The 22nd Annual Hunger Games!Edit

“Then it came to pass that the 21st hunger games came to a startling conclusion,

What was yet to come was even more spectacular,

The 22nd Hunger games heralded a new era of games,

For these were the games,

When everything changed.”


Name District Gender Age Strengths Weakness Appearance Creator
Callam Delaney 1 Male 17 Running, Climbing and Accuracy In love with Marina Short Brown hair, Hazel eyes and Muscualr build CallamD97
Marina Diamonde 1 Female 17 Climbing, Accuracy and Tactician In love with Callam Long blonde hair, Startling Green eyes and Average build CallamD97
Damien Prism 2 Male 17 training since he was 12 and amazing with Swords, Spears, Knives, Bow and Arrows, Axes the pressure to win so badly that it hurts.

(Brown Hair; Hazel Eyes; 6,1)

Sapphire Justine 2 Female 16 Has nightlock lipstick and good with a dagger. Massive ego. Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'7", but she is anorexic. Nommyzombies
Dexter Volts 3 Male 14 sleuth Being alone Black Hair, Brown Eyes, Ashen Skin, 5'6 Zakel
Faith Cotton 3 Female 12 Agility, Tech, Stealth Strength Brown Hair, Blue Eyes Madgeical
Finn Odair 4 Male 17 Knot tieing cant handle a pack of people in a fight Bronze Hair, Sea Green Eyes, Tan Skin, 6'1 and a 6 pack Zakel
Mercedez Ebey 4 Female 13 Running Strength Blonde Hair, Grey Eyes TheHungerGamesGirl
Henlifei Foxeye 5 Male 15 Agility Suicidal Blonde Hair, red Eyes Madegical
Serenity Foxeye 5 Female 18 Climbing Depressed Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes Madgeical
Aaron Winters 6 Male 17 Bow, Climbing and Speed Close Combat Black hair, Dull green eyes and small build Rockman117
Lilac Coalburner 6 Female 15 Ruthless, Good with all weapons and Very fast Crazy Very long blond hair, medium build, wild and crazy blue eyes Rockman117
Takuri Nanisano 7 Male 16 strong, always a positive attitude he falls asleep most of the time due to factory work. longish brown/black hair, brown eyes, tanned skin and muscular. 6'00" HeavyRotation
Megumi Nanisano 7 Female 12 very good at using a axe and bows and arrows. always too concerned about her siblings especially Takuri. very light, shiny brown hair, very cute and pretty, small and thin, pale skin, 5'9" HeavyRotation
Sebastian Klein 8 Male 13 Blowgun, Throwing Knives and Speed Weak Brown Hair, Green Eyes and Normal Build Justafox
Luna Snare 8 Female 15 Blowgun, Hiding and Killing Slow Runner Long red hair, Brown eyes and Norma build Justafox
Alex Donaque 9 Male 13 Ability to judge character, strong and easily able to get away from pursuers. Being called names, his sister being bullied, thinking of times when he was suicidal short dirty blonde hair, not the skinniest but not the fattest, blue eyes, quite short, 4'11" Mysims
Allian 'Allie' Whittle 9 Female 16 very, very fast, agile, cunning, good sense of character and wether or not some is trustworthy, reallr good aim. not the strongest, not good at making huge decisions. long brown hair, dazziling blue eyes really pale skin, full pink lips, very thin, kind of pretty, 5'6" Mysims
Kelvin Minco 10 Male 17 Climbing, Swimming, Coordination(can catch a thrown blade by the handle) Claustrophobia, Slow, Protectnivess over sister Short blonde hair, deep blue eyes, skinny, 6'1" VarinEgo
Pepper Silverblade Minco 10 Female 13 Speed, Agility and Climbing Strength, Swimming, fear of heights Long and sleek black hair, deep blue eyes, skinny 5'2" VarinEgo
Harrison Marbray 11 Male 18 Swords Speed Black Hair, Brown Eyes TheHungerGamesGirl
Katie Sundapple 11 Female 15 Great with a sword Scared of bugs, but that might or might not be a disadvantage in the arena... brown hair, blue eyes, 5'4", average build but she is bi-sexual. Nommyzombies
Greg Mitchel 12 Male 16 Swimming, Throwing and Climbing Falls for Teegan short Brown hair with sort of blonde streaks, very blue eyes, mucsely. Ollyette12x
Teegan Everdeen 12 Female 15 Climbing, Running, accuracy. Falling for Greg Long blonde hair, Grey eyes, normal build


Tribute Form





Strengths (3) :

Weakness (1)



Beths arena
Light Blue=Glacier

The glacier is completely devoid of life, no animals to hunt or plants to find means that tributes here will need supplies. A lot of them. The ice here may or may not be safe for usage as water.


The desert is a vast wastleland. It has some scarce plants and a few animals. In the centre of the desert is 'The Moon Temple' this place has 2 fountains spewwing crysta clean water, however one is poisoned.


The marshland has a plentiful amount of both food and water but that comes with the constant threat of mutts. The marshland has 'The Sun Temple' it is sourrounded by a lake and has enough food for 4 tributes for a week.


Death ChartEdit

Place Name District Killed By District Means of Death


District 1Edit

Callam's POVEdit

I wake up covered in cold sweat. Its reaping, and its absoultley nerve-racking to know that you are withing a chance of being reaped. Its horrible to think about, so I try to put it out of my mind as I get dressed and leave, but by the time I'm out of the house, I'm already a mess.

Marina's POVEdit

I watch as Callam walks by, about to break down in tears, I really like him, have done for years, I just have never worked up the nerve to tell him. Well. No time like the present. I walk over to him and wrap one arm round him shoulders, he looks to me and I smile. So we walk to the square. Together.

Callam's POVEdit

We arrive at the sqaure, Marina no longer has her arm wrapped round my shoulder but now is holding my hand. We walk up to get the injection and she gives me a quick kiss on the cheek and walks to stand with her friends.

Marina's POVEdit

I keep glancing to Callam as we go through the blood taking, we find each other again in the square and hold hands as we await the names.

"Marina Diamonde and Callam Delaney." says the escort. My world comes crashing down as I look to Callam, he turns to me as tears begin to roll down my cheek. So I kiss him, I kiss him and kiss him as the world as I know it collapses.

District 2Edit

Damien's POVEdit

I wake up knowing that today is the day I am going to the arena... I have been told to volunteer even if its someone I hate that gets reaped, but I just think I will especially volenteer if someone I hate getes reaped. They cant have all the spotlight.

Sapphire's POVEdit

I am walking towards the square, I try to act cool but i cant stop my sweating or my anxious look, I have trained for this since I was 10 so why am I so scared? If i get reaped I can win. I start imagining the games and while I am in my own little world I walk into the back of a boy who is massive and musculey but even from behind I can tell who it is, Its Damien Prism. He's the most feared boy in school.

Damien's POV Edit

I turn around and see a girl, about 16 I think and she looks terrified. Its ok I tell her "I wont hurt you, doesnt everyone stick together on reaping day?" She gives a small nod and walks away. I reach the square, get the jab and join Mark, my training partner.

Sapphires's POV Edit

Our escort runs onto the stage and gives a quick speech and then walks over to the bowl and pulls out my name. I walk onto the stage as scared as anything and wait for the boys names to be reaped. She says a name which im too much in a daze to catch but I hear a shout saying I VOLUNTEER and Damien runs onto the stage and gives my hand a quick shack and as I walk into the justice building, I hear some shouting and a couple of gunshots and then they close the door and I break down.

District 3Edit

Dexter's POVEdit

I quickly throw on a pair of shorts and a top, to be honest, I don't care what I look like, but its the reaping, and although I'm not sweating it, I still wanna look my best. I give my parents a quick hug and leave the house, walking down the street by myself, I see a few of the bullies from school, and quickly avoid them.

Faith's POVEdit

I clean the oil out of my hair as I walk down the street in my girly white dress. See, although I couldn't care less. I need to look okay for my first reaping, if you know what I mean. I reach the blood taking and quickly go through to stand in the square. I look around, bored. Waiting for the escort.

Dexter's POVEdit

I watch as our escort runs on, he's super crazy. Bright green hair and pink eyes. Seriously idiotic. I wait and fold my arms as he runs to the mic.

"Dexter Volts and Faith Cotton!" he announces in his crazy accent. Wait... that guy is me!

Faith's POVEdit

Oh god. I've been chosen. I walk onto the stage with tears in my eyes, hoping that someone, anyone, has a heart to volunteer for me. But to no avail. Nothing. I stand there, and fully burst into tears. Dexter guides me inside with a brotherly sense of superiority. I feel safe with him.

District 4Edit

Finn's POV Edit

I wake up in the Care Home i got put in when I was little and see at least 5 people in tears and one of them is Sue, my careworker, who tries to get my adopted and cares for me. I cant help feeling a little bit sorry for her, I mean she started working with me when I was 5 and im 17 now and to my worst luck its my birthday today! "Happy Birthday, Finn" she says once im dressed and I walk out the door and head for the square.

Mercedez's POVEdit

I walk through blood taking and get a spot right in the front of the crowd and stare at the stage untill our escort walks on. She runs onto stage and looks at us all with her stupid Capitol smile. "Hello and welcome to the 122nd Hunger Games Reapings and May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor" she pipes in her High Pitched capitol accent.

Finn's POVEdit

She walks about for a while, saying some stuff about the games and things. I don't pay attention, just thing of my dad and mum. Each died trying to protect me. She walks about again and gets to the point finally.

"Mi-" she starts, I call out that I volunteer and I stride onto the stage. She smiles as I say my name, knowing there is another Odair in the games.

Mercedez's POVEdit

Finn Odair walks onstage and stands with the escort, then she calls out a name. My name. I walk onstage as the tears roll down my cheeks, utterly terrified. I grasp Finn's hand tight and he puts one arm round my waist, I look up, really far up, and see him there. Hair of his dad, eyes of his mother. Then we walk in, both a little upset.

District 5Edit

Henlifei's POVEdit

I wake up and shove on a pair of trousers and a top. Its just the reapings. Whenever i say that i always get into trouble because the reapings are such a big deal, i mean, yeah ok i dont want to get reaped but if i did i proberly couldnt care less so i grab some toast and walk out the door without a care in the world! I have a knife in my pocket and i am kind of sucicidal so you can guess what I try to ddo with that knife!

Serenity's POVEdit

I didnt sleep at all last night so I just decide to get up and walk to the reapings early. I walk through blood and there is only about 5 or 6 people there so I just sit down in the middle of the square and start to cry, I hate this, I hate The Hunger Games, I hate the Peacekeepers, I hate the Capitol, I hate Panem. I stand up and find my self very very light headed and i faint. When i come round, I see a boy who looks about 15 holding my head of the ground.

Henlifei's POVEdit

I stay there for a while holding her head then help her up. "Hey, are you ok" i ask her. "yeah im fine thanks" and then she walks away. I take my place in the crowd and wait for our escort so appear and when she does she just for a long time and then goes to the boys ball, then the girls opens the slip and calls out two names, i dont hear the second one but the first one was mine so i walk up onto the stage and stand there looking into the distance.

Serenity's POVEdit

I hear my name and walk onto the stage shake Henlifei's hand and we walk into the Justice Builiding and then i collapse in tears. I go hysterical, so much so that they need peacekeepers to give me a special drug to calm me down. I HATE THIS, I HATE THE HUNGER GAMES, I HATE THE PEACEKEEPERS, I HATE THE CAPITIOL, I HATE THE WHOLE OF PANEM!

Training ScoresEdit

Name Score Odds of Winning