Asphyxiation - To cause death or loss of consciousness by imparing normal breathing, by gas, choking, suffocating or smothering.


These games will be written by Gruff and I (Mia), because Gruff wanted to do a joint game with me, so, welcome to our games. This will be a normal games, but with a small twist that the title gives away. Twenty-eight tributes will be sent into the arena for these games. We will not be doing reapings, but we will do chariots and brief interviews.

No promises that we wont procrastinate and put these off (as I have done with all my other games) but we'll try and update every other day.


28 tributes, sent into the arena of catacombs with very little air, traps and little place to hide. There will be no cornucopia, and as this is the Asphyxiation games, the tributes will have to fight for oxygen tanks or they will run out of air and die, on top of having to fight each other for the title of victor.


  1. Three tributes maximum, per user.
  2. Please enter detailed tributes, but if you have a long backstory, bullet point it for the sake of the table, please!
  3. Don't get mad if your tribute dies. "It's the Hunger Games, deal with it." - Dani
  4. No on my profiles, but links are fine, as long as they include all the right information.
  5. Make sure you include everything and stick to the tribute form.
  6. Pictures or lunaiis, we're not making a gallery, so it doesn't matter.
  7. Think about your strategy, no "Do a foxface" etc.
  8. If you read these, write "Death by spoon" in the comments with your tribute.
  9. Reservations last 1 day.
  10. You can give advice, but I probably won't read it. Support is good though.


Name: District: Age: Weapon: Personality: Appearance: Strengths: Weaknesses:
Zaph Beau 1M 17 Dagger/spear killing machine, feels secretly guilty, gay and appears aggressive Black hair with very dark brown eyes and fairly pale skin Strong and good at climbing Swimming and not good with plants
Shimmer Goldstien 1F 17 Throwing Knives Sweet, funny, smart and witty Long blonde hair, purple eyes, pale skin, tall and thin Gymnastics, fast, patient Shoulder that frequently dislocates
Malek Rath 2M 17 Sword or Throwing Knives Cocky, cold, arrogant and -when he's single- a flirt. Nice to his sisters, brothers and mother. Short spiked ebony hair, slightly tanned skin, muscular, grey eyes and 6'2 Physical strength, Aim and Intelligence Can't Climb, Won't kill a twelve year old tribute and he will never kill a tribute from District Twelve.
Riley Swag Craig 2F 12 Spear Bitchy, whorey Sexy Swimming, climbing, aim Hiding because his sexiness attracts everyone
Ares Jones 3M 16 Throwing knives/axes Either calm and collective, or in unstoppable rage or anger, until he hurts who made him angry. Gets angered quickly, so only has a few friends, extremely funny, nice & lovable Slightly longer than short brown hair, pale skin, greeny-grey eyes, light freckles across his nose, slight muscles and is 6' Intelligence, aim, plants. Isn't strong, limited knowledge of eadible plants and close combat skills
Liliana Jones 3F 12 Wires Reserved, shy, sweet Blonde with grey streaks, glasses, skinny, short, grey eyes Constructing things, fast, smart Not very strong
Aleksandr James Cordona 4M 15 Spear/bow Doesn't trust anyone, loner Idk Doesn't crack under pressure, agile, quite smart Has some phobia idk
Christina Staline 4F 17 Trident, throwing knives Quiet, nice, not shy, can be furious if angered Caramel hair with blonde streaks, piercing blue eyes and fair skin dotted with freckles, pale skin Swimming, diving (holding her breath) and speed Aim, knot tying
Victor Caleb Stanley Eric Jackson 5M 18 Sharpened sticks to stab people with An unstable man-whore and man-bitch Sexy Sex Sex
Brooke Yin 5F 15 Sword, knives (meelee and throwing) Outgoing, but dark Dark brown, slightly curled hair with dark grey eyes and grey eyeshadow. Pale skin, dark makeup Aim, strength, swimming, hand to hand combat Hiding, climbing
November Rubeski 6M 16 Crossbow / bow and arrow Quiet, shy, rarely speaks, yet confident Fluffy hair - right parting, brown with lighter blonde streaks, "fake" tan, eyes change Aim, Speed and ability to climb. Endurance, Close combat lacks, can't swim, and acts without thinking sometimes.
Maco Jerzy 6F 16 Machete, Mace Strong willed, determined, confident not cocky, pushes herself Shoulder length blonde hair with piercing light blue eyes, pale skin Speed, stamina, beautiful - for sponsors, good thinker and sly Weak and prefers close range weaponry, never swam in her whole life
Douglas Gibbons 7M 15 Experienced with an axe Serious, quiet, likes to think by himself Slightly longer brown hair, brown eyes and fairly tanned skin Strong, stealthy, good with an axe Indecisive, afriad of bears and isn't good with endurance
Camellia Winchester 7F 16 Axe/knife Strong, independent, protective, kind, but if provoked - fierce, tomboy. Cam - not too girly Shoulder length hazel hair, right parting and side fringe. Slightly tanned, hazel eyes Strong, quick, cunning, quick to act and sometimes surprising Can't swim, overly loyal to friends, doesn't think before acting
Nocturne Equinox 8M 17 - Quiet, reserved, considerate, respectful, bad social skills, loyal but can be violent A scar on his left eye Hand to hand combat, weapons master, strength, sneakiness, trapping, ropes He's easily irritated and would never gain sponsors.
Laila Bennett 8F 16 Throwing Daggers, bow and arrows Quiet, nice, helpful to those she cares about. Wouldn't kill unless she had to Short brown hair, blue eyes, 102cm, thin, kind of a big nose Speed, aim Identifying plants, climbing, killing young kids
Wayde Heartby 9M 18 Fencing sword Kind, shy, popular, focuses on the future, dwells on the day her sister was reaped and someone volunteered Long blonde hair, dark green eyes and medium skin with freckles Good with plants, camo,  Hates water with a passion, gets fond of people and could never backstab a friend
Themis Asterious 9F 15 Throwing knives/ throwing axes Quiet, sticks to herself, will know how to survive, strong willed, hard to break her spirit Long ginger/blonde hair with light grey eyes, pale skin and a black scarf Accuracy, fast and able to go long distances Weak, hates close range fighting, can get flushed and isn't good thinking on her feet
Rockstar Cup 10M 16 Sword, knives Sexy He has brown hair and eyes Strong and fast Getting touched by other males
Sable Rose 10F 18 Throwing axe & whip Intelligent, especially with animals, was mentally hurt and is unstable Long, wavy black hair and deep, dark blue eyes, pale skin and blue grips in her hair with a blue necklace Co-ordinated, knows how to handle herself, fast, agile, stealthy, good with distance, knows how to win a fight Weak, prefers to avoid conflict, is scared to try, fear of open waters and struggles to swim a long distance
Devin Gemina 11M 16 Machete Blue eyes, short, wavy brown hair, identical to sister
Salome Gemina 11F 16 Axes Weak, doesn't trust, doesn't speak except rarely to her family Long brownish hair, stunning blue eyes, identical to brother. 5'6 and skinny
Halloween Smiley 12M 15 Knife, needles, hands, swords Charming, nice, alluring, but can turn dark and evil Black hair and blue eyes, wears a white surgical mask with a smile drawn on Likes blood, strong, fast, can be charming and alluring Doctor smiley takes over at random times
Reyna Alvarez 12F 13 Axe/dagger Complex. Realist, analytical, has a hard time opening up, friendly, calm but can stress when unepected things happen Black hair and tanned skin, turqouisish eyes with  Good physical shape, natural problem solver, picks up on things fast, dedicated Perfectionist, size/strength disadvantage, doesn't get on with those who don't share her views
Brayden Alamo 13M 15 Bow and Arrow Nice Hawt Wooing ladies Wooing men
Eleith Lightstorm 13F 13 Blowgun and darts Scared and cautious, doesn't trust anyone Short brown hair and green eyes, pale skin and a black bow Smart, alarmed, ready, fast, climbing, can control needs Not very strong, and always scared which can drive her mad
Leonidas Larvon Cap M 16 Spear/knife Proud, arrogant, mean, loyal Lion like features, orange/red afro, tall and athletic, also reflected in clothing Good fighter, fast His pride and arrogance
Iris Arcus Cap F 17 Sword or Machete Calm, always happy, Isn't afraid of anything, always tries to convince people her ideas are best Rainbow hair, grey eyes, pale skin, tall She is very fast, lithe and agile She doesn't know how to get food in the arena or how to make fires, she also can't climb very well

Training Scores

Name: Score:
Zaph Beau 10
Shimmer Goldstien 9
Malek Rath 9
Riley Swag Craig 5
Ares Jones 8
Liliana Jones 6

Aleksandr James Cordona

Christina Staline 6
Victor Caleb Stanley Eric Jackson 3
Brooke Yin 8
November Rubeski 6
Maco Jerzy 6
Douglas Gibbons 7
Camellia Winchester 6
Nocturne Equinox 5
Laila Bennett 3
Wayde Heartby 5
Themis Asterious 5

Rockstar Cup

Sable Rose 5
Devin Gemina 3
Salome Gemina 3
Halloween Smiley 8
Reyna Alvarez 6
Brayden Alamo 4
Eleith Lightstorm 6
Leonidas Larvon 5
Iris Arcus 6

The Map

Gruff's Map
Here is the arena, the dark blue areas ae poisonous water, the light blue areas are pure water. The arena is underground and it's a maze/catacombs. The areas with squiggles have natural light, but the areas with none, do not.

T = Torch

O = Oxygen tank

W = Weapon

The right side continues onto the bottom lefft corner and the yellow parts are sand traps.

The Games

Zaph Beau's POV

The sonorous tone of the Head Gamemaker resonates throughout the cave I seem to have been elevated into.

60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50

The countdown drowns out the screeches of a female, followed by a hollow thud. I try to ignore it and let my eyes adjust, oblivious to the gradual change in light as the countdown progresses.

49, 48, 47, 46, 45, 44, 43, 42, 41, 40

Before I stepped into the transparent glass tube that brought me in here, I'd been instructed to wear a black mask with a clear glass front to it and a sleek, black rim. Pushing down on the bottom of the mask and clipping it into place would give me a sudden burst of oxygen, refreshing my lungs. So I think it wise to keep it in that position, although despite the sealant, a strong stench of eggs drifts through the hole to exhale through, making me gag slightly.

39, 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30

Starting to get used to my surroundings, I can make out a steel plate beneath my feet and a pit of sand to my left. I can also make out the light source, a metal stick with a flame on the end, the flame enclosed behind a transparent box. The first thing I want to retrieve.

29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20

Having never seen an arena like this before, I decide to take my time, seeing as no tributes surround me and the cornucopia isn't clear.

19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10

Bracing myself, I lock my eyes onto the torch before me, the darkness down the other paths evident and the strangled whimpers freaking me out.

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Surging off my plate, I lunge towards the sand and feel my bare feet submerge into the soft, golden grains. I clasp my hands onto the torch and begin to step out, my feet slipping in deeper until my ankles are wedged amongst the sand. My hair prickles against the back of my neck and I rest the torch against the stone paved corridor. Being pulled in further, I dig my fingernails into the stone, as if it would act as some sort of glue. The force of the sand magnetising my feet into the depths of the cave grows stronger with every attempt to free myself.

Vulnerability prevents me from crying out towards any nearby tribute for help. In silence, I try to grip onto the stone and climb out by clinging onto the flagstones that just out in random directions and succeffully rescue my calves.

As I lie trapped between layers of sans a strange cavity shaped into the wall and hidden by vibes and damp catches my glance. I take the torch and hold it towards the cavity. Inside I find a small piece of codex that is wrapped tight by a golden ribbon.

I pull it out and start to untie the bond.

Brooke Yin's POV

I slowly take hold of the swords hilt. It feels cold in my warm, red hand. I swing it above my head. It has been a long time since I held a sowrd this balanced. I take deep, controlled breaths as I feel the air getting thinner. 'I better go kill some bitches' I say as I walk down the corridor.

I approach a shuffling sound at the end of the corridor, pausing in anticipation of someone about to jump out, I raise my sword above my head. The shuffling sound persists, but stays at the same distance, so I advance, ready to strike. An older boy with dark, ashen hair lies before me, clutching a sheet of codex and a golden ribbon firmly clamped between his jaws. His eyes darken as I approach him, yet he makes no attempt to slink back, when I see the sand he's firmly planted in. TBC 

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