Hi everybody this is my second hunger games and the rules are a little different

2. 48 tributes this time.

3. You can have up to 3 tributes and one mentor

Tribute application







Weakness: at least one plz

Backstory: optional, but you might have a slight edge.


I won't do interviews but I might do training so give me a little somthing about that

Mentor application



Games won: yes they have to have won a games before.



Boys Girls

D1: Leandro Vine AGE:17

D1: Lion Scrapes AGE: 18

D1:Destiny Flair AGE:18

D1: Ruby Jackson AGE:16

D2: Slate Ramsis AGE:18

D2: Suzuki Hickey AGE:16

D2: Mckenna Ecelinty AGE: 18

D2: Taleria Anderson AGE: 17

D3: Rickey Dean AGE: 18

D3: Ethan Shocking AGE: 18

D3: Tiffany Gomez AGE: 13

D3: Vannessa Gargooop AGE:16

D4: Ryden Ethfour AGE: 18

D4: Thomas Quince AGE: 15

D4: Calla Cora AGE: 12

D4: Seraphim Royal AGE: 16

D5: Tristan Cale AGE: 15

D5: Ian Vance Age: 12

D5: Aleena Galinty AGE: 15

D5: Cassia Slyvara AGE: 15

D6: Mike Gratline AGE: 14

D6: Josh Eagleye AGE: 17

D6: Rose Gratline AGE: 14

D6: Amanda Hawks AGE: 16

D7: Samuel Rio AGE: 14

D7: Gaden Sharp AGE: 15

D7: Callope Shade AGE: 14

D7: Patti Frinseti AGE: 14

D8: Flicks Marvel AGE: 18

D8: Zaine Tisch AGE: 15

D8: Roxy Clover AGE: 17

D8: Skyy Fletcher AGE: 17

D9: Alex Donaque AGE:13

D9: Dave Taple AGE: 15

D9: Hannah Whittle AGE: 15

D9: Patricia Johnson AGE: 16

D10: Sampson Ghert AGE: 14

D10: Bert Porkins AGE: 13

D10: Connie Blackbean AGE: 12

D10: Hailey Ricktor AGE: 16

D11: Cress Thompson AGE: 18

D11: Diego Welseen AGE: 12

D11: Lilianna Leanblade AGE: 18

D11: Bluebell "Blue" Thompson AGE: 12

D12: Daniel Altwan Wing AGE: 16

D12: Cruz Plocek AGE: 13

D12: Kalista-Caroline "KC" Ree AGE: 18

D12: Layla Cypress AGE: 17




D2: Ethan Axe


D4: Airlia Romaine Age: 31

D5: Amalfi Crescent Age: 23

D6: Brann Clatch Age: 16

D7: Ria Bellend Age: 17

D8: Ryan Hetliny AGE: 26

D9: Honey Checkford Age: 15


D11: Shannon Cost Age: 19

D12: Eclipse Night Age: 21


Everyone starts with $500. You can sponsor any tributes including your own,


Sword $50

Spear $75

Mace: $50

Throwing Knives (x5) $100

Tomahawks (x3) $75

Trident $250

Lasso $25

Combat Knife $15

Machete $50

Axe $50

Grenade $150

Trip Wire $50 (Need 2 grenades first)

Wire $25

Sickle Sword $25

Brass Knucles $50

Net $25

Bow $50

Arrows (x10) $50

Crossbow (arrows for bow are good for this too) $100 (more expensive because it is more effective)

Survival Essentials

Bread $15

Water + Canteen $25

Cut Cream $100

Burn Cream $100

Sting Cream $100

Dried Fruit $25

Sleeping bag $50

Backpack (empty) $25

Full Body Armor (Breastplate, Helmet, etc.) $350

Bag of Fruits (Apples, Peaches, Grapes, Oranges, Bannanas) $100

Full Meal ( Beef, Potatoes, Salad, Bread, Water) $200

Tent $200

Soup $25

Backpack ( Bread, Map of Arena, Plant guide, Survival knife, Water) $300

Map of Arena $150

First Aid Kit $100

Band-Aids (x5) $50

Snow-jacket (Big Heavy jacket with hood, Beanie, gloves, snow goggles, bandana, snow shoes) $350

Night Vision Goggles $50

Lantern $50

Box of Matches $100


D1: Destiny Flair's POV

It's reaping day. I'm at my boyfriend Jett's house. Were sitting on the balcony in his bedroom. I'm 18, and somehow, I feel like today its going to be me that's getting reaped. He must notice that I'm scared, because he wraps his arm around my waist. This year, the reaping's aren't in the square. They are on T.V. So if your reaped, you're to report to the mayor's castle. Jett looks down at me and says, It won't be you, I promise." I smile back, but I'm still nervous. He tilts my head towards his, and kisses me. I love him, I don't ever want to go, which is weird for District 1. We hear the reaping horn, and go back to his living room. We sit down on his sofa, and I flick the T.V on. Jett's little brother appears at the door, and sits next to us. He is 12, so it's his first chance at being reaped. Suddenly, the Capitol seal appears on our screen, followed by the anthem of Panem. The District 1 escort arrives, and the reapings start. " Welcome! To the first District 1 reaping, on live television!" she says. Ugh! Come on, I wanna get this over with. "Before we start, we have a little film, brought from the Capitol!" she beams, and a film plays out on the screen. It shows how the Hunger Games started, and how we are all brought together from it. The video closes with a clip from last year's games, where Ria Bellend killed the boy from 2, and said last goodbyes to the girl from 4. It was a sad moment, but I would have rather the 2 boy had won. "Now for the reapings!" the escort says. "As you know, 48 tributes will go in this year, just to spice things up a bit! Well, Ladies first!" I see Jett move closer to the screen. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. "Ruby Jackson, and Destiny Flair!" The escort yells. No. No. No. Jett looks at me in shock, his mouth wide open. I want to break down and cry, but I won't. He pulls me into a big hug. He pulls away, and I can see the tears forming in his eyes. "It's okay. I'll be okay." I whisper. " I know you'll be fine." he says with sadness and misery in his voice. Then the escort calls the boys names but I barely hear them because I am too sad, I think it was the names Lion Scrapes and Leandro Vine I don't know them but I guess I will soon. Before I know it peacekeepers are pounding on the door, when nobody answers they bust it down. I run into Jet's arms but they pull me out, they drag me to a confined room still in the castle and tell me to wait while they round up the other kids who were reaped. I am sitting alone... crying for what feels like a lifetime. Then after a while the same peacekeepers return with Lion, Leandro and Ruby, the boys look tough but you can tell that Ruby has been crying. They make the four of us shake hands and then march us to the justice building.    

D2: Slate Ramsis POV

"I volunteer!!" Effin and I both shout. No. I won't give in this time. " I volunteer, I VOLUNTEER!" We say again. Before I can do anything else, he punches me in the face. I fall to the ground, blood dripping from my mouth. I get up to find Effin marching to the stage of the reapings. I can't believe he'd do this to me. After all we've been through. I must've been dreaming. I remember that day. The day Effin went into the games. The reaping, is today, again. I needed to get reaped. Or I will volunteer. Whatever it takes. I hop out of bed, shower, and get dressed. My father is waiting for me in the kitchen. I walk down our big staircase and see him wearing a tuxedo waiting for me. He approaches me and starts talking about who knows what, I start stareing into space and before I can think he shoves me on the ground and says "You look at me when I'm talking to you boy!" I get myself back up and I really don't want to fight him right now, so I just walk away. When I get to the square I see they have already started and the escort is giving this weird speech about somthing about the games and the capitol and how it brings us all together. "Now for the reaping.... ladies first!" says the escort. "Mckenna Ecelinty and Taleria Anderson" Shouts the escort. They walk up to the stage, no expression on their faces. I recognize Taleria from school she is one grade younger than me. "And for the boys.... Suzuki Hickey and Slate Ramsis" he says. Well looks like i won't have to volenteer after all, then before I can even walk up to the stage "I VOLUNTEER!!!" somebody yells. I turn my head to see Jay, this 14 year old from school who always tries to hang with the big kids, I've seen him in the training center and he is pretty good with a sword but not as good as me. " YOU SHUTUP!" I yell right back, "NO!! I'M SICK OF BEING LOOKED DOWN UPON AND I..." he yells, but before he can finish the sentence I chuck a rock at his head and he passes out. Everyone is silent and I just walk up to the stage. "O-our tributes of District 2..... Slate Ramsis, Suzuki Hickey, Mckenna Ecelinty and Taleria Anderson!!" he says, we shake hands and march into the justice building. Talk about history repeating itself...  

D3: Ethan Shocking POV

I wake up to the sound of the panem national anthem. I am laying in my bed in my room, I still hear the anthem so I walk downstairs. I get down to my livingroom and see the face of Sparks Kolikki (Games commentator befor Claudius Templesmith) on the T.V. he is this creepy looking capitol man with neon pink hair and golden lipstick. He is going on about how reapings are today and how excited everyone in the capitol is. I walk into the kitchen and find my mom making breakfast and my younger brother Scott(16) looking nervous as ever, and my little sister Kassie (14) who looks like she is trying to stay positive but you can tell she is scared. Last there's Luke(15), my cousin, he has been living with us sense his parents died in a tornado a few weeks ago, so he looks pretty sad. I really don't know how I feel, District 3 dosen't have many victors and If i get reaped today, I fear I don't have much hope. I start eating and before anyone says another word the reaping horn blows. We all just sit there in silence for a few seconds looking at eachother and I see that Luke has a tear in his eye, I pat his back "we had better get down there" I say softly. I put on my nicest clothes and we move through the woods to the square. I see the escort, people are still getting here so she hasn't started yet. After about 5 minutes she welcomes us and starts reading out every past victor from 3, not many. Then she gives a 2 hour long speech about the history of the games and the Capitol. For us, it was 2 hours of agony, I look over at Luke... he is looking down and has his eyes closed, Kassie looks nervous and Scott is holding back tears. Then... finally she says "Well, lets get to the reapings, ladies first...... Tiffany Gomes and Vannessa Gargooop!" she says. Two girls walk up to the stage, one of them is pretty young looking and the other looks about 16.... oh no... that's Scott's girlfriend. I look at him to find that he is already looking at me, he looks shocked. Before I can do anything the escort says "Noww for the boys!" Oh god, here it comes, I look at Luke who is obviously crying and then before she says anything I close my eyes and just wait for it..."Rickey Dean and Ethan Shocking!" nooo.... not me..... it can't be me. But it is, I walk up to the stage and before anyone can say anything "I VOLENTEER!" says someone in the crowd. I whip around to see Scott walking up to the stage.... I can't let him, I stop him and say "I can't let you do this" "I have to! he yells back "No, you can't" I say. He pushes me and yells "I have to!!" I yell back "NO, I WON'T LET YOU!" I yell back, he pushes me again. Then Luke runs up to the stage and pulls him back, Scott is yelling and crying and Luke is just dragging him back to the 16 year olds section, I am crying now too. The escort tells us to shake hands so we do and then leads us back to the Justice Building, They take me to this small room with only one light, a peacekeeper says that my family will come see me in a minute. I wait there crying, then Kassie opens the door and just hugs me, I am trying to hide my tears because I wan't to stay strong. Scott looks so helpless, and Luke and my mom also hug me. Then I go over to Scott who is just standing in the corner, "I'm sorry.." I say sadly, he looks at me, tears in his eyes and says "Its okay..." I hug him and we all get together in one group hug and then the peacekeeper comes back and forces them out. I need to win.  

D4: Seraphim Royal POV

I am scaling the bottom of the ocean. I must have traveled 5 miles in 3 minutes, I know my way back home of course. My father thinks I am out spear fishing, I do this once a week, just swim for miles until I can't swim anymore. My father dosen't know about me.... how I am, I'm just waiting for the right time to tell him, I'm just not sure how he'd react to find out that his daughter grows a tail and gills everytime she gets wet, I'm a mermaid like the ones from little kid stories. It started when I was 13, I was surfing alone and I got pulled under by a rip current, I thought I was going to drown but somehow I was stronger than the ocean and I swam out of it, I looked down to find a tail where my feet should be. Now I'm just sitting at the bottom of the ocean, I have a trident with me so if I see any fish they're mine. Today is reaping day, I feel a chilling sadness rush through my spine, today was the last day I ever saw Cora.... my best friend, slaughtered by that animal boy from District 2. I miss her, she was the only one I ever told about the way I am. I trusted her. I had better get back home and dress, I see a nice fat bass swim by and skewer it with my trident, "nice shot" I say in my mind. I get back to my regular beach being careful not to pass the boundry where District 4 ends, I passed it by mistake once while I was stalking a fish and I almost got eaten by Capitol rigged shark mutts, they make sure nobody passes the boundary on a boat or somthing, I only got away because of my tail. I get home and dress quickly, I see a note on the door from my dad that says " I went down to the square, meet you down there - Dad" I decide to just head down without eating, I'm not too nervous that I'll get picked, there is this eighteen year old girl in my school who has signed on to tessarae like 4,000 times so it will most likely be her. I get there and they have just started, "Now....lets change it up a little, boys first........... Ryden Ethfour and Thomas Quince!" yells the male escort. Thomas is a grade behind me and i've seen him in school a few times, and Ryden is this kid from the Capitol who everyone hates. " for the girls....." says the escort, oh god, here comes that feeling I get every year before they announce the girls. "Calla Cora and Seraphim Royal!" Yells the escort, ME! seriously, I don't think it's real, maybe it's a dream. I just stand there with my mouth wide open until a peacekeeper shoves me to the stage, I look at my father..... he's crying. My mom left us a while back now he has nobody. We all shake hands and march into the justice building. I realize that it's over... I'm dead.  

District 5: Ian Vance POV

I wake up, I am in my room, I walk downstairs and sit at the table next to my dad, I'm an only child. My dad is drunk.... as usual, "Boy, go and get the newspaper" He says to me in his drunken voice. I get up and go to our front door, I look at the front page... "Reaping Day Today" it says... OH YEAH! It's today... I get a short feeling of fear in my heart, probably nothing, I know I could win these games, i've watched them a hundred times on T.V. and i know that all I really need to do is survive the bloodbath and stay hydrated. I go back inside and throw the newspaper to my dad and it hits him in the face, he gets up full of rage and pushes me to the floor "You want me to kill you boy?" he says angrily, I get up and push him back, he stumbles then slaps me hard in the face. I fall and grab my face, that really hurt. "Now go get ready, we've got to get to the square" he says. I go upstairs and dress. I get back downstairs and I see a note on the fridge "GO TO THE SQUARE - Dad" I start to head down to the square and i see some kids I recognise from school, they see me and run. "The school bully" they call me, they're just scared of me they know that I'll fight anybody who crosses me. I usually only beat up the kids who make fun of my the color of my hair (Red), i've probably beat up most boys in my school and some girls if they talk out their place. I get to the square and they have already started, The escort is going on about the history of Panem and a bunch of crap I don't listen to. "Now for the girls.... Cassia Slyvaria and Aleena Galinty" she says, They're older than me and I don't know them "Now for the boyys....." she says, I don't feel nervous "... Tristan Cale and Ian Vance" she says, I look up and see Tristan, I've never met him, peacekeepers drag him up on stage, I feel a push on my back I turn around to see my father "Go" he says, he's still drunk. I go up on stage, "Our Tributes of District 5!" she shouts, we shake hands and she marches us into the justice building.  

District 6: Mike Gratline

"WAKE UP!" someone yells, "REAPIN' DAY!" it's Mr. Ricketts, the owner of the orphanage my sister and I live in. He is cruel, only feeds us once a day and if we are caught trying to steal food from the kitchen he beats you unconcious. I look up, and look straight at Rose, she is staring straight back at me. "Five minutes.... everyone get ready!" Bob yells, everyone gets up and goes for the bathroom, I walk over to Rose she has a depressed look in her eyes, she always does ever sense mom and dad died, I always feel sad but I try to stay funny and nice. We go and get ready then meet at the front door of the orphanage, Bob and the other workers line us up, one boys line and one girls line. Oh god, I'm starving they never feed us breakfast, I hang around these guys who call themselves "Sixes Satan's" sixes as in District 6, they steal, fight and use too much morphling. I hang with them because they help me steal food, which I give to Rose. I won't lie, I do a little morphling when I am stressed it calms me and help me, I want to quit but it's hard. They taught me how to use a switchblade and I do pretty well with it, we are walking down the street and I see Cade, the guy who taught me how to use a blade, he's 16, tall, muscular and looks tough, I wish I looked like that. He is with his older brother Curtis who is 17 and the leader of Sixes Satan's. I wave at them, but they don't see me. We make it to the square and wait abou an hour for everyone to get here, then he starts "Welcome District 6 to the 17th annual Hunger Games!" lets get to the reapings "The first girl of District 6...... Amanda Hawks!" he says, I've seen her around school, she's so pretty definatley one the most popular kids there, "Next........ Rose Gratline!" He yells..... I can't breathe, this isn't happening, not to her, I've never loved anyone more than I love her, she's my twin sister. I look over at Cade, he looks back at me and bites his lip. I am shaking, I feel helpless, Rose walks up to the stage and looks at me. Everything gets blurry, I think I'm beginning to cry, "For the boys...... Josh Eagleye!" he says he gets up on stage quickly and stands next to Rose. "Finally..... Cade Lessor!" He yells, thats even more shocking, he dosen't go to school, he only hangs with boys from the gang and nobody I know know's he even exists, I doubted his name was even in there. He can't go, this needs to be me, I need to protect Rose. "I volenteer" I say loudly, "Well then come on up!" says the escort I walk right past Cade he stops me and puts his hand out, I shake it. Then I go up to the stage and stand next to Amanda. "Our tributes of District 6!" He makes us shake hands then leads us to the justice building, My worst nightmare has come true, I'm going to the arena.  

District 7: Patti Frinseti

Today is reaping day, I've been dreading it for months, I hate this place... District 7, I've lived here all of my life. It's sunrise right now, I am under the tree where I come most every morning and watch the sunrise. I think of school, my friends, and Ria Bellend, I remember she used to go to my school, I'd see her in the halls never thought she'd become a victor dhe didn't have many friends and usually just hung out with her brothers. I look at my watch, 6:00 I'd better head home. I get there and see my sister Leena, she was one of Ria's few friends and was the first to welcome her home after she won. Mom and Dad call us to the table and we eat breakfast, about halfway through dad says "Girls, no matter what happens today we're still a family", Leena is seventeen and I think he worries that she will be chosen. We have a small conversation and then dress for the reaping. We get down and they are about to start, "Welcome, Welcome one and all to the District 7 reaping!!" shouts the female escort, she has green hair and light purple skin, I wonder if she really thinks that is attractive? She gives a speech and about halfway throught I catch sight of Ria, standing there so tall, so proud, so beautiful... I wish I was more like her, I remember how she killed the girl from District 12 and the boy from District 2 last year. If I got chosen would I be so deadly, I'm pretty good with an axe but then again almost everyone is in 7. "Now for the reapings..... for the boys....... Samuel Rio and Gaden Sharp! she yells exitedly. "NOO!" someone yells, a girl, she runs over to Gaden and jumps into his arms, I recognise Gaden from school. "It's okay, Im gonna be okay.." he says sullenly, she's crying. "For the girls first... Callope Shade!" yells the escort, wait a minute is that her? The girl starts crying even harder, I think it's her. They go up to the stage and Gaden has his arm around her, they're both crying. "Next...." oh god please don't be Leena.... Please, anybody but my sister. "Patti Frinseti!" aw crap it's me, Okay I always knew it was gonna happen one day. I march up to the stage and look at Callope and Gaden, they're still hugging and crying. Samuel seems calm and we all walk into the justice building. I look back and realize for the first time in years, I love District 7, and now I'll never see it again.  

District 8: Zaine Tisch POV  

As I step out of my house into the bright sunlight, I have only one thing on my mind, the reaping. I've been worried about it for months, in panem it's like christmas, you know its coming but your still shocked when it actually does. I'm 15, so I can't say I'm too worried about it being me who they call, but then, there is 48 tributes so I guesss the odds aren't in my favor. My mom pats me on the back and we head over to the square. We get there a few minutes late and I can see the escort has already started, "For the girls.....Roxy Clover and Skyy Fletcher!! I don't know them but I feel kind of sad when Skyy starts crying. "For the boys...... Flicks Marvel and Jackson Dirk!" Yells the escort. Thank god its not me I feel so relieved. "NOOO!" someomeone yells, Oh it's that Jackson kid, he always was a weird one at school. "YOU"LL NEVER GET ME!!" he screams and pulls out a switch blade. He thinks he's being all tough until the peacekeepers blow his head off with a shotgun. Eww, I didn't know people had that much blood, little kids are screaming and the peacekeepers clean him up. "Anyway for the boys..... Zaine Tosch!" The escort yells again. I feel ahgast, No... not me.... Peackeeepers march me to the stage and I look at Skyy, she looks at me and has tears in her eyes. I mouth the words "It's gonna be alright"  

District 9: Dave Tapel POV  

I reach for my glasses, there not there. I always put them right there where are they, I wipe my eyes and look around aww man there on the ground. I reach and grab them, I was asleep in my bed and I always put my glasses on my nightstand. I put them on and look at my alarm clock, 4:00 time to pick the corn, my family owns one of the many farms here in District 9. My dog Shadow jumps on my bed and starts licking my face, I push him off, "Come on boy, lets go." I say to him, he follows. I get down to the cornfield in about ten minutes and start chucking corn cobs, I am so sick of corn it's like all we eat in District 9, that and rice. I swear District 9 is the most boring District ever, grain, thats our seal nothing fun like District 6 transportation or District 3 technology. But then again District 9 is my home, and I love it I live with my older brother Bob and my little sister Melanie, Bob is seventeen and Mel is thriteen. I get a lot of corn and head back to the house, I forgot to mention that Bob is probably the coolest kid in our school and I'm probably the least. I wish I looked more like him, I got mom's red hair aand he got dad's brown, he's tall muscular and handsome, I'm talking movie star handsome like the kind of person who everyone follows. We may be different but we're still best buds, he's always been there for me and I really like him. Brad and Mel are at the table eating breakfast while mom and dad are watching T.V. I sit next to Mel and eat some toast " You know you didn't have to get all that corn" says dad, "Why not?" I say, "Today's Reaping day remember" he replies. Oh yeah, thats today, I feel a load of pressure take over my mind like a wave. What if I'm reaped? Brad was reaped when he was 14 but and older boy volenteered for him, District 9 has only one victor, Honey Checkford is her name. We eat and then head down to the reaping. We're late "For the girls..... Hannah Whittle and Patricia Johnson!" Yells the male escort, I recognise Hannah right away, we were never really friends but I'd seen her around school, and I don't know Patricia at all. They walk up to the stage, Patricia has a single tear in her eye, but Hannah was bawling. "Next for the boys! " He yells, I close my eyes, "Alex Donaque and Dave Taple!". Have you ever had that feeling where you don't know if your awake or just dreaming? Well thats exactly what I felt right now. I walked up to the stage in a stupor, no, it's not true, I didn't just get reaped, at least the real me didn't. The real me is back at the farm dusting crops, or maybe drawing a picture under the old oak tree in our yard. All I know is that this is a dream, it has to be. Every year for as long as I remember, I've watched kids from District 9 murdered, I know that isn't about to happen to me, I know i'm not about to die. But, as the escort brings the four of us into the justice building, I begin to feel how real all of this is.    

District 10: Hailey Ricktor POV

"Ride!" I hear my sister yell as we pull out of our stable. My life changed when she was crowned victor three years ago... I couldn't imagine life without my sister, my parents aren't around anymore (dead I think) so she's is the only family that I have. We used to live in the victor village here in District 10 but we moved back to our old farm last year when Mom and Dad took off, they just left us, One night when I went to sleep, that morning both were gone without a trace, no note, no goodbye no nothin'. I was pretty sad for a while but I'm over it, that was eight months ago and I'm begining to move on. "Come on Haily!" Jenny yelled as we were riding into town. her name is Jenny by the way. I ride over to her and we make our way over to the cliff where we watch the sunset sometimes, we dismount our horses and look out into the vast District. It's not that I don't love my home but I get sick of herding cattle every single day. Today is reaping day, I don't want to go again, it's my sixth time. I remember the name and death of every boy and girl that has been killed in the past six years, most in the bloodbath, but some made it pretty far. Then I remember that not every kid has died in the past six years, a girl is still alive, and she's standing right next to me... Jenny Ricktor. I get a little teary eyed when I remember how last year Christian Lorne was killed so fast. We had dated a couple years before, before I know it I'm crying. Jenny put's her arm around me and starts talking to me in that sweet soft voice she uses when she is comforting dying cows or horses giving birth. I put my head on her shoulder and she hugs me. After what feels like a lifetime I stop crying and she lets go of me. Jenny takes off her cowboy hat and puts it on my head, "C'mon, let's get down there and get this over with" she says softly, I nod and we ride down to town, I usually don't go into town unless I need to, it's full of hoodlums and drinkers, i usually just go when I need medical attention or am trying to sell a cow. We get to the center square and it's packed with people. "Hey, I have to go over with the other victors now", I nod, I don't want her to leave, I want her to stay with me the whole time. "Hey Haileygirl (she calls me that sometimes), don't be scared, I'll find you after you savvy?", "Okay". I go over with the other sixteen year olds and see and talk to a few friends until the escort yells "Hello hello everybody! Welcome to the seventeenth annual HUNGER GAMES!!" nobody cheers or shows and emotion, I look over at the other victors, only Hailey and one man with an eyepatch. Yeah I remember his games, he attacked the boy from District 1, who he thought was unarmed but as they fought barefist the boy from 1 pulled out a knife and cut his left eye out, surprising enough he ended up killing that boy and even winning. That taught me never to trust the careers if I ever go into the games. "Now... for the girls!" oh no, here it goes. "first... Connie Blackbean!" a little twelve year old walks up to the stage, "Next....." oh no again, alright lets get this over with. "Hailey Ricktor!" I immediatley go into a trance, a stupor, a daze. I don't know what is happening to me when I feel my head go numb, and the ground comes up to meet me very suddenly. (She fainted)  

District 11: Lilianna Leanblade POV

I hate my life, I can just never find myself. I've been training for a while for the hunger games, and I feel ready. But, I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I may have to kill people, or die. I live in the town square in District 11. We don't have much food here and our crops are dying and if the Capitol dosen't do somthing to stop it soon, were all going to die. I try to shake that thought as I roll myself out of my nice bed, we aren't poor, well at least not like some of the citizens of 11, but we arent rich either. I eat some breakfast and my mom, dad and I walk to the reaping. On the way there I see some girls from my school, I wave but they ignore me. I was never popular, an outsider maybe but, it dosen't really bother me at all. We make it to the square and the first thing I hear is a young girl crying, "Cress, please don't make me do this" I can faintly make out, "Blue, we have to, I know it's hard but we'll get through it together" says an older boy, Yeah I know who they are, Cress and Blue Thompson, there sibilings who take care of eachother. I know that this is weired but this one day I was digging through the old library for a book on harvesting potatoes and I found an old DVD with a show on it called Full House, those two remind me of the characters on that show, the can't leave a room without hugging eachother. "Welcome one and all, to the 17th annual hunger games!!" shouts the escort. No one cheers at all. The escort murmers some swear words under his breath and says with out hesitation, "For the girls Lilianna Leanblade and Bluebell Thompson and the boys Cress Thompson and Diego Welseen..." wait a minute did she just say my name?? I think she did, before I have time to do anything I feel a peacekeeper push me from behind, "MOVE!" he yells. I march up to the stage and see that Cress and Blue got picked too. This Diego kid looks about twelve and scared out of his mind. The four of us shake hands and we head into the justice building. It's all over.  

District 12: Cruz Plocek

"MOM! DAD!" I yell as a group of peacekeepers drag their bruised bodies into a dark room. A man grabs me from behind, I can't get free! I see a man about ten yards in front of me with a gun pointed at my head, he fires, I elbow the man grabbing me and duck. He is killed and I run, run and run for what feels like hours then everything goes white, and I hear my mother screaming. Ahh, I spring up from my sleep and look around, the first thing I see is Tristan, Tristan Everdeen, he's been a great friend to me since I ran away. He is seventeen and lives with his family, while I live in this old abandoned shack on the top of the highest mountain in 12, "Hey, Hey Cruz you alright buddy?" he asks me, "Fine, just a bad dream.." I say, you know that feeling where you are afraid to talk because you feel like if you do you'll cry. I sit up and look the floor and say "Y- yeah, yeah I'm okay" The ground starts to get blurry, Tristan grabs my sholders "Hey, It's okay Cruz, Nothing is gonig to hurt you anymore.." He speaks in a soft comforting voice, somthing I haven't heard since I was at home with my parents, I miss them I would give anything to see them again, just one more time. I feel the tears again, everytime I close my eyes I see my mom getting the living crap beat out of her by a peacekeeper, I got hit a few times too but not as bad as mom, The guy who was hitting me had a few rings on and I now have a scar on my cheek that will last forever. I was lucky, I barley got away from the Capitol and I made it all the way to District 12. It's night now, probably 2:00 am sometimes Tristan stays all night with me here in the shack because he wants to make sure I don't get eaten by a wild animal or get too cold. "Go back to sleep pal, I'm not going anywhere." Says Tristan, his parents are real friendly to me, they bring me food and other things like books and some old clothes, Tristan has three other kids in his family, Amanda a girl who's 15 she's so beautiful, probably the most beautiful I've ever seen, Maxwell who's only four and Hunter, he's around nineteen he dosen't really fit in with the family and he actually ran away a few months ago. It's rumored he was headed to District 9 but I don't know for sure. I've been to all of the districts and I can remember each one. I really miss mom and dad, It's been almost six months since I saw my dad shot dead and my mom beaten half to death. I decide it's time to go to sleep, just before I close my eyes I look up at the celing and see that there is a nice hole in it, I was about to wake up Tristan until I got a good look at the stars, I love gazing at the stars, It makes me feel like I'm somewhere else, like I'm looking into a portal to other galaxies and I feel like I'm there. I've always been that kind of kid, the kind that thinks about more than sports and girls. The kid's at school used to make fun of me for it, said I was soft. They just weren't smart enough to undersatnd how I felt. I look at the stars for a couple hours and then fall asleep. "Cruz, cruz wake up..." I hear, it's Tristan's voice, "We overslept, it's 11:00!" he says, I get up and get dressed, there's an old broken mirror in the back and I look at my hair, black, I hate it, it used to be blond, I loved my hair. But, I had to dye it just in case I get caught. I'm pretty much the most wanted person in Panem, i had to take a stop in District 8 on the way to 12 and the streets are covered in wanted posters with my mugshot on them. I figured that District 12 is pretty much the District that gets the least attention from the Capitol so I ran here. Tristan and I decide to race eachother down the mountain and I win, I always was a good runner. We meet up with his family and his mom and Amanda hugs me. I rustle Maxwell's hair and we go over to the square, we wait there for nearly an hour until I hear the Panem anthem boom through the speakers. "Welcome, Welcome! To the seventeenth annual Hunger Games!" shouts the escort with a wierd swagger in his voice, nobody cheers, I've been to a few reapings over the years and usually the only people who cheer are the people from Career districts, nobody from 12 ever. "Now, I won't take your time any longer, For the girls.... Kalista-Caroline Ree and Layla Cypress!" I see two girls walk up to the stage, thank the lord Amanda wasn't reaped. "Now for the boys..... Daniel Altwan Wing and Glenn Stone" Somebody walks up to the stage and I see that it's Daniel,I really don't want to be here, I never liked going to reapings with my dad, I look over at the open forest, Tristan is like magic with a bow and arrow, he taught me and I do okay. Oh yeah the reaping, I have an overactive imagination and I get lost sometimes in my thoughts. "Where is Glenn Stone?" Shouts the escort, Glenn must be a no show, " Alright, alright no Glenn" Says the escort, she reaches to grab another name when she stumbles and the glass ball falls to the ground and shatters, haha I've been waiting for somthing like this to happen during a reaping. She looks at all of the scattered names, "Oh let's not bother with that, ummm, You!" she points into the audience, I can't tell who she's pointing at "Yeah you, come on up I realize she is pointing at me, oh lord, It can't be true. A peace keeper grabs my arm and leads me on stage. I hope the gamemakers don't recognise my face. If they do they can't arrest me after I'm reaped, against the law, but their power to kill me is much bigger, they can send anything at me during the games. All gamemakers look at eachother, they are in a daze they can't tell if it's me or not. I hear someone yell "Hey, That's that guy from the wanted poster!" the whole crowd breaks into talking, some are accusing eachother of hiding me and some are just yelling, "Settle down!" Yells the escort but noone listens, I look at Tristan, He has his head buried in his arms, I've never seen him cry. The escort shoves us into the justice building without another word, The door closes slowly and I take one last look at District 12, I can't say I won't miss it here. But, it's too late for me now, I'm pretty much already dead.      

Training Scores  note that if your tribute gets a twelve they will be a target :P

 District 1:

 Destiny Flair: 11

 Ruby Jackson: 9

 Lion Scrapes: 11

 Leandro Vine: 10

 District 2:

 Mckenna Electincy: 10

 Taleria Anderson: 9

 Slate Ramsis: 11

 Suzuki Hickey: 10

 District 3: 

 Vanessa Gargoop: 5

 Tiffany Gomez: 6

 Ethan Shocking: 9

 Rickey Dean: 7

 District 4:

 Ryden Ethfour:

 Thomas Quince: 7

 Seraphim Royal: 12

 Calla Cora: 7

 District 5:

Ian Vance: 12

Tristan Cale: 8

Aleena Galinty: 7

Cassia Sylvaria: 5

District 6: 

Josh Eagleye: 9

Mike Gratline: 7

Rose Gratline: 7

Amanda Hawks: 10

District 7:

Samual Rio: 6

Gaden Sharp: 8

Callope Shade: 4

Patti Frinseti: 8

District 8:

Flicks Marvel: 12

Zaine Tisch: 5

Roxy Clover: 6

Skyy Fletcher: 7

District 9:

Dave Tapel: 7

Alex Donaque: 3

Hannah Whittle: 8

Patricia Johnson: 6

District 10: 

Hailey Riktor: 12

Connie Blackbean: 3

Bert Porkins: 1

Sampson Ghert: 4

District 11: 

Lilianna Leanblade: 9

Bluebell Thompson: 4

Cress Thompson: 8

Diego Welseen: 6

District 12:

Layla Cypress: 6

Kalista "KC" Ree: 8

Daniel Altwan Wing: 7

Cruz Plocek: 12 

Arena Wear: same as 74th hunger games except different colors (All districts have same pants and boots)

District 1: A pale grey t-shirt with a jacket that is the same color and dark green cargo pants with black hiking boots, lighter grey almost white beanit with 1 on it

District 2: A vibrant red t-shirt with the same color jacket, maroon beanie with 2 on it

District 3: A bottle green t-shirt with same color jacket, dark green beanie with 3 on it

District 4: A purple T-shirt with same color jacket, purple beanie with 4 on it

District 5: A dark blue T-shirt with a same color Jacket, light blue beanie with 5 on it

District 6: A bright orange T-shirt with the same color jacket, orange beanie with 6 on it

District 7: A brown colored T-shirt with same color Jacket light brown beanie with 7 on it

District 8: A White colored T-shirt with same color Jacket white beanie with 8 on it

District 9: A Lighter green colored with same jacket green beanie with 9 on it

District 10; A golden T-shirt with a same colored Jacket, yellow beanie with 10 on it

District 11: A tan T-shirt with same Jacket, tan beanie with 11 printed on it

District 12: A Black T-shirt with same colored Jacket, black beanie with 12 printed on it

ARENA: The arena is a large island with 4 biomes on it, in the middle is a massive mountain where the cornucopia is, on this mountain it is always snowing. If your tribute survives Day 1 and makes it down the mountain, the rest of the arena is split into a jungle, a deaert and a glacier, all surronded by a beach.

Games: Bloodbath Day 1

Hailey Ricktor P.O.V.

I can't feel my legs, I hope I don't faint again. My stylist hands me my golden jacket and beanie with 10 on it, "You're going to do fine" she tells me in a soft voice, I think she is as close to crying as I am we bonded over the past week. I try to shake her hand but she pulls me into a hug. "All tributes please enter your tubes..." says a voice, one of the gamemakers. I pull away and enter the tube, goodbye life, goodbye everything. The tube closes, I feel trapped. I wave goodbye to my stylist and she is crying, the tube begins to rise slowly, I look up and see the sky through the glass, not a cloud. Finally my head reaches the top and everything is so bright, I look around, we're at the peak of a large mountain, snow everywhere, looking back down the mountain I see a vast desert, to the left I see a jungle with a waterfall that resembles last year's waterfall and to straight I see a large glacier. I look and the other tributes are looking around too, I see Amanda and one of the boys from 6, they must have allied in training. I wish I had made an ally, I feel alone now. My thoughts have left me and I realize that the countdown is already at 20.. 19...18...17, crap this I going fast, My eye catches nice looking bag about halfway to the mouth of the cornucopia. I think I'll go for that, I have to watch my back thats how most kids go down in the bloodbath, they forget to look over their shoulder. 5...4...3...2... here we go....1... GONG! I sprint towards the bag and about halfway there I get tackled, it's the girl from 9, Hannah her name was.... she already has a knife and now has it to my throat!

'Cruz Plocek Pov: I am running at the cornucopia and all I see is chaos around me, I haven't heard a cannon yet but I hear lots of screaming, BOOM! but who? I look to see Ruby Jackson standing over a shriveled up Tiffany Gomez, she dosn't see me, I see a hatchet on the ground and grab it just as I see the boy from 2 snap the neck of Sam from 7 BOOM! I hear a close scream, I look behind me to see the girl from 9 trying to stab Hailey from 10, now's my chance I approach her and hack her in the back BOOM! Her lifeless body falls on Hailey and I run because Hailey could be armed. I never wanted to kill anyone, but in these situations you do what you have to do. I am inside the mouth of the cornucopia and I hear a scream, the girl from 5 has just stabbed the boy from 10 in the abdomen BOOM! I see a nice looking backpack and go for it at exactly the same time Ian from 5 grabs it, we grapple for it until he swats me in the face, I fall and he grabs a metal club, aims at my face but I move out of the way just in time, he swings again and I move, I spring up and swing at him with my hatchet, he ducks and punches me in the stomach, I double back he tackles me, he grabs a knife from the ground and holds it to my throat, "How'd you like me to feed you your teeth?" he mutters sarcastically, He has a firm grip and I dropped my hatchet, he starts choking me with this forearm and just before he stabbs me it the face I grab the hatchet and slit his throat, he coughs blood on my face BOOM! He dies before he hits the ground, I grab the backpack and run outside, I see Lion from District 1 throw Flicks Marvel from 8 off the mountain BOOM! The girl from 10 not the one I saved is getting the daylights beat out of her by the other boy from 10, they wrestle until they boy from 6 comes and kills both of them with a sword BOOM! BOOM!' I decide that this is pretty sketchy and make my way down the mountain.

Suzuki Hickey POV Destiny and I are camping in the cornucopia and waiting for other foolish tributes to walk in and die. Rickey from 3 walks in alone and just before I stab him he gets an arrow in the chest BOOM! Destiny has a bow. I nod in approval and she nods back, I look back out to see the boy from 12, the older one get shot in the neck with and arrow by the girl from 7 BOOM! Most tributes are running, the smart ones anyway, a few idiots are sticking around. I see the boy from 9 stab the girl Blue from 11 BOOM! only to be stabbed himself by the boy from 11 BOOM! I hear a scream, I peak out again to see the boy from District 8 I think, slashing the boy from 5 ruthlessly BOOM! The boy from 8 enters the cornucopia and I decide that this is my kill, I pick up a sickle sword hanging on the wall and just as he enters I hack him in the neck, it snaps his neck and he falls dead BOOM! I haven't been counting cannons but I think about 15 have been killed. I look back only to see a few stragglers but everyone else is either dead or a career.

Mike Gratline Pov: Rose and I are now on the outskirts of the cornucopia, so many have died in such little time. Rose has asmall pack and a spear, I now have a backpack and a machete, "Stay low.." I say to her, she nods. Just as we are deciding to leave someone jumps on my back, taking me to the ground, it's the girl from 3, she has an axe and she cuts my arm, Owww, oww oww, I scream in pain, I thought i was dead until Rose pushes her off me and stabs her through the chest, BOOM! I never thought Rose could kill someone, I know I never could. I once saw one of the boys from "Sixes Satans" kill a guy from another gang in a fight but he was in his twenties. She lifts me up and hugs me. "Lets get outta here" I say and we try to get down the mountain.

Call Cora Pov: So i've allied with the careers and I am surprised they even excepted me. I have done almost nothing so far except hid behind Seraphim who has been defending me. Nobody from 4 has died or gotten a kill yet usually the early killing goes to the kids from District 1 and 2, they're always most agressive. Nobody besides careers are here now, everyone else is down the mountain. I start to feel safe when someone grabs me, It's not anyone of the careers, I feel a rush of adrenaline go through my stomach when somthing sharp is at my neck, a sword, I look up to see Skyy from District 8, Seraphim readies her trident and then Skyy says " You take one more step... she dies" Seraphim stands still. "Give me that trident" Skyy says, "Give it to her Seraphim.." I manage to get out before the pressure of the sword gets deeper on my neck. I wince in pain like a puppy who just got hurt. Seraphim dosen't move, then I feel blood soak into my shirt and hair, she did it, I'm gonna die I think.. BOOM! I feel fine. It's not me that just got killed it's Skyy, she falls to the ground and I look back to see the fishboy Ryden standing over her, he has a bloody spear in his hands. He spits on the corpse. I run and hug Seraphim and I finally feel safe.

                        No Deaths Rest of Day If your tribute wasn't mentioned that means he/she is okay... for now..

15 are dead.........

Day 2

Gaden Sharp Pov: My eyes open slowly, where am I? Everything seems new, I feel a wave of remembrance rush through my mind, I'm in the arena. It's day 2, I survived the Cornucopia.... "Hey Gaden, thought you would never wake up." I hear a farmiliar voice, It's Callope. I regain my senses and sit up, we camped out on the glacier, I managed to grab a sleeping bag from the cornucopia and we shared it. I told Callope to run when the countdown ended but she made off with a Combat knife. Callope hugs me and I remember the first time I met her.... I was 10 she was 9. I miss that day. Ugh, I feel so hungry I haven't eaten anything since the Capitol so i'll need some food soon, both of us will. We relax a bit then I decide to hunt for some breakfast, We make it to the jungle in a few hours and I hear somthing rustling in the bushes. Callope hears it too, "Stay back..." I tell her, I pull the knife from my belt and raise it steadily, I approach the bush slowly.... and everything goes quiet, "please don't be a career..." I tell myself in my head, I get a feeling of terror for a split second, I hate when things jump out at you, even in movies. before I can think anything else somthing jumps out at me and takes me to the ground, too small to be human. A monkey? No, a mutt. I saw one of these last year it attacked the girl from 2 by tackling her but she stabbed it, I try to do the same but the mutt smacks it out of my hand and claws me in the face, Ow, Oh God. It's all over. Then out of nowhere I don't feel anything, am I dead? I feel myself for wounds but nothing. I open my eyes and look back at Callope, she looks like she just saw a ghost, I look back at the mutt, it has a tomahawk in it's chest. I can't belive it, so Callope can kill.

Amanda Hawks PoV: Why does he keep looking at me that way? Josh I mean, Him and I made an alliance we have similar strenghts, He's so cute! Not that I like him, but just saying. I think he likes me though, he keeps on looking at me and when I look at him he looks away. We have just been wandering around the mountain but been keeping our distance from the cornucopia. We found a nice cave and built a fire and cooked breakfast, we found an old eagle's nest not too far from the cave and took the eggs, they tasted like crap but food is food. Josh got a ton from the cornucopia, a sword, backpack and even some fire wood. I got a pack of knives and a small pack outside the mouth of the cornucopia. Josh already has two kills and I feel like a noob because I have none. Earlier we talked about joining the careers if we could find them, We both got high training scores. Josh says "Okay, we're going to join the careers, I'll hide a knife under my jacket sleeve in case they get violent" 'Okay" I reply, We start the long walk back to the cornucopia and halfway there I feel the ground rumble from behind me, Not an earthquake. I turn around to see a bear, a black bear. It is standing on two legs, wait is that even a bear? It has glowing red eyes and I can see bone extruding at places. Josh charges and stabs it in the stomach, the bear roars in pain, Josh pulls out his sword and cuts off the bear's head. It falls dead, "Come on, we have to get to the Cornucopia." josh says in a hurry, We make to what looks like the sight near the Cornucopia in half an hour and we can see the careers have already made it their home. They have built several fires and are loaded with weapons and supplies. We decide to approach slowly and unarmed (Except for Josh's knife) The boy from 1 and the girls from 2 approach us weapons drawn, The boy from 1 draws a sword, "Friend or foe?" he asks surprisingly nicley, "Friend" says Josh, "We wish to join you"... "Sombody go get Slate" Says the boy, and The girl from 2 joggs to the mouth of the Cornucopia and then a few secons later she comes out followed by what looks like that bear we saw, He is HUGE! tall, dark, extremley handsome. He has ditched his jacket and beanie and is only wearing the read t-shirt, He grabs is holding a sword and I feel like I am two inces tall as he approaches us, "What's this?" he says eagerly, The boy from 1 Leandro I think his name was says "He wanted to join us, thought I'd check with you." he says shakily, I guess everyone is a little scared of Slate. "I remember.... District 6 right?" he says, Josh nods, "We thought you could use some extra people" Says Josh, Slate nods slightly, "Okay, okay.... but one condition" "What's up" I say, it's like the first I've spoken. "You kill the boy from 12." Says Slate, I am surpirsed, he's only thirteen not a huge threat to us older tributes, It's a wonder he even survived the Bloodbath. "Deal" says Josh, And Slate shakes his hand, just before they let go Slate pulls the knife from Josh's sleeve, "No need for any of that" says Slate, Josh looks shocked, I am too how could anyone guess that. We head down the mountain and begin our hunt for Cruz.

Destiny Flair Pov: So I'm in an allience with the careers and things are going well, we are running the cornucopia and the only other tributes I've even scene since the bloodbath are the two from 6 who are trying to make an allience with us, Slate is pretty much our leader and I don't like him at all, he keeps flirting with me and won't take the hint that I'm not intrested. The other career kids are nice though, I met the girls from 2 and 4 and they are cool. I don't like being away from home, I miss District 1 and I doubt I'll ever see it again. Right now I am sitting by one of our fires and cooking one of the raw fist that Thomas from 4 found in a pack. I am just sitting there when Slate approaches and sits down across from me. "Hey" he says, "Hey" I say. I can tell he is staring at me but I just keep staring at the dancing flames. I can't help it so I look at him for only a second, you could tell he was into me, wait what's he doing? He leans in closer, is he trying to kiss me?!? I put my hand in front of my face and say, "Thank you, Slate but I already have a boyfriend back home" I say trying to let him down nicely, "Yeah, but it's not like you'll ever see him again, we might aswell live while we can, right? he says. Well, he is hot and maybe I kind of like him.... Wait, what am I saying? My love is for Jett, I could never cheat on him he's probably watching right now in agony. "I'm sorry Slate, but no thanks" I say again nicely. "Fine" he says and storms off, I doubt he's ever been rejected before. I continue cooking untill sunset and I still haven't heard any cannons, That isn't a good sign in past games whenever there was a quiet day that meant that the next would be bloody, I wonder what the Gamemakers have instore for us tomorrow. When it gets fully dark we decide to start a big bonfire and cook all of the remaining food together. We cook and joke and laugh for a while until I hear the Panem anthem coming from the sky, We all look up at once, no deaths. We go back to joking around, I feel like somthing is missing.... oh yeah my bow is back in the Cornucopia, I tell everyone I'll be right back and jog into the mouth, there's my bow. I reach to grab it and I hear a small giggle, sounds like a girl. Whetever it was it hasn't heard me yet so I approach it silently, I can see two figures. Ohh Come on man! It's Slate and Mckenna, gross, I remember throwing up last year when Colt from my district saw Effin and Ruby making out, eww this is worse. Things are getting pretty violent, so I book it out of there and find everyone else is asleep, I sleep too.

End of Day 2

Day 3: Hailey Ricktor Pov:

How am I alive? That girl from District 9 had me dead. All I can do is thank the boy from 12, Cruz Plocek I remember his name was. Why didn't he just kill me after he got the other girl? Anyway, I am the last surviving tribute from 10, the others were all killed in the bloodbath, can't say I'm too surprised, that Porkins kid got a 1 in training. Right now I am on the beach, I still haven't seen another tribute since Day 1 and I am glad I haven't had to kill anyone yet. I ran as soon as Cruz killed the girl from 9 but I picked up a sword off of Sam from District 7's dead body, and thats all I have. Last night I caught one fish but, I have nothing to cook it with, Jenny told me never to light a fire in the arena because it will attract other tributes. I starving, but I can't eat it raw that's disgusting. I just sit on the beach for a few hours, I climb a tree and cut down some coconuts and they taste okay. I wonder if there is any better food in the jungle, My thoughts are inturupted when I feel a sharp pain in my left arm. Ow, what is it? I look to see an arrow wedged into my left shoulder. "Be tough" I tell myself in my mind, I look for the shooter, it's the girl from 5, she now has a knife and is charging me, I pull out the arrow with courage I didn't know I had and I raise my sword. All of Panem is probably watching right now, Cassia swings the knife at my stomach and I slide back, I attempt to slice her throat but she ducks, she slices my arm and blood spills. she kicks me to the ground. How are you gonna get out of this one Hailey? We are right under the coconut tree, I look up to see one very loose coconut, it's riskey, but maybe if I can.... Cassia has the knife to my throat and I think she is about to deliver the death blow. NOW! I kick the tree and the coconut falls, I close my eyes BOOM! Is it me? I feel fine, except for my arm. I open them and find Cassia is the reason for the boom, she is lying face down on the sand and I see a pool of blood slowly growing larger around her head. Her head is deeply dented and I turn around her body to see her right eye has popped out. I look and see about ten yards away from her a large coconut, still fully intact. I take what she has, the knife, the bow and arrows and a small pack. I decide that the boom will alert the Careers so I decide to move.

Cruz Plocek POV:

I wake up to the sound of a cannon, I was asleep for the night in some leaves in the jungle. Probably not the best place for a bed but I seem okay. I can't believe I did so well in the Bloodbath, I now know that the Careers want me dead. I scored a 12 in training, but only because the gamemakers wanted the Careers to target me. I think the Gamemakers are just seeing how far I'll get until they start setting out traps for me. I strap my hatchet to my betl and put on my beanie and backpack and start heading out, I can never stay in one place for too long. I wonder who just died, I hope a Career was showing off and accidenty stabbed himself, one did that a few years ago and everyone in school was laughing about it the next day, I felt really bad for that guy's family but I kept quiet. I remember that day, a sunny Tuesday.... oh man! My imagination is running away with me again. I see some good looking wood that will make a nice fire and chop it away with the hatchet, It's hot in the jungle so I take off my jacket and store it in my pack. I honestly don't know where to go. I wander the jungle for about an hour and I hear a cracking sound, not breaking wood..... A fire! and a big one is behind me, It is moving fast those gamemakers must really want me dead. I sprint the other direction and the fire is right on my tail. I can't stop running, can't stop running. I go left but the fire is there too. How? I run and run until I eventually make it too the beach. and I hop in the water to cool down, the fire won't stretch this far. I swim around a while and I actually feel somewhat relaxed. I go back to the sand and remove my shirt to dry. What am I going to do now? I can't return to the jungle. I dig throught the packand find a tent! YES! It takes about an hour to pitch and I set my sleeping bag in it, Alright, alright I'll start a fire, catch some fish and stay here for a while.

Dave Tapel Pov:

I can't stop thinking about Patricia, I've heard one cannon today and the other two from District 9 are dead already. I hope she's not dead, I've liked her forever. I didn't get anything from the bloodbath and I feel really hungry. I am in the desert area of the arena and I wonder if the careers are hunting for tributes. I haven't seen any tributes since the beginning and I feel like the gamemakers have somthing big in store for us next, and I don't like the thought of it. I tied my jacket around my waist and put my beanie in one of the pockets. I wish I had a weapon or somthing. I've been just aimlessly wandering the desert today. Right as I left the bloodbath I ran straight for the glacier but I got really cold and went here. I'm geting really hot, I need to get some water, I'll head to the jungle and see if there is any ponds or streams there. I start walking, I can't go much longer without water.

Lion Scrappes:

The careers have all gathered in the mouth of the cornucopia to discuss what our next move is and who are next targets are, "Cruz, that kid got a twelve!" says Leandro, "You fool, it was obviously so we would target him first" says Seraphim the girl from 4. "Alright, alright..." says Slate, "Who cares about his score!? He's no threat!" there is more talking, "Shut up all of you!" he shouts, "Listen, the only ones we have to even slightly worry about is the boy from 3 and the girl from 10!" everyone is quiet, I'm so sick of him playing leader, "So when do we go..." I start only to be inturuppted by Slate "I'll decide when we hunt pal! Right now we have to cook the food and build more shelters." Man I hate this guy, "I'll decide when I go hunting...pal! I don't take orders from you!" I shout with rage. We both stand up and stare eachother right in the eyes, I'm ready to throw down when Destiny throws herself between us "Relax guys, relax! We're all friends here..." yeah my poopshoot, "Lion you can take some of us hunting and Slate you can do whatever you want, but just chill." She says with ease, I guess she's probably right. "Alright.... who's with me?" "I am" says Suzuki, "Me too" says Leandro, "And me" says Destiny. I look at Slate "I guess i'll go to" he says, "thanks" I say. I put on my jacket and strap on a pack, attach a combat knife to my belt and put a sword on my back, Destiny grabs a bow and Leandro a spear. Slate puts on his jacket and takes a sword, he kisses Mckenna on the lips. That kind of surprises me, I thought he had his eye on Destiny. We all head down the moutain. We walk down slopes and paths all in the snow, about halfway down I say " I wonder where the pair from 6 is?" there is a pause, "Ehh.... probably making out in a cave somewhere" Slate replies joking, even though it's probably true. Destiny dosen't say anything but Leandro laughs his head off, he laughs for like ten seconds until Slate says "Alright it's not that funny" Leandro stops immediatley. We get to the bottom of the mountain and get to the glacier, no talking I guess we're not all friends after all. We get to the jungle at about sunset and decide to split up, Me and Suzuki and Slate, Leandro and Destiny. "Meet back here in two hours, If you run into trouble.... well I doubt you'll run into much, you can swing that sword pretty well" says Slate, i guess he dosen't hate me, I fist pound Leandro and Destiny hugs Suzuki. I can't tell if they have a thing for eachother or not. Probably not I know that Destiny has a boyfriend back home and trust me when I say they are in love. I always did kind of like her, thought she was hot anyway. Destiny hugs me too, naw I guess she is just a hugger. Suzuki and I head for the desert. We get there in twenty minutes, and I see a light in the distance. I can't tell what it is, a fire? a flashlight? It is a fire, I stop "You see that?" I say to Suzuki " Yeah what is it?" "Let's go" I reply. We draw our weapons and charge it, looks like some idiot lit a fire. We sneak up on the tribute from behind, it's a girl. from 12 I think, it's the younger one. She is trying to keep warm and I look at Suzuki, he nods. I come up from behind her and give a classic District 1 whistle, It's just somthing we do in District 1 when we are saying goodbye, it's a sharp loud whistle. She turns and looks at me in terror, she draws a knife and stands shaking, "Watcha gonna do with that?" I ask sarcastically "Make it quick man..." says Suzuki, I decide to give Panem a show, I drop my sword and pull my knife, "Let's go" I say to her, She looks scared and weak. " Well I don't got all day, c'mon!" I shout, she charges and I trip her. I get on her and throw her knife away, I cut a cresent in her cheek and she howels in pain, I stab her in the soulder nailing her to the ground. I gesture for Suzuki to throw me her knife, he does. The girl spits in my face, "Your dead now !" I yell, I slowly slit her throat and she dies slowly BOOM! My second kill, I get up and look at the sky knowing that a whole nation is watching me, I raise the bloody knife in the air and yell " DISTRICT 1!!!!" I can almost hear my father laughing.

Day 4

Callope Shade POV: Gaden and I are in the desert area of the arena, we got really cold in the glacier. Still all we have is the sleeping bag and a little food, I talked Gaden into cooking and eating that mutt I killed. I never thought I could kill something so ruthlessly, I would kill anything or anyone to protect Gaden, he's the love of my life. We kissed for the first time last night, I'll never forget it. Gaden is still asleep and I know that the gamemakers will do somthing big soon, we can't go through the jungle because there is a huge fire sweeping the whole thing. I hear a noise. "Gaden... Gaden wake up!" I say shaking him, he wakes up "What's wrong?!" "I heard something" I say, He grabs the sword and gets up, I hope it's not another mutt. We decide to move over to the beach.

Josh Eagleye PoV: I really wan't to join the careers, I hope we can find Cruz soon so we can kill him already. I think Amanda is into me, she keeps giving me these looks. I don't really like her though, she's hot and all but I don't really feel like being romantic right now, If I'm gonna die I don't want to have any regrets, I have a girl back home and I could never betray her. We are headed to the beach to look for the kid and maybe fish, I gave Amanda my jacket because she looked cold. But now we're on the glacier and I'm freezing! We get to the beach in about an hour and I look at the water, I see a small fish. I think I can get it, I approach the water silently and throw my sword and skewer it, nice. Amanda hugs me from behind, "Nice Josh!" she says, I look back at her, she's so beautiful. I stare at her beautiful face as it glimmers in the rising sun, I can't help it, I lean in slowly and kiss her. At first I think she will pull away but she kisses me back, she does like me. I couldn't tell you how long we kissed, I don't even remember. I am in heaven, I feel warm I feel her soft lips on mine it's so amazing. She buries my old girlfriend in a second, I totally like her now. Finally we pull away it must have been for at least two minutes, I am in a daze then before I can think she goes in again. I can't believe it, she likes me too. We kiss for at least another minute and then I open my eyes we are still kissing. I look at a palm tree and see somthing in it, a monkey? A tribute? Then I pull away from Amanda, "What's wrong?" she asks softly, "Somthing in the trees" I say we approach it together, I kick the tree and it wobbles, I shake the tree and somthing falls out with a thud, It's Cruz! He gets up fast and raises an axe, I raise my sword and Amanda throws a knife at him. He ducks and I swing at his head and he dodges it. He swings at me and I duck, Amanda throw's another knife and it goes into his soulder "AHH!" he yells, he falls. He's ours now, I grab Amanda and kiss her, just for a show. I raise the sword and get ready to stab him, BOOM! What was that? not a cannon. Too big to be a cannon, I look around. The mountain catches my eye, It has lava all over it. The mountain.... it was a volcano! I knew somthing was up with that, Oh yeah Cruz! I look down and he's not there! Sh*t how could I let him get away, I'm such an idiot. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Those are cannons, but who? Oh yeah the careers, they're camp was up there. I hope I can still join.

Seraphim Royal POV: Thomas, Leandro, Mckenna, Ruby and Calla are all dead. I really don't care about the other's but I will really miss Calla, I knew her back home. I feel tears in my eyes. I don't want to cry in front of everybody but I do. I can't help it, I haven't cried for real since my mom left me and my dad. The remaing Careers and I are sprinting down the mountain with what supplies we could gather, I got my trident and a pack and I think we took enough. We get down the mountain and Slate says "Everybody let's get to the beach!" I think he is sad too, he had somthing going on with Mckenna and he looks like he wants to cry. I am in tears and I have to sit on a rock to catch my breath. The lava came so fast and nobody was ready for it. Suzuki pats my back and I smile at him, "It was going to happen anyway" says Destiny and she hugs me. "Let's move already!" says Lion, I get up and we start moving. I look up to the mountain and see a hovercraft collecting the bodies, I say one last goodbye to Calla in my mind. We make it to the beach in an hour and I sit on the sand, I hope that they don't want to fish. I can't have anyone knowing I'm a mermaid. They'd think I'm a freak. I stopped crying and just accepted the fact that she's dead. There's nothing I can do now. We set up a small camp and throw our supplies into a pile. Suzuki and Ryden are fishing and Lion and Slate are yelling about somthing, Taleria and Destiny are getting coconuts. I just don't want to forget Calla, she was such a good girl.

'Amanda Hawks Pov: I finally got somthing going with Josh, YES! He's mine! We are walking through the jungle right now looking for survivors. We make such a great team, I wish we could both win and go home and finally date. But it's nice to at least have him for a while then never at all. We decide to go back to the beach to see if Cruz dropped anything. Before we get moving I stop Josh, "Why don't we stay here a while?" I ask seductivley. I sit on a stump and he sits next to me. "I love you" he says, woah... I didn't see that coming. I thought we were just doing this for a treat before we both died. "Do you love me?" he asks, I really just wanted to make out with him. I kind of like him, but not love. "Umm..." I say, he looks at me. "I can't believe this..." He says and stands up, I get up "Wait Josh.." I say and kiss him, he pulls away. "How can you kiss me if you don't love me?!" he says, I kiss guys all the time back home. "I..." he just walk's away. I follow. We get to the beach and immediatley see the careers but they don't see us. I feel really bad for hurting Joshes feelings, before we walk any farther, " Hey Josh.." I say and kiss him, "I do love you.." He smiles and hugs me, "I knew you did" he whispers in my ear, he pulls his head out and kisses me. I don't really love him, but what he dosen't know won't hurt him. We kiss for a while and I don't want it to end, I wrap my arms around his neck and he wraps his around my waist. He is kissing me so passionatly but I am just standing there like an idiot not moving my lips or tongue at all. That's enoungh tiger, I pull away and we approach the careers. Slate and Lion see us first they jog over, " Josh, did you find Cruz?!" asks Slate, "Yeah" says Josh, "And" says Lion. "Well.." he says, Slate looks really mad at this, I feel for my knife and It's right in my pocket. "WHAT?" yells Lion, "He got away.." says Josh softly, Slate looks furious now. "Look I'm sorry.." Josh starts but he is interuppted by Lion " We gave you one job!" he yells, Slate reaches for a machete on his back and draws it, I pull my knife and he looks at me." Don't kill me!" I think in my head. "I....." Josh starts, but right as he speaks Slate buries the machete into his head, "NOOO!" I yell, BOOM!' Josh falls dead, I charge Slate and stab him in the stomach, "Argh!" He yells and I run. Lion chases me and I feel somthing hard hit me in the back, I feel blood soak my shirt and I fall, I see a bright light then I hear my own cannon BOOM!

Cress Thompson POV:

I can't believe I let Blue die. I told her to run and wait for me in the forest but she eyed a bag and ran for it, it was... the boy from 9 who got her. I hear a faint noise, a sponsor? Yes, I look to find a small silver parachute with a box attached to it. I open it to find a pack of knives and what's that? A sword? Not just any sword a sickle! I strap it onto my belt. I got a bag of food from the Cornucopia but no weapons. I've been hiding in a cave not far from the Cornucopia. I haven't really checked out the rest of the arena yet, I think I should soon. Blue would have wanted me to try and win. Tears form in my eyes when I think of her, she was stabbed by that boy. I feel my hands shaking and I sit down for a minute. I cry for about twenty minutes then decide to see what's going on at the Cornucopia. I walk up the mountain and remember my trip down. I wander the mountain for about half an hour then just as I don't think I'll ever find it I see a bright light, I climb a small ways up and there it is! I knew I'd find it! Wait is that lava? I think it is. I heard an explosion but I thought it was a cannon, the mountain must have been a volcano. I approach the Cornucopia and see it is still loaded with supplies, weapons and food. I go in and grab a backpack and sleeping bag, then I realize that the careers might be coming back soon, I can't fight them even if some of them are dead already. I decide to head out and in a few hours I get to the Jungle area and see that a lot of the trees are burnt, Man what did miss?

Mike Gratline POV:

I think Rose and I are doing alright, we have a small camp in the jungle and have plenty of food and water. it's so hot over here, there was a big fire that wiped out a lot of the trees so we have little shade. I am sitting on a log thinking of the boys in six, I wonder if they watch? Cade probably will, but I don't know about those other guys. I look at my machete and see the dried blood on it, I never wanted anyone to die before, I mean... I knew it was coming but I just never thought it would. I know it dosen't make much sense but it's like how when your little how you know that one day your going to live on your own but it dosen't feel real. I am sitting on a log while Rose is starting a fire. " We need to move" she says, I look at her. "It's too quiet..." I nod and look at her, what if today is the last time I'll ever see her. What if we're moving and she gets killed and I survive, I couldn't live like that. We pack up our supplies and head towards the mountains. We climb for a while and I see the sunset, I miss home. I mean I hated the orphanage but I'd rather be there than here, I'd rather be anywhere than here. I wish Rose and I could win together, but only one victor. 

No deaths rest of day

Day 5

Suzuki Hickey:

I slowley open my eyes, I'm on the beach. Everyone is still asleep, oh man. I was standing gaurd and I fell asleep! I hope Slate or Lion dosen't find out, he killed that boy from six and Lion killed the girl. I got that boy from eight, I hope Yuki didn't see. I miss my sister. I feel a tear in my eye. I can't cry, the others will be up soon, they'll think I am weak. I hold back the tears I realize that I should leave the careers soon, I almost got killed when the mountain blew up and I fear that they might try somthing else to kill off more of us. I tried to save Leandro but I was too late he was in the Cornucopia and Lion yelled to run, I could have saved him... I know I could have. I think Lion knew too, I think he wanted him to die. I can't take this! I have to leave, not right now but really soon. Maybe I can get someone to go with me, like Destiny or someone. I see a small bush where the beach meets the jungle and I can tell that the berries on it are nightlock. I know because when I was little I almost ate one once and my mom made me wash my mouth for hours. I grab a handfull and put them in my pack, I can poison Slate or Lion before I head out. I see Ryden start to move, he looks like a fish. "Hey Suzuki" he says, "Hey" I say. Should I ask him to leave with me? Would he? He's a pretty loyal career so I don't know. I decide not to ask because he is friends with Slate and he might tell him. Slate really scares me, he reminds me of Effin from last year. That's half the reason I want to leave. I remember last year Effin got with the girl from 1 and he raged. I know that Slate and Mckenna had somthing going too and I know that it's only a matter of time until he gets even worse. Ryden goes off to the water to fish and I stretch out and start gathering coconuts from nearby trees. I'll leave tonight.

Ethan Shocking: 

I can't believe I haven't seen anyone since the cornucopia. I have heard many cannons and I know that the games are coming to a home stretch. I could go home, get out of this hell hole and see District 3 again. The thought is crazy. I managed to get an axe and a mace from the Cornucopia and a small bag of food which I am running low on. I am on the desert near the beach and I hear a noise, craaak!.... I stop in my tracks. craaaak! I look down to see the ice is cracking, Oh no! I run for it but the ice is cracking faster, I drop my pack and sprint. Well now I have no food! I keep running and the cracks are gaining on me! Run! RUn! Run! I slip and fall to the ground and break through the ice below me. The water is ICE cold! I can swim pretty well but if I don't get out of here fast I'll drown or freeze to death. I calm myself and try to swim up toward the light, I get my head above water and I climb onto some Ice, I'm so cold! My jacket provides little protection and I'll need a source of warmth soon if i want to survive. my ice drifts to the jnugle srea and I see that the whole glacier has cracked. I find a tree and I sit down. I need food and warmth.

Patricia Johnson Pov: 

am walking through the jungle, near the glacier. I feel tired. Like I do after I run. My eyes are getting heavy and I need sleep. I stayed up all night because I was afraid that if I slept that someone would get me, I feel like passing out when I see somthing carved on a tree.... a three letter word. EAR, it says. Like, maybe an ear of corn? Like back home in District 9..... DAVE!!! He must be near, he must be signaling me. I look around and I see nothing but the vast jungle. I sit on a log, it's hopeless. I'll die out here, I have no weapons and almost no food. I lay my head in my arms and cry. I think of home and my friends and my school and my family. It's not that I am afraid of dying but I just can't stand the thought of my family seeing me killed. I can't stand the thought of their tears or any of it. I feel warmth on my shoulder, I look up. DAVE! I get up and hug him, "I'm glad I found you" he whispers in my ear. I am still crying and I just hug him. We weren't the best of friends back home but our parents knew eachother so we were forced to see eachother all the time. For the first time here in the arena I feel warm,not happy but warm. Dave always had a huge crush on me, you could just tell by the way he looked at me. It probably killed him whenever he saw me kiss one of my boyfriends. He sits me back on the log and feeds me some soup from a thermous. After I drink it dry, he leads me to a cave and tells me to sleep and I do. I wake up to a scream, Dave's. Oh no, I grab a knife from his pack and I run outside to see Roxy, the surviving girl from 8 standing over him holding an axe, I heard no cannon so Dave is alive. She turns to me and lunges, but I norrowley duck it. She kicks me and I fall to the ground, I slide back and prepare to die. 'AHHH!" I hear her scream. I open my eyes to see a larger figure standing over me. Now I'm dead for sure. It lifts me up, "You okay?" it asks, a boy. From District 3 I think. "Yeah" I say back. I look down at Roxy and see her severed arm on the ground. She is crying, I look at her blood-stained lips and make out the words "Kill me.." I look at the boy, and he sees it too, he bends down and draws a small dagger "I'm sorry" he mutters, he's crying I think. Roxy just nods, the boy stabs her in the  throat. BOOM! The boy stands and cries, he's 18 and really big. He throws his dagger into the jungle. I remember Dave, "Dave!" I yell and run to his side. He has a stab wound in his side and the boy comes up and dabs it with his beanie. I remove my Jacket and tear it up so I can wrap it around Dave. "Are you two alright?" Asks the boy, I don't understand why he saved us? I sure as hell would have been killed. "Who are you?" I ask, "I'm Ethan....District 3" I don't remember him from training, he kept to himself pretty well. "Allies" he says, I nod, "But if you try anything, I will gut you like a fish." I say back, "Patttyyy" says Dave, I run and ethan carries him into the cave. 

Gaden Sharpe Pov: 

Why does it have to be like this? Why do we all have to die? It just makes no sense to me, the Capitol created the games to punish the surviving rebels, but none of them are alive today. Why do we have to pay? At least I have Callope, I look at her sleeping body and stroke her cheek. We're almost out of food and we have little weapons, "Never lose hope" I can remember hearing Ria Bellend say in one of her victory speeches last year. Callope wakes up and slowley kisses me. She pulls away "We need to hunt" she says and I agree. "Yeah, lets head to the desert" We get there just as it is about noon, and it's extremely hot. I decide to go shirtless and Callope only wears her brown T-shirt. "In the desert, it gets hot.... don't be surprised if you start to hallucinate" I can remember Ria telling us during training. After an hour its beginning to get dark, I'm really tired and I don't think I can go much longer. I made Callope eat what was left of the food, and I'm starving. I see a tree, mmmm berries. I walk over to it and imagine the juice in my mouth. I pick it off and I put it in my mouth. Callope approaches, "What did you just put in your mouth? she asks, "Berry" I say back. "Where did you get it?" My throat starts to get dry and tight, It feels like someone is chocking me. I point at the vine on the tree, She looks "Oh my god that's Nightlock!" she says, "Wha.." I begin to say but it hurts. I feel my stomach turn and I feel like I did when I had phemonia, except it's ten times worse. I fall to my back, "Gaden" says Callope, "I love you" she says. "" I get out, BOOM! I think that's my cannon. I kiss Callope one last time, then I die.


Cruz Plocek Pov: 

I'm going to die out here, alone. Here in the arena, I'm at the mercy of the Capitol. It's been quiet the last day but I have a bad feeling that the silence is about over. I can't catch fish, I can't hunt. I can start a fire but not for long. I need food. Or an ally. I am laying under a palm tree that provided shade earlier when it was hot. I lay my head on the trunk of the tree and look at the stars, I'm not afraid of other tributes tonight, the beach goes on for countless miles. It amazes me how it's so bad down here, but up there it's so beautiful. I recognise a shape in the stars, "....and that's Orion" Tristan told me when he was showing me the stars one time, I miss the Everdeens. They're good people, they took me in when I had nowhere to go, and made me feel like family. I wish I still had a family, mine's dead. Only six days ago I was up in my abandoned cabin in the mountains of District 12, watching the stars. Now i'm in hell. There's no one left who loves me, maybe the Everdeen's. But I don't know, I really don't mind dying now. I have nothing left to live for, no purpose. I'm not saying I won't try to win.... I'm just not afraid to die anymore. I heard two cannons earlier so two more are dead. The anthem hurts my ears as it blasts through the arena. I look to the sky, Roxy Clover District 8. She was beautiful, I hope she died quick. Gaden Sharpe District 7. Gaden, the handsome boy from District 7. I'm not saying I'll miss him but I do feel bad for him, I saw him kiss some girl in training and I think she is still alive, I feel bad for her. I've only had one girlfriend in my life, I never got around to kissing her. I wish I had so bad. She was beautiful and I never have kissed a girl. She left me for my best friend, he was anyway. I decide to rest, so I grab my hatchet and rest it on my chest, I close my eyes and cry myself to sleep

Suzuki Hickey POV: 

I can't believe I haven't left yet. I'm such a coward. I still have the nightlock in my pocket from morning, I was thinking about putting it in Slate or Lion's drinks when we ate, but if I did and one of them died. Ryden would come at me like a spider monkey and he could kill me if he wanted. Plus I can't kill Slate because he's from District 2 like me. We're sitting around a big bonfire, most of us huddled together for warmth. I'm in between Seraphim and Destiny. Slate, Taleria and Ryden are also huddled together, but Lion remained on his own. He disgusts me. He killed that girl from 12 in cold blood. He's a monster, Slate is not even as bad. He mostley keeps to himself but he flirts a lot with Seraphim, she obviousley isn't intrested though. He always gets shut down, Slate flirts with Destiny and he also gets shut down. The only reason he made out with Mckenna a few days ago was because he had a knife to her throat the whole time and was trying to make Destiny jealous, I should have stopped him. I never knew Mckenna before the games except the fact that she was one of the hottest girls in school. Slate was more of the quiet type at school, He hung around with the stoner kids and always got into trouble. Him and his old buddy Effin always got in trouble and drank and smoked, I've never picked up a smoke in my life. Taleria was popular, she and Mckenna were good friends. Taleria cried when Mckenna died, I hugged her to comfort her but Lion told me to leave her alone. So two died today, I hope I don't die tomorrow. Yuki and mom are watching, when I die I hope they don't see my body. " sleep." says Seraphim who looks really cold. Destiny gets in bed, and just before I do Seraphim hugs me and says "Goodnight", during the hug I look and see Lion looking very angry. I don't think I'll sleep tonight. Slate gets up, "We can't sleep you idiots!" he shouts, "The jungle is probably full of tributes, we can hunt and kill them" he yells, Taleria bursts into tears, she's thinking of Mckenna. I put my arm around her, "Shut up!" Slate yells at her, I can almost feel his fury. He's going crazy, like Effin did last year. "If we let them go the games will be longer.", "Slate I want to end this just as bad as you do but..." I say, "But what?!" he yells, "What Suzuki!?" He pushes me down, Taleria cries really hard. I fear what will happen next. He's going to kill me. Slate reches for an axe and instead of hacking me to death with it.... he slashes Taleria in the throat she stops crying instantly and falls to the ground, she gives a tiny scream then.. BOOM! Oh my god. Slate then gets ready to kill me but Lion grabs him from behind, I get up and see the axe on the ground, I grab it, I should kill him. He deserves it, he killed Taleria. But, I just can't. Lion will kill me, "Relax buddy" Lion commands Slate. We decide to tie Slate to a palm tree for the night, the hovercraft comes and picks up Taleria's body. He killed her right in front of us, slit her throat. "Nobody touch Slate, he's just mad, if anyone kills him I kill them." I decide to go to sleep, I forgot I was still holding the axe and before I go to sleep I snap it in half. I layed down and slept.

Day 6

Ethan Shocking Pov: My eyes open slowley, I must have fell asleep on watch. Just as I begin to think of what happened, my ears hurt as I hear someone yelling, at first I think its a tribute but now I can tell it's an announcement, "What do you suggest we do sir?!" What? Who's Talking? "Anything to stop the riots!" someone else yells, followed by gunshots. I can't help but duck when I hear the gunfire. I look back up to see it's just on the announcement. What's going on over there? Somebody said somthing about riots?! In the Capitol?! I look back into the cave to see that Patty is up but Dave is still asleep. "Tributes! we have news" the voice yells. "Due to recent mishaps here in the capitol and in Panem...... There may be up to FOUR victors. From any district. That is all, and may the odds be ever in your favor." I look at Patty, this is so great. I might go home! She runs and hugs me. We let go after a minute, she is crying. I sit her down, "what's wrong" I say softly, ".....Dave....he..... won't make it." she says crying, I look at him, he looks bad. That girl stabbed him in the gut, if it hit anything important he dosen't have much longer. I start crying too, just a little. "He only has a few more hours I think" says Patty. As happy as I am that I could go back to District 3, I feel horrible for him. I take a wet cloth out of a backpack and lay it on his forehead. I hope he goes quick.

Callope Shade POV: Gaden is dead. I can't believe I let him eat that nightlock, I have been crying since the moment he closed his eyes forever. I waited with him until the hovercraft came and skewered his body with a harpoon, now I'm alone, out here in the arena. I can't believe I'll never see him again, I tried to sleep last night but all I could see when I closed my eyes was Gaden. I'll be dead soon, so I'm just wandering the beach. I haven't run into anyone yet so I think I'm okay for now. I think of Gaden, I remember his handsome face and how he used to be afraid of spiders and how..... out of nowhere I burst into tears. I get onto my knees and sob for what feels like forever. I need to move, I need to find a new ally or some food or somthing. I approach a small palm tree and see a hooded figure wearing a dark jacket.... a tribute! I take out Gaden's knife, should I kill him? I can't tell if he's onto me or not, I get close enough to see he is eating a bannana and has a bad scar on his cheek. Before I can strike he quickly gets up and pulls out a hatchet. We just stand there for a minute with our weapons drawn, I can tell he is younger than me he looks about 13 or 14, pretty tall. "I don't wan't to kill you" he says, "You think you could kill me?" I ask sarcastically, "We could be allies" he says, that was easy. I just nod, "drop your knife" he commands, I don't know why but I do it. He drops his hatchet and we shake hands, "What's your name?" he asks me, "Callope.....Callope Shade District 7"

He pulls his hood off

"Cruz Plocek..... District 12" 

Slate Ramsis Pov:

I'm still tied to this damn tree, Lion said he'd let me loose soon. I can see Destiny and Ryden making a net for fishing and I see Lion, Suzuki and Seraphim building a fire. I hate that fricking rat Suzuki, I can feel the blood rush to my head, I have so much rage, toward Suzuki. I'll gut him so fast once I get outta here. Today is my birthday by the way, I'm nineteen and 6'5 I'm gonna win these games and I'll kill anyone who gets in the way. I've turned to an animal, a wolf. I hunt and kill those weaker than me, like that loser Taleria. I killed her without hesitation and Suzuki is next, unless any smart mouth idiot tries to stick up for him.


Head Gamemaker Pov: Riots have broken out all over Panem, people hate the games this year. They've grown too attached to the tributes. All around me gamemakers pound keyboards and yell things at eachother. I look outside to see a massive riot sweeping the streets while peacekeepers try to control the crowd. "SAVE THE KIDS! SAVE THE KIDS! SAVE THE KIDS!" they chant, people are fighting, throwing rocks at eachother and destroying the city. I need to end these games! Soon! "Linestro, make the announcement now!" I yell at the announcer, "People of Panem! Please hear this announcment. In order to bring the games to a quicker end, we have set a small but powerfull bomb into the arena that will kill anyone in the area we found the most tributes. Thank you!" I don't think this will help at all but at least this will all be over soon. I place the bomb directly in the middle and prepare to detonate it. 

Back to the Arena Suzuki Hickey Pov: 

I am staring at Slate, I know he's bad news, I have to tell Lion. I approach him while he is cooking some food, "Hey Lion.... I need to talk to you about Slate." I say, he stands up "Whats up?" he says back. "I think we should kill him, he's too dangerous to be left alive, you saw what he did to Taleria..." I say, "I know.... I agree that he's dangerous and it probably would be best if we killed him, but we need him and I think if you keep your distance it will be alright." I look at the ground, I hate Slate. He's thinks he's got everyone figured out but he dosen't know me, he dosen't know who I am or what I'm capible of. "Look, we'll give him one more chance." Lion says, I nod and start away. Lion stops me, "Hey... If he tries anything, let me handle it. Okay?" "Yeah" I say. An hour later we decide to let Slate out and give him some lunch, I have a dagger in my pocket just incase he loses it. Ryden caught some fish so were all around the fire eating. "So Slate, what's our next move?" Ryden asks, "I don't know, why don't you go get me more fish?" Slate says sarcastically, "Cut it out Slate, we don't need your sarcasm" I say enraged, I drops his plate. "What did you say to me?" he stands up, "Huh? What did you say you little sh*t?" I want to kill him. "Huh? Say it again to my face!" Lion butts in, "Hey calm down buddy" "Get on up chicken sh*t!" Slate yells at me, I stand. "Hey! Everybody just calm down" Seraphim says loudly, Slate gets up in my face. "Lets go bro" he says, Seraphim stands between us and yells "I SAID CALM DOWN!" Slate pushes her down, and before I can react he reaches to the floor, he pulls up a sword and raises it. No! not this time, I'm not letting Seraphim die like Taleria. I reach for my dagger and just before he delivers the death blow I stab him in the chest, he drops the sword behind him. I pull it out and he coughs out blood and it splatters on my face, Everyone is shocked, I stab him again but in the throat. He falls.... BOOM! There is a silence, I did what I had to do. "What the hell did you just do?" Lion says, I step back and see Slate on the ground lifeless, "Slate!" Lion yells and runs up to his side, "no! No! no!" he yells. "C'mon! we need to get out of here!" I say to Seraphim, I grab her hand and we sprint into the jungle. 

3.......2.......1...... BOOOM!!!!!

The bomb has been detonated!

The arena is now flat land with small bits of water, many were killed in the explosion....


Aleena Galinty (D5) FATE: Crushed by tree

Mike Gratline (D6) FATE: Fell down mountain

Rose Gratline (D6) FATE: Fell down mountain

Diego Welseen (D11) FATE: Inside blast radius

Lilianna Leanblade (D11) FATE: Burned to death

Patti Frinsetti (D7) FATE: Caved in on

Kalista "KC" Ree (D12) FATE: Lost eye in explosion, died of blood loss

Hailey Ricktor (D10) FATE: Inside blast radius

Other Happenings:

If your tribute is not mentioned they are fine

Lion Chased Suzuki and Seraphim into the blast radius and burned his face really bad. Suzuki and Seraphim escaped with minor cuts and bruses.

The Arena has been modified. The explosion caused the mountain to split into two. there are now two large mountains on both sides of the arena. All trees in the jungle are destroyed, there are now less places to hide. A second Cornucopia has been hidden in the arena, it is filled with food, weapons and supplies. The hovercraft that was picking up Slate's body crashed in the explosion and is now down on the beach, in it there are no weapons.

No Deaths rest of day

Day 7

Callope Shade POV: 

Cruz and I were pretty shaken up after the explosion, We hid in a cave until it seemed safe to go out. Cruz is pretty resourcefull, he built a small fire last night and cooked some birds last night. The arena has changed, there are now two mountains and that second Cornucopia. I think he trusts me, just one look at him and you can tell he has lost a lot. "So how did you get that scar Cruz?" I ask him kind of impulsivley, "....fell" he says quietly. I guess that means someone punched him. There is an akaward silence, Cruz breaks it by saying "Hey, we had better start looking for that Cornucopia. I mean the Careers are probably looking for it now." "Yeah" I say back. Cruz pulls up his hood and we head out. As were walking I am looking at him and wondering what happened to him that made him so quiet, he looks like a dark puppy who has been kicked one too many times, he's a little taller than me and I think he's cute. But I don't like him like that, he's more of a little brother. We are walking through the jungle for what feels like forever until Cruz says "Lets get some water" and we find a small stream, the water is clear and looks clean but I don't want to take my chances, before I can say no Cruz picks some up with his hands and takes a sip. "CRUZ NO!" I yell at him. "What's wrong?!" he says, "Nothing..." I say back. I was thinking of Gaden, he died so fast. I start breathing heavy, then start crying. I think he knows about Gaden because he just comes up and hugs me, "...believe me I know..." he whispers in my ear.

Lion Scrappes POV:

I feel like such an idiot. I look so ugly! I chased Suzuki and Seraphim into the desert and nearly took my fricken head off, luckily I survived. I swear when I get my hands on Suzuki I'll kill him, I don't care if we were "friends" before. Well Slate is dead, I wish we still had him because there are only three careers left, me, Destiny and Ryden. I don't think either of them like me, I don't really like them as well. I never knew Destiny back home, Ii did see her on T.V. a few times though because her father is mayor and all. And Ryden isn't very interesting to me. The three of us are planning our next target and I wanted Suzuki but they wanted to go for Cress becasuse he is the biggest in the arena now. Ryden is a great fisherman, he has caught our dinner every night we've been on the beach. I remember when there was ten of us careers, now it's down to only three. It reminds me of last year, I guess history repeats itself. "Hey guys, we need to find that second cornucopia if we want to survive.... were running out of food and supplies." says Destiny. Ryden and I agree and we head up the second mountain, it's really cold up here and snowing a little. I get a clear look at the arena and it looks like it's gotten bigger. CRACKK!! Oh god what's that??!! Oh it's just thunder, I signal the others to follow me into a cave and we see that the arena is now pouring rain, definatley too dangerous to try our luck at getting back down the mountain. We all huddle together and wait.

Seraphim Royal POV: 

The arena is pouring rain, and I think I may be screwed if any of this gets on my legs. What would I tell Suzuki if my tail grew right in front of him? We are under a tree right now and I am trying not to get wet, "We've got to get somewhere safe" says Suzuki, "I know" I say back, "I think there's a cave up that way" he says, I nod and we jog north. I can't get wet, I just can't! We see a small hole in the ground and it looks safe so we hop in. It's about a six foot drop and leads straight for a while. Suzuki lights a match and we see a faint glow in the distance, a greenish glow. "You see that too right" says Suzuki, "Yeah.... yeah I see it" I say back, the match dies and I turn a corner to see a small pool of glowing water, it's so beautiful. We run up to it and see a sign that says, "This is the cleanest and freshest water in the arena, use it well" Suzuki smiles, "Yes!" he says and starts filling up his canteen, he looks at me. "Aww come on! This is great!!" he says and splashes me with water, right in the legs! "Ahh!" I scream and feel as my legs start to feel slimy and stick together, I look down and I can see that I have changed. Oh NO! Suzuki stares at me in awe, "I'm sorry I never told you..." I say, "...It's...okay" he says back slowly. I can't believe that just happened, for the next few minutes I explain to him about how this happens and how to change me back. Surprisingly he accepts it pretty fast and I feel happy to have finally told someone my secret.

 Ethan Shocking POV:

Dave is dying, he hasen't even woken up from this morning and it's already around 2:00. I think Patti knows he wont make it too because she has been crying for a while, I need to get Dave some food. "Hey Patti, I'm going to go get some food.." I say to her, she just nods. I find my dagger that I threw into the jungle and start looking for some meat. I used to hunt a little back home in District 3 but I never caught anything big, I just wander deeper and deeper into the jungle and I notice that the mountain is gone... huh? I climb a tree and see that the mountain has split into two and each half is on either side of the arena, man I never realized how massive this jungle was. It would probably take a few days to get from one mountain to the other. I wonder where the careers are? I hope they haven't found that second Cornucopia yet. I keep walking for a while and then I hear a faint sound, it's a voice. A tribute! I draw my knife and hide behind a tree, I only hear one voice and I think it's that boy from District 11. But nobody else? I peak over and see that he's talking to himself, he must be dehydrated and hallucinating. He has a big bag of food and I can smell cooked fish, my mouth starts watering.... I wan't that fish. I hear him start yelling, It looks like he's arguing with someone. He then starts running out of nowhere, he sprints fast into the jungle. I look around and theres no sign of anyone. I run and grab the bag with the fish and sprint back to the cave, I can't believe my luck.

The rest of the day is calm and has no deaths.

Day: 8  The Feast

 Capitol POV: 

I can't have the games go on too much longer! The angry mobs are killing people, even peacekeepers. Buildings have been burned to the ground and the whole Capitol is pretty much at war. "Sir, were getting a message from Senator Snow" says one of the control room workers, "Put him on.." I reply. Young senator Snow appears on the large screen, "Senator.. great to see y..." "Silence you fool" "Sir I'm.." "I know, but you need to think of a way to end these games quicker" "They'll destroy the entire Capitol, and I won't let that happen!" he exclaims. "I know I know. What do you suggest I do?!" "Think of somthing!" Then he turns off, I slam my fist onto the desk and try to think, I get this sudden remembrance of last year's games. Fighting, an explosion and lots of blood. THE FEAST!!! I grab the microphone and announce in to the arena

  GOOD Morning Tributes..... We here in the Capitol have decided to have a Feast like last year, The feast will be at the second Cornucopia at noon, The Cornucopia has been placed In the valley in between the two mountains. Ready yourselves, and May the odds be ever in your favor...

Cruz Plocek POV: 

Callope and I look at eachother at the same time, "Should we go?" I ask, "I think we have to, were running out of food and I don't know how much longer that hatchet will stay in one piece" she says pointing at my hatchet, "I guess your right I say back." I feel this burning in my stomach, I'm really nervous I made it out of the Bloodbath in one piece but i don't know if I can do it again. I guess Callope notices because she hugs me tightly, I feel like crying but I have to keep myself together.. for her. The sound of a BOOM! breaks us apart. Someone is dead, I don't think they were near us though. Over the next hour we eat the rest of our food and talk, she starts going on about life in District 7 and what it was like when she was little. "So how was life in 12?" she asks, oh no. Should I tell her? I really don't want to tell anyone, I'm still recovering myself. "Umm... you know life in twelve was... rough, I didn't live in a very nice house and I had to.." "Now tell me the real story.." she says cutting me off, "did I make it that obvious? I ask her, she nods. "Okay well it's kind of a long story.. I say, "Well tell it anyway.. It's only 9:00 and we don't need to leave until 12:00" she says, "Ok so it all started out when..." Over the next few minutes I explain everything, how my father insulted that gamemaker, how my family was killed while I watched, How I ran away, How I ended up in District 12 and the Everdeens took me in. By the end she is crying and so am I, she hugs me and I kind of feel good to have finally fully explained everything to someone.

Suzuki Hickey POV:

The feast is soon, I have to go. I know the careers will be targeting me since I killed Slate. Especially Lion. He'll be looking to kill me, Seraphim and I left the cave after filling our stomachs with that water. I feel my knife attached to my belt, I never wanted to kill anyone, but they left me no choice. Slate, even Zaine... I did it to protect my friends and maybe see my family again. Seraphim and I are almost to the valley and I feel sick to my stomach, I don't want to kill anyone else. We climb up the last hill to the valley and I see the empty Cornucopia, Its huge two stories! and overflowing with food, weapons and supplies. It's almost glowing in the hot noon sun I suddenly feel very attracted to it and I start to walk toward it and I am almost immediatley stopped when I hear 5..4..3..2.. Oh god! I grab Seraphim and dive into the grass down the hill and I hear a loud explosion behind us. That was a close one, "It's not noon yet, I guess they activated land mines to go off on anyone who tries to get in before noon" she says, I look at her and say "umm... your welcome" she looks at me and smiles, we look back over the mountain to see the living boy from 3 and a girl from 9 I think, followed by the boy from 11 on the opposite side of the hill, Then the careers. Lion is looking around, probably for me. last we see the youngest tribute Cruz and a girl who I think is from District 7. Last we stand, Lion's eyes meet mine and I feel for my knife, still there. There is a loud voice.   "TRIBUTES! THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING, YOU WILL REMAIN WHERE YOU ARE FOR A SIXTY SECOND COUNTDOWN THEN THERE ARE NO RULES, MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!" Everything stops a second then I hear "60.....59....58..." I prepare myself to run and I pat Seraphim on the back, she looks at me and nods. She has her trident and I have my knife drawn. The countdown reaches ten... "10....9...8...7...6..." Why is it going so fast? Or is that only in my head? "3...2...1...GONG!" Everyone is sprinting, it's just like the bloodbath was except I don't here any screaming yet. I reach the mouth of the Cornucopia and turn around to see who's coming, I see Ethan and the boy from 11 fighting with only there fists and I see Destiny on top of the hill shooting at us with her arrows. No sign of Lion, I turn my head one more time to see Lion charging me as hard as he can, he rams me against the wall of the Cornucopia and gets a tight grip around my neck with his fingers, " I thought I told you not to f*cking kill him!" he yells in my face, his grip gets tighter and I am starting to see white spots, I feel a burst of utter rage blaze though my body. I kick him hard it the leg and he stumbles back, he recovers quickly and nails me in the face with his elbow. ouch! I too recover and punch him in the face hard. He falls to the ground and I realize that I dropped my knife, I look at the floor but I cant find it! Lion gets up and pulls out a knife of his own, he smiles and I run up the golden spiral staircase to the top of the Cornucopia, BOOM! Sombody just died, I see a table with a mace a tomahawk and a sword on it I run for it only to be thrown over it by Lion, we both reach for the sword and I think I almost have it! But he rips it away and swings at me, I roll over just in time and spring to my feet, he swings again and I duck, the sword bashes open a crate filled with medical supplies. I scramble to the open window and prepare to jump, I can't its too high I'll break my legs. Lion charges at me again but I move out if the way, he almost falls out the window but catches himself. He turns and slashes my chest, ow! I fall to the ground, He swings at me again but I roll over again. I stand and run for my life. He dosen't chase me, I get to the bottom floor gripping my side tightly and I look for Seraphim.

Ethan Shocking POv:

Only one has died so far, Cress was killed by the boy from 4. Patti ran for the cornucopia and I assume she is alright considering I heard no cannon. I have a sword and grabbed a small pack in the chaos, everyone is fighting, I look to see Cruz from 12 barley dodge an arrow that was fired from Destiny still at the top of the hill. I saw Lion chase Suzuki to the top of the cornucopia and now Suzuki is limping out.  He is clentching his side and has a small cut on his head, but he dosen't look too bad. I am ducked behind some crates looking for Patti right now, I can't see her... I hope she's okay. I get up and sprint into the cornucopia, adrenaline is rushing through my vains as I see Destiny's arrow pierce through Callope's leg, she screams in pain. I see Suzuki fighting beside Seraphim and little Cruz hiding behind the same crates I was behind. BOOM! Oh no! I hope it's not Patti! I look to see beautiful Callope lying dead on the grass. An arrow in her chest. I feel bad for her, she seemed like a nice girl. I look at Destiny who looks dazed, she didn't want to kill her. I ready my sword and look to see Ryden swinging his trident at Seraphim, she runs when she see's me coming and I tackle Ryden, the two of us wrestle for a while until he throws me off, he holds his trident tightly to my throat and gives me his fishy smile. He's so ugly. Before he can kill me I kick him in the crotch and push him away. I could kill him, but I can't do it. I run back into the cornucopia.

Cruz Plocek POV: 

I am ducked behind these crates and I only have my small hatchet on me, a few have died but i'm not sure who. I hope Callope is still alive. I really like her. I peak up and see two dead bodies, one a boy and the other a girl. I can't bear to look who they are. I run inside the Cornucopia and see a stair case, I draw my hatchet and run up them, I slowly approach a room with many crates and weapons, I walk in aware that other tributes could be here at any given second. I feel somthing behind me, then it grabs me. I am in a headlock, slowly chocking to death. it's a tribute, someone strong. I start to feel tons of pressure in my head, so much that I feel like it will pop at any second. I elbow him in the stomach and he winces back in pain, I turn around and see tghat it's Lion from District 1, He swings his sword at me but i narrowly duck. He throws a punch and it connects with my left ear, I fall to the ground, my ear ringing. I quickly slide myself backwards and pull myself to my feet, he isn't very tall. Just really strong, my eye catches a shining sword on top of one crate and I grab it. I've never used a sword before, he swings and I block it. How did I do that!? He swings again and I duck, avoiding it barely. BOOM! Someone has died. I take a swing at Lion and it cuts his arm, he howls in pain but he still looks ready to fight. Maybe I have some potential as a warrior after all. I push him against the wall and run down the stairs as fast as I can, I have no idea where to go but for some reason my eye catches this open crate of medical supplies that looks about my size, I must have a death wish but I sprint and hop inside almost immediatley shutting it behind me. It's dark but I can slightly see light through the keyhole. Hope no one opens it! 

Ryden Ethfour POV:

I killed Cress, but that coward from 3 got away. I am hanging by the mouth of the Cornucopia and I see Suzuki limping, I attack swinging. To my surprise he dodges everything, he did say once he was trained in kung fu. He seems to forget about his pain and he jumps up on a closed medical supply crate and kicks me in the chest. I fall but quickly get back up, I try to push him off but he kicks me again. Now I'm pissed! I throw my trident at him but he dodges it, then I charge and tackle him. Fueled by my rage I punch him twice in the face, then he kicks me off and I stand up again. CRACK! It's raining now, that was thunder. I punch at him but he ducks and counters annother punch to my face. I push him away from me and take out my knife, he looks scared now. I attempt to stab him but he pulls himself back. I now go for his throat but he catched my arm and twists it. "AHHH!" I yell, I don't think it's broken but it really hurts. He kicks me to the ground and runs off. I lay on the ground in pain.

Suzuki Hickey POV:

 BOOM!! Cannon fire shakes the whole arena, I look around to see who is dead. Callope, I see her lifeless yet beautiful body lying on the cold wet grass, blood on her neck. I look up to find Lion, holding an axe and spitting on her body. He just crossed a big line in my mind, I charge and tackle him to the ground. We wrestle through the wet mud for a few seconds untill I get on top of him, I punch him in the face trying to deal as much pain as possible on him. I must have hit him at least ten times, but then he hits me back in the stomach and pushes me off. He gets up and punches at me but I block it and punch him in the stomach, then he punches me hard in the mouth rattling my teeth. I grab him by his mud... or is that blood stained red shirt and I flip him over my shoulder. I don't think he knows any kung fu like me, he probably never needed to learn being so tall and strong. He has his ax now and swings at my head, I duck and back away. He swings again and I grab the ax, but he still has a tight grip too, we fight for the ax for about a minute untill he kicks me to the floor. I spring back up and spinning kick him in the chest which sends him flying into a pile of wodden crates, braking them. I decide to look for Seraphim and try our best to get out of here.

Lion Scrappes POV:

        Well the feast is over and I still havent killed that bastard Suzuki. Ryden, Destiny and I are on our way back to camp and I feel this fire in my stomach. I want to kill those two traitors, "Traitors deserve no mercy!!" I can almost hear my training instructor yelling that at my old unit back home. My jaw and nose hurt, Suzuki got a few good shots in on me but when I get him I'm gonna get him good. We get back to camp and I start a fire. "I have a feeling the games will end soon, we need to be prepared for anything." "But what can we expect? It's a different finale every year." says Ryden. I think back to last year, the gamemakers ressurected past tributes but they came back as mindless zombies and hunted the remaining tributes. I hope nothing like that happens this year unless Slate could come back. It's night now and I feel very tired so I decide to get some sleep.

Cruz Plocek POV:

                 I am really scared right now. I stayed in that medical supplies box until the end of the feast and someone carried it away. Two people. I hope it wasn't the careers, I've heard them talking to eachother but the voices are too muffled to make out. I have my hatchet gripped tightly to my chest and I am ready to kill anyone who opens it. After about half an hour more of being carried around, they set me down. The box creaks and I feel the chill of night on my face. I look to see two unfarmilliar faces. Oh NO! It's the careers, The boy from two and the girl from four. I spring out of the crate and raise my weapon, the boy has a sword and the girl has a trident. "Well.....that escalated quickly.." Suzuki says sarcastically. "Allies?" I ask hopefully, worth trying. They look at eachother, Seraphim nods. I am surprised and they invite me back into their cave. We eat while they explain how they deserted the other Careers and I tell them about how I was nearly killed by the pair from six and my narrow escapes from danger. Seraphim is so beautiful, her hair, eyes and body are so perfect. I wish I was older than thirteen and I could maybe go out with her. She is probably around sixteen. Suzuki on the other hand is really kind and you can tell he's lost a me. Out of nowhere the anthem booms into my ears, "Attention Tributes. This is Senator Snow from the Capitol, The gamemakers and myself have decided that it is manditory that tomorrow by sundown will be the deadline of the games. In other words we will have our victors by tomorrow. If there are still over the maximum tributes alive after sundown the entire arena will be destroyed....along with all of you. Thank you and may the odds be ever in your favor." The three of us are silent and we exchange looks of awe. "The careers are probaby going to go hunting tonight." We decide to sleep.


Death Chart


48th: Tiffany Gomez Killed by: Ruby Jackson

47th: Samuel Rio Killed by: Slate Ramsis

46th: Hannah Whittle Killed by: Cruz Plocek

45th: Sampson Ghert Killed by: Aleena Galinty

44th: Ian Vance Killed by: Cruz Plocek

43rd: Flicks Marvel Killed by: Lion Scrappes

42nd: Bert Porkins Killed by: Josh Eagleye

41st: Connie Blackbean Killed by: Josh Eagleye

40th: Rickey Dean Killed by: Destiny Flair

39th: Daniel Altwan Wing Killed by: Patti Frinsetti

38th: Blue Thompson Killed by: Alex Donaque

37th: Alex Donaque Killed by; Cress Thompson

36th: Tristan Cale Killed by: Zaine Tische

37th: Zaine Tische Killed by: Suzuki Hickey

36th: Vanessa Gargooop Killed by: Rose Gratline

35th: Skyy Fletcher Killed by: Ryden Ethfour

Day 3

34th: Cassia Sylvaria Killed by: Hailey Ricktor sorta

33th: Layla Cypress Killed by: Lion Scrappes

Day 4

32nd: Leandro Vine Killed by: Volcano

31st: Thomas Quince Killed by: Volcano

30th: Mckenna Ecelinty Killed by: Volcano

29th: Ruby Jackson Killed by: Volcano

28th: Calla Cora Killed by: Volcano

27th: Josh Eagleye Killed by: Slate Ramsis

26th: Amanda Hawks Killed by: Lion Scrappes

Day: 5

25th: Roxy Clover Killed by: Ethan Shocking

24th: Gaden Sharpe Killed by: Nightlock

23rd: Taleria Anderson Killed by: Slate Ramsis

Day: 6

22nd: Slate Ramsis Killed by: Suzuki Hickey

21st: Aleena Galinty Killed by: Explosion

20th: Mike Gratline Killed by: Explosion

19th: Rose Gratline Killed by: Explosion

18th: Diego Welseen Killed by: Explosion

17th: Lilianna Leanblade Killed by: Explosion

16th: Patti Frinsetti Killed by: Explosion

15th: Kalista "KC" Ree Killed by: Explosion

14th: Hailey Ricktor Killed by: Explosion

Day: 8

13th: Dave Tapel Killed by: Blood loss

12th: Cress Thompson Killed by: Ryden Ethfour

11th: Callope Shade Killed by: Destiny Flair

10th: Patti Johnson Killed by: Lion Scrappes

9th: Callope Shade Killed by: Lion Scrappes

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