of because his twin brother, his name is Ray, is blind. He wants to win the Games in order to be able to ask that instead of the prize, they do something to restore his brother's sight. He wants to win so badly, that the idea of losing is out of the picture.

Ciaria Ella : She is chubby and short.She is cute and has long blonde hair. She is strong but she cannot run fast. She is friendly but BEWARE she can kill.

Jeramy Al : :He is tall,muscular and has golden eyes and hair. He is smart, aggresive, friendly, funny and sarcastic.

Mariel Norel : She is short,caramel skin,has a long,curly hair and she has black eyes. She is smart and fast. She is not so strong but she is sly.

Priscilla Vireo : Medium length blonde hair, pretty, caucasian. Quiet, determined, brave, strong


If it says unknown, it will not affect anything.

Tribute Tribute's Gender Stylist District Chariot Ride Interview
Sapphire Hyland Female Delia Rose 1 Decorated in a dress made of finest cloths, colors that represent gemstones, like amethyst and topaz scatter the dress. A beautiful pink dress that looks like a wedding dress, but less poofy and without the veil.
Ares West Male Delia Rose 1 Similar to the Sapphire's, but wearing a suit. A blue suit.
Eva Stone Female Kelly Birdland 2 A hat that has wings at the back, a silver, shining armor with a skirt hangs on the body and stainless steel greaves. A sword is hung on the back. A gray gown with slippers.
Blake Mercer Male Kelly Birdland 2 A chain mail with greaves and a mace on the back. A shiny, silver suit.
Adele Gray Female Allison Elspeth 3 A silver headwear with two sharp points at the front, a pattern jumpsuit with silver lines going in different directions, and shoes looking similar to the headwear. A shiny, silver dress that drops gray glitter, slippers that looks like it is made of wires.
Platinum Meridious Male Allison Elspeth 3 A silver headwear with a bunch of wires, jumpsuit with many different colors, right leg exposed and shoes made of wires. A silver suit that reflects light and shoes that sparks when touching metal.
Krystal Clearwater Female Marco Arch 4 A sailor's uniform. A shirt made of blue and white, the buttons are yellow. Skirt with a stripped trim and shoes that have blue laces. A beautiful gown that has a water and a boat pattern at the bottom.
Beck Karagatan Male Marco Arch 4 A toga wrapped around the waist and holding a trident. The sailor shirt is ripped but enough to not call "shirtless". A suit with a blue jacket, white shirt and white pants and shoes.
Ellery Emerson Female Ari Brill 5 Hair styled to look like hair standing up from static. Wearing a tight, blue jumpsuit with three mini tesla-coils wrapped around each arm and leg and one around her chest. These are conducting visible electric currents. Reminiscent of Katniss' outfit (visible flames-visible electricity). Long, sheek, beautiful copper colored dress. The dress has electric wire in it, which causes it to light up. Her hair is put in a glamorous bun/ponytail style. Copper/brown-ish wedges.
Male Ari Brill 5 Hair styled to look like hair standing up from static. Wearing a tight, blue jumpsuit with three mini tesla-coils wrapped around each arm and leg and one around her chest. These are conducting visible electric currents. Reminiscent of Katniss' outfit (visible flames-visible electricity). Long, sheek, beautiful copper colored suit. The suit has electric wire in it, which causes it to light up.
Lynnette Handsows Female Maya Adams 6 She Wears A Stewardess Suit Which is Color Blue and She will Ride on the back of the boy.. She will throw Missles at the crowd and inside of it is Confetti and Sparkly Things. Unkown.
Andrew Lopez Male Maya Adams 6 He wears a Dark Green Jet wings on his arms and 2 jet wheels on his feet. He Wears Dark Green Jacket,Shirt and Pants. He holds A laser (which is mistaken as a missle) and Lasers the Crowds which has colorful lights that is like a rainbow. Unknown.
Zara Lancaster Female Hannah Watson 7 Trees. Dress that is covered with leaves.
Atlas Dunnin Male Hannah Watson 7 Trees. Suit covered with leaves.
Marian Norel Female Al Shifter 8 She wears an Eight-layered dress of different colors that represents the 8th District and its colorful industry.Her head dress is made up of yarns,cloth and glitters that sparkles that matches the lights. She wears a slim silver dress.Her shoes is designed to make her look taller and She wears a tiara that looks like a star because it glows in the night.
Jeramy Al Male Al Shifter 8 He wears a tuxedo made of the finest and smoothest fibres in Panem that represents District 8's fine and smooth industry.His hair is finely decorated with yarns and glitters and his shoes is also made up of crocheted yarns. He is wearing a black and silver tux that looks like the moon. He also wears a leather shoes.
Miya Rye Female Naranya Payloma 9 Flowing, shimmery amber dress with subtle wheat pattern, straight hair pulled up with a wide, woven headband, gladiator-style sandals, woven bracelets to match headband. Short, poofy bright green dress, curly hair with green barrettes, green wedges, and the woven bracelets from her chariot
Jacob Thresh Male Naranya Payloma 9 White suit with tie matching girl's dress, straw belt, straw Tom's, straw fedora. Tan pinstripe suit, green tie, same shoes and hat from the chariot
Priscilla Vireo Female unknown 10 A cowboy outfit like the 74th Hunger Games. Unknown.
Tristan James Male Unknown 10 Same as above. Unknown.
Ciaria Ella Female unknown 11 Golden bamboo hat, a gold, raggedy dress and boots. A gold dress made of cotton, wheat and rice patterns.
Sliuls Hanwell Male Unknown. 11 A golden bamboo hat, raggedy clothes and boots. Suit made of cotton, wheat and rice pattern.
Drina Vox Female Unknown. 12 Miner outfit. Unknown.
Marcus Daniel Male unknown 12 Miner outfit. Unknown.


Naranya Payloma : Naranya is very upbeat, like most Capitol citizens, but she is not a big fan of some of the current fads. She prefers simple and subtle over obvious and outragous. She is new this year to District 9, and stays in touch with Miya's sponsor throughout the Games.

Ari Brill : Ari is a sweet girly-girl. She is excited, as this is her first year being a stylist. She is very outgoing and outrageous, wearing some of the most colorful and crazy outfits the Capitol has to produce.

Maya Adams : None.

Allison Elspeth : A somewhat cocky girl, she is friendly. She tries her best to have her District to win, and will go to desperate measures with the mentor to win.

Al Shifter : None.

Gamemakers (No Gamemakers since no one replies.)

Gamemaker Rank Specialty Created by:
Josh Warner Head Feast and Bloodbath Myself
Tiara Mayweather Normal Cornucopia supplies Joekeybladeaura
Bryan Kiopleh Normal Terrain manipulation Imortallyrandom
Terra Forefay Normal Muttations Rainfacestar

I'll post the rest. Gamemakers, if you are reading this, Post what you will do by May 14th or you're done and my changes are permanent.


The arena has multiple ecosystems. The Cornucopia is placed southwest. North of it is a vast meadow filled with hostile and friendly animals. Trees are scattered through the meadow. A lake is directly in the middle. Leaning to the middle is a vast mountain range, but there is a path that leads you to a raging desert. In the middle of the desert is an oasis. Past the desert is the vast forest filled with trees that can cover if you create a fire. The lake there is in the middle, also. The end of the forest is covered by a mountain that is unpassable.

Cornucopia Supplies

Typical backpacks/weapon layout. Backpacks are scattered in the vicinity of the Cornucopia, each backpack includes some food. The Weapons include maces, tridents, bow and arrows, axes/hatchets, knives, swords, blowguns and crossbows. Individual supplies like a single loaf of bread will be scattered near the tributes.


Muttations include snakes that have sharp, spiky skin, rabbits that have poisonous teeth, deers that can scream , which will give away where you are in the arena, spiders that can devour you alive, walking sunflowers that can steal things and absorb water and a grizzly bear that is released in the arena one hour everyday.


Okay, let's go ahead for now. Tell me what your tribute will do at the private session. Say what will you do by Sunday, May 13! or else you will recieve a 0 for your score and no sponsors for you! Okay..

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