• CallamAndyRyanBeth

    OK so these are my first proper games and I will not give up on them like i have one the last couple so please please please ignore them. Like I said i will not give up so there is a chance your tribute might win but please dont get mad at me if your tribute is the Hunger Games after all:) thank you x

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  • CallamAndyRyanBeth

    “Then it came to pass that the 21st hunger games came to a startling conclusion,

    What was yet to come was even more spectacular,

    The 22nd Hunger games heralded a new era of games,

    For these were the games,

    When everything changed.”

    Name District Gender Age Strengths Weakness Appearance Creator
    Callam Delaney 1 Male 17 Running, Climbing and Accuracy In love with Marina Short Brown hair, Hazel eyes and Muscualr build CallamD97
    Marina Diamonde 1 Female 17 Climbing, Accuracy and Tactician In love with Callam Long blonde hair, Startling Green eyes and Average build CallamD97
    Damien Prism 2 Male 17 training since he was 12 and amazing with Swords, Spears, Knives, Bow and Arrows, Axes the pressure to win so badly that it hurts.

    (Brown Hair; Hazel Eyes; 6,…

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