I'm really excited! Time to begin my first games! Here are some basic rules.

  1. You can direct your tribute to do something certain. Like to attend the feast, infiltrate Careers or hide. If you don't, I will just do with them as I please.
  2. If you want to break an alliance, tell me how. Kill the other or shake hands and walk away.
  3. To form an alliance, tell me.
  4. If you want a certain supply, send a request. One gift per day. You will need to rely on your allies also.
  5. If there is something bolded in the paragraphs, read it!
  6. If you complain, I have a lovely guillotine and basket waiting for you.

I did everybody a favor and only killed 3 in the opening bloodbath.

Also, I'm sorry if I killed off your tribute. The games wouldn't be the same if I killed them off in Day Sixty. Look at Rule 6 if you're talking about changing anything.

AND if you want to try to figure out the twist. It involves the number 6.


  1. The #6
  2. Gamemaker

After some thinking, I'm planning on making another game. If you want to participate it, you can go ahead and ask me to reserve you a district or a stylist spot.

The Games are Done! I must end it early because I'm going on vacation. :\ I'm sorry if the games ended abrupt.

The Victors are

  • Adele Gray
  • Jeramy Al
  • Drina Vox
  • Ellery Emerson
  • Tristan James
  • Priscilla Vireo
  • Sliuls Hanwell

Mandatory Information for Participants

Day Four

Day Four will come out on Friday ~ Saturday; 5/17 or 5/18. I have a suprise already set.

Day Five

Saturday or Sunday. There won't be much bloodshed, but there will be a suprise I set.

Released Saturday.

Day Six

Day Six will be skipped. It will be released with Day Seven.

I'm really picking up the pace with this. The feast is today, 5/19.

Day Seven

Here is the chart. If you don't respond, I kill you. :) 'This day is the Feast. You MUST answer Yes or No to the Feast, but all of the remaining tributes will have something they will need.'

Yes to the Feast No to the Feast
Blake Mercer Sliuls Hanwell
Krystal Clearwater Adele Gray
Beck Karagatan Eva Stone
Atlas Dunnin Ares West
Drina Vox Priscilla Vireo
Mariel Norel Jeramy Al
Ciaria Ella Tristan James
Jacob Thresh
Ellery Emerson
Miya Rye

Day Eight

Day Eight is on Monday\Tuesday. The Careers should not worry about losing any tributes until after Day Ten.

Day Nine

Day Nine will be on Friday. I'm busy on Wednesday and Friday due to a school activity.

Released Tuesday.

Day Ten

Day Ten will be Saturday.

Gift Chart

Item Requests
Medicine 6
Throwing Knives 4
Bandages 4
Spear 2
Blowgun w/ Blowdarts 1
Water 1
Night-vision glasses 1
Food 1
Ice 1

Death Chart

Tribute District Ranking Killed by
Andrew Lopez 6 24th Eva Stone
Kevin Ross 5 23rd Blake Mercer
Sapphire Hyland 1 22nd Jacob Thresh
Marcus Daniel 12 21st Krystal Clearwater
Zara Lancaster 7 20th Sliuls Hanwell
Lynnette Handsows 6 19th Drina Vox
Platinum Meridious 3 18th Wounds (inflicted by Sapphire Hyland)
Krystal Clearwater 4 17th Jacob Thresh
Blake Mercer 2 16th Miya Rye
Jacob Thresh 9 15th Blake Mercer
Ciaria Ella 11 14th Atlas Dunnin
Mariel Norel 8 13th Raptor Mutt
Ares West 1 12th Adele Gray
Atlas Dunnin 7 11th Sliuls Hanwell
Beck Karagatan 4 10th Tristan James
Miya Rye 9 9th Enchinoderm Mutt
Eva Stone 2 8th Scorpion Mutt
Adele Gray 3 Victor
Ellery Emerson 5 Victor
Jeramy Al 8 Victor
Priscilla Vireo 10 Victor
Tristan James 10 Victor
Sliuls Hanwell 11 Victor
Drina Vox 12 Victor

Day 1 - The Bloodbath

All twenty-four tributes are standing surrounding the Cornucopia. In the mouth of the Cornucopia is tent packs, big backpacks and boxes. Scattered to surround the Cornucopia by a couple feet is weapons. Scattered near the tributes are knives, bread, sacks of apples and water bottles.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!

The tributes step off their plate and headed out.

Mariel Norel (District 8) headed straight out of the sea of tributes. Only being able to grab a loaf of bread. She escapes unharmed.

Andrew Lopez (District 6) was able to grab a sword but is stopped by Eva Stone. He tries to fend her off, but Eva shoves her spear straight into his heart. BOOM! Eva takes his sword and runs to other vulnerable tributes.

Lynnette Handsows (District 6) is saddened to see her partner's demise. She grabs a backpack closest to the exit and leaves with no harm.

Platinum Meridious (District 3) foolishly went straight into the mouth of the Cornucopia. His leg is cut by Sapphire Hyland (District 1). Sapphire leaves when an arrow knocks her sword from her hand. Adele Gray (District 3) and Ellery Emerson (District 5) helps him regain his feet. They collect Kevin Ross (District 5) and they escape. Kevin stops and runs to pick up a first-aid kit. He was pushed down by Blake Mercer (District 2). Blake grabs his neck and started choking him. His allies had to watch in horror. BOOM! Adele picks up a knife by her feet and sends it straight into Blake's arm. He falls down, takes the knife it out, and holds it in pain. His ally, Krystal Clearwater (District 4), runs to his aid, repelling suspects of murder.

Miya Rye (District 9) spots her district partner. She grips her sickle. Jacob Thresh (District 9) looks at her. She takes her sickle and attempts to slash his neck. He dodges and give her a nasty look. She has fear and anger mixed on her face. Jacob immediately yells, "DUCK!" and by instinct, she does so. Jacob picks up a trident by him and sends it flying. It cuts Sapphire's throat. BOOM! Jacob grabs Miya's arm and yanks her into the Meadow while she screams and thrashes about.

Marcus Daniel and Drina Vox (District 12) both blindly grabs a backpack and escapes unharmed.

Jeramy Al (District 8) runs to the Cornucopia and grabs a backpack. He makes a run for it, but Ares West (District 1) throws his knife. His knife lodges into Jeramy's thigh. Jeramy trips and rolls down a hill. His head slams into a tree and he is knocked out cold. He is concealed by bushes, however. The rest of the tributes dispersed.

The remaining tributes which include Ares, Eva, Blake, Krystal, Beck Karagatan (District 4) and Atlas Dunnin (District 7). They scavenge the supplies and set their base at the Meadow's lake.

The rest of the night was spent for tributes to settle down and start hunting down suspecting tributes. No casualities was made after the bloodbath.

Day One Deaths

  • Andrew Lopez : Impaled through the heart by Eva Stone.
  • Kevin Ross : Asphyxiated by Blake Mercer.
  • Sapphire Hyland : Throat ripped by Jacob Thresh.

Day Two

The night breaks into day. Two gifts came into the night. Priscilla's mentor sent her two dozen throwing knives and a message, "Give it to the District 11 Boy.". Zara Lancaster (District 7) was given a half a gallon of water from her District with a message, "You have to win..".

The Careers split up to hunt. Eva and Krystal takes for the desert. Beck scours the meadow and Ares, Atlas and Blake stand guard. Neither Careers could find any victims.

Mariel survived the freezing night and heads to the Career supplies. She set a fire in the meadow which causes the three guards to head there. She was able to grab some food and a good backpack. She escapes when the three guards came back. They didn't know that Mariel fox-faced them.

Jeramy regains consciousness and takes the knife from the ground. He stands up and starts limping. He takes his jacket and wraps it around his wound. He limps to the oasis and washes his wound. He sits to eat when he is spotted by a shadowy figure. Thinking it is a mirage, he ignores it. When it comes closer, he gets out the lake , grabs his extra knife and readies. It is revealed to be a golden grizzly bear cub with blue eyes and claws as sharp as knives. Jeramy makes a run for it, but he is slowed by his wound. He finally trips and is cornered by the bear. All of the sudden, the bear starts to struggle and yell. Jeramy sees that the bear is drowning in quicksand! He takes his knife and shoves it into the bear's throat. The bear coughs a huge splash of blood right into Jeramy's face. He wipes it off, puts on his pants and boots and escapes.

The District 3 and 5 alliance is in the forest. Platinum's leg wound is still getting worse. Unless one of his mentors(allies) request medicine, his death is imminent in 2-3 days. Adele leaves to go hunting, while Ellery stays by his aid. Two hours later, Adele reaches the Cornucopia, barely avoiding the hunting Careers. She digs up the remaining land mines and return to her base. She with the help of her allies turn on the mines and set the m between their base. Ellery leaves a distinct pattern which can easily fool people.

Marcus wakes up and is telling his parter, Drina, to wake up. They have been spotted by Eva and Krystal. They pack up their supplies and tries to escape. Eva throws her knife and it lodges into Drina's backpack. Drina, in panic, jumps off the mountain. Her fall didn't harm her too well. She trips when Krystal launches her trident, cutting off about three centimeters of Drina's hair. Marcus tries to make a jump for it, but Eva kicks him in the abdomen, causing him vomit. While disoriented, Krystal pushes him off the mountain, causing him to fall to his death. BOOM! His neck snaps on impact. Drina screams at her bloody district partner. She takes his backpack and tries to escape. She is successful and runs into the desert. Krystal's mouth drips blood and she collapses. There is a knife piercing her back from an unknown source, but it is actually Zara who threw the knife. She slips away quietly and leaves. Eva drags Krystal's immobolized body back to base. Unfortunately, there is no bandages or medicines, so they have to wait for their allies to get some.

The tributes of District 10 and 11 is resting in the forest. Sliuls Hanwell (District 11) leaves to go hunting with Priscilla. She spots the alliance of 3 and 5. Priscilla blindly runs into the mines. The mines does something different. They catch on fire. Priscilla screams and runs to the nearby lake. Everybody watches in bewilderment. Adele sends an arrow in Sliuls's calf while he was distracted. He is then tackled by Ellery who is prepared to slit his throat. He kicks Ellery in the abdomen which sends her flying. Sliuls regains his feet and limps back to his base. Priscilla with a coincidentally a burnt calf returns to the base also. They were able to cover the wounds w/ the first-aid kit but they will need burn medicine for Priscilla.

Miya finally reaches the Oasis. She scoops up the water with her hands and finally rests. She is still shooken by the death of Sapphire. She goes to sleep, preparing for the freezing weather. Jacob abandoned Miya at the desert entrance. He sets his camp at the edge of the Meadow.

Lynnette hides at the mountain range, planning to find alliances at morning.

Day Two Deaths

  • Marcus Daniel : Neck snapped by Krystal Clearwater.

Day Three

Several parachutes came during the night. The first came from Drina Vox. "Try your best to not waste these." A vial of poison, a blowgun and two dozen blowdarts sit in the stainless steel bowl. Another gift to Priscilla. "Rub these and stay off that leg." A balm for her burn. Two gifts for the Careers. A spear from District 4, throwing knives with medicine and bandages. Another gift for the Careers, throwing knives.

Jacob spent the day picking wheat from the field. A firefly muttation when glowing sets plants on fire starts to appear. Jacob throws his swords to knock off the part that shines. It falls off but the field is set on fire. He retrieves his sword and is now in a battle with Ares. Ares kicks Jacob in the leg, causing him to fall. Jacob retaliates by stabbing him in the foot. Ares reacts with a punch to the jaw. Jacob regains his feet and slams his head into Ares, knocking Ares out. Jacob grabs his backpack and runs.

Miya spent the day re-hydrating at the Oasis. She spots a Career out of the corner of her eye. She scoops up her supplies and dashes out. She swiftly avoids poisonous snakes, quicksand and cacti. The Career in notice is Beck. He spots Miya put doesn't bother going after her. He later goes face to face with another golden grizzly bear. He easily kills it by jamming his spear into its paw. Drina spots him. She readies her blowgun and tries to escape. Beck finds her and throws his spear into her direction. She stops and blows a dart into his direction. It hits a cactus, which falls down, leaving an angry trail of snake mutts. They swarm Beck and bites him. The unfatal venom floods his body. He will need medicine before Day Five. Drina scares off the snakes and steals his night-vision glasses. She will need medicine by Day Seven.

Zara plans to go to the forest to think of home. When she finally reaches there, she readies her knives when she spots a wounded Priscilla. Priscilla tosses one of her knives and it pierces her boot, causing her to fall. Zara sends a knife straight into her knee. Priscilla yanks it out, throws it to the side, runs up a tree. Zara throws another knife, piercing the branch, causing her to fall back-first. The air is knocked out of her body and she is disoriented. Zara prepares a death blow until a knife goes through her stomach and it hits the tree. BOOM! Tristan and Sliuls is seen right behind where Zara was standing. They retrieve her backpack, help Priscilla to her feet and they return to base.

The District 3 and 5 gets a suprise gift. A coil of wire and rope sits inside the metallic bowl. The message reads, "Use your head. -Kevin Ross". Adele ties the rope to make a snare trap and sets it by a tree. Ellery uses the coil of wire by wrapping it around trees and placing it inside a nearby lake. Platinum is still wounded, if medicine doesn't come by Day Four, he will die. Ellery changes the bandages on his leg while Adele watches the District 10 and 11 Alliance from afar.

Jeramy still has a gash on his thigh. He goes into the forest and spots the District 10 and 11 Alliance. He looks at them quietly until Sliuls looks in his direction. He yanks his head back in, taking a quiet and deep breath. Ciaria stands up to look behind the tree. A foot slams into her abdomen, sending her back. Jeramy is running away until a knife is trapped in Adele's snare. He is dangling by one foot. Sliuls sees this as a good time and sends a knife. Jeramy, who is still dangling, dodges the knife and had the good luck for it to cut the rope. He lands head first onto the ground. Already coughing blood, he immediately circles around to confuse Sliuls. Sliuls tackles Jeramy, but he ducks and Sliuls is sent head first into a tree, scarring his face. Jeramy doesn't bother to finish off his foe and immediately leaves.

Lynnette leaves her mountain until she is stopped by Drina. Fearful, she makes a run for it. Drina takes one of her already poisoned dart and sends it. It hits a mountain wall. A panicking Lynnette throws her only knife and it cuts some of Drina's skin. Drina falls into a pit and is clinging onto the mountain wall. Lynnette walks over to Drina, prepared to send her down to her death. Right when Lynnette steps on her fingers, Drina sends a poisonous dart straight into Lynnette's neck. BOOM! Luckily, Drina's fall was stopped by a river but she is suffering from three bruises on the leg, two on the fingers. She lets the seemingly endless stream take her away as the hovercraft plucks Lynnette's body and devirtualizes.

Mariel spent the day traveling and settles in the meadow for camp. She spots Ares' body and cuts his back, but not enough to make him die right there.

Day Three Deaths

  • Zara Lancaster : Back pierced by Tristan James.
  • Lynnette Handsows : Dart in the neck.

Day Four

Gifts flooded in last night. Medicine for the Careers, and what not. A pack of throwing knives for Blake Mercer came.

The alliance of District 3 and 5 turned bitter. Both Adele and Ellery knew that Platinum was near death's door. Ellery gathered up the remaining supplies and Adele gave Platinum a huge hug. Ellery held Platinum's hand while his breathing slows. Platinum smiles and takes his last breath. BOOM! His eyes fluttered shut, smile disappeared. Adele stands up, a tear trickles down her face and Ellery embraces her. The alliance leave for the desert.

The Careers are patched up. Krystal's wound disappeared, the venom that flooded Beck's body is gone. Ares is still out cold at the wheat field. Blake finds him and drags him by his legs back to base. Beck is still hunting in the meadow, despite the incident. He was unable to find any victims. Atlas starts back to base.

Drina still has poison flooding through her body, she will need medicine in three days. Drina, who is still being carried by the stream, ends on a beach. She walks up the mountain to see she is at the Cornucopia. She was able to scavenge two knives and a mace. She prepares to set camp in the Cornucopia. She eats two apples since she is starving and is only left with one. She drinks her water supply dry, too. She relaxes in the Cornucopia and eventually has nightmares of her partner's demise.

A further wounded Jeramy is running through the desert. His face is already bloody and his clothes are stained. He jumps straight into the Oasis to wash up. He notices most of his supplies are gone, he dropped some while fleeing. He examines his backpack closely and notices he dropped his beef strips and one of his knives. He forgets about to relax and rest.

An already starving Mariel spots her district partner. Reluctant to betray him, she walks over to him and startles him. "I haven't seen you since the games started." says Jeramy. She gives a slight chuckle. She takes out her bandages and hands it to Jeramy. She quietly flees to the forest and finds his beef strips near a hyena. She bludgeons it to death and grabs the beef strips.

Miya, calm about Sapphire's death, heads out. She heads to the Cornucopia to get to the stream Drina was originally carried in. She walks in the Cornucopia and spots Drina. Drina immediately gets to her feet and sends a blowdart. Miya ducks and runs out of the Cornucopia, tripping on a branch. Drina drops her weapons and head straight to Drina. Miya starts crying and begging until Drina helps her up. "We'd be better off together." Drina says. Miya looks at her and finally says, "If you promise to kill my district partner." They shake hands and set camp together.

Jacob finally stops to rest at the mountain range. He takes out his water bottle and gulps down a couple of pints. He puts it back in his backpack. He stops to set up camp and not worry about anything.

The District 10 and 11 alliance is doing quite fine. They have no worries but plans to leave soon as tommorow.

Day Four Deaths

  • Platinum Meridious : Wounds inflicted.

Day Five - The Muttation Nightmare

Gifts came flooding in, including weapons and medicine.

The District 3 and 5 alliance finally made it to the Meadow. Ellery spots something out of the corner of her eyes. A black horse with a charred pot hanging on its back. It is nicknamed "Bomb Steed". It charges at them. Adele sends an arrow straight into its throat. It doesn't die, but explodes. sending charcoal into the sky and setting fire... to the tree! The other bomb steed charges at them, Adele jumps out of the way and Ellery tosses her knife straight into its eye. A flaring piece of charcoal hit Ellery's backpack, causing somethings to burn. She loses her only three knives and can only use her spare sword. Adele kicks the bomb steed in the chin and it explodes, setting Adele on fire. Adele runs straight to the beach at the Cornucopia, being not far away and was able to live with flaring burns on her calf and knee. Ellery decapitates it and follows a screaming Adele. By the time they reach the beach, they find Drina and Miya. Adele just jumps in the salty beach for the pain to simmer down, and beelines to the Cornucopia. Adele has severe burns.

Miya and Drina don't bother attacking Ellery and Adele. They scoop up their supplies and picks up a dozen arrows that Adele dropped when jumping in the beach. Drina stops when strange enchinoderms form on the sand. Drina takes out her blowgun and sends it straight into the starfish's stomach(or whatever the middle is called.) "Oh my god.. what is that?" exclaims Drina. In the sand, emerges a gigantic tortoise taller than both of Drina and Miya combined. When it opens it mouth, starfishes come out that can easily scar you. Drina and Miya gets the hell out. In the panic, both dropped something. By the time they reach the Cornucopia, Ellery and Adele is hiding on the opposite beach, but the path to it is hidden by a clump of bushes. Drina steps in dry blood and assumes that one of them is wounded, but it was just Jeramy's blood from Day One.

The District 10 and 11 alliance goes into a conundrum themselves. A flock of owl muttations surround them. One of them attacks Ciaria, she retaliates by letting Priscilla slice one of the wings off. The owl squawks dead. Ciaria carelessly flings it away, which causes the owls to attack. Priscilla hands Ciaria her spare knife and starts attacking. Sliuls suffers severe wounds to the face, leg, chest and back and a deeper scar on his face. Priscilla's hair got cut 3 centimeters and has a non-fatal scar on her arm. Ciaria's cheek is scarred deeply that it starts to bleed and Tristan has a scar over his eye, nose and leg. Tristan became weak and Sliuls blacks out. Priscilla drags Sliuls by his leg and Ciaria grabs a nearly blind Tristan by the hand.

Jeramy leaves the forest to cross to the meadow. He is stopped by a red grizzly bear and a blue grizzly bear. With only a knife to use, he stabs it into a red's paw. The red yelps in pain and retaliates by clawing his chest. Jeramy wipes off the blood and slashes through its throat. The blue one catches him off guard and sinks its paw into his back. Jeramy is pushed back straight into the searing sand. Once he gets on his feet, the blue one tackles him, making the wound in his chest go deeper. He kicks the bear in the abdomen, causing it to cough warm blood in his jace. Disgusted, Jeramy sinks his knife straight into its eye. The grizzly bear collapses onto Jeramy. Jeramy sighs in relief.

The Careers don't run into problems, but Atlas who is hunting in the forest does. He is stopped by a green and white lizard with tails that is strong as a whip. Atlas decapitates it easily, but it still moves and started whipping the hell out of Atlas. Atlas eventually escapes the troubles.

Even Jacob runs into greater trouble. He is caught with a huge swarm of carnivorous bunnies. Jacob slashes them with his spear. They retaliate by digging their claws into his legs. Jacob impales them from the back and flings their corpses into the stream below. He is then drowned in the swarm and pushed down the stream. He doesn't suffer major wounds, but he will need bandages and antibiotics.

Mariel runs into trouble herself. She is caught with a bunch of butterfly muttations that can spray scalding water or chuck ice cubes. Mariel wields her mace and smashes it. When the butterfly hits the ground, a small chunk of the ground turns to ice. Mariel continues to bludgeon and smash the butterflies until she is hit by a water. Her squeal causes the butterflies to go bonkers and send more ice cubes. She is forced to abandon her fight and escape before she gets more in harm's way.

The nightmare ends at night with the anthem playing.

Day Six

Nothing in particular happened in Day Six of the 100th User Games.

Day Seven - The Feast

"Good morning tributes of Panem! It's been one week since you entered the Arena and six of your tributes are currently resting in the Capitol. We would like to invite all of you to a feast! All of you need something so don't brush my offer away." -Claudius Templesmith

All of the tributes that are going beelines to the Cornucopia.

Mariel and Ellery who were hiding in the Cornucopia glance at each other. Ellery grabs her's and Adele's while Mariel grabs her and Jeramy's. Both exit the Cornucopia and immediately leaves.

Drina witnesses this and runs to the Cornucopia.. until.. she is pushed down by Krystal.

"Aww.. where are you going?" asks Krystal.

Drina spits on Krystal and regains her feet to run.

"You little bitch!" Krystal flings her spear into Drina's direction.

Drina ducks and it sticks to the Cornucopia. She grabs Miya before she is stopped by Beck.

"What are you gonna do now.. huh?" says Beck.

Drina's feet slams into his groin. Atlas pulls him away while Blake lifts her up.

"Poor District 12.. the second District to lose all of their tributes.." he says mockingly. Krystal prepares her spear to stab her in the back. BOOM! In Krystal's back, is a spear. Krystal collapses to the ground. Blake drops Drina in fear. Miya grabs Drina and sends her out the Cornucopia. Behind Krystal's corpse is Jacob. Atlas throws his axe. Both Jacob and Blake ducks, and it hits the tree behind them. Everybody watches in bewilderment. Just then, Ciaria Ella arrives, take her alliance's backpacks and slips away quietly.

Blake jumps Jacob rolling him on the ground. Beck prepares to intervene, but Blake just yells, "Get the hell out!" Beck retrieves the district backpacks and leaves. The only remaining people are Blake, Jacob, Miya, and Atlas. Atlas leaves also. Miya just stands there in horror as two of her enemies roll around trying to slit each other's throat. BOOM! Blake stands up, with Jacob's lungs punctured. Miya, out of anger, flings her sickle, which buries into Blake's eye. BOOM! Miya rushes to Jacob's aid. She puts Jacob's head on her lap and starts to cry. Jacob takes his backpack off his back and pushes it away. He uses what energy he has and wipes the tears off of Miya's face. "I'm so sorry.." she says. All Jacob does is smile. His last minute goes up. BOOM! Miya regains her feet, grabs District 9 and 12's backpack and leaves.

The bitter days end and the rest of the tributes cope with the lost of their allies.

Day Seven Deaths

  • Krystal Clearwater : Speared in the back.
  • Blake Mercer : Sickle lodged into eye.
  • Jacob Thresh : Lungs punctured.

Day Eight

Gifts came in today and everybody is well rested.

Ellery rubs the burn balm onto Adele's calf and leg. The message read, "Stay alive. -Selene". Ellery wraps Adele's leg into a bandage and feed her some broth that came with the medicine. Adele eventually falls asleep and Ellery watches her back.

Mariel traces Jeramy, who is resting by a tree. She drops his feast backpack and leaves. Jeramy quickly examines the contents and it is filled with antibiotics and bandages. He shoves the syringe into his wounds and relief floods his face. He slips into his sleeping bag that came with the medical supplies and falls asleep.

The District 10 and 11 aren't really thriving as well as the other tributes. Sliuls is still knocked out cold, Tristan is unable to fight because of the eyedrop's side effects. Priscilla is exhausted from dragging Sliuls. They finally stop at the Oasis to wash up. Priscilla strips Sliuls to clean out his clothes that are saturated with blood. Ciaria heads out to go on watch. Tristan refills his water bottles until there is a stillness in the air. Tristan uses his good eye to watch until... BOOM! Priscilla immediately drops cleaning Sliuls and heads in the direction the boom was heard. She finally reached it when Atlas drops Ciaria's corpse on the ground, her throat slit wide open. She retaliates by sending a knife that lodges into his calf. He limps away safely while Priscilla runs to Ciaria's bloody corpse. Priscilla closes Ciaria's eyes and lets the hovercraft retrieve her body. Priscilla ponders how she will break the news while she cleans up Sliuls' body.

The Careers are working hard to increase their safety. Already lost Krystal and Blake, they are only left with Atlas, Beck, Eva and Ares. Fortunately, Ares gains consciousness and wakes up. They were able to break the news to him, just to make out a smile on his face. Everybody stares at him in bewilderment but brushes this off and it is "usual Career activity.".

Day Eight Deaths

  • Ciaria Ella : Throat slit by Atlas Dunnin.

Day Nine

The massive temperature change in the arena caused most tributes to spend the night freezing or burning.

The District 10 and 11 alliance stops at the Meadow. They were able to find a cave and goes to set up camp in there. Priscilla lays a inert Sliuls to rest while she battles the freezing temperatures. Tristan rations their supplies and sets it on a rock. Tristan helps place Sliuls into a sleeping bag while Priscilla sets a fire. They take out a sack of apples and start eating.

"Do you think he'll be okay?" asks Priscilla.

"I doubt it." answers Tristan.

Priscilla buries the fire. Tristan slips into their sleeping bag while Priscilla follows. They both exchange glances and Priscilla lays her head on his shoulder. She gives a warm smile and dozes off. An uncomfortable Tristan falls asleep as well.

Mariel finds herself in a predicament. She scales up a tree and sees a raptor coming towards here. She bludgeons its wing, but it goes back up and slices some of her hair. She falls down the tree and throws her mace into its other wing. She takes off her backpack and throws her mace one more time. It falls down slams into her head, damaging her skull. She takes out the morphling that was in her backpack and injects herself with it. She lays there until her cannon sounds. BOOM! The raptor mutt plucks her mace and flies off while the hovercraft takes her body.

Ellery checks Adele's healing calf and sighs in relief. Adele regains her feet and tells Ellery that she'll go hunting. While hunting, she runs into Ares West. They engage in a fight and she sends an arrow straight into his shoulder. He takes his spear and tosses it. Adele ducks and it lands on a tree. The tree falls and both move out of the way. Adele uses this time to send an arrow straight into his temple. BOOM! He falls to the ground dead. Adele slips back into the beach where she was with Ellery.

The rest of the tribute's actions was not important in particular.

Day Nine Deaths

  • Mariel Norel : Skull fractured.
  • Ares West : Arrow in the temple.

Day Ten

The day started as usual.

The District 10 and 11 alliance stay in their group, but Sliuls regains consciousness and can fight. He laughs at the cuddling Priscilla and Tristan. They emerge from their cave, running in to some trouble. They find Beck and Atlas poised to kill. Atlas goes in and tosses a knife into Priscilla's head. She dodges and ducks. Tristan steals Beck's sword and thrusts it in Beck's direction. Atlas goes in for the death blow and attempts to decapitate Tristan. Tristan swiftly avoids it and larcerates his leg. He falls down in pain while Beck grabs his spear. Beck thrusts it at Priscilla's direction. Atlas throws his axe and it hits Priscilla's throwing knives, scattering it on the floor. Sliuls stabs him in the heart. BOOM! Beck slams his fist into Sliuls' stomach, sending him backwards. Out of anger, Beck punches Priscilla in the nose while he slams his head into Tristan's. All three are wounded and vulnerable. Priscilla's nose starts to bleed out and it is indeed broken. Sliuls has a bruise on his stomach and Tristan has a slight concussion. Beck goes in for the death blow, but he coughs onto Priscilla's face. He falls to the ground, dead. BOOM! Tristan yanks his sword from Beck's back and collapses. Both weak Sliuls and Priscilla drag him back to the cave.

Drina and Miya awake to wash up at the beach. They are stopped by starfishes. Miya picks one up and it shoots poison out of its chest(or whatever). It scalds her face and she started screaming. Drina killed the enchinoderm but it just exploded more poison. The poison seeped into Miya's skin and.. BOOM! Drina runs to Miya's corpse. She uses her shirt to wipe off the poison and rinses it off with some rubbing alcohol that came with the feast. She pushes Miya's body in the waves.

Eva just learned that all of her allies just died. In anger, she throws her spear into the desert. It came to a stop.. but.. a swarm of scorpions came. Eva takes her other spear and fends off the scorpions. After a couple of minutes, the swarm increased in size. They eventually were too overwhelming and Eva's cannon was lost in the constant clicking. The hovercraft had to drop bombs to disperse the scorpions.

And then.. the air turned still..

"Congratulations to the six victors of the 100th Annual User Games!" beams President Paylor.

The rest of the six tributes are in shock and relief that they are spared..

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