Capitol Citizen

aka Amanda

  • I live in a place far far away...
  • I am a mustache made with invisible ink
  • Capitol Citizen

    Sooo, this is basically your regular hunger games... yeah...

    • You may enter up to 3 tributes
    • Please don't complain when your tribute dies
    • Reservations last for 3 days
    • There will only be one winner







    District Name Age Personality Appearence Weapon
    District 1 Male

    District 1 Female

    District 2 Male

    District 2 Female

    District 3 Male

    District 3 Female

    District 4 male

    District 4 Female

    District 5 Male

    District 5 Female

    District 6 Male

    District 6 female

    District 7 Male

    District 7 female

    District 8 Male

    District 8 Female

    District 9 male

    District 9 female

    District 10 male

    District 10 Female

    District 11 Male

    District 11 Female

    District 12 male

    District 12 Female

    Happy hunger games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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