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    June 26, 2012 by CAREERGAL06


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    tell your sibs to play hunger games.

    the will try to kill each other but it will be funny.

    Bit each other, kicked in face, hit in nose, atempted to strangle each other, choked each other with my scarf, tryed to take each others heads off by covering each others head with a sheet and pulling, jumping on each other, my brother called my sister a b**** ,kicked in private areas, threw rocks, open waterbotles, and my diary at each other. my sis locked my brother outside, but she let him in and punched him in the chest.and the winner is.................

    JADE BICER, 5 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Has any one ever made you mad, hurt your feelings, ignored you, or made you feel left out on chat? For many, the answer is yes. Chat is supposed to be a fun way to talk to people. Is it fun to be mean to others? Is it fun to have your feelings hurt everytime you go on to chat? Your answer should be no to both of those questions, if your answer is not no, then something is wrong.

    The only person that can make the decision is you. You always have choices, you can listen to me or not, but you can't dispute with the fact that I am right. You can be rude or polite, the choice is yours.

    People like getting comments, but not rude and hurtful comments. You should only provide constructive criticism, anything mean should be kept to yourself. If you r…

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    4th quarter quell

    June 21, 2012 by CAREERGAL06

    Hey, I need people to enter tributes for the Hunger Games fanfiction that I am doing. You can submit them through the comments. You must include: name, age, district, special skills, appearance, personality, and gender. We need variety, so make your tribute unique. Make sure to look at the other coments before posting so as not to make a similar one. If you do post a similar one then your tribute will not be used. If your tribute is boring it will die the first day. Thank you and have a great day!

    Long after Katniss and Peeta are dead and everyone else as well, the hunger game starts again because President Snow's grand daughter Rose assasinates the good president of that time and takes over. This year is a quarter quell and the twist for t…

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    It is dawn. The first light of the sun is creeping in the window when all the sudden while I'm looking out the window I see the first bomb drop. My eyes go wide. Other people said the capitol would come kill us all for starting the uprising i never beleived it. Now I do.Several more bombs drop. Houses catch fire.Peace keepers run around and barge into houses shooting people on sight.I run into my parents room and wake them up.

    "Zeena! What could be so important that you had to wake us up for?!" Dad says.

    "District 13 is being attacked by the capitol!" I say.

    As soon as I get that sentance out 2 Peace keapers barge in and shoot both my parents dead.

    I duck under a table and force myself to stay calm. I am huddled in the back corner of the table…

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