Okay, so these games are based on the reality television show 'Survivour'.

Okay, so there will be eight boys and eight girls, they will be put into 2 mixgendered teams of 8. They will compete in challenges, the losing team will be sent to "Tribal Council" where the team members must vote off one of their players. Only one contestant will come out on top. Oh, and to heat things up, the contestant voted off will be sent to "Redemption Island" where they are forced to kill the next contestant voted off. The last standing in the Redemption Island will be re-entered into The Survivour Games where they will battle it out for the prize.

If you are confused, please leave a comment!

Let the games begin!


The arena will be on "Panem Islands" and there will be a Cornucopia providing survival supplies and weapons, every contestant is allowed to grab only one item. The contestants will then be put into two tribes, the RED TEAM and the BLUE TEAM.

Contestant Template


Age (12-18):




Weapon: Team:

The Contestants

The Red Team

Gender Name Age Weapon User
Female Colbie Sparks 12 Fire,Matches HeavyRotation
Female Barcelona Fox 15 Poison tipped axes AxedFox
Female Brielle Teagan 17 Axe (Throwing and non throwing) ViniciusDeAssis1999
Female Rose Greyser 16 Axes Wesolini

The Blue Team

Gender Name Age Weapon User
Female Sparkle Rose 17 Axe,Bow and Arrow Iluvgale
Male Adron Phelan 17 Throwing knives,Sword,Mace HeavyRotation
Female Tinsley Axe 18 Axe,Spear,Mace AxedFox
Female Thyra Sarinn 17 Bow and Arrow Wesolini

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