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  • Captainsv

    2. 48 tributes this time.

    3. You can have up to 3 tributes and one mentor

    Tribute application







    Weakness: at least one plz

    Backstory: optional, but you might have a slight edge.


    I won't do interviews but I might do training so give me a little somthing about that

    Mentor application



    Games won: yes they have to have won a games before.



    Boys Girls

    D1: Leandro Vine AGE:17

    D1: Lion Scrapes AGE: 18

    D1:Destiny Flair AGE:18

    D1: Ruby Jackson AGE:16

    D2: Slate Ramsis AGE:18

    D2: Suzuki Hickey AGE:16

    D2: Mckenna Ecelinty AGE: 18

    D2: Taleria Anderson AGE: 17

    D3: Rickey Dean AGE: 18

    D3: Ethan Shocking AGE: 18

    D3: Tiffany Gomez AGE: 13

    D3: Vannessa Gargooop AGE:16

    D4: Ryde…

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  • Captainsv

    &nbsp Tributes: District 1 Male: Colt Gold AGE: 17(DEAD) District 1 Female: Ruby Silver AGE: 17(DEAD)

    District 2 Male:Effin Alloy age:17(DEAD) District 2 Female: Celestia Dagger AGE: 17 (DEAD)

    District 3 Male: John Carter AGE: 14 (DEAD) District 3 Female: Cammie Jones (DEAD)

    District 4 Male: Ryan Barbell AGE: 14 (DEAD) District 4 Female: Cora Lessing Age: 16 (DEAD

    District 5 Male: Jordan Hawterweel age :18(DEAD) District 5 Female: Aurora Wilde AGE: 12(DEAD)

    District 6 Male:Jason Johnson AGE: 16(DEAD) District 6 Female:Tamora Summers AGE: 15 (DEAD)

    District 7 Male: Altlas Dunnin AGE: 16(DEAD) District 7 Female: Ria Bellend AGE: 16 (VICTOR)

    District 8 Male: Wren Combe age: 17(DEAD) District 8 Female: Coco Hiera AGE: 16 (DEAD)

    District 9 Male: Elias …

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