I decided to go ahead and skip the Chariot Rides and head straight for training.

Training Scores

Tell me what your tribute will be doing during the private training session. Refer to the bottom of part one for more information. If your score is bolded, it is a favorable one.


Deadline is Saturday, June 9th at 12 pm Eastern, 9 am Western.

Tribute District Training Score Odds
Edward Dawson 1 10 5-1
Shimmer Stenson 1 9 6-1
Nicholas Davenport 2 10 6-1
Katrina Piper 2 10 4-1
Joseph Anderson 3 7 15-1
Kaliya Fiana 3 7 22-1
Waverly Mare 4 11 2-1
Eden Melair 4 9 8-1
Roger Ryans 5 6 25-1
Carolyn Curtis 5 5 32-1
Reggie Miller 6 9 12-1
Tamora Summers 6 8 9-1
Icarus Thompson 7 9 10-1
Lija Moulder 7 11 4-1
Martin Evan 8 7 17-1
Tora Carmichael 8 8 14-1
Sapp Galonza 9 8 14-1
Marley Duncan 9 5 35-1
Howard Holo 10 7 28-1
Mali Harris 10 7 23-1
Ethan Sunset 11 10 8-1
Renee Hanwell 11 9 14-1
Grant Justin 12 6 30-1
Silver Grant 12 8 19-1

The Interviews

If there is a dash across your name, you didn't submit the needed information for interviews or the Games.

Shimmer Stenson

Caesar : Let's get the night started Capitol! Shimmer Stenson!

(Audience cheers and whistles as Shimmer walks out in a provocative dress.)

Shimmer : Hello Capitol!

(Audience cheers louder and it settles down after a couple of seconds.)

Caesar : Now Shimmer, tell me about life in District 1.

Shimmer : It isn't as lovely as here in the Capitol. Back home, it was marvelous but there was factories destroying the beautiful view. I mean, even the visitors from District 8 was disgusted!

(Audience give reassuring awws.)

Caesar : President Paylor should really fix that, shouldn't she?

Shimmer : Well.. duh!

(Audience laughs)

Caesar : Well, last question, tell me about the Careers.

Shimmer : Being, the friendly and obviously gorgeous person of myself, (she flips her hair) I decided to let people in the Careers if their worthy. And only one person was: Silver Grant.

Caesar : Well, I would guess her score of 8 would be..


Edward Dawson

Caesar : Thank you, Shimmer! Let's give a warm welcome to her district partner, Edward Dawson!

(Edward walks to the stage, seldom looking at the audience.)

Caesar : Tell me, Edward, was your district partner's description of District 1 correct?

(Edward glares at the Caesar, then answers in a strong but solemn voice.)

Edward : Well, you see, she is dumber than a sack of hammers, but she is correct.

(Shimmer gives a huge gasp and the Capitol laughs.)

Caesar : Oh I see..

(Edward sighs)

Caesar : Tell me about the Careers.

Edward : You can leave that to Katrina and Nicholas. I'm done with you.

(Edward leaves his seat and walks out.)

(1 minute, 27 seconds later..)


Katrina Piper

Caesar : Why don't we go in more depth with the Careers.. District 2's Katrina Piper!

(Audience cheers and yells.)

Caesar : Tell me, Katrina. What is the Careers?

(Katrina puts her lips together, smiles and finally says something with a sweet, polite voice.)

Katrina : Well, ignoring the name calling in District 1, I guess we're a strong pack. Waverly and Eden keeps saying that me and Nicholas should kiss or something. Silver just laughs Edward and Shimmer just keep fighting.

Caesar : Doesn't seem strong to me..

Katrina : Everybody is entitled to their opinion, right?

(The audience cheers.)

Caesar : Why so ever not?

(Caesar and Katrina stare at each other, Katrina glaring.)


Nicholas Davenport

Caesar : Let's meet the hunk of District 2, Nicholas Davenport!

(Instead of cheering, screams are heard as Nicholas walks to the stage.)

Caesar : Can you teach me that?

Nicholas : Nope.

Caesar : Tell me, what is between you and Katrina?

(He laughs and then rolls his eyes.)

Nicholas : Nothing romantic. I have enough suitors at home.

(Screaming that is horrible to the ears can be heard.)

Caesar : Well, you seem a bit hostile.

(Audience is dead silent.)

Nicholas : You better watch your mouth, Flickerman, or else I will rip out that throat.

(Caesar gulps and the audience give out shrieks of fear.)

(Nicholas stands up and tackles Caesar out of his chair as the audience scream. Peacekeepers can be seen yanking Nicholas from the scene and helping Caesar up.)


Kaliya Fiana

(Caesar wipes blood from his broken nose and coughs out some broken teeth.)

Caesar : Let's get Kaliya Fiana out here!

(Kaliya walks out smiling and waving.)

Caesar : Now Kaliya, tell me about life here in the Capitol?

Kaliya : Well, Caesar, I only visited the Capitol once, but I can say that the beautiful lights and the fashion choices here are remarkable.

(Audience cheers)

Caesar : I see... now tell me about your game strategy.

Kaliya : My mentor, Adele Gray tells me that I should ally with the District 5 tributes.

Caesar : That led her and the District 5 female, Ellery Emerson to victory last year.

Kaliya : Yes, it did.

Caesar : I mean, not doing that alliance can kill you!

Kaliya : True..true.


Joseph Anderson

Caesar : Thank you, Kaliya Fiana, let's give a warm Capitol welcome to Joseph Anderson!

(Joseph walks out and settles into his seat.)

Caesar : Now Joseph, tell me about yourself.

(Joseph blinks and waits for a while to answer.)

Joseph : I don't know what I can say that will not make me sound arrogant..

Caesar : Let's change the question.. how about what do you like about the Capitol?

Joseph : The food here is excellent, life here is really cheerful (and the people here is anything but hostile.

Caesar : I see.. last question. What is your strategy?

Joseph : My mentor told me to ally with the District 5 tributes. I guess I will be doing that.


Eden Melair

Caesar : Let's move to District 4, Eden Melair, everybody!

(Eden walks in with a glowing smile.)

Eden : Hi Caesar!

Caesar : Now tell me about the 9 you got in training?

(Eden looks at Caesar, then presses her lips together and smiles.)

Eden : I was disappointed for such a low score, but even more because it is less than my District partner.

(Audience gives reassuring words.)

Caesar : Now tell me about the Career strategy..

Eden : I can't tell you that much, but expect us to be brutal.


Waverly Mare

Caesar : That was our buzzer, let's welcome Waverly Mare!

(Waverly strolls to the stage.)

Caesar : Tell me Waverly, about life in District 4.

(Waverly hesitates a bit, then continues.)

Waverly : I really enjoy life in District 4. The townspeople are really nice and it feels so different from here.

Caesar : Twenty-six years ago, there was two victors and their newborn son, do you know who they are?

(Waverly rolls his eyes and then gives out a sigh.)

Waverly : How can I not know Finnick and Annie Odair? They're love is so disgusting, it makes me want to hurl.

(The audience breaks out in hysterical laughter.)

Caesar : Tell me about your parents.. before we end this..

Waverly : Before I left, my dad tried to convince me to work alone, but joining the Careers is the only way to stay alive.


Carolyn Curtis

Caesar : District 5 tributes are here, meet Carolyn Curtis!

(Carolyn walks out in a shiny white dress.)

Caesar : Now tell me Carolyn, is there a way to say your whole name shorter, it is just a mouthful to say!

(Carolyn gives out an airy laugh.)

Carolyn : My friends call me Carol Curt.

(Caesar nods.)

Caesar : Excellent, Carol. Now, tell me about life in District 5.

Carol : Living there is pretty easy. Learning about electricity, powering up this shimmering nation, it is just really fun.

(Audience cheers.)

Caesar : I see.. final question. What do you love about the Capitol?

Carol : Beautiful, just beautiful. You people shouldn't over do it because we don't have all the electricity in the world!

(The audience bursts out in laughing before the buzzer sounds.)


Roger Ryans

Caesar : Thank you, Carolyn, Let's meet Roger Ryans!

(Roger swiftly takes his seat.)

Roger : Let's get the party started!

(Audience cheers.)

Caesar : Again, do you have a shorter name?

(Roger shakes his head.)

Roger : (mimicking Caesar) Now let's see, what do you hate about the interviews?

(Caesar stares in disbelief as the Capitol bursts out in laughter.)

Caesar : (horribly attempting to mimick Roger.) I hate that the excellent people I meet have to die on T.V. but come back to the world once more! Honestly, I like the original games better.

(Audience gasps.)

Roger : A cruel person, you are.. just cruel!

(The buzzer stops quickly before this ends in a fight.)


Tamora Summers

Caesar : Well, let's bring out Tamora Summers of District 6!

(Tamora struts ot the stage in a beautiful gown.)

Tamora : Hi Caesar! It's excellent to meet you!

(Tamora shakes Caesar with a firm grasp.)

(Caesar lets go, rubbing his hand.)

Caesar : Wow Tamora, you seem really strong..

(Both and the audience laughs.)

Caesar : Tell me Tamora, what is your plan in the arena?

(Tamora hesitates to begin, but she gets reassurance from her district partner.)

Tamora : Me, Reggie, Sapp and Marley plan to form an alliance like the other districts. District 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 miss out on the action!

Caesar : Your allies are from 6 and 9, correct?

(Tamora nods.)

Caesar : Final question, what do you love about the Capitol?

Tamora : It's beautiful here, and the food here is to die for!


Reggie Miller

Caesar : Let's meet Tamora's district partner, Reggie Miller!

(Reggie walks out in with a faint smile.)

Caesar : Before I begin, is your real name Reginald?

(Reggie looks at him before we begins to talk.)

Reggie : I'm actually not sure myself!

(Audience laughs.)

Caesar : I can't resist, but go in depth with your alliance.

Reggie : Well, Sapp from District 9 invited me and Tamora to form an alliance. He said something about both of us at least making far into the games, so we couldn't resist.

Caesar : I see..

Caesar : Well..

(Both do not speak and the buzzer sounds after an awkward silence.)


Lija Moulder

Caesar : (pronouncing Lija's name wrong) Let's brush that last conversation off, Lija Moulder of District 7, everybody!

(Lija walks to her seat, fixating her eyes on that certain seat.)

Lija : Hello, Caesar.

Caesar : Interesting name.. how do you pronounce it?

(Lija gives out a sigh.)

Lija : It's pronounced Lija in Elijah, not "Lee-ja".

(Audience gives out ohs.)

Caesar : Oh, well, I see.

Caesar : Anyway, tell me life back in District 11.

(Audience is silent for a bit before Lija replies.)

Lija : I'm from District 7 and many trees are there. Survival in habitats with trees is one of my best weapons. My ally says I'm pretty lethal with axes.

(Caesar gives out a oh.)

Caesar : I'm sorry, I'm just tired, and I bet you are!


Icarus Thompson

Tora Carmichael

Caesar : Okay Capitol! Let's meet Tora Carmichael!

Tora : Hi Caesar!

(Tora grabs Caesar's hand and shakes it before Caesar lets go.)

Tora : I am so glad to be here, Caesar.

Caesar : Aren't we all?

Caesar : Anyway.. what is your strategy for the arena?

Tora : I plan to ally with Lija from District 7. Her survival skills could be handy.

Caesar : Well, wouldn't it?


Martin Evan

Marley Duncan

Sapp Galonza

Caesar : Time to meet Sapp Galonza, District 9!

(Sapp walks out and he walks straight to his chair, tall and proud.)

Caesar : Out of all the people I interviewed today, you have the most unique name.

(Indecipherable at first, but understandable near the end.)

Sapp : Thank you Caesar, constructive criticism is always allowed, isn't it?

Caesar : Thank you Sapp. Now tell me Sapp, what is something new about the Capitol?

(Sapp crosses his arms, and thinks a for a while before answering.)

Sapp : The showers.. back at home, we get cold or warm water, but not both!

(Audience gives out a short but strong laugh.)

............................................(Long and awkward silence.)



Mali Harris

Caesar : Alright District 10! Let's meet the female, Mali Harris!

(Mali settles into her seat.)

Caesar : How excited are you for the games?

Mali : I was so blessed with the best mentor. Priscilla gives out so much excellent advice.

Caesar : It should! You have one of the best mentors your District could offer!

Mali : I would assume so.

Caesar : Tell me, Mali, about your strategy..

(Mali doesn't reply.)

Caesar : What do you love about the Capitol?

(Look at the previous one.)

Caesar : Umm...

(Mali looks at him.)

(Caesar mouths push the buzzer.)


Howard Holo

Renee Hanwell

Caesar : Thank you District 10! Let's meet Renee Hanwell!

(Renee walks to her seat, it takes her a while to settle into it.)

Caesar : Your brother Sliuls is mentoring you, I see..

(Renee smiles and laughs.)

Renee : You should've seen his reaction when I got reaped.. it was hilarious!

(Audience laughs.)

Caesar : I hear President Paylor just approved more than one victor!

(Audience cheers.)

Renee : Interesting.. what are the circumstances?

Caesar : Both tributes agree for two victors, I guess.


Ethan Sunset

Silver Grant

Caesar : The final District of the night, meet Silver Grant!

(Silver walks casually.)

Caesar : So, Silver.. I see you joined the Careers this year...

Silver : You're suprised? I would be if I didn't join,

Caesar : I guess you would..

(Silver gives a warm smile.)

Silver : Do you have any more questions for me, Mr. Flickerman?

(Caesar seems happy.)

Caesar : Just one more.. what do hate about the Capitol?

(The audience anticipates for the answer.)

Silver : Absolutely, positively, nothing!

(Audience cheers.)


Grant Justin

Caesar : Let's be glad the night is over! Grant Justin!

Grant : Hey Caesar! Let's get the party started!

Caesar : Let's will!

Grant : I am so stoked to be here! I mean, like duh! No one is more happier than I!

Caesar : Wel-

Grant : I mean, the games are beginning and like so much more!

Caesar : I me-

Grant : Are you happy? Of course you are! I mean.. who wouldn't! like...



Part Three

Part Three is up. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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