I'm really excited! This is part two. This is for training, chariot rides, and the interviews.

Oh yes! I forgot to mention. Being twenty-six years after the Second Rebellion, the Games are different. I will explain it once we get to that part, but I'll just say they don't actually die.

Anyway, the deadline is Tuesday or Wednesday.

Chariot Rides

The outfits in main detail is in part one.

District One (5th Place)

Here comes District 1's Sapphire Hyland and Ares West in a strange costume. Nobody understands their outfit until they come closer. Their outfit is decorated in a bunch of colors of jewels. The crowd is in awe and is anticipating for the next outfit.

District Two (9th Place)

District 2's Eva Stone and Blake Mercer in an medieval costume dressed as knights and others! The crowd is shocked and bewildered with a strange choice but recalls the District is for Masonry!

District Three (4th Place)

District 3's Adele Gray and Platinum Meridious in a strange outfit! The idiot Capitol audience finally understands that their outfit represents the complicated nature of technology. The audience loves this costume!

District Four (3rd Place)

District 4's Beck Karagatan and Krystal Clearwater in a outfit for any audience to understand.. Krystal is dressed like a sailor and Beck like Poseidon! The audience is stuck between District 3 and 4!

District Five (1st Place)

Here comes Ellery Emerson and Martin Parnell dressed like electricity. The audience smiles and points at the stylist's excellent work and stare at it until District 6's turn.

District Six (2nd Place)

District 6's Lynnette Handsows and Andrew Lopez dressed in a really custom outfit? Both tributes are dressed like airplanes, Lynnette as a stewardess and Andrew as an airplane! The Captiol loves it!

District Seven (11th Place)

Here comes Zara Lancaster and Atlas Dunnin in.. awww... no! Trees! The audience groans and is saddened by the lack of effort. They show sympathy at the tributes by throwing roses and their hats.

District Eight (6th Place)

Marian Norel and Jeramy Al is dressed in beautiful cloths and patterns that represent textiles. The Capitol is rooting loud!

District Nine (7th Place)

Miya Rye and Jacob Thresh from District 9 is dressed in a nice campesino line outfit. Miya dressed in a beautiful amber dress and Jacob in a nice white suit with an amber tie. Miya seems to be giving a glare at an ignorant Jacob who looks at her with a "what?" look. The audience laughs, thinking it of an act.

District Ten (10th Place)

District 10's Priscilla Vireo and Tristan James are dressed in golden cowboy outfits. The crowd is bewildered at the act, some people turn to the next person at threir audience to see what's going on. The audience finally learns that the same idea was from 26 years ago.

District Eleven (8th Place)

Sliuls Hanwell and Ciaria Ella from District 11 is dressed in shiny farmer's outfit. The audience doesn't really like the outfit that much...

District Twelve (12th Place)

Drina Vox and Marcus Daniel from 12 is in.. miner's outfit. The audience shows sympathy like District 7.

The place affects your training score, but no by much.


Your score is based off of what you gave me. I am your sponsor. Anyway, the more detailed and how I liked your training session.. the better. If your score is bolded, it means you have a high chance of your suffering tribute to get gifts. If you didn't send in your session, you automatically get a 0, and if you have a 0, I kill you off in the Bloodbath. No buts.

If your tribute has waiting at their score, get off your lazy butt and tell me before you will have a lovely corpse! I gave a small score to SOMEBODY since they didn't get off their lazy butt.

I'll admit, I laughed when reading some of these. :)

Name District Training Score Odds
Sapphire Hyland 1 0 0
Ares West 1 9 7-1
Eva Stone 2 10 4-1
Blake Mercer 2 11 3-1
Adele Gray 3 8 16-1
Platinum Meridious 3 3 40-1
Krystal Clearwater 4 10 8-1
Beck Karagatan 4 9 5-1
Ellery Emerson 5 8 10-1
Kevin Ross 5 5 20-1
Lynnette Handsows 6 8 12-1
Andrew Lopez 6 6 17-1
Zara Lancaster 7 9 9-1
Atlas Dunnin 7 10 8-1
Jeramy Al 8 11 3-1
Mariel Norel 8 6 15-1
Miya Rye 9 5 19-1
Jacob Thresh 9 10 7-1
Priscilla Vireo 10 10 5-1
Tristan James 10 8 12-1
Ciaria Ella 11 9 9-1
Sliuls Hanwell 11 9 11-1
Drina Vox 12 11 6-1
Marcus Daniel 12 5 24-1


Sapphire Hyland

Caesar : Great to be here this year! Now, the tributes! District 1's own, Sapphire Hyland!

Sapphire : Nice to meet you, Caesar!

Caesar : Elegant woman are you, Sapphire?

(Sapphire blushes)

Sapphire : Ah, flatttery. (She gives a small smile)

Caesar : Alright, what do you love about the Capitol?

Sapphire : Well, they should be thanking us for these luxuries!

(Capitol laughs)

Caesar : We wouldn't dare! (He gives a chuckle.)

Sapphire : Hmph.


Ares West

Caesar : Thank you, Sapphire Hyland! Next up, Ares West!

Ares : Caesar! What's up!

Caesar : Well, the sky is up!

(Silence, crickets.)

Caesar : Okay.. so what do you think of the Capitol!

Ares : (light smile) Well, this place is beautiful. Bustling, interesting people. (He winks at a girl in the crowd.)

(The girl screams and then faints.)

Caesar : Wow..

Ares : Let me interview you.

Caesar : Bu---

Ares : What do you love about District 1?

Caesar : I nev--

Ares : WRONG!

(Capitol laughs)


Eva Stone

Caesar : Thank you.. District 2's Eva Stone!

Eva : What?

Caesar : Well, nice to meet you, too!

(Capitol laughs)

Eva : It will take a couple of seconds for me to grab and snap your neck.

(Capitol gives a "oooh.")

Caesar : .................................................

Eva : .......................................................

(2 minutes and 52 seconds later..)


Blake Mercer

Caesar : Umm.. Hi!

Blake : (drops his glare) Nice to meet you!

Caesar : (calmly) You won't hurt me?

(Blake shakes his head.)

Caesar : Oh thank you. Now tell me about the Careers?

Blake : We got to meet over dinner. Sapphire is really cocky and funny, Ares is like a class clown, Eva is really quiet, Beck seems to be confident and Krystal really seems happy.

Caesar : It's great to see tributes get along!

Blake : We're going have to kill each other if we want to win.. So if one of us win, it can be out of vegeance.

Caesar : Well, may the odds be ever in your favor.


Adele Gray

Caesar : Let's get the ball rolling, Adele Gray from District Three!

Adele : (shaky) Um... hi... Caesar...

(Capitol whispers)

Caesar : Shy, are you?

Adele : I guess...

Caesar : So.. what's your strategy?

Adele : With.. the new.... games... I proposed.. we make.. a new.. tradition.. you know.. like the Careers... District.. 3 and... District 5... might band together.. since we can relate.. to.. each.. other.. you know..? We have similar interests... With the new laws in Panem... We might.. win.. you.. know?

Caesar : So.. you're making a new alliance tradition like the Careers?

Adele : I did.. say.. that.. did.. I?


Platinum Meridious

Caesar : Great.. District 3's Platinum Meridious.

Platinum : Hello, Caesar! The Capitol is bustling and beautiful, people here are very friendly and the food is delicious!

Caesar : Great! Tell me about the n---

Platinum : Because of the new law proposed by President Paylor, districts have now contact with each other, do we not? Adele proposed that District 3 and 5 band together to make an alliance and take down other tributes like the Careers!

Caesar : Lovely! So.. tell me about you--

Platinum : My chariot costume? I found it quite interesting. My leg and foot is still frozen from the wind.. I hope I don't lose it. (He tries to wiggle his toes but his face shows struggle.)

Caesar : That is quite a--

Platinum : A shame, indeed.


Krystal Clearwater

Caesar : Oh dear.. Krystal Clearwater.. District Four!

Krystal : Hi Caesar!

Caesar : Nice to meet you! You are a very beautiful woman.

Krystal : Aww.. thanks!

Caesar : What do you love about the Capitol?

Krystal : The food! All there is back at my home is seafood and our seaweed bread.. you can get sick of it!

Caesar : I would love to try your food!

Krystal : I understand you would, but you have soups, different breads, many drinks, it's really delicious! You Capitol people can live!

(Capitol cheers)


Beck Karagatan

Caesar : Hopefully this one can be normal like the other.. Beck Karagatan, District Four!

Beck : It's a pleasure to meet you, Caesar.

Caesar : Well, you too!

Beck : I hope the other tributes are ready to meet their disgrace, as I will send them out of the arena with actual wounded if it comes to it.

Caesar : Well, displaying arrogance is a great trait for the Careers! Anyway, tell me about your family.

Beck : What?

Caesar : Your family..

Beck :​Well, I really want to win these games as it may be the only way to restore my twin brother's vision.

(Crowd goes silent.)

Caesar : Vision?

Beck : If I win, I would rather restore his vision than the riches President Paylor will provide.

Caesar : Well, we all wish the best for you and your brother. I will say what everyone in Panem is saying, may the odds be ever in your favor!


Ellery Emerson

Caesar : Let's move from the heart-breaking moment, District 5's very own, Ellery Emerson!

Ellery : Thank you, Caesar!

Caesar : I must say, your sparky debut at the opening ceremony, my heart stopped.

(Weak laugh)

Ellery : I must thank my stylist, Ari Brill. Without her, I wouldn't be dressed in this lovely. sparky, copper outfit.

(She stands up to show off her copper dress.)

Caesar : How lovely.

Caesar : Tell me about the new alliance between District 3 and 5.

Ellery : Me, Adele, Kevin and Platinum made an alliance to take down other tributes like the Careers. With both of our knowledge with electricity, we might trap and conquer the arena!

Caesar : Are you sure you will survive?

Ellery :(very fast and jittery) Oh.. I'm not going to die. Imagine how my family is going to feel... They're going to mourn.. oh.. the horror! But.. with the new virtual arena, my worry is bringing pride to the new GOLDEN AGE!

Caesar : Ah.. seems like it has hints of rebellion.


Kevin Ross

Caesar : Time to begin! Kevin Ross, District 5.

Kevin : Caesar.

Caesar : How are you, Kevin!

Kevin : Horrible. How is President Paylor bringing back the worse part of the Rebellion.. The Hunger Games!

Caesar :(frowning) It's now an actual sporting event... No one dies and the winner goes from rags to riches!

Kevin : I don't care. I don't want to make a fool of myself, trying to kill other people I made friends with. How am I gonna visit other Districts knowing that I killed them or they killed me?

Caesar : Well...

(Both wait until the buzzer sounds.)


Lynnette Handsows

Caesar : Halfway done... Let's continue. Lynnette Handsows from District 6!

Lynnette : Hi Caesar! I'm glad to meet you!

Caesar : (smiling from the energy) Well, it's nice to meet you too, Lynnette.

Caesar : What do you think of the revival of the Hunger Games? We discussed it with the District 5 tribute.

Lynnette : (personality changes) Sigh.. Why did we have to revive it?

Caesar : We have too much money and no fun in Panem! Now that people come home alive, we thought it would be fun! You see.. 81% of the population agreed as long as their children come home!

Lynnette : Forget it..


Andrew Lopez

Caesar : Andrew Lopez, District 6.

Andrew : Hi Caesar!

Caesar : Let's do a basic question.. What do you hate about the Games?

Andrew : Killing off innocent.. wait.. scratch that.. tributes.

Caesar : Confident?

Andrew : Indeed.

(Silence until buzzer.)

Zara Lancaster

Caesar : District 7s, Zara Lancaster!

Zara : Caesar!

(Zara gives Caesar a kiss on the cheek.)

Caesar : Ahh.. tribute love!

Caesar : Zara, what amazing outfit are you wearing today?

Zara : My stylist's. Hannah Watson. I was really disappointed with the outfit she gave me for the chariot rides.

Caesar : We all were!

Zara : Well, isn't that lovely. Well, I don't want to waste your time, I better leave!

Caesar : But the interview is not--

Zara : Bye~!

(Zara leaves, the buzzer goes off after 30 seconds)


Atlas Dunnin

Caesar : Atlas Dunnin, District 7!

Atlas : Hey!

Caesar : What's your strategy?

Atlas : I'm planning to join the Careers. I asked Blake, he complimented my 10 and I guess I'm joining.

(Light shines on Blake Mercer, his head nodding with a red smile.)

Caesar : Why didn't he mention you in his list of teammates?

Atlas : I guess he wants to save it for my time.


Mariel Norel

Caesar : Mariel Norel, District 8!

Mariel : Hi.

Caesar : Tell me about you.

Mariel : I can't tell anybody. (whisper) It's a secret.

Caesar : You can tell me right?

Mariel : ............................................................................

(Long silence)


Jeramy Al

Caesar : Meet District 8 tribute, Jeramy Al!

(A huge applause of many of the girls.)

Jeramy : What's up, Caesar!

Caesar : I'm great!

Jeramy : Well...

Caesar : What are you planning to do in the arena?

Jeramy : (sarcastically) I'm going to step off my plate before my gong sounds.

Caesar : The Capitol girls will not condone your body being obliterated!

Jeramy : (eyes widen) It's called sarcasm.

(Capitol laughs)

Caesar : Oh..


Miya Rye

Caesar : Alright.. District 9's Miya Rye!

Miya : Hi Caesar!

Caesar : What's the tension between you and your partner, Jacob Thresh?

Miya : Me and him go back when we are younger..

Caesar : Tell me more.

Miya : Our school took a educational field trip to District 11. Me and Jacob got paired together with a girl who had a brother who died on the 74th Hunger Games. Coincidentally, Jacob's last name is the same with the girl's brother name. Anyway, while harvesting crops, he purposefully sabotaged a race we were doing to see who can harvest more. He kicked over my basket and it rolled down the hill. When I retrieved the basket, the wheat and barley was gone!

Caesar : Are grudges really appropiate?

Miya : I normally hate death and won't kill people, but I swear I will scoop out his throat with my sickle.


Jacob Thresh

Caesar : Let's travel more into this conflict, Jacob Thresh, everybody!

Jacob : Hello, Caesar.

Caesar : How are you feeling this evening?

Jacob : Good.

Caesar : Can you tell me about this growing conflict between you and Miya?

Jacob : No. The grudge is quite ridiculous.

(TV shows Miya's glaring and angry face.)

Caesar : Well...

Jacob : What I can say is that she cannot "scoop" out my throat with her sickle. She is way too scrawny and did you see her 5?

(Miya starts to scream obscenities which cause Caesar to end the interview before this ends in a fight.)

(When Jacob leaves, Miya extends her middle finger.)


Priscilla Vireo

Caesar : Meet Priscilla Vireo from District 10!

Priscilla : Hi Caesar!

Caesar : Now tell me about your score... an 11!

Priscilla : The Head Gamemaker told me not to discuss it with anybody.

Caesar : You can tell me right?

Priscilla : Unless you can send me a bunch of gifts in the arena, my lips are sealed.

(She gives a strange smile.)

(Caesar looks at President Paylor but she shakes her head.)

Caesar : Aww...


Tristan James

Caesar : Meet her district partner, Tristan James!

Tristan : Nice to meet you, Caesar!

Caesar : I need to start to ask questions..! Okay, what is your strategy in the arena?

Tristan : I'm planning to form alliances. I met up with the poorer districts and 10 and 11 agreed to join forces. We made a treaty with 12.

Caesar : What an excellent idea!be

Tristan : I guess.

Caesar : What do you love about the Capitol?

Tristan : The food here. I barely get enough at home. I understand President Paylor is trying her best.

(President Paylor smiles and chuckles.)


Ciaria Ella

Caesar : District 11! Ciaria Ella! Welcome!

Ciaria : Caesar.

Caesar : Tell me about the 10 and 11 alliance.

Ciaria : I was with Sliuls and Tristan walked up to us about forming an alliance. He went on and on about how we are able to ration food and outlive the rest.

Caesar : I see... let me ask another. Is there anything romantic between you and Sliuls?

(A moment of silence)

Ciaria : No.


Sliuls Hanwell

Caesar : Time to meet, Sliuls Hanwell; District 11!

Sliuls : It's great to meet you, Caesar.

Caesar : Sliuls, tell me, is there.. anybody special? I need to do this often because the last tribute I asked that actually had one!

Sliuls : (weak smile) No...

Caesar : You have to be lying...

Sliuls : I am.) ...............not.

Caesar : I'm sorry.

Sliuls : Well.. apology accepted.

Caesar : Well..tell me more about this alliance between 10 and 11...

Sliuls : Nothing really, we asked 8 and 9 and they said they'll think about it.


Drina Vox

Caesar : Final district of the night, 12 and Drina Vox!

Caesar : Now tell me, are you depressed? You wept very hard at the Reaping..

Drina : Yes.. but I'm trying my best to win..

Caesar : Well Drina, you seem to be. A stellar 11!

Drina : (blushing) Well.. I said I tried my best.

Caesar : Well.. I hope you did.

Caesar : Final question.. Strategy?

Drina : I'm planning to ally with my District partner.


Marcus Daniel

Caesar : Final tribute of the night! Marcus Daniel!

Marcus : Call me Mark.

Caesar : Well Mark, you seem to be fit. How can you get such a low score?

Marcus : Gamemakers are idiots. Giving me hell in the arena? I could care less.

Caesar : Why not?

Marcus : I lived in the Seam and I had to eat rats before. This is nothing!

Caesar : How come such poor living conditions?

Marcus : The way it is...


Part 3

It will be up soon. So far, only one person didn't submit their training.

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