Has any one ever made you mad, hurt your feelings, ignored you, or made you feel left out on chat? For many, the answer is yes. Chat is supposed to be a fun way to talk to people. Is it fun to be mean to others? Is it fun to have your feelings hurt everytime you go on to chat? Your answer should be no to both of those questions, if your answer is not no, then something is wrong.

You Decide

The only person that can make the decision is you. You always have choices, you can listen to me or not, but you can't dispute with the fact that I am right. You can be rude or polite, the choice is yours.

Posting Comments

People like getting comments, but not rude and hurtful comments. You should only provide constructive criticism, anything mean should be kept to yourself. If you receive mean comments, the best thing to do is ignore it.

The Rest

Treat others how you want to be treated, you would not like it if people are rude to you, so do not be rude to them.


I will be editing this more, be polite, or I will start using names. File:Talking about on chat.png

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