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  • I live in England/Wales
  • Calcifire

    Asphyxiation - To cause death or loss of consciousness by imparing normal breathing, by gas, choking, suffocating or smothering.

    These games will be written by Gruff and I (Mia), because Gruff wanted to do a joint game with me, so, welcome to our games. This will be a normal games, but with a small twist that the title gives away. Twenty-eight tributes will be sent into the arena for these games. We will not be doing reapings, but we will do chariots and brief interviews.

    No promises that we wont procrastinate and put these off (as I have done with all my other games) but we'll try and update every other day.

    28 tributes, sent into the arena of catacombs with very little air, traps and little place to hide. There will be no cornucopia, and as …

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