It is dawn. The first light of the sun is creeping in the window when all the sudden while I'm looking out the window I see the first bomb drop. My eyes go wide. Other people said the capitol would come kill us all for starting the uprising i never beleived it. Now I do.Several more bombs drop. Houses catch fire.Peace keepers run around and barge into houses shooting people on sight.I run into my parents room and wake them up.


"Zeena! What could be so important that you had to wake us up for?!" Dad says.

"District 13 is being attacked by the capitol!" I say.

As soon as I get that sentance out 2 Peace keapers barge in and shoot both my parents dead.


I duck under a table and force myself to stay calm. I am huddled in the back corner of the table and it is dark so I desperetly hope i have not been seen.

"I dont think theres anyone else in this house lets go." I hear 1 Peace keaper say then they leave.Thank God!

What to do now? I puzzle over this for a moment then decide to save my best friend Cary.


Lola Fenn


I quietly climb out of the back window of my house and Carys house is right there. All I can do is hope that Cary isn't dead. I knock. No one answers. I try the door it is unlocked so I walk in.I try all the rooms in the house I finally find Cary in a closet.

"Dont shoot!"Cary yells,closing her eyes and putting her hands in front of her face.

"Relax, its just Zeena."I say.

"Zeena!"Cary says exited.

"I am so glad your okay!" I say.

"Yes I am okay but my parents are dead"She says.

i sigh.

"Mine too" I say.

And we sit in the closet and wait.


At the end of the day the peace keepers are gone I go out side with Cary and see several other people survived also.We live in rooms under ground. We have enough suplies stored to live and we wait to see what happens next.

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