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    Summary: District 2 tribute Lartius Rankine is the underdog of his class at the Tribute Training Center. District 4 tribute Rendwick Combe hates the whole idea of the Hunger Games. The boys met prior to the Games, when they were younger. They team up so there'll be a familiar face in the arena.

    Note: This is contains elements from both the books and the movie.

    "Lartius Rankine."

    The boys in the right-hand crowd all slowly turned to the back of the group. Some of them raised their eyebrows with interest. Lartius emerged from the back of the crowd and made his way up to the stage, flanked by Peacekeepers. He could hear excited whispers around him. Eunia Allardyce, the female tribute called up before him, glared as he mounted the stage.

    Lartius kneā€¦

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