My first games were a partial success.. I might as well make another one.

Part Two is up.

Submitting a Tribute

  1. No stupid sounding names.
  2. Check the district openings.
  3. Ally preference and weapon.
  4. Age.
  5. Personality and Physical appearance.
  6. Gender.
  7. Mentors are included. I recommend District 10(highly) and District 3 for good mentors.

Submitting a Stylist

  1. No stupid sounding names.
  2. If you were my previous stylist, you can ask me to be one again.
  3. Personality.
  4. District
  5. Name
  6. Outfit for both interview and chariot rides.

District : 2, 5, 8, 11, 12

The Tributes

Male, Female.

Name District Age Weapon Ally Created by Mentor
Edward Dawson 1 18 Spear Careers Wikia Contributor (H) None.
Shimmer Stenson 1 16 Throwing Knives Careers AshtonMoioLover None.
Nicholas Davenport 2 17 Sword w/ Bow and Arrow Careers FinnickForever None.
Katrina Piper 2 15 Spear Careers Epic Hobo None.
Joseph Anderson 3 17 Mace District 3 and 5 AshtonMoioLover

Adele Gray


Kaliya Fiana 3 16 Knife District 3 and 5 Wikia Contributor (B)

Adele Gray


Waverly Mare 4 17 Sword Careers OrangeGreenConverse None.
Eden Malair 4 15 Trident Careers HappyHannah1234 None.
Carolyn Curtis 5 14 Mace District 3 and 5 Wikia Contributor (E)

Ellery Emerson


Roger Ryans 5 17 Axe District 3 and 5 Wikia Contributor (D)

Ellery Emerson


Reggie Miller 6 14 Hand-to-hand combat. None. 2legit2quit None.
Tamora Summers 6 15 Bow and Arrow. Anybody. AshtonMoioLover None.
Icarus Thompson 7 18 Sword None. Wikia Contributor (F) None.
Lija Moulder 7 17 Tomahawk With Tora. District3Tribute None.
Martin Evan 8 14 Sword Anybody. Wikia Contributor (C)

Jeramy Al


Tora Carmichael 8 17 Halberd With Lija. District3Tribute

Jeramy Al


Sapp Galonza 9 17 Axe None. 2legit2quit None.
Marley Duncan 9 15 Axe None. Wikia Contributor (A) None.
Mali Harris 10 16 Knife District 10 and 11 alliance. Meatballlover

Priscilla Vireo


Howard Holo 10 Mace

District 10 and 11 alliance.

Wikia Contributor (G)

Tristan James


Ethan Sunset 11 18 Sword District 10 and 11 alliance. GladysGlayer

Sliuls Hanwell


Renee Hanwell

11 15 Sword District 10 and 11 alliance. 50thGamesFTW

Sliuls Hanwell


Grant Justin 12 14 Mace None. GladysGlayer

Drina Vox


Silver Grant 12 17 Axe Careers. ILOVEfinnickodair

Drina Vox



District Stylist Costume Interview Outfit Tribute Gender
1 Miranda Pierce A suit splashed with colors of jewels. A suit with a topaz-colored tie, white shirt and pants. M
Shimmer Stenson 1 Miranda Pierce A dress splashed with colors of jewels. A topaz-colored dress, amethyst slippers, and sapphire-colored headband. F
Nicholas Davenport 2 M
Katrina Piper 2 F
Joseph Anderson 3 Plug. Sparkly suit. M
Kaliya Fiana 3 Socket. Sparkly dressed. F
Waverly Mare 4 M
Eden Malair 4 F
Roger Ryans 5 M
Carolyn Curtis 5 F
Reggie Miller 6 Carmen Ivan A blue and yellow pilot's outfit. A yellow peacekeeper's hat with a visor, pin with the Panem emblem on it and gloves with suns on it. A suit with the emblem of Panem on the tie. The jacket has sun ray patterns on the sleeves. M
Tamora Summers 6 Carmen Ivan A blue and yellow stewardess dress. A pin with the emblem of Panem on it. Ponytail with hair clips shaped like moons. A fluffy dress with moon patterns at the skirt and the Panem emblem pin. F
Icarus Thompson 7 Michael Lewton A white, thin headpiece branch-like arms sticking out. Suit with tree trunk texture and tie with a leafy pattern. Boots are white with brown soles. White suit with a tree trunk accent, tie with a leafy pattern and shoes with brown soles. M
Lija Moulder 7 Michael Lewton A white, thin headpiece with branch-like arms sticking out. Her jumpsuit has a tree trunk texture and a black hole near the belly button. The shoes are white boots. A white, glittery dress with a leafy pattern at the chest and tree trunk accents at the tip of the dress. F
Martin Evan 8 M
Tora Carmichael 8 F
Sapp Galonza 9

Naranya Payloma

Similar to the female, but with pants and a vest, and different painted designs. Holds a spear and a basket. M
Marley Duncan 9 Naranya Payloma

Native sleeveless dress with matching moccasins, feathers in her hair, and tribal designs painted on her face and arms. Holding a basket.

. F
10 Irving Harris A red plaid flannel shirt, black thick jeans, black boots, a rope, a shovel and a cowboy hat. The red plaid pattern from the flannel shirt is on the tie, a gray and brown suit representing a shovel. M
Mali Harris 10 Irving Harris A blue plaid flannel shirt, thick blue jeans, black boots, a rope and a cowgirl hat. The dress has the blue plaid pattern from the flannel shirt. The waist down has a steel line going down horizontally. It looks like the metal from a shovel. F
Ethan Sunset 11 M
Renee Hanwell 11 F
Grant Justin 12 M
Silver Grant 12 F

Personality/Physical Appearance

District 1 Male :

District 1 Female : outgoing, witty, friendly, and everybody loves her.

District 2 Male : Appearance: spiky blonde hair, 6'3, handsome and muscular body

Personallity: Smart, strong, bossy and brutal.

Skills: Fast runner, can jump tree to tree and can identify poisonous water and food.

Weapon: Sword and bow and arrow

Weaknesses: Has problems that can drive him crazy.

District 2 Female :

District 3 Male : mature, moody, and poised.

District 3 Female : Shy, rude and weird.

District 4 Male : Waverly spends most of his days on a fishing boat with his father. He has no siblings, and doesn't see his mother very often, but he and his father have a strong father-son bond. His father dislikes the Hunger Games, thus never purposfully trained Waverly to be a Career. Sailing a fishing vesssel is hard work though, and several years have toughened Waverly up like any other Career.

Tactics: May or may not join the Careers after what his father says about the Games, only if it is to his advantage, and will likely secretly abandon them later.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Despite being rather muscular, he is quite agile from climbing the rigging. He is also adept with a sword and knives from fighting off pirates, but he isn't very good with long-range weapons, like a spear or a bow. May not last long without a constant source of water, but he won't hesitate to eat fish raw if he has to. Other meat, he will definitely cook.

District 4 Female : Sweet, a little sassy, confident, likable, Curly, long, blonde hair and green eyes, tan skin, curvy body, tall.

District 5 Male : Witty and somewhat stupid.

District 5 Female : Friendly.

District 6 Male :

skills blowgun, climbing, really fast, you'll be lucky if you catch him, camo, decent with throwing knives

weakness: Strength

Apperence: African American 5"9, fierce look in his eyes, brown eyes, dreadlocks

personality: vengful (of his 4 brothers deaths in previous games), creative, smart, sweet,

District 6 Female : shy, clever, and short.

District 7 Male :

District 7 Female : Mysterious, quiet, stoic and calm.

Tall (5'8). Long (breast-length), almost completely straight, midnight-black hair. She always has her hair in a long fish-braid. Normal complexion. Smouldering, emerald-green eyes. Large lips. Small nose. Curvy, sexy figure. Always slouches.
Annyone who is willing to ally with her.

District 8 Male : Witty, strong and somewhat stupid.

District 8 Female : Average height (5'5). Shoulder length, shaggy mud-brown hair that always partially covers her eyes. Huge, coffee-brown eyes. Norma; complexion. Average size lips. Somewhat pointy nose. Always has a big grin on her face, no matter what, which shows off her dimples.

District 9 Male : Tall, muscular 6"5 African American , bald, colorless eyes, Likeable, Open-minded, confident

District 9 Female : Quiet, ruthless and mean.

District 10 Male :

District 10 Female : Brown with natural dirt blonde highlights. She is 5'4" and slim. She has extremely dark brown eyes and caramel colored skin. Fast and smart. Gets along with animals and is good at healing and aiding the wounded. She can also almost always be trusted (sometimes good) and has a good memory. It's hard to change her mind. Doesn't talk much. Doesn't share ideas.

Personality: Shy and doesn't talk much to people unless she knows who they are. Likes animals and smiles at times only when she's truely happy.

District 11 Male :

District 11 Female : nice and bubbly, random but funny, likeable, Dark blue hair, green eyes with a gray tint, a curvy body, a short nose, Seductive, and a wide smile.

District 12 Male :

District 12 Female : Personallity: Confident, likable, smart, sneaky, nice

Curly, long, black hair with bangs, blue eyes, 5'9, pretty and slim

Would like to be with Carrers, but most likely won't be. If not Carrers, alone

Fast runner, good at knife and axe throwing, sneaky, knows how to identify edible plants

Can get frustrated easily

The Arena


The arena is scattered islands spread over a fresh-water ocean dotted with jungles, forests and meadows. The Cornucopia island is in the middle, and the Cornucopia is placed in the middle of a lake. The lake is shaped like a clock, but there is 24 different wedges that make a bridge to the Cornucopia. Access to the other island is mainly by swimming. There is a total of 36 islands. Twelve of them is jungles, other twelve is forests, other twelve is meadows.

Cornucopia Layout/Supplies


The Cornucopia is placed on a middle of the lake. The launch room places the tributes on land bridges that connect to the Cornucopia. Between each wedge is about twenty meters of water. The mines are buried on the path to the Cornucopia and steps behind it.


The major items such as tent packs and bow and arrows are placed at the Cornucopia mouth. The meager supplies are placed at the outline. There is two kinds of backpacks, a big and small. Each backpack already contains a knife, some food and at least some water supply.


Muttations include nocturnal sharks that surround islands, minnows with venomous fangs, a swarm of butterfly mutts that set you on fire, carnivorous raptors and aggresive piranhas.

The Danger Zone

Each day in the arena, a random island is selected to be the danger zone. There, the weather will turn harsh, the muttations will become more violent and the waters surrounding the island will release piranhas making entering and exiting more dangerous.

Part 2

Part Two will include the interviews, chariot rides and training.

Send the following in, the sooner you get these in, the faster the games will begin. Place in the comment and remove the comment when I say so.

Part Two will be up in one - two days after the Stylist and Tributes are filled.



  1. Private Training Session

Cornucopia Strategy

  1. Will your tribute run away or go for the backpack?

Go For Backpack

  1. What size? Large or small. (The larger backpacks increase the risk of your tribute dying, but has better suppies.
  2. Once you have your backpack, choose the island # you will be on. (#1 ~ 36.)

Don't Go for Backpack

  1. Choose the # island you will go. (#1 ~ 36).

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