Hey, I need people to enter tributes for the Hunger Games fanfiction that I am doing. You can submit them through the comments. You must include: name, age, district, special skills, appearance, personality, and gender. We need variety, so make your tribute unique. Make sure to look at the other coments before posting so as not to make a similar one. If you do post a similar one then your tribute will not be used. If your tribute is boring it will die the first day. Thank you and have a great day!

The Twist

Long after Katniss and Peeta are dead and everyone else as well, the hunger game starts again because President Snow's grand daughter Rose assasinates the good president of that time and takes over. This year is a quarter quell and the twist for this year is there will be twice as many career tributes from districts one,and two. in district four there will be 3 female spots and 2 male. Four capital citizens will compete in it also. This year the ages are twelve to 20 and instead of an outdoor arena there will be an indoor arena with a series of rooms with different traps.only 3 tributes can be killed per room.

District 1= girls=Shimmer Cashmere, Avery Shimmer boys=Maroon Cutter, Bentley Emerson-Odair District 2= girls= Justina Glisten, Clarisse Steel boys=Damian Justine, Kyle Bently
District 3= girl=Kimmy Gadget boy=Nathan Itsumara
District 4 girls=Misty Blue,Karen Moriharu, Marina Brooke boys=Logan Blue, Nicholas Davenport
District 5 girl=Gracie Bennet boy=Jack Willem
District 6 girl=Cassandra Castle boy=Alexander "Alex" Earheart
District 7 girl=Santana Puckermen boy= Archie Taylor
District 8 girl=Drina Vox boy= Jack Silverfox
District 9 girl=Mia Salizor boy=Gron Ebiner
District 10 girl=Serina Frostswords boy=Matt Treatey
District 11 girl=Lauren Hill boy=Lewis Rye
District 12 girl=Ardis Blaze boy=Zeke Lohmann

Capital= girls=Kendelle Upshire, Ashely Young

boys=Ross Hater, Anthony Kimmel

the games will be here:

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