Twenty-five years after the rebellion, President Paylor reinstilled the Hunger Games and places the tributes in a virtual arena, rather than real one. In the end, all of the contestants survive.

In the past two games, there has been a total of 9 victors.

Tribute Submission

Name :

District :

Age :

Appearance :

Personality :

Private Training Session :

Weapon :

Allies :

Background :

Strengths :

Weaknesses :

Stylist Submission

Name :

District :

Age :

Chariot Costumes (Both Male and Female) :

Interview Outfit (Both Male and Female) :

Rules and Guidelines

  1. The Games, Reaping, and Interviews will be in one page and there will be private training sessions and reapings unlike my first two games.
  2. Do not get into fights with other tributes.
  3. Do not complain if you die.
  4. If you do not submit all the information for tributes/stylist, your submission is rejected.
  5. There can be 2 or more victors.


  • Each tribute begins with 500$. You use this money to buy supplies for your tributes.
  • You gain money when your tribute:
  1. 100$ for a kill
  2. 25$ for reaching top 15
  3. 50$ for reaching top 10
  4. 60$ for reaching top 8
  5. 70$ for reaching top 5
  6. 100$ for reaching top 2
  7. 100$, 75$ and 50$ respectively if you get the top three for the Chariot Rides.
  8. 100$ for reaching top three training scores.
  9. 150$ for being first three to submit a tribute.


Tribute District Age Gender Weapon Allies User Mentor Money
Luca Sierra 1 17 Male Mace Careers Sandj3335678 None 650$
Sapphire Gold 1 17 Female Bow and Arrow Careers SethMorris95 None 650$
Steve Rogers 2 18 Male Sword Careers Sandj3335678 Nicholas Davenport 500$
Dianna Storms 2 18 Female Spear Careers SethMorris95 Nicholas Davenport 500$
Trey Volts 3 17 Male Knives District 3 and 5 SethMorris95 Adele Gray 500$
Sophie Livingston 3 17 Female Bow and Arrow District 3 and 5 Katelyn.danita Adele Gray 500$
Dalton Sims 4 17 Male Trident Careers ILOVEfinnickodair Waverly Mare 500$
Lea Welks 4 16 Female Axe Careers ILOVEfinnickodair Eden Melair 500$
John Rosario 5 15 Male Axe District 3 and 5 Wikia Contributor Ellery Emerson 500$
Demi Campbell 5 14 Female Blowgun None 2legit2quit Ellery Emerson 500$
Ethan Stone 6 17 Male Throwing Knives None Sandj3335678 None 500$
Marky Lovelace 6 13 Female Spear None Aquastar4infinity None 500$
Gabriel "Gabe" DiPaolo 7 13 Male Sword None 2legit2quit None 500$
Genavive Prince 7 16 Female Spear Careers GleekMockingjay123 None
8 Male Jeramy Al
8 Female Jeramy Al
9 Male None
Evelyn Makenna Rae 9 16 Female Sickle None Katelyn.danita None
Gunner Pann 10 15 Male Sword District 10 and 11 2legit2quit Tristan James 650$
10 Female District 10 and 11 Priscilla Vireo
11 Male District 10 and 11 Sliuls Hanwell
11 Female District 10 and 11 Sliuls Hanwell
12 Male Drina Vox
Alicia Walsh 12 17 Female Knives and Stealth Possibly GleekMockingjay123 Drina Vox

Physical Appearance and Personality

District 1 Male : Bronze hair, brown eyes, 6'1. Nice and tough and dependable. Is scared of cars.

Background : At a young age, his parents died in a car accident. His parent's friend Marvel died twenty-eight years ago and both were close

District 1 Female : A mean, arrogant but beautiful tribute. She witnessed the beheadment of her sister from District 3 so she plans to take down the latter. She is the jealous type, but strong-willed. She is also fast and smart but she has very little stamina.

District 2 Male : Muscular, athletic with blond hair and brown eyes. 6'3. A little rude and arrogant.

Background : All of his friends and family died in the Hunger Games, so he volunteered to help his parents or join the afterlife.

District 2 Female : Dark, mean, cunning, fast and smart, she was born a Career alongside her brother. She is determined to win. She doesn't really open up well and may become angry anytime. She has black and white hair, white eyes and is 5'9.

District 3 Male : At a young age, he was very brilliant in his class. Most of the time he was quiet and was saddened by his father's death when he was 3. At the reaping, he was determined to save a life in the arena and volunteered. He is 5'11 with short brown hair and yellow eyes.

District 3 Female : Sophie's real full name is Shanequa Shaquetta Optimus Prime Sprinklebottom, given to her by her mother and father Aria Camelliston-Livingstone and Harris Livingstone and "sprinklebottom" given by her aunt, Scarlett Livingstone. She grew up happy and loving. She started hating her name and nickname- Soppy, which sounded like Sloppy, so her mother started calling her Sopie, later called "Sophie". She liked it and only her father and a few others still call her by one of her other names. Becuase both of her parents are previous victors, she has been trained since she was little to Volunteer and be prepared. Fun, loving, crazy [the good kind], outgoing, courageous. Bubbly, but headstrong and defiant.

District 4 Male : Black shaggy hair, luminous blue eyes and muscular 6'10. Fast runner and excellent swimmer. He fears mutts and his love getting away. Grew up in District 12.

District 4 Female : Short, straight blond hair, hazel eyes, very seductive and 5'10. Very fast runner and excellent swimmer. She fears mutts and her love getting away. One of the richest families in District 4.

District 5 Female : Bratty, selfish and self-centered. She is bad bones but good teeth, her eyes are lifeless and her hair is uneven. She is 5'6 but not frail. She is stealthful and prefers to work alone. She is weak and have a heard time making friend.

District 6 Female : Marky lives at the edge of District 6 with her mother, father, three younger sisters and a bear-sized chocolate dog. She trains with her sisters, Marley, Mackenzie and Marcie. They are twins so they are all ten. Her father works in the city so she doesn't see him often. She likes to weave and sing. Strength, easily scared and hand-to-hand combat

Strengths: Spears, knives, weaving, singing, agility, plant knowledge, aim, speed and swimming

District 6 Male : Spiky black hair with blue eyes. Athletic at 5'11. He is claustrophobic because of his father's death.

District 7 Male : Caring and wise for his age, he loves to act mature. All of his siblings were reaped and killed. After those fateful events, he became bloodthirsty and violent when it comes to killing. He is naive and can be very easily attracted. He is short with black, shaggy hair. He is pale with a scar and he looks a little childish. He is also agile.

District 7 Female : Genavive's family runs a secret training center hidden in the District. Her brother won his games when she was 13 so she volunteered to make him proud. She is a good swimmer, a little mean and good with weapons.

District 9 Female : She grew up hating the capitol. Evie grew up as a quiet, shy child that was very observant and fascinated with the world. Her parents would fight nonstop, and she used to run away to the fields and cover her ears to block the world out, turning her hostile through her pre-teen years. Evie used to sing to calm herself down and lull herself to sleep at night. Her father died when she was in her early teen years, and she was always extremely close to him. Her mother was always the cause for arguments, and she couldn't stand her. Evie avoids her mother a lot and stays out of her way. She hates the Capitol and sees their cruelty to all of Panem.

District 10 Male : Athletic and muscular at 5'11. He is a bit psychotic and has a conflict between the Careers. He is strangely intellegent and fast. He has an obsession at the District 1 Male.

District 10 Female :

District 11 Male :

District 12 Female : Alice has been alone most of her live. Her parents died when she was 10 from a mine explosion. She made use of good survival skills while she was alone and she even taught herself to swim. When she was 11 a women found her and took custody of her. She's been living with her ever since. They don't have much money, but theyre happy. Has many survival skills, good with knives, knows how to swim


Stylist District Chariot Costume (Male) Chariot Costume (Female) Interview Outfit (Male) Interview Outfit (Female)
1 A golden, glittery outfit. Blue sapphire dress.
2 A black and feathery dress being carried on the ground in the back. A black, gothic dress.
Aqua Depth 4 Neon blue tuxedo with a water gun equipped as a fake fish. Sprays female, vice versa and then sprays audience. Blue neon dress and fake fish concept as male's. Seaweed tuxedo and shoes and ocean blue shirt. Floor-length seaweed dress, blue feather and 2-inch heels.
Annabelle Jensen 7 A tree. A tree. A tuxedo with a green tie. A green flashy dress.
Rosa Smith 8 A colorful white suit with stripes and black shoes. A white dress with 7 ribbons decorated with the colors of the rainbow. Suit made of colors of past districts. Dress made of colors of past districts.


District 1 - Sapphire Gold

Today is reaping. God, I hate this so damn much. I walk to the square and see our idiot escort. She is just so... ugh. She says a bunch of crap about the the two previous rebellions.. blah.. blah.. JUST SHUT UP!. "Okay, Sapphire.. compose yourself..." I say to myself. Remember my goal.. decapitate that boy from 3.. "Okay, let's choose our girls!" chimes the escort.

She puts one hand in the bowl. I am so anxious.. She finally pulls up the slip. "Sapphire Gold!" Everybody in my group turns their eyes on me. I feel like I'm about to cry.. nope. I am determined to kill this competition.

"Okay! Time for the boys!" says the escort. She puts one hand in that bowl.. and pulls out the name. "Luca Sierra!" she chimes. Damn.. that boy is hot.

District 2 - Dianna Storms

Great. Reaping day. I take my little brother's hand until I reach the square. I give him a reassuring squeeze and walk to the roped area. I promised him I'm not going to volunteer.. but I absolutely have to. I really hate our escort. All he does is blab on and on about the rebellion. Boring. He finally puts his hand into the bowl to pull out the next tribute. "Kayla Johnson!" he says. "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" I exclaim. All eyes turn on me. Just after 3 seconds I hear my little brother's cries. I swallow my pride and walk up to the stage. He shakes my hand and congratulates me on how a honor this is. Please. Volunteering is the only way to get my mom off my back. Our escort hops to the glass ball and pulls out the boy's name. "Steve Rogers!" He walks up to the stage and shakes my hand.

District 3 - Sophie Livingston

I walk out of my house and hug my mom. My parents won like 20 years back in the original games, so I prepare to win. They always get on my nerves, calling me these annoying names. I walk to the square to be roped off. Next to me is a bully that called me Sloppy. I give her a glare and smile. I look at the stage. The District 3 victor from two years ago sits in a chair talking to the mayor. Adele, was it? Anyway, I walk to the edge to prepare to volunteer when I was reaped. Oh well, guess I don't need to volunteer. I go under the rope and walk to the stage. I look straight at the glass ball when our escort pulls out the name. "Trey Volts!" she chimes. Great, the nerdy kid. He is in my class at school.

District 4 - Dalton Sims

I grip Lea's hand as we walk to the Square. We trained at the same academy so we are of course going to win. I give her a quick kiss as we are roped off into the sections. The last year victors, Waverly Mare and Eden Melair are sitting in the chairs. They are lucky to win. Hopefully me and Lea will be up there. Anyway, our annoying escort walks to the microphone and starts talking about the two rebellions. I glance at Lea and she is smiling and nodding. Finally, she walks up to the glass ball and pulls out the name. "Ke-" she says. "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" Lea exclaims. Lea pushes her way through the crowd. I make way to the side and also yell, "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" All eyes turn on us. Even the Peacekeepers are watching. Lea grabs my hand and we stride toward the stage.

District 5 - Demi Campbell

District 6 - Marky Lovelace

I didn't get to see my dad as I go to the square. My sisters are gripping hard to each other. I don't why Marcie and Mackenzie is there. She isn't old enough to be reaped. I hug them as I go off the area for 13-year olds. I get to the front of the cluster where I put my hands around Marley's neck. I use my shirt sleeve to wipe the tears off her face. Our escort gives a speech how District 6 should get a victor. Our last four tributes were killed off too early. The girl that participated in the first games. She got killed by a dart. Anyway, the escort pulls out my name and I let go of Marley's neck. She is already grabbing onto my legs and telling me to not go. I look back at my family to see my dad, sadly shaking his head. I walk to the stage as the male tribute is called. I look at the boy and smile.

District 7 - Gabriel DiPaolo

I swiftly run out of my house and hug my mother. She is already crying. All of my siblings were killed in the games and I am determined to not let it happen again. The square is surrounded by trees and is shaded. I find me a spot in the cluster of 13-year olds. The escort walks up to the microphone and prepares to read out the name of the girl tribute. A girl, who looks about 16, walks up to the stage. The escort looks at her when she yells she volunteers. She is familiar. I think her father or brother or whatever won years ago. Her parents run an illegal training facility and my mom urged me to join just in case I get reaped. I didn't because I had better things to do. Anyway, her name is Genavive Prince. I was deep in thought when my name was reaped.

District 8 -

District 9 -

District 10 - Gunner Pann

District 11 -

District 12 -

Chariot Ride

Private Training Session

Luca Sierra

I don't even bother to try to woo the gamemakers. They are all idiots. I walk in and throw an axe across the room. It hits the wall. I glare at them and leave.

Sapphire Gold

I walk into the room. I head straight to the silver bow I used the last three days. I pick up an arrow and send it into the dummy's heart. No recognition. I send another arrow, hitting the head. I peer at the gamemakers and look at them. I send an arrow into a sandbag right above one of the gamemakers. It falls down and hits the wine out of her hand. She looks at me and sighs. She says, "You can go."

Steve Rogers

I walk into the room and smile. All the gamemakers look at me with unconvicing looks. I brush it off and pick up a spear. I throw it across the room and it hits a dummy's head. I got bored and left.

Dianna Storms

The room seems quiet when I enter. I pick up some knives and tosses it into a dummy's head, decapitating it. The gamemakers look at me with a strong stare. I go over to the painting station and make myself into a bush. I get some applause. I pick up a spear and send it 30 meters across the room, impaling a dummy. The gamemakers seem impressed and they dismiss me.

Training Scores

Tribute District Training Score Odds


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