Hello! this is my first hunger games, and I'm very excited! Just give the name of your tribute, a brief description of their physical appearance, and their strengths and weaknesses. And remember, first come, first serve...... so get them fast!:)

&nbsp Tributes: District 1 Male: Colt Gold AGE: 17(DEAD) District 1 Female: Ruby Silver AGE: 17(DEAD)

District 2 Male:Effin Alloy age:17(DEAD) District 2 Female: Celestia Dagger AGE: 17 (DEAD)

District 3 Male: John Carter AGE: 14 (DEAD) District 3 Female: Cammie Jones (DEAD)

District 4 Male: Ryan Barbell AGE: 14 (DEAD) District 4 Female: Cora Lessing Age: 16 (DEAD

District 5 Male: Jordan Hawterweel age :18(DEAD) District 5 Female: Aurora Wilde AGE: 12(DEAD)

District 6 Male:Jason Johnson AGE: 16(DEAD) District 6 Female:Tamora Summers AGE: 15 (DEAD)

District 7 Male: Altlas Dunnin AGE: 16(DEAD) District 7 Female: Ria Bellend AGE: 16 (VICTOR)

District 8 Male: Wren Combe age: 17(DEAD) District 8 Female: Coco Hiera AGE: 16 (DEAD)

District 9 Male: Elias Caldeu AGE: 14(DEAD) District 9 Female: Siobhan Grey (DEAD)

District 10 Male: Christian Lorne AGE: 16 (DEAD) District 10 Female: Karmin Johnson AGE: 18 (DEAD)

District 11 Male: Randy Stevens AGE: 18(DEAD) District 11 Female: Chrissie Mark AGE: 15 (DEAD)

District 12 Male: Grayson Smith AGE: 15(DEAD) District 12 Female: Blythe Smith AGE: 15 (DEAD)

Ruby Silvers Reaping

At the reaping again. Now in the 17 year old section, I feel like I'm ready for anything, and I am. I'm a career for crying out loud! Welcome, Welcome to the reaping of the 16th annual hunger games says Xanthe Centari the escort for District 1. " Before we get to our tributes I'd like to show you all a little film of the Capitol's struggle to keep the districts in line..", he keeps going on about the importance of discipline or somthing like that for about ten minutes, Oh my god will he EVER shut up! Finally I work up some courage and yell " GET TO IT ALREADY! He gives the audience a dirty look and reaches for the girls ball... " Bailey Culhane" he says.....nothing happens......" will Bailey Culhane please come to the stage" says Xanthe...... Still nothing happens. Looks like Bailey is a no show. Nobody really knows what to do so I think to myself " Oh what the heck, I'll win this thing anyway. " I volenteer" I say with no regrets, " Oh okay great" says Xanthe. I march up to the stage with a smile on my face, " your name? He says " Ruby Silvers" I say " And I plan on winning" I say with confidence in my voice. People cheer. " Alright alright, calm down everyone Says Xanthe. " For our male tribute... Colt Gold. I dont recognize the name, oh well he's kinda hot. We shake hands and he leads us into the justice building.

Effin Alloy Reaping

  • 'Effin, Wake up dude" somebody says and shakes me. I open my eyes, its my friend, Slate. I was over at his house working out. Not that I need it though. I must have fell asleep. Today was the reaping, and one of us was going to volunteer, if not reaped. Then we leave without breakfast, and head to the square. The escort Mina Vantrankov, booms her loud voice into the microphone. " HELLO! Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the 16th Annual Hunger Games reaping!"The audience applauds, even I'm a little excited. "Ladies first!" Then she pulls a name I dont recognize. She walks up to the stage. No volunteers. That's odd for Discrict 2. " Now for the boys!' Mina says. She calls a names and a tiny 12 year old emerges, crying. " I volunteer!" Slate and I say at the same time. That same thing hapens three more times. I'm so mad, I punch Slate in the head. When he's down, I say "I volunteer.". I can't help but feel that I betrayed Slate. Silently, I walk up to the stage. "Our tributes of District 2!" Mina annouces. Oh well, Slate will appreciate me when I win.

John Carter Reaping

The morning of the reaping, I am in the woods. I'm 14 now, I got away with getting out of the reaping for my first three years, but this time I am more scared than ever. I singed on to tesserae to feed my family, now my name is going in there seventy-two times, were poor alright! I climb up a tall tree and watch as the hovercrafts land. A tear forms in my eye, I remember being here with my sister a few years ago, she was reaped, died in the initial bloodbath. The alarm sounds, calling us to town square. Well I guess I had better get down there. I arrive a little late but I haven't missed much, our escort Jax Grenton is giving a speech. Now for our tributes" he says. " For the girls... Cammie Jones" he says, she marches up looking at the floor, probably crying. " Now for the boys" says Jax. Here we go again, he pulls a card "......... John Carter" he says, NO!! this can't be happening! I stand there in silence for about 15 seconds when finally a peacekeeper grabs my arm and drags me on stage. " Ladies and gentelmen, our tributes of District 3". Its only a nightmare i know it! But then as I walk into the Justice Building I realize...... I am going to die.

Cora Lessing Reaping

THe sun warms my face as I lay on the sand. Today is the day of the reaping, and I cant help but feel nervous. Chances are I won't get chosen, but you never know. Last year my best friend was reaped. She came in 7th when a tribute stabbed her in the throat. The sad thing is he ended up winning. I hate the Capitol, for making us go into the games. If I do get picked, I will try to win for her. I start to head down to town square. The discrict 4 escort, Larissa Crane, is testing the microphone. Finally, everyone arrives and she starts. "Hello, Discrict 4! Let's pick our tributes! Ladies first!" she says. I hold my breath, Please do not pick me, Larissa. She draws the card...... " Cora Lessing!" I should've known it was going to happen this way. Why? What did I ever do? I know that the Capitol will find out if I don't go. So, I walk to the stage. Then, Larissa calls the boys. I think his name is Ryan. He looks just as sad as I do. We both dont want to be here, but this is the way it is. I am going to try to win...... for everyone who has ever died in the games. I will.

Aurora Wilde Reaping

  • "Don't worry dad, I won't get chosen. My name is only in there once." I tell my father. He's worried I will get reaped and he will die without me. I know this won't happen, because this is my first reaping and I didn't take a tesserae. I am a bit scared, but i don't want to show that I am, because it would just make him more frightened. I look at the clock. 10:00am. "But if you do Aurora, what would I do without you?" He pleads. I can't imagine him dying. I manage to push the thought out of my head before I start to cry. " I don't want to think like that, Dad." I say. He just frowns. I go upstairs to get dressed. I put on the faded pink dress, my mother bought for me when she was alive. I miss her a lot. I go back downstairs to check on my father. I find him dressed and ready. ' You got yourself dressed today!" I say to him. He nods. I give him a big hug before we leave. He needs it. We head to the the square right when the escort is finishing his speech. "Now for our tributes!" he says. I pray for it not to be me. " Well, for our girls we have....... Aurora Wilde!" No. No. No. This can't be happening!! I look to my father . He is crying. I walk to the stage, when I feel someone clutch my hand." Aurora!! No. Your not going!" It's my dad. " I have to." I say. I let go of him and climb up the stage. '"AURORA!!" He cries. " Don't hurt him!!! He's ill!" I plead to the soldiers carrying him away. Then the escort calls the boy. I don't recognize him. But he looks so familiar. " Our Tributes of Discrict 5!" The escort says and leads us to the Justice Building. But, all I can think about is my father. How could this happen?
  • ==Jason Johnson Reaping==
  • I'm at the square, standing next to my sister. She's afraid. I try to reasure her that she won't get reaped, but she won't listen . She's sniffling like crazy, and I can't help but feel scared too. Soon the Discrict 6 escort starts giving her speech. I'm waiting for her to start reaping, I want to get it over with. " Now, lets pick our tributes!" she says. I hold my sister's hand even tighter. I feel her pulse going faster. " For the ladies we have..... Lea Johnson!" No! That's my sister's name!! Lea gasps, and slowly starts walking. Before I can say bye, someone shouts " I volunteer!!" What? Someone is volunteering for Lea? I look to see who. It's Tamora Summers. Tamora Summers is the most beautiful girl in school. She is the girl all the boys like. Why would she volunteer? When Tamora walks up, I pull back Lea. I want her far away where no one can hurt her. Tamora marches to the stage looking sure of herself. "Our girl, volunteer, tribute of Discrict 6!" The escort says. "Now for our boys!" she says again. She grabs a slip. " Jason Johnson!" Oh no. That's me! Lea looks at me and whispers: "I so sorry, Jason." I guess this is how it will end. I should've seen it coming. I walk to the stage and the escort take my hand. "Our tributes of Discrict 6!" she says happily. I look at Tamora and shake her hand. Then I take one last look at Lea. Tears are streaming from her eyes
  • ==Ria Bellend Reaping==
  • I clench my fists as I walk to town square. I hate going to the reapings. Seeing kids I know getting sent to their death, and watching their parents mourn them as long as I know them. I hate the Capitol so much. One day I'll get back at them. I walk to the 16 year old section. " Hello everybody! Welcome to the 16th annual Hunger Games!" the Discrict 7 escort says. "Ladies first!" she says. She pulls the name. " Ria Bellend!" I'm in shock. I guess I'm the kid getting sent to her death. But my father always said expect the unexpected. I walk to the stage. " Ria Bellend! Our first tribute of Discrict 7!" I wonder who the boy will be. I try to think of all the boys in my life. Well there's my father, my little brother who's only 10, and Altlas. Altas is my best friend. We've known eachother since 2nd grade. Darn, I was thinking to much and I miss the name. Suddenly I see Altlas emerging from the crowd. He must have gotten reaped too. I look into his scared eyes as he walks up the stage. I want to hug him, and tell him it'll be ok, but I know the Capitol would pose us as a couple and I don't want that and I don't think Altlas does either. Finally the escort says "Our tributes of Discrict 7!" When I shake Altlas's hand I feel his coldness and misery. I'm going to try to win, and I will get the Capitol.
  • ====Wren Combe Reaping====
  • I'm breathing heavily as I walk to the reaping. Not because I'm scared of the games, because of my parents. They abuse me and my other brothers and sisters. They are the enemy to me. I would do anything to get away from them. " Welcome everyone! To the 16th Annual Hunger Games Reaping! Lets pick first tribute!" " Ladies first!" I wait for the name... "Morgan Hiera!" our escort says. " I volunteer as tribute!!" somebody says. Its a girl. She looks around my age maybe a little younger. She walks to the stage. " And what is your name? " Coco, Coco Hiera." she says. I feel like I know her, but I don't think I do. " Our first tribute of Discrict 8!, Now for the boys!" the escort says. " We have .......... Zachary Finch!" I don't even know him, but oh well, anything to get away from the enemy. "I volunteer!" I shout. Before anyone can say anything, I run to the stage. " Great! Our tributes of Discrict 8!" the escort says. I look at Coco and shake her hand. I guess I am headed to the Hunger Games, and I am going to die.
  • ==Siobhan Grey Reaping==
  • I'm shaking I'm so scared. I don't know why, but reapings always freak me out! I walk to my age section and see my friend Mark. He must have known I was scared because he says " Don't be afraid, nothings going to happen." " But what if I do get reaped, what happens then?" " I, I don't know." he says and tells me to be quiet because the escort's starting." Hello everyone! Welcome to the 16th Annual Hunger Games Reaping of Discrict 9!" the escort says. This gets me more frightened. " Ladies First!" Oh my god. My knees are knocking. " Hmmm.... Lets see.." Please, Please, Please don't pick me! "Siobhan Grey!" NOOO!!! This can't be happening! I can't help it, I burst out in tears. Finally, I walk to the stage with my head down, sobbing. The escort grabs my hand, " Our first tribute of Discrict 9! Now lets pick our gentleman!" I can't believe I'm up here. On the stage. Going to go the the Hunger Games. " Elias Caldeu!" I know him, he's in my class at school. He strolls up looking sad, but tries not to show it. Unlike me. " Our tributes of Discrict 9!" the escort says. Then she leads us to the Justice Building. This is not a dream. This is real.
  • ==Christan Lorne Reaping==
  • "Mom, we better go to the square now, its almost 11:00." I say to my mother making breakfast. We both woke up late, and now she's finally making it. "okay, let's go." she says and we leave. When were at the square, our escort Garam Madner is just finishing his speech. " Well now that were done with that, let's get to our tributes!" I not really scared that its going to be me who gets chosen. It's just if I do, I don't want to die. " Girls first!" he says. "Lets see.. Karmin Johnson!" She slowly starts making her way to the stage. She doesn't look scared at all. It actually looks like she's smiling. "Great! Now on to our boys!" I close my eyes and breathe slowly. "Christian Lorne!" That's me. I put my face in my hands, and walk to the stage. I'm trying really hard not to cry. When I get up there, I see my mother's face. She's crying. She doesn't want me to go. " Our tributes of Discrict 10!" he says and we head to the Justice building.
  • ==Chrissie Mark Reaping==
  • I feel my mother's gentle kiss on my forehead. "Wake up" she says, "It's reaping day". Oh no, how could I have forgotten it was today, I have been dreading this all year. I've lost quite a few friends to the games, and I am not next. My mother and I head down from our small farm to town square, young President Snow himself would be picking out District 11's tributes this year, my mom and I try to stay in a good mood, but as I approach the crowd I cant help but begin to tear up. I stand at the 15 year olds section, then President Snow says " Welcome, welcome District 11 to the reaping for the 16th Annual Hunger Games." A few Capitol residents on stage clap, but not one from the crowd "Very well, for the boys......... Randy Stevens" says Snow. A tall, muscular black boy walks up to the stage, looking very intimidating, but dosen't say a single word even rejects President Snow's handshake. " And for the girls......... Christina Mark" says Snow, Oh crap.... I am Christina Mark. I just stand there shocked for about thirty seconds until President Snow says "Come on up here Christina Mark" I walk up to the stage and shake President Snow's hand, ew I hate him so much. Randy looks at me and slowly whispers "I'm sorry", I guess he's not a bad guy. I look at the audience and see my mother crying, then I can't help but cry. Randy and I shake hands and President Snow leads us into the justice building, before he closes the door I take one last look at my home, I will never ever return.
  • ==Grayson Smith Reaping==
  • I stand next to my twin sister, Blythe. Were at the reaping, once again. This time in the 15 year old section. Finally, Camilla Cotset, The Discrict 12 escort says "Hello Discrict 12! Lets pick our tributes of the 16th Annual Hunger Games! Ladies First!" Blythe is looking at the ground. "Blythe Smith!" Blythe. I look into her eyes, she's scared and shocked. Then I see Blythe's friend wave her arm "I-" Blythe interupts her "No! I can do this myself, don't volunteer." Blythe says. Then she starts walking. I grab her arm before she gets to far. "Don't die... please. Try to win." I say to her "Don't worry, I will." she says and pulls away. " Great! Now for our boys! Camilla says. This time I look at the ground. "Cato Mellark!" she says. No. That's my best friend. He's so young, he'll die in the bloodbath. There's only one thing I can do. " I volunteer!" I shout. Cato looks at me in shock, and I walk right past him to the stage. "And whats your name, my dear?" Camilla asks me. "Grayson Smith." "Oh! So are you two related?" Camilla asks again. " Yes, were twins." Blythe says to her. " Well, our tributes of Discrict 12!" Camilla says to the audience. Well this Hunger Games is going to be an interesting one.

Training Scores

Colt Gold 8 DEAD

Ruby Silver 10 DEAD

Effin Alloy 11 DEAD

Celestia Dagger 11 DEAD

John Carter 6 DEAD

Cammie Jones 7 DEAD

Ryan Barbell 9 DEAD

Cora Lessing 10 DEAD

Jordan Hawterweel 8 DEAD

Aurora Wilde 7 DEAD

Jason Johnson 6 DEAD

Tamora Summers 8 DEAD

Altlas Dunnin 6 DEAD

Ria Bellend 9

Wren Combe 7 DEAD

Coco Hiera 8 DEAD

Elias Caldeu 5 DEAD

Siobhan Grey 3 DEAD

Christian Lorne 6 DEAD

Karmin Johnson 10 DEAD

Randy Stevens 12 DEAD

Chrissie Mark 9 DEAD

Grayson Smith 7 DEAD

Blythe Smith 8 DEAD

Here are the Training scores..... Games should be up soon!:)

The Arena

The arena is a large jungle, with a huge poisonous waterfall which will trick tributes into drinking. There are a few fresh water ponds for the tributes to drink. The more green parts are very lush and plenty of places to hide, but there are many snakes and other dangerous animals living about in these places. Good Luck!

Day 1: Welcome To The Jungle

Elias Caldeu POV

My stylist pats me on the back as I'm about to go into the tube. "I think you'll do just fine. I believe in you." she says. " Thanks." I answer back. Just then, President Snow's voice booms from the ceiling. "All tributes please enter your tube." I swallow hard and look back at my stylist. " Good Luck, and it has been an honor working with you, I will be cheering you on." She shakes my hand and motions me to my tube. Slowly, I walk in. I look at her again, and she nods in approvel. My tribute uniform this year is a black jacket with with sturdy jeans, and a white t- shirt that has my district number on it. Then I feel movement, my tube is rising. I rise up, and I'm blinded by the brightness of the sun. 60....59.. I can make out the other tributes. I see Effin from 2. He's got blood dripping out of his mouth, his stylist must have wanted him to look more intimidating then he already is. I see Siobhan, my discrict partner. She looks really scared. 42....41....40. I think about my family. Their all watching from our tiny little T.V back home. I miss then so much. 28....27...26.. Oh man, its going by so fast. Then I notice the arena. Its a jungle, I see a forest to my right, and hear lots of differnt sounds.10.....9.....8...7... Oh my god. I'm going to die! It's happening! 3.... 2... 1.... GONG! And the bloodbath begins.

Cora Lessing POV

Here we go! At the sound of the gong I sprint for my life straight toward the cornucopia. I see Colt about 10 yards ahead of me he picks up a small pack and axe chucks it at Elias from 9, he falls to the ground with an axe buried in his forehead. BOOM! One down twenty two to go. I am attracted to a shiny golden trident resting on the side of the cornucopia. I run and grab it and see Christian from 10 charging at me with a broad sword. I hate to do it, but I throw it square in his chest. BOOM! I pick it up and look around for Celestia. She will be my most powerful ally.

Effin Alloy POV

Wow I could say this has been a pretty sucessful bloodbath, I've heard two cannons so far one for the boy from 9 and the other from 10. I already have a sword, a large back pack and 6 throwing knives. I have alredy allienced with the careers and start looking for Celestia. I find her stabbing away at Siobhan from 9, BOOM! " Alright Celestia, you've had your fun lets go find Colt and Ruby"I say to her. We run through the battle and find Colt and Ruby and we sprint for the forrest.

Grayson Smith POV

Me and my sister are deep within the cornucopia when I see Cammie Jones from 3 digging in a box for food, Oh well, we have to do what we have to do, then I quietly approach her from behind and snap her neck. BOOM! I kinda feel bad... Blythe now has a bow and arrows and I quickly find a nice looking sword. Hmm not bad at at all.

Wren Combe POV

I see John from 3 trying to grab a broad sword from Christian's corpse, HA! I almost laugh at his stupidity, I charge him with only my fists, fortunately he hasn't found any weapons either and I tackle him, pinning him down. I punch him in the face a few times and to my surprise he kicks me right off. I stumble back, he stands and tries to kick me but, I grab his leg and push him right back down, then for some reason he just runs off. " Yeah, thats right!! Run away!!" I say. Then I see my shadow.... am I that tall? I turn around to find huge Randy Stevens from 11 with a sword in his hand. NO I refuse to be killed by this monster! I grab a spear resting on the ground and push him in the corner. He pushes me right back, uh oh... before I can attack again I feel his fingers grasp my throat, I try to pry them off, but he is just too strong. The last thing I see is Randy's face. BOOM!

Ria Bellend POV

Atlas and I have made an allience and we are at the outskirts of the battle. I have picked up a blowgun and some darts and Atlas now has a mace. I see the pair from 4 running into the jungle, I also see Jordan from 5 on top of the cornucopia yelling somthing about rootbeer. Umm thats kinda weird... anyway Atlas and I make our way towards the jungle, about 100 yards in, Effin from 2 jumps out in front of us and roars like a lion! Splattering blood all over us. He swings a sword at me but I duck just in time. Then Atlas throws the mace at him but somehow he catches it! He swats me in the face then as I am down I see him swiftly cut off Atlas's head. His body stumbles back and then falls BOOM! "Noooooo!" I scream, my best friend is dead. I will never see him again. Effin then runs away, I shoot a few darts at him but they all miss. No No No... this can't have happened! Why me!? I begin to cry, I should he was my best friend. Then I think to myself He will be avenged.

Coco Hiera POV

The bloodbath is almost over and all I've got is bow, a few arrows, and 2 throwing knives. I see Tamora Summers from 6 find a sword. She looks around, but instead of leaving, she charges at me. I shoot an arrow, but she swiftly dodges it. She tackles me to the ground, and plunges her sword at me, but I move my head just in time. I kick her off, and get out my knives. I throw one her, but she catches it just in time. I know I won't be able to kill her, so I make a run for it. " Coward!" Tamora yells at me. She sprints after me, I whip around, and shoot an arrow. It lands in her arm, and she squeals in pain, but to my suprise she keeps running. I'm not fast enough, and I'm tired. I'm about to give up when Tamora's sword buries itself into my back. BOOM!

The Bloodbath is over, the cannon fires 7 times.


Jason Johnson POV

The bloodbath is over, I got an empty backpack and a machete. 7 dead 17 left to go..... it seems hopeless, I take a seat on a large rock and almost start crying when I hear a noise rumbling in the trees behind me. I raise my machete and approach the source of the noise. I find it was only Tamora trying to find me, we stare at eachother for a few seconds and then I just hug her. "I thought they killed you" I say she stays quiet and then I let go. We decide to make an alliance and we spend the rest of the evening making a shelter. I still don't get why she volunteered for my sister, when she turns around I see that she has an arrow in her arm. How did I not see it when I hugged her? I approach her and say " Your gonna have to pull that out" she just nods and sits down on the rock next to me. " I killed Coco." she whispers. I know she feels bad, so I take her hand. " It's okay, don't feel bad. You have to survive right?" I say. " I know, but I should have let her run." she says and buries her head into her hands. I hear sniffling, so I say "Don't cry." She looks up at me, and that's when I notice how beautiful she is. Her long blonde hair blowing in the wind, her baby blue eyes shining. "Why did you volunteer for Lea, Tamora?" I blurt out. I'm just so curious. "Oh, well, I just saw a little twelve year old, and I just felt so sorry for her.. so I volunteered." she says. Thats why? "You didn't even think that if I do this, I might as well be comitting suicide? I ask. "No.. it all sunk in when I was on the train to the Capitol." she answers. " Oh." I say. Then she says " I'm going to try to sleep, I'm really tired." " Okay." I answer, and she nestles her head on my shoulder.

Ruby Silver POV

I have alianced with the careers, and we already have a ton of food! But, the bad thing is, is that I haven't killed anybody! " Ruby, were going to go look for Cora and Ryan, you stay here and watch guard." Colt says. "What!? No way! I'm not being left here to stand guard! I'm coming with you." I say. " But Ruby-" " Oh don't you but Ruby me!" I say. "Ruby, No. Your staying here and that's it." Effin snaps. "No!" I shriek. "Ugh! Whatever, I'll just stay." Celestia says. "Thank you Celestia." Effin says. "C'mon, let's go." Colt says and we leave. I'ts hard finding our way through these plants in darkness. I hear something slither, and jump into Colt's arms. " Ruby! What are you doing?" Colt asks he lets me go and I say " I heard a snake!" I say. " Would you guys shut up! There could other tributes hiding in here!" Effin whispers. " Does anyone have a flashlight?" I whisper. " Oh, I forgot. I got one." Colt says. He hands it to me and I flick it on. Before my eyes reveals the entire jungle floor ahead of me covered in snakes." Oh my god." I whisper. They're slithering toward us now. We start backing away, and I shine the flashlight behind us. It's the same thing on the other side! " Were cornered!" Effin whispers. Just beside us, I can just make out a big tree trunk. " You guys! There! A tree! Climb!" I say. Quickly, we all climb the tree and sit down on a branch. "I guess we'll have to camp here tonight, there's no way we'll get down there without getting bit." Effin says.

Celestia Dagger POV

Thanks to Ruby, I'm stuck standing guard for the night. They've been gone for about 2 hours now. I hope they're okay. I take a seat on the ground and busy myself to sharpening my sword. After about 10 minutes, I start to get bored. We have enugh food to last a week, so I decide to take a bite of some bread. It's been another hour! OH MY GOD WHERE ARE THEY?!!! I think about going to look, but I should'nt leave the camp unattended. I decide to play with some throwing knives I found in a pack from the bloodbath. I throw a couple into the trees and then I hear this noise..... rustling coming from on top of a large tree, I decide to go have a look. I begin to climb the tree when the noise suddenly stops, I stop too... whatever it was knows that I am coming. I look over one more branch and someone tackles me! We both plummit to the ground and its got me pinned, it's some sort of mutt that resembles a gorilla. I push it off me and throw a knife into its belly. It dies and I cook it. Looks Like I'll have some dinner tonight. I guess it's too late to go out looking, so I decide to try and nap.

Aurora Wilde POV

I've made shelter near the edge of the arena. It's nighttime now, and I don't have any food. The bloodbath wasn't very successful for me because I don't have an ally, or any weapons. I try to take a look at my surroundings, to see if there's any berries or plants around here. I can't see a thing with it so dark, so I decide to go to bed, I guess I'll just find some weapons tomorrow, and an ally. I need to be ready for an attack. The careers are probably plotting their kill list. I probably sound easy to them, because I'm only twelve. But, I'm going to prove that I'm not an easy target. I'm going to win this thing.

Day 2

Karmin Johnson POV

'I wake up at the crack of dawn, and I start hunting. I camoflauged myself into the grass last night, to cover from anyone. It worked pretty well, I've actually found a new talent in me. Camoflauge. I aim my bow at a small bird flying by. I managed to find a bow and ten arrows in the cornucopia. I shoot, and it hits him right in the head. I need to find the careers camps, I need to kill them. Then suddenly, I hear a rustle in the trees. I walk silently, towards the noise. I ready my bow. Who is it? Then, I see a boy, sitting there, in the middle of trees. Sharpening his knife. I almost want to laugh at his stupidity. He's sitting there in wide open surroundings. Then before I can shoot him, he turns his head and sees me. He stands up and holds out his knife. Then I recognize him as Jordan Hawterweel from 5. " Get away from me!! I'll kill you." He says. Then when I don't leave, he charges at me, knife in hand. Before he can get any further, I shoot an arrow deep into his heart. He winces at the pain, and pulls arrow the right out. He stumbles back, and falls to his knees. I wait for the cannon to sound, and it does.' BOOM! Jordan is dead.

Chrissie Mark POV

Its day 2 in the arena. I was spying on the careers last night when they ran into the snakes. I was lucky they found them before I did, I would've been dead meat. Now, I'm more concentrated on finding an ally. I've gone through every tribute, and decide on 3 options. Aurora Wilde from 5, Cora Lessing from 4, and Jason Johnson from 6. I think that Aurora would be my best bet, because she's not a career, and her discrict partner is dead. I think I'll go for her. So, I start walking. After about two hours, I decide to stop and make camp. After I've gathered all my food and weapons, I take a rest. I lay down, but suddenly hear rustling in the plants nearby. Instantly, I grab a sword. I get up and move quietly to it. This will be easy. Then suddenly, someone jumps out of the plants. I take a swing at it's head, but it ducks. "Stop!! Stop! Please!" it says. I rest my sword to my side. I take a good look at th person. It's Aurora! I found her! " I found you." I say. " You were looking for me?" she says. "Yeah. Allies?" I ask and reach out my hand for her to shake. "Allies." she says, and shakes my hand.

Tamora Summers POV

Jason and I have made a shelter. We now have found more extra weapons. I feel prepared for anything. I haven't seen very many tributes, but I know 9 are dead. Jason doesn't know the real reason I volunteered for his sister. I plan on telling him before anyone of us dies, but I'm afraid of what he'll say. I told him a lie before, and I don't think he was buying it. " Tamora, do you think we should go looking for other tributes?" His voice snaps me back into reality. " What do mean?" I ask " You know, like to kill." He say. This shocks me. I never thought he was the type to look for a kill. " Oh, I guess so. Were not going to win this without doing it." I say. " Okay, we'll go this afternoon." he says and starts oganizing our food supply. I don't know how I'm going to kill anyone else after what I did to Coco. Maybe he can do most of it. The time comes when its time to go out looking. I found a weapon belt in the cornucopia, an strap a few knives, and a sword on it. Jason has a sickle sword in his hand, and a knife in the other. We decide to head towards the rainforest. I've mostly been walking on the edge of the path, and Jason is in the middle. Suddenly Jason falls to the ground in pain. "Ah! he cries. "Jason!" I scream and run towards him. I kneel down to him. He's grasping his ankle. " Jason, Jason, let me see." I say, and he slowly move his hand. I see two tiny red bites on his ankle. Snake bites. " They're snake bites." I say. " I was walking, and suddenly I felt a sharp pain. And I could'nt feel my leg. " We need medicine." I say. I look up to the sky, in hope of a sponsor. " Please!" I say to the sky. " Please! Help me! I love him." I say. He looks at me in awe. I should have told him sooner. I've had a crush on him since 5th grade. That's why I volunteered. "Please!" I shout one last time. " You love me?" he asks weakly. " Yes, Jason. I love you." I say. "I love you too." he says. Then I feel tears in eyes. I close my eyes and hug him. Then I hear a bump on the ground next to me. A sponsor! I grab it and unwrap it. "A sponsor!" I say to him. Its bite medicine. " Thank you!!" I say to the sky. I put some on my finger and rub it against the bite. " Its working!" he says, "I don't feel a thing!" he says happily.

Colt Gold POV

Me, Ruby and Effin made it out from the tree the next morning and got back to camp to find Celestia cooking us some meat. Everybody takes some but me, if all of my training has taught me anything it's never to trust your opponents. We all sit a circle on tree stumps and laugh and joke about the other weaker tributes " That John boy from 3, I can't believe that weakling is still alive I swear if I get the chance i'll kill him so good" says Ruby in a bloodthirsty tone, everyone laughs. We go on like this a bit more and then break off, Celestia and I hunt while Effin and Ruby build a fire. We return a few hours later with some snakes and fish. Then, finally District 4 shows up. " Where in the bloody hell have you two been?" I say, Ryan replies " trying to find you guys" This really angers me, they were probably just playing in the jungle while we were working our butts off! I give him a hard push " You should have looked harder!" I say, what a stupid comeback... I am about to push him again 10 times harder when Cora holds up her golden trident to my neck and I am forced to stop in my tracks. "You just relax boy, your lucky we even found you at all and we plan to do our part." Oh well maybe she is right, it takes me a minute but I cool down. Now where have Ruby and Effin gone? I haven't seen either of them since I got back from hunting..... where could they be? I look all over camp until I look behind a large tree and find them violently kissing!!! Disgusting!! they dont see me, ew ew ew! I run away throwing up stuff that resembles bannanas even though I haven't had any. On a less disturbing note, me, Celestia and District 4 have a strong fire going and we cook some of what we caught today. When Effin and Ruby finally join us Celestia asks them where they have been and Ruby says " Effin was just showing me how to hunt" Hehe time to mess with them , " Is that all that happened today?" I say with confidence, we all stare at them for a while while they all stare at us speechless. This akawardness continues when Effin finally says "I'm going to bed" and marches off without another word Ruby stays for a minute and then follows Effin. The rest of us eat and talk for a while and then the anthem blasts throught the arena and it shows that today has claimed Jordan Hawterwheel of District 5. This is actually not a good thing for us, whith only few deaths I have got a feeling that tomorrow will be deadly.


John Carter POV

It's night now, I am up in an extremley large tree spying on the careers, they were talking about me earlier I guess being allies with them is no option... I found a nice knife off Jordan's body and have been throwing it at birds and even hit a few, but how do I cook them? Oh well I am really hungry so I cut them up and eat them raw, tastes horrible but food is food. I am walking through the jungle when I hear a loud boom, not a cannon but thunder! Oh no a storm is coming I run as fast as I can until I see a cave and without hesitation run inside, I slip and fall on the ground hitting my head hard. I pass out and wake up to find Ria Bellend from 7 holding a sword to my neck, I stumble back " Who are you" she screames in my face. She's much bigger than me and could kill me in a second so fighting is not really an option. " District 3" I say " Your name" Ria yells back " John Carter" I say she sees that I am unarmed, my knife is still hooked to my pants but I guess she knows she could kill me if I try anything. " Do you think we could be allies?" I say with confidence, which I had no idea that I had. " What makes you think that I would ally with you?" She says ferociously, jeez, who crapped in her cornflakes? Wait a minute, I was nearby when Effin from 2 killed her district partner, she must be filled with rage! Hmm maybe I can help her... " Because I know where Effin is..." I say, she just looks at me and smiles, looks like I have an ally.

Blythe Smith POV

Oh my god! Grayson is so annoying, he tries so hard to protect me but I can take care of myself and he knows it! We are walking through the forrest and there is a little storm going on, he wont stop holding my hand as if he thinks I'll get lost or somthing?!? What a dork! we take sheter under a tree and he gives me his jacket now he is only wearing his white t- shirt marked 12 which he earlier cut into a tanktop so he must be cold, we cuddle up together and fall asleep, I awake and it is now morning, Grayson wakes up shortly after and we both hear some rustling in the bushes he grabs his sword and I load my bow. " This is our chance" he says, I nod " We need to take it out" I say but just as I begin to advance toward the suspicous bush he stopps me, " not a chance Blythe, too dangerous." he says. Here we go again I think to myself. " When will you stop treating me like a kid" I say "Listen I promised mom and dad I'd take care of you and if anything happens to you they will kill me" he says "don't you see Grayson, this is much bigger than mom and dad, we are fighting for our lives here, we all see it why don't you" I say, before he can speak I say " besides, were all going to die anyway, only one victor..." " I know" he says " but I really want you to be safe", and he takes my bow and sheath of arrows and sprints into the jungle. I wait on him for hours.... where is he?!?!? You know what forget this! I remember how the career tributes were looking at me during training, they were loving it, maybe I could ally with them. Sorry Grayson, desprate times calls for desprate measures.

Day 3

Cora Lessing POV

It's now morning and I am off hunting with Celestia. She is a great hunter. Me? Not as much. I've tried to let her do most of the work. I'm so thirsty, I don't know know how much longer I can go without water. I haven't seen too many ponds lately. The waterfall would be great, but I'm too smart too fall for that. The waterfall is obviously poisonous. Only a fool would fall for it. " Celestia, do you think we should go look for some water? I mean, we have to hydrate." I say. That made me sound like an idiot. " I think so, let's go to the waterfall." she say. " No. The waterfall is poisonous. The gamemakers put it smack in the middle because they knew some tribute would be so thirsty, he just had to take a drink." I tell her. "Your right , I never would have thought of that." she says. I smile back proudly. " But, how are we going to find water?" I ask. " Let's go search for a pond or something." she says. We start heading down the jungle, in search of water. We walk for about half an hour, until we find a small stream. " Do you have the bucket?" I ask. " Yeah, here you go." Celestia says and hands me our bucket. I scoop a bucketful of water and then suddenly hair a tree branch break. Both Celestia and I grab our weapons. I look to the trees and see a boy perched in the tree above me, with his bow pointing at my chest.

Celestia Dagger POV

My sword is ready. I will kill whoever that is in the tree. I will. Then, I see who it is. Grayson Smith. Where's his sister? Oh, what do I care. "Hey you!" I yell at him. " Get down here!" I yell again. He still doesn't say anything. "Get down here so we can fight, coward!" I yell one more time. I'm getting angry now. Thats it, I can't take it anymore. I throw a rock at his head, and he falls down of the tree with a bang. He quickly gets back up and loads his bow again. I look at Cora, she's smirking. I taught her well. Cora has a knife in her hand. I see her getting ready to attack. He'll be an easy kill. He doesn't look too strong or anything. That's it, too much waiting. I slash my sword through his arm, and he gasps in pain. Cora takes a swing at his head, but misses. Grayson shoots an arrow at my head, but I duck, just in time. " Knife!!" I shout at Cora. She passes me her knife, and I throw it into his neck. He's in shock, I see. He clutches his neck and pulls out the knife slowly. He starts coughing up blood, and falls to the ground. When I saw is body laying there lifeless on the ground, still with the knife in his hand, I realized how real everything was. I was going to die. BOOM!!

Ria Bellend POV

I have agreed to ally with John, if he can lead me to the careers and most importantly....Effin. John tells me we are getting close to their camp, when I hear somthing not another tribute, but somthing big.... John and I turn around at the exact same moment to see a giant lizard the size of a school bus staring right at me! "Oh shii..." says John "No time for curse words, we gotta move" I say cutting him off. We back away slowly, "Maybe it's friendly" says John, before I can answer back it charges forward, we run until we find a mountain slide and then climb for our lives. After a few hours we lose the lizards and just as I look over the final ledge to reach the peak....Effin grabs me! Looks like the careers had a similar idea as we did, Colt grabs John and I see Ruby, Cora, Celestia, Ryan and to my surprise Blythe of 12 she must have allied up with the careers after her brother was killed. Effin pins my arms behind me and Colt does the same to John, The twilight sky, beautiful view of the jungle, not a horrible death I guess. "Blythe, finish them!" yells Effin, Blythe appears with a throwing knife and targets John, but just before she throws John gives me this look that says You got this, Blythe throws. At exactly the right second John elbows Colt in the stomach and ducks, the knife hits Colt right between the eyes and he stumbles back and falls down the side of the mountain. BOOM! Before anyone can react I do the same as John to Effin but this time I grab his throat and slam him on the ground. Then John pulls out his knife and charges Ryan and Ruby. Before I can join the fight, Ruby throws a mace at me, it hits me in the stomach and like Colt, I too stumble back and roll down the mountain. Ow! Ow! Ow! I keep hitting my head, I wish I would just die already! Then everything is still, hey I think I am actually alright, I might have a couple broken fingers and my leg is bleeding a little but other than that I think I'm gonna make it. BOOM! ahh am I dead? Nope. The battle must still be going on at the peak again. BOOM! But who has died?!? I guess I'll find out tonight.

Ria Bellend POV Continued....

Who has died? I start climbing back up the mountain. I hope John didn't die. When I finally make it to the top, I see no one. They must've all left. Why did John leave me. Maybe he thought I was dead, but I thought we were allies. Oh well, I look to see any corpses. None. Whoever died must've gotten lifted up already. I decide to shake it off, and move on. I start climbing down the mountain, when I hear the anthem play in the sky. I look up as quickly as possible. 3 deaths today. I see Grayson's face in the sky. Blythe must feel terrible. Then I see Ruby Silver's beautiful face. She is the one who died today.. but with who? Then I see the next victim. It's my ally, John. I feel terrible. It was my fault. I was the one who needed to go to the career camp, and now he's gone. He looked so scared when I allianced with him. He just wanted to live. I start to cry. John is gone.

Night Was Calm

Day 4

Jason Johnson POV

After my snake bite incident, Tamora and I have gone back to our camp. She confessed her love for me. I never would've guessed. I've always liked her, but I never even thought she noticed me. "Tamora, do you really love me?" I ask. "Yes." she answers. "But, I don't get it. You are the prettiest girl in school. Why do you like, me?" I ask her again. " Because your always so nice and sweet and handsome." she sits down next to me. We sit there for a moment until she says "The real reason I volunteered, was because of you. When I saw she was your sister, I had to volunteer." she whispers. Before she can say anything else, I kiss her on the lips. We stay there like that for couple seconds, until I pull away. She looks at me suprised. " I love you too." I say. Then she flings herself into my arms. "Jason, Let's win together." she says to me.

Aurora Wilde POV

Chrissie and I have set up a camp, and now we are searching for the careers camp. Were going to kill. I know Colt's dead, and so is Ruby. So all we have is Cora, Celestia, Ryan, and Effin. "Aurora, get your weapons ready. I think were getting closer. " Chrissie says. Well, she was right. Instantly after she says that, I hear a rustle in the trees. I hold out my sword that Chrissie gave me. Then suddenly, Celestia jumps out of the trees. Chrissie and I both take a swing. Chrissie's swing hits her leg. Mine misses. She plunges for me with her knife and it hits me right in the stomach. I fall to the ground, but I'm not dead. I feel the blood on my hand. Celestia cuts Chrissie in the arm, but she keeps on fighting. There's another sharp pain in my stomach. Chrissie throws a knife at her neck, and it makes a tear. Celestia must've had enough, because she runs away. As soon as she's gone, Chrissie kneels down next to me. "Aurora! Are you alright?!" She yells. "No." I say. I feel tears in my eyes. I take her hand. "It's going to be okay. Don't worry." she says. Her voice is trembling. "It's okay. I know I'm going to die." I say. " You can do it. You can win. Your strong." I say. She's crying now. She bends down, and kisses my forehead. Then I close my eyes forever. BOOM!


Randy Stevens POV

I have set up a camp near the edge of the arena. I think about going off to kill, but I decide not to because it will be too dark. Instantly after I think that, I hear a tree wiggle. I walk carefully towards it, and climb up it quickly. At first, I see nothing. Then, something jumps from behind me, and clings to my back. Knife in my hand, I take a swing at its head. It dodges, and comes after me again. It jumps on me, but I catch him and slam him to the ground. I finally see what it is. Its some sort of mutt that resembles a gorilla. It gets up frazzled, and climbs its way back to my branch. I am about to swing at him, when his sharp claws dig into the skin on my arm. I scream in pain. I have only so much time until my energy runs out. I look at my torn up arm, and I stir up all the anger, pain, and courage I can muster. And I finally take one last swing at him. It slices his back, and it just makes him angry. He charges at me, and sinks his razorlike teeth into my neck. I take one last look at the world. I'll miss you. BOOM!

Not much happens after Randy's death tonight.


Congragulations for making it into the Top 10 of our tributes! The rules are the same, there can only be one victor. However, you now have the option to send your tribute, sponsors. You are allowed to sponsor your own tribute. If your has already been killed, then you still have the option to sponsor any of the remaining tributes. You will each start off with $300. Thank you, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Day 5: Ryan Barbell POV

Being out here in the jungle..... it changes you, all of us are different, Effin has gone nuts this morning when I woke up it was still dark and I saw him in a tree, howling at the moon. I think he is sad about Ruby, I think there was somthing going on between them. Oh well, the rest of us are more sad about Colt, he was a great fighter and a good guy, but i shook it off, were all going to die anyway. Last night Effin recieved some body armor and Celestia recieved cut medicine. Right now Blythe, Cora and I are cooking breakfast while Celestia and Effin are hunting, I would not trust that guy with weapons anymore. I see a rabbit and chuck Cora's trident at it and it hits! "Nice shot" says Blythe, Cora is silent. I don't know what's up with her, ever since the death of Colt and Ruby she hasn't said a word. Then out of nowhere it starts to pour rain, Cora, Blythe and I get under a tree and then a raindrop hits my arm and it begins to burn. Oh no! Acid rain! Then I see that the drops are yellow. We huddle together under the tree and I feel safe, but then I realize that Effin and Celestia are still out there!

Celestia Dagger POV

It has started Acid raining now and Effin and I ran as fast as we could to find shelter, Then we spot a nice looking cave, and dart inside. Just when it looks safe I hear a loud bang, not a cannon but thunder. One bolt hits the ground right in front of the cave, Woah! somthing is different about it, I begin to feel really scared for the first time here in the arena and thats not good. Just as I calm myself down I hear somthing behind us, somthing or someone deeper in the cave, Effin and I turn around and then Karmin from 10 comes out of the darkness and attacks us with a knife, Pathetic. She is about to stab me but I swat the knife out of her and and Effin pulls his sword from his back and raises it. She looks really scared and sprints out of the cave, bad idea. She gets about 15 yards and then BANG she is struck by lightning! BOOM! Effin and I cheer. Then Effin starts wailing like a banshee and I cant tell if he's happy or not. Then I stop cheering and relize why it hit her. It's heatseeking, it's attracted to human flesh. Good call gamemakers...


Attention tributes! Tommorow we will be having a great feast, with everything you need to survive. Attendance is not manditory, but it is recomended. Thank you and may the odds be ever in favor!


Cora Lessing POV

The Acid rain has died down. I havent gotten any sponsors so far, so I am pretty low on hope right now. I am with Ryan and Blythe out hunting for Effin and Celestia. We have not heard any cannons, so we assume they are alright wherever they are. We end up finding them huddled together in a cave, dang Effin really gets around. We make our way back to camp when Ryan says to Effin "So who's going to the feast?" "Me..... obviously" says Celestia, "Me" says Blythe "Effin?" says Ryan. "No I have to help my grandma pick pickles" says Effin sarcastily, everyone stares at him..... Effin slaps Ryan in the back of the head "Of course I'm going!" yells Effin. "ok....Cora?"....... I think about this for a moment, could I handle myself out there? Of course I could! "I'll go" I say "Looks like were all going! says Ryan. He's the only one who I am worried about, he is my only real friend here. The more that I think about it I realize how stupid the whole career system is, I mean only one can become victor, no point in a six person allience. I decide to get some rest for the feast tomorrow.

Ria Bellend POV

As I lay under the stars I realize that it's not Effin's death that I am craving for, I just wanna go home! I cry a little while and then I decide to make a list of every great person I have ever known. My parents, My two older brothers, Atlas, John is one of them, and lots of other people who have come in and out of my life. Then I realize that I can't die... not here not now there is so many things I have left to see, like the seas of District 4 or mountains in 5. I recieved body aromor and a sword so that will help my chances of surviving the feast. As scared as I am I decide to go, John and Atlas would have wanted me to.

Day 6: The Feast Chrissie Mark POV

I wake up to the sound of the gong. What? Wait it's only a dream.... I am running and I see Elias from 10 dead on the floor then I look around and everyone is dead not just the tributes, but my mother and father my younger sister and every single one of my friends..... everyone I have ever loved... drowned in a pool of blood. I can't take this anymore I shake myself awake and remember where I am and I also remember that the feast is soon. I need to pull myself together.... fire up. Then out of nowhere I hear Claudius Templesmith's voice "Attention tributes, The feast will be begining in half an hour please get ready and may the odds be ever in your favor, that will be all."

Celestia Dagger POV

I wake up and remember that today is the feast. I wake everyone up and we get ready, I strap a knife on my hip and put on a backpack, I eat some food that we have and I feel ready for combat. "Alright, guys.... kill anyone on sight... and if you run in to the girl from 7 remember she's mine." says Effin with an agressive tone he takes out another packet of fake blood and puts it in his mouth he chews and the blood gushes down his lips and drips on the jungle floor "Lets do this" he says. We walk a while and approach a hill that leads to the cornucopia, Effin and Ryan look over and Ryan whispers "Oh my..god!" I look over and see the cornucopia half submerged in a swampy pond. Oh my god is right, none of us were expecting this we'll be able to get in no problem but if we want the real treasures we need to dive for them and it's dark down there so I'm going to need all of the courage I can muster. "This won't be easy" says Blythe "You don't say" Effin says back getting blood all over his shirt. I take a deep breath and prepare myself mentally for the fight of my life.

Tamora Summers POV

'Jason and I are already in the cornucopia with only our heads above the water, most people must be showing up by now. Good thing we got a head start. Jason peers out and says "Tamora, I see some of the careers now." Inside I am really nervous but I say "We need an ambush" "Good thinking" says Jason. I dove down to the bottom earlier and got Jason a sword and I got a grenade! "Haha not bad at all Tamora" I think to myself, I get ready to throw it I kiss Jason on the lips for the probably last time ever "I love you" I say "I love you" he says. Then I pull the pin and throw it out right in the center of the, "GRENADE!!!" Effin yells and they all sprint away but Ryan is' slow and then there is a huge explosion and all I can see is smoke...... then out of nowhere I hear a horrible moaning sound... the smoke clears and I see Ryan's body laying on the groung with his legs blown almost completely off. "Don't look" says Jason and he holds me tight and covers my eyes. I can see through his hands a little and I see the careers kneeling over his dying body I can hear Cora crying. Ryan is coughing out blood then BOOM! His cannon fires, Effin whips around and and looks right at us, he has blood pouring from his mouth...... a massive feeling of fear grips my body and I can't help but scream. He starts sprinting at the cornucopia shouting words I don't even want to repeat. Jason and I manage to get out of the cornucopia just in time and then Effin swings a sword at us. Jason dodges it and punches Effin in the mouth, real blood is coing out now, Blythe hurls a knife at me and I dive on the floor just in time to dodge it. Jason pulls his own sword and him and Effin swing at eachother. CLINK! the swords connect and they keep fighting. I grab Blythe's leg and pull her on the ground. I get up but Blythe kicks me in the stomach from the ground! The wind is knocked out of me and I fall on the ground. Just as she is about to stab me I hear a loud whistle and see on top of the cornucopia Ria Bellend from District 7 on top of the cornucopia with a sheath of arrows on her back, wearing body armor, sunglasses and a whole belt of grenades!! Looks like she got an even better head start!

Ria Bellend POV

Never have I felt awesomer! I don't know where I got the courage to dive to the very bottom, but somehow I did. I found poison arrows, an advanced bow and a whole belt of grenades and even some sunglasses. I shoot a poison arrow at Effin who is swordfighting with Jason and it barley misses. I jump down the cornucopia on to the damp ground and pull the sword from my back Blythe was about to stab Tamora but I guess she now sees me as a bigger threat, she throws a knife at me but I hit it to the ground with my sword. I see Celestia tackle Tamora and Cora runs away, but you can't really call her a coward because it's like the second bloodbath out here. Blythe charges me with a second knife she attempts to slit my throat but I crouch just in time and slash her across the stomach. She falls to the ground BOOM! I feel horrible but I had to do it. Chrissie bolts down the hill and heads for the cornucopia, she dives down and I can't see her anymore.

Jason Johnson POV

Effin and I are fighting, he swings at my head and I duck, I stab at him and he dodges it, our swords connect a few times and I cut his arm and kick him in the water. It wasn't enough to kill him but it will definently slow him down. I turn and see Celestia on top of Tamora! "NOOO!" I yell and sprint towards them I push Ria out of my way and kick Celestia in the back and she flies forward, I should have killed her but all I care about now is Tamora. I pick her up and she looks ok, she throws her arms around me and for a second I feel safe, but that second ends when I turn around to see Effin about four feet behind us with his sword raised. Celestia is now in a fist fight with Ria, Effin chucks his sword at Tamora! With every ounce of courage in my body I jump in front of her, and Effin's sword goes straight through my stomach.

Tamora Summers POV

Jason falls to the ground in what seems like slow motion... "NOO!!!" I scream. BOOM! I pull a knife off of Ryan's dead body and throw it at Effin's stomach, but it bounces right off and he laughs, I tackle him and we both fall on the ground, I claw his face with my nails and it draws blood from his forhead. He kicks me off of him and we start fist fighting.

Celestia Dagger POV

I am fighting Ria, and I am winning, she takes a swing at me and I duck, kick her in the throat and even grab a grenade from her belt. I see Effin is fighting Tamora and Ria runs off, Tamora grabs Effin by the throat but I put a knife in her back just before she can start choking him. BOOM! Tamora is dead. Effin is bleeding bad from the face and he'll need some first aid. We are getting ready to leave when I remember that Chrissie is still inside the cornucopia! I get a nice idea of how to use this little grenade I took off of Ria. I pull the pin and gently roll it into the water "3...2...1..." I think in my head and then BANG! the cornucopia starts drifting into the swamp until it is fully submerged. No escape for Chrissie now she is going to drown, she survived the explosion because I did not hear a cannon. All I can hear is an extremely faint watery scream and then after a minute BOOM! and thats the end of District 11.


Ria Bellend (D7)

Cora Lessing (D4)

Effin Alloy (D2)

Celestia Dagger (D2)

sorry if your tribute died at the feast... only one can live after all.

Now is the time to use your money!! to the people who are still alive

Day 7

Cora Lessing POV

I've decided to leave the careers. There's nothing left for me there. I left last night after the feast while they were sleeping. Now, I need to set up camp. I wonder if I could ally with Ria. No, she'd never want me, she would probably try to kill me. After a few hours, I find a nice spot for camp. I took most of my weapons, and some of theirs. I lay all of my supplies on the ground, and decide to go hunt. I take my trident, and head down to one of the streams. When I get there, I instantly see a fish swim by. I chuck my trident at it, and and I see blood. I walk down and pick it up. It squirms in my hand a little, after a few seconds it lays still. I stay there for a while catching fish, until it starts getting dark. So, I head back to camp. I cook a fish, and then lay down and drift to sleep.

Day is over. Ria is at her camp plotting her plan to kill the rest of the tributes. Effin and Celesta are a little mad that Cora left them, but they don't care because they know they can kill her easily. Cora is sleeping far away from the career camp.

Day 8: The Finale..... Effin Alloy POV

Celestia and I have been resting back at camp, I am getting a fire going while she is trying to kill some squirrles. Cora has left us.... that little traitor, I guess I know who i'm killing next. " We have to hunt" says Celestia "I know" I say then we gather our weapons and head out, I let her wear my body armor not too many people are phisically gifted like me. We are headed through the jungle when I realize who are real threat is.... Ria from 7, she killed Blythe. As we are walking I hear a loud rustling in the bushes, not the wind I don't think. Celestia and I look at eachother the same time, we approach the bush and hear it again, then out of nowhere whatever it was charges me full speed and I fall to the groud. Just as it is about to start clawing me Celestia slits it's throat with one of her knives and it dies. It looked like a boy..... which dosen't make sense because I am the last boy left in the arena. I study the body for a second and then see that it was Colt! But how! He died four days ago for crying out loud. I am laying there like an idiot for a second when Celestia says " Effin I know what your thinking..... but Colt is dead..... it was some sort of a zombie" I still don't get it " Effin..... this is the finale." says Celestia.

Ria Bellend POV

I am laying in the cave where John and I agreed on being allies and making a plan in my head. My first target is obviously Effin, then Celestia then Cora. I am just laying there thinking when I hear a noise...... it's like a soft moan. I load my bow and decide to go check it out, I walk outside the cave and look around, then out of nowhere I see Atlas. I automatically drop my bow and run up and hug him, he dosen't even speak or put his arms around me. I know this is a dream, but he could at least hug me. Then I get a good look at his skin, it is black and looks like it got blown up by a grenade. I pull away and look into his eyes, they look fine but half of his jaw is blown off, "Atlas what happe..." I begin but before I can finish he ground tackles me. Then I realize that this isn't a dream, but how is Atlas alive? waiit a minute... this is the finale, i've seen it before on the last day the gamemakers usually put somthing special in the arena to weave out a victor more quickly. I thought they might do one but I expected somthing like a flood or blizzard.... anything but this. I feel like Atlas is about to kill me when out of nowhere a golden tridet sails into his neck, taking his head off. I get up and re-gather my senses when I see Cora Lessing taking the trident from Atlas's decapitated head. Before she can I whip out my sword from my back and put up to her throat. "I'm not your enemy" she says "we should ally, it's our only chance of killing Effin or Celestia and you know it she continues. Then I realize how right she is, I would stand no chance at Effin alone. I lower my sword and shake her hand.

Celestia Dagger POV

Effin and I have been hiding from the zombies in a tree, It's been a few hours and we have killed the recreations of Cammie from 3 and Christian from 10. I then realize how good of a time that it is right now to take Effin out. He signals for me to start climbing down but I push him out. He immediately gets back up and chucks Colt's old axe at me, but I dodge it and hop down and punch him in the face. Then I tackle him and he yells "YOU LITTLE SON OF A..!" but just before he can finish that sentence I press my knife against his neck... that shuts him up. I am just about to deliver the death blow when he kicks me off. I throw a knife at him but he dodges it, then he puts his hand around my neck and squeezes.... hard! I try to pry his fingers off but he is too strong! Everything went black..........then white.


Cora Lessing POV

Ria and I decided to climb the mountain where John and Ruby got killed to get a better look of the arena. We get up to the peak in a couple of hours and we get a beautiful view of the arena and the sunset. We stare in awe for a few seconds then out of nowhere Ria just bursts into tears. I look at her and she is crying her eyes out, I go over and put my arms around her. She begins to calm down, and I whisper in her ear " You can win you know" I say. She quiets down.. "Your strong Ria.... never forget that." I say again. I then realize that I should leave soon, only three left. She falls asleep and I decide to leave and look for whoever is left.

Ria Bellend POV

I wake up to the sound of screaming, not a zombie a human. Before I can fully react the anthems blasts through the arena and shows that only Celestia has died today. Then I remember the scream, It must be Cora. I can't get down the mountain fast enough! I am climbing at full speed and the when I get to the ground I run through the forrest floor and find her pinned down by the zombie of Wren Comb from 8. Before he can kill her I put an arrow in his back and help her up. We decide to look for the old cornucopia to get higher ground, but when we approach the pond where the feast was the cornucopia is gone. Then we see the top of it just above the water and decide to swim for it. We get up and look around but just as we gather our senses again Effin pushes down both of us. I drop my bow and Cora's trident falls in the water, Cora is first to stand and she gets up and punches Effin in the stomach but he quickly pushes her aside and walks towards me with his sword drawn. He slashes at me but I grab his wrist just before it connects with my neck. I wrestle the sword out of his grasps and push him away, he just stands there for a second with a throwing knife ready. Just as I know he is about to throw I hear Cora yell "RIA!!" I look and she throws me my bow. I see every thing in slowmotion. Effin turns and throws the knife into Cora's stomach, she coughs out blood and falls to the ground.... no cannon though. "NOOO!" I yell then Effin focuses his attention back to me and reaches for a second knife to throw, but I am a little quicker as I load my bow and fire an arrow square into Effin's chest, it goes through him!!! He just stares at me for a moment and then blood spills out of his mouth, at first I think it is just another one of his blood packets but then he stumbles back and falls into the water. BOOM! Effin Alloy is finally dead. Then I remember Cora!! Oh NO!!!! I run up to her and she is bleeding pretty badly. I take one look at her face and I know she won't make it.. I begin to cry again. "Stay.....strong......Ria..." she gets out and then closes her eyes and dies..... BOOM! I kiss her on the forehead and stand up. Wait a minute..... I just won!! Fireworks light up the night sky and the famous trumpets sound. Then President Snow's voice says.....

"Congratulations to the victor of the 16th annual hunger games........ Ria Bellend of District 7"


Congratulations to Ria Bellend on being my first ever Victor! Most importantly congratulations to TheKatnissEverdeen :) As for Cora, Celestia and Effin, thank u guys so much for being apart of my games... sorry u diddn't win:( but there can only be one victor after alll:)

17th annual Hunger Games

Soooo... I'm gonna be having another games pretty soon! Anybody can join but here's the catch...... I won't pick ur tribute unless they have never been used before in a games.... ever. and I plan on having maybe a couple more tributes than usuall so it should be cool:) Thank u guys! sorry there's no link becauze i haven't actually created the page yet but I will soon.


Sword $50

Throwing Knife (x6) $50

Spear $50

Bow and 10 arrows $100

Trident $75

Sharp Rocks (x5) $45

Blowgun and Darts (x8) $75

Poison $25

Mace $50

NEW: Wolverine claws (X-men) $200


Chicken leg $30

Water bottle $35

Bread $15

Broth $20

Fish $30

Dried plums $20

Hot Pocket $30

Apple x3 $30

Turkey leg $45

Feast $100


Cut medicine $50

Burn medicine $50

First aid kit $75

Sleeping bag $35

Bite medicine $50

Blanket $45

Jacket $30

Body Armor $100

Antibotics $40

Lasso $30

Death Chart

24th Elias Caldeu (Colt's axe)

23rd Christian Lorne (Cora's Trident)

22nd Siobhan Grey (Celestia's Knife)

21st Cammie Jones (Neck snapped by Grayson)

20th Wren Combe (Strangled by Randy)

19th Atlas Dunnin (Decapitated by Effin)

18th Coco Hiera (Tamora's Sword)

17th Jordan Hawterweel ( Karmin's Arrow)

16th Grayson Smith ( Celestia's Knife)

15th Colt Gold ( Blythe's knife accident)

14th Ruby Silver (Knifed by John)

13th John Carter ( Effin's Sword)

12th Aurora Wilde ( Celestia's Knife)

11th Randy Stevens ( Mauled by Mutts)

10th Karmin Johnson ( Heatseeking lightning)

9th Ryan Barbell (Tamora's Grenade)

8th Blythe Smith (Ria's Sword)

7th Jason Johnson (Effin's Sword)

6th Tamora Summers (Celestia's knife)

5th Chrissie Mark (Drowned)

4th Celestia Dagger (Strangled by Effin)

3rd Effin Alloy (Shot by Ria)

2nd Cora Lessing (Knife in the stomach)

1st VICTOR Ria Bellend D7 :)

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