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  • I am Female
  • Calopy

    Calopy's 3rd Hunger Games

    December 19, 2012 by Calopy

    Yeah, look who's back. Calopy. Okay, so my last two games kind of failed, so I've decided to create a new one, and these won't fail! Uh, yeah. That's pretty much my introduction. 

    • No cussing, please.
    • Don't go all mental on me if I decide to painfully slaughter your tribute, only one can win.
    • You can have 6 tributes, and only 2 can be careers.
    • I won't go on profiles, however, I will accept RP links.
    • All of the information on the tribute template is required, and the more detail your tribute has will possibly help the tribute during the games, so try be creative as possible.
    • Although most other things like Backstory, Fears, Bloodbath Strategy etc aren't included in the tribute template, I will still allow it, I need all the info I can get on your …

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  • Calopy

    The Survivour Games

    September 30, 2012 by Calopy

    Okay, so these games are based on the reality television show 'Survivour'.

    Okay, so there will be eight boys and eight girls, they will be put into 2 mixgendered teams of 8. They will compete in challenges, the losing team will be sent to "Tribal Council" where the team members must vote off one of their players. Only one contestant will come out on top. Oh, and to heat things up, the contestant voted off will be sent to "Redemption Island" where they are forced to kill the next contestant voted off. The last standing in the Redemption Island will be re-entered into The Survivour Games where they will battle it out for the prize.

    If you are confused, please leave a comment!

    Let the games begin!

    The arena will be on "Panem Islands" and there wi…

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  • Calopy

    The 500th Hunger Games

    September 6, 2012 by Calopy

    • There will be one boy and one girl from each district (including District 13)
    • The tributes weakness will appear in the games
    • Theres no mutts
    • There will be no cornucopia bloodbath (tributes will be dropped off in random places)

    • No Cussing
    • 2 Tributes each
    • Try make your tribute(s) interesting
    • If your tribute dies,don't get upset
    • I don't want a thousand pairs of brothers & sisters or a thousand pairs of boyfriends & girlfriends.








    Bloodbath Strategy:


    Name Age Weapon Creator
    District 1 Male Arran 18 Sword,Spear Fluffeh Kitteh
    District 1 Female Alumia 17 Throwing knives,Spear ColourfulRain
    District 2 Male Everest 15 Spear,Knives Rockman117
    District 2 Female Kamille 14 Throwing knives,Axes,Blowgun,Spe…

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