Time for the games to begin!

Congratulations to the three victors!

  1. Eden Melair
  2. Nicholas Davenport
  3. Waverly Mare


  1. You can change your alliance anytime you want. Just post in the comments.
  2. Do not get upset if your tribute die.
  3. You sponsor yourself. If you have a mentor, then your mentor sponsors you. Participants from my previous games are familiar with this concept.
  4. Try not to fight with other participants.
  5. There can be two or more victors.


You can send a gift one per day to a tribute of your choice. If you have a mentor, this option isn't avaliable.

Underlined items mean they are unavaliable for the day.


  1. Meat
  2. Chicken
  3. Beef
  4. Crackers
  5. Beef Strips
  6. Apples
  7. Mint Leaves
  8. Bread


  1. Water

Survival Supplies

  1. Spile
  2. Tent
  3. Backpack
  4. Iodine
  5. Sleeping Bag
  6. Coat/Jacket
  7. Umbrella
  8. Sheet of Plastic
  9. Water Canteen
  10. Water Bottle
  11. Water Skin
  12. Matches
  13. Firewood
  14. Camouflage Supplies
  15. Rope
  16. Spool of Wire
  17. Insect Repellent


  1. Bandages
  2. Antibiotics - Stops infections.
  3. Instant Heal - Heals anything and recovery is immediate.


Weapon can be bundled with ammuniton or other but not both.


  1. Sword
  2. Mace
  3. Knife
  4. Bow and Arrow
  5. Slingshot
  6. Blowgun
  7. Spear
  8. Trident
  9. Axe
  10. Wooden Club
  11. Steel Club
  12. Throwing Knife


  1. Quiver of Arrows [12]
  2. Blowdarts [12]


  1. Vial of Poison - Used in arrows and blowdarts. Guaranteed kill.
  2. Axe head - Used when original head is dull.
  3. Alcohol - Used for cleaning.

Gifts - Day One

Gift To Whom User
Sword Nicholas Davenport FinnickForever

Gifts - Day Two and Three

Gifts To Whom User
Bandages and Antibiotics Eden Melair OrangeGreenConverse

Gifts - Day Four

Gift(s) To Whom User
Sheet of Plastic, Instant Heal and Crackers Nicholas Davenport Fluffy887
Instant Heal Eden Melair HappyHannah1234

Death Chart

Name District Ranking By How
Ethan Sunset 11 24th Nicholas Davenport Snapped Neck
Marley Duncan 9 23rd Silver Grant Slit Throat
Howard Holo 10 22nd Tamora Summers Arrow in the Neck
Carolyn Curtis 5 21st Shimmer Stenson Eye Perforated
Kaliya Fiana 3 20th Shimmer Stenson Neck Fractured
Martin Evan 8 19th Joseph Anderson Drowned
Icarus Thompson 7 18th Rattlesnake Mutt Arm Amputated
Roger Ryans 5 17th Silver Grant Impaled
Grant Justin 12 16th Edward Dawson Snapped Neck
Tora Carmichael 8 15th Eden Melair Trident in Chest
Shimmer Stenson 1 14th Mali Harris Eviscerated
Reggie Miller 6 13th Waverly Mare Speared in the Stomach
Edward Dawson 1 12th Sapp Galonza Arrow in the Head
Renee Hanwell 11 11th Joseph Anderson Skull Fractured by Mace
Silver Grant 12 10th Tamora Summers Arrow in the Heart
Tamora Summers 6 9th Eden Melair Decapitated
Sapp Galonza 9 8th Nicholas Davenport Stabbed in the Chest
Katrina Piper 2 7th Lija Moulder Tomahawk in the Chest
Joseph Anderson 3 6th Mali Harris Machete in the Head
Mali Harris 10 5th Thunderstorm Cave Collapsed
Lija Moulder 7 Runner-Up Nicholas Davenport Stabbed in the Back
Eden Melair 4 Victor --------------------- ---------------------------
Waverly Mare 4 Victor --------------------- ---------------------------
Nicholas Davenport 2 Victor --------------------- ---------------------------

Day 1

10... 9.... 8.... 7... 6... 5... 4.. 3... 2.. 1.. GO!

All twenty-four tributes step of their plates. A thirty meter dash to the Cornucopia on land bridges. The first three to come is Icarus Thompson (District 7), Nicholas Davenport (District 2), and Ethan Sunset (District 11). Nicholas grabs Ethan in a headlock and snaps his neck. Icarus left immediately after Ethan's body lands on the ground. Icarus jumps off the island and swims toward Island #34.

The next batch of tributes come. Marley Duncan (District 9) runs to the Cornucopia until she is grabbed by Eden Melair (District 4). Silver Grant (District 12) picks up a dagger and slits Marley's throat. She drops the bloody body and both Eden and Silver head to the Cornucopia mouth. Howard Holo (District 10) reaches the mouth. He picks up a large backpack and flees. An arrow whizzes past some tributes and it sinks itself into Howard's neck. Tamora Summers (District 6) slings the bow down her back and runs to the mouth to retrieve supplies.

Lija Moulder (District 7) runs to the Cornucopia. She hid herself near some crates to get some supplies. She lays her eyes on a beautiful tomahawk. She picks it up and grab a small backpack. As she is leaving, she bumps into Tora Carmichael (District 8). Both glance at each other before they form their alliance.

Shimmer Stenson (District 1) grabs a wooden club and a slingshot. She finds Carolyn Curtis (District 5) picking up a weapon. Shimmer hits Carolyn in the back with the club and pins her to the ground. Shimmer grabs her slingshot and a rock and send it into Carolyn's eye, perforating it. Shimmer stands up and runs to the mouth when she promptly throws the club. It hits Kaliya Fiana (District 3) in the neck. Her district partner Joseph Anderson (District 3) is angry about his partner's demise. His ally, Martin Evan (District 8) says it isn't a big deal. Joseph grabs him by the waist and throws him into the water. Martin resurfaces, but Joseph picks up the same club and hit him in the head. Martin drowns shortly after that.

Mali Harris (District 10) and Renee Hanwell (District 11) reach the mouth. They both pick supplies as Sapp Galonza (District 9) and Reggie Miller (District 6) reach the Cornucopia. Tamora find her allies and readies her bow. Her bow sends two arrows, one of them piercing Renee's calf, the other piercing Eden's. Tamora runs with her allies before any of them gets killed. Mali helps Renee on her good leg and both grab a backpack before they flee the Cornucopia.

The rest of the tributes dispersed, the weapon and supplies picked clean and the cannons sound.




The Careers settle into an island with their supply pyramid piled high. Edward Dawson (District 1) tends to the wounded Eden while the rest sleep.

District 3 and 5

Joseph and Roger Ryans (District 5) find a good island and take a rest there. Both have mediocre supplies but they work for them for now.

District 6 and 9

Sapp, Tamora and Reggie find an island and settle there. All three of them total have enough supplies and Sapp stays up to guard.

District 10 and 11

Renee and Mali both reach their islands safely. Mali struggles to help Renee's wound.

Lija Moulder and Tora Carmichael

Both find a comforting island. Lija keeps guard as Tora goes to sleep.

Icarus Thompson

Icarus didn't get any supplies from the Cornucopia, so he is struggling.

Grant Justin

Nobody known what became of Grant Justin.

Day Two


The cannon that sounded rings around the arena.

Three hours prior, The Careers awake and goes off hunting. Eden, Shimmer and Waverly Mare (District 4) stay back to watch the camp. Nicholas and Katrina Piper (District 2) goes to Island #34. They scour around the island to look for any victims, but finds an amputated arm. Katrina's scream startles the nearby birds that are watching their every step. The arm is bloody, but with flies and insects buzzing around it. Katrina and Nicholas walk around the hunk of meat and find a dead rattlesnake. The snake's skin is saturated with blood. Katrina gags as Nicholas continues. Nicholas stops at Icarus' body. It is still bloody and dripping. A parachute lands at Nicholas' feet and he picks it up to reveal a sword with a gold hilt. He puts it on his waist and take Katrina back to base camp.

Edward Dawson (District 1) and Silver travels to Island #23. They find Grant Justin (District 12) eating an apple by a tree. Roger emerges from the bushes. Silver throws her spear and it finds itself into Roger's chest. BOOM! Roger's ally, Joseph finds himself in a problem. He takes his supplies and run into a nearby cave, hoping the assailants won't reach him. Grant tries to run away, but Edward tackles him to the ground. Edward grabs his neck and jerk it to the side. A crack was heard and a BOOM! shortly after that.

Mali wakes Renee up. Renee's calf was able to heal and Mali recommends both go their seperate ways. Renee reluctantly agrees and both split their supplies. Mali leaves the island and Renee tends to her pierced calf, still needing the healing supplies.

The District 6 and 9 alliance sit around the fire. All of them are quietly munching on their meals, none of them dare saying a word.

The District 7 and 8 alliance thrives well. Both haven't run into trouble lately and their okay.


The Careers

They are excited about their two new kills and have no trouble.

District 6 and 9

Nothing in particular or of importance happened.

Lija Moulder and Tora Carmichael

Nothing in particular or importance happened.

Mali Harris

Left the alliance with Renee Hanwell.

Renee Hanwell

Left the alliance with Mali Harris.

Joseph Anderson

Lost an ally.

Day Three

The Careers awake and leave to go hunting. Nicholas and Eden reach the District 7 and 8 Island and Renee reach the island also. Once the 5 tributes meet, all hell broke loose. Renee teamed up with Tora and Lija and they fight. Lija swings her tomahawk, aiming for Eden's head, but she ducks and Lija's axe head lodges itself into a tree. The tree falls over and tumbles down the hill. Renee stuck her sword into Nicholas' chest, and it bleeds out. Eden punches Tora in the face and she lands on the ground, attempting to stop the blood gushing from her nose. Tora regains her feet just to be impaled in the chest by Eden. BOOM! Lija cries out and kicks Eden in the mouth, breaking her nose. The wounded Careers flee along with Renee. Lija leaves as the claw picks up her dead ally.

Mali leaves her island to visit the Career's island unknowingly. She is ran to the Career Base by a mutt. She is spotted my Shimmer. Shimmer yells out that it is her kill and Shimmer chases Mali around the base. Mali steals a machete and two throwing knives. Shimmer throws an axe and it misses by several centimeters. Mali tosses the two knives, each miss. Shimmer tackles Mali and is about to stab her eye when Mali takes the machete and uses it to eviscerate Shimmer. BOOM! Mali throws her sword straight to Shimmer's district partner, him ducking. Mali makes a swift exit and leaves to the neighboring island.

Nothing happened for the rest of the tributes.

Day Four

The Careers goes out hunting for tributes. Edward, Katrina and Waverly goes hunting. They reach the island where District 6 and 9 is resting. Once the two groups meet, they fight. Tamora sends an arrow into the Career's direction, aiming for Katrina's skull. Katrina ducks and throws a knife to Reggie's head. Reggie ducks and throws his sword to Waverly's neck. Waverly dodges and throws his spear. It impales Reggie's stomach. BOOM! Tamora tosses her bow to Sapp and he sends an arrow to Edward's head. BOOM! Two other tributes join the fight, Renee and Joseph. Waverly retrieves the spear from Reggie's corpse and thrusts it to Renee. Renee swiftly dodges it and kicks it out of his hand. Renee swings her sword at Joseph's arm, him dodging. He takes his mace and swings it to Waverly's stomach, causing a sore bruise. Joseph is about to slam it into his head when Katrina throws a knife into his shoulder. He takes the knife out and stabs Renee in the leg. Katrina throws another knife, Joseph dodges. Renee yanks the knife out and stabs Joseph back. Joseph retaliates by hitting her in the head with his mace. BOOM! Katrina drags Waverly out of the battlefield and back to their island.

Mali hears the last three cannons and avoid the direction. She is now in a bad situation. The zombies of her original alliance emerge from the ground. Howard's zombie grabs her in the back and scars it. Mali jumps and uses her machete to amputate its legs. She gives it a finishing blow by decapitating it. Renee's zombie scars her back even more and she kills her by bisecting her. Ethan's zombie snaps her arm and she grabs it in pain. Renee is about to kill her when a blowdart hits it in the neck. Lija takes the dart out of the zombie's neck and helps Mali to a near cave. Lija splits their remaining food supplies and they are now out of food.

Day Five

"The tributes of the 101st Hunger Games. Examination in the rule book now allows three total victors. That is all." -Claudius Templesmith.

The remaining tributes look at each other. There can be 3 victors.

Tamora and Sapp leaves the island they were on to travel to the Career's Island. There, they meet the Careers. Tamora sends an arrow in Waverly's direction, the arrow is immediately deflected by a flying trident thrown by Eden. Silver picks up a throwing knife and tosses it into Sapp's leg. Tamora sends another arrow to Eden, Eden deflecting it with a sword. Sapp yanks the knife out and sends it straight into Waverly's shoulder. Waverly pulls it out and collapses. Katrina runs out of the forest and pulls Waverly away. Tamora sends another arrow and it buries itself into Silver's heart. BOOM! Eden throws an axe and it decapitates Tamora. BOOM! Sapp tries to run but a sword is sent flying and it finds itself in Sapp's chest. BOOM! Nicholas walks out of the forest to retrieve his sword. Katrina sets Waverly by a tree and goes off hunting for the remaining tributes. She reaches a stormy island and finds Lija picking some berries. On the opposite side, she finds Joseph with a mace readied to throw. Katrina throws one of her knives into Joseph's shoulder, and he falls. Lija notices it and throws her tomahawk. It buries itself into Katrina's chest. BOOM! Joseph rises but a machete hits his head. BOOM! Mali threw the machete. Lija returns to the cave.

A couple of hours later, a huge thunderbolt hits the cave and it starts to collapse. Lija helps Mali up, but she is too weak to move. Mali pushes Lija out of the cave. She drops her machete and gives her a nod. Lija is about to run into the cave but it is too late. The cave collapses and it crushes Mali. No cannon can be heard. Lija drops her supplies when she sees three Careers coming her way. She takes her tomahawk and throws it into Nicholas' leg. Nicholas throws his sword into Lija's chest. BOOM!

The trumpets blare and the three victors of the games are announced.

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